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Who is the girl in the car in Free Guy?

Hey there! If you‘re wondering who plays the mysterious bombshell girl in the red convertible in the movie Free Guy, I‘ve got you covered. Let‘s take a deeper dive into her character and the other colorful roles that make this zany video game world come to life.

Overview of the Film

Before we get to the bombshell, let‘s quickly recap what Free Guy is all about. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a cheerful non-player character (NPC) in the open-world video game Free City. I know from experience that NPCs are designed to repeatedly perform limited functions as background characters.

But Guy starts to become self-aware thanks to some computer code tampering by a programmer named Millie, played fabulously by Jodie Comer. Millie logs into Free City on a secret mission to try to prove that the game‘s greedy developer Antwan stole her source code.

As Guy realizes he can break free from his coding and forge his own identity, he teams up with Millie on a quest to save Free City before Antwan can delete it forever. Let me tell you, their journey together makes for a wild, action-packed ride!

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Free Guy earned an impressive 80% critics score and an even higher 95% audience score. Many praised Ryan Reynolds‘ energetic performance and the movie‘s imaginative concept. As a fan of gaming myself, I was delighted to see a film bring this immersive virtual world to life in such a fun way!

Meet Camille Kostek as Bombshell

Now, back to the eye-catching girl who first turns Guy‘s head! In the beginning when Guy is still oblivious about being in a video game, he spots a beautiful woman cruising through Free City in a sleek red convertible with the vanity plate "BOMBSHL."

She catches his attention right away with her cool sunglasses, pink off-the-shoulder top, and blonde hair blowing in the wind. And I don‘t blame Guy one bit for being mesmerized – this bombshell has total glam vibes!

So who plays this minor but memorable character? She is portrayed by Camille Kostek, a model and actress who gained fame as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl. The stunning 30-year-old Massachusetts native has been modeling since she was a teenager. She landed her big SI Swimsuit cover in 2019 after several years of appearing in the iconic magazine.

According to IMDb, some of Kostek‘s other acting credits include the movies I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer and Free Guy director Shawn Levy‘s 2022 action flick The Adam Project, starring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo. On TV, she has hosted shows like Dancing with Myself and a reboot of Wipeout.

While Bombshell is a small part in Free Guy, Kostek definitely makes her shiny, larger-than-life character stand out. In an interview about her experience filming the movie, Kostek described Bombshell as "such an exaggeration of myself" and said she had a blast playing up the "campy" role. As a fan, I think she nails it! Bombshell epitomizes the bold, high-fashion vibes of the digital world in the movie.

What‘s the Movie‘s Rating?

If you‘re considering watching Free Guy with your family or want to know what to expect, it may help to know the rating. The MPAA gave the film a PG-13 rating for sequences of sci-fi action violence, some language, and suggestive references.

The movie includes quite a bit of over-the-top cartoon action like explosions and car chases since it takes place in a video game universe. Guy and his allies use blasters and zappers against enemy players in intense battle sequences. Parents should know there is frequent sci-fi style gun violence, even if it‘s on the more playful side. There are also vehicle crashes and heavy doses of peril and suspense.

In terms of language, there are a couple uses of words like "sh" and "ahole" peppered in to give Reynolds opportunities for witty banter. And a few scenes feature some gentle flirting and jokes with mild sexual undertones. For example, Guy admires Bombshell‘s physique during their brief encounter.

Overall, the PG-13 rating seems fitting due to the action and mild language. The content stays safely below R-rated territory, though. According to Common Sense Media‘s review, the movie is appropriate for viewers around 12 or 13 and up. Of course, use your own judgment as every child has different levels of maturity!

Will There Be a Free Guy 2?

Given the critical and box office success of the first Free Guy movie, fans are eager to know if a sequel is coming! The original earned over $331 million globally, a stellar result for an original property not based on existing IP.

In an interview with Variety this year, Ryan Reynolds expressed interest in reprising his role but said the team is waiting for the right script idea:

“There is the potential to do a sequel to Free Guy, which would be fun. I don’t know if it’s been green-lit yet, but if they’re smart, they will because it’s a real crowd-pleaser. And I would love it, I really love that character. There’s a lot of places we could go with it."

Reynolds seems game to continue Guy‘s story and further explore the limitless possibilities of Free City. And the first film‘s lighthearted ending definitely leaves the door open for more. As of November 2023 however, Disney has not yet officially confirmed a Free Guy 2. But I sure hope the studio decides to move forward with a sequel, as the concept clearly connected with audiences!

I think fans would embrace seeing Reynolds‘ earnest Guy learn more about the real world while also teaming up again with Comer‘s Millie. Maybe they could travel into new video game worlds together! A sequel could really have fun playing with different genres. The chemistry between Reynolds and Comer lit up the screen in the first movie, so I‘d be delighted to see their characters reunite.

Spotting Fun Cameos

One of the most entertaining parts of Free Guy is keeping your eyes peeled for random celebrity cameos! It‘s like a fun bonus game of "Where‘s Waldo." Reynolds said the actors were excited to join the movie in brief roles as part of the wacky in-game universe. Here are some of the most memorable star appearances:

  • Channing Tatum pops up dancing enthusiastically with Guy and other characters. Their impromptu dance party scene is a total hoot.

  • John Krasinski has an uncredited voice cameo as an NPC character early on.

  • Hugh Jackman shows up briefly as "Silhouetted Gamer" reacting to Guy‘s viral popularity.

  • Popular gamer streamers like Jacksepticeye, DanTDM, and Ninja lend their voices to background characters too.

  • Keep an eye out for quick cameos from Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans on in-game posters in Guy‘s apartment as well.

Spotting these familiar faces helps make Free City feel like a vibrant, believable virtual metropolis. While their roles are small, the stars clearly had a blast participating in such an original, effects-driven film. As a movie buff, I always appreciate a good cameo!

In Conclusion

Free Guy impressed both critics and everyday moviegoers with its hilarious central performance from Ryan Reynolds and eye-catching vision of a video game come to life. Bombshell, Molotov Girl, and the rest of the supporting characters add to the humor and high energy vibes. I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time watching Guy‘s touching journey toward empowerment!

So if you ever need the answer to "Who is the girl in the car in Free Guy?", the bombshell character is played perfectly by model Camille Kostek. While her scene is brief, she certainly makes an impression cruising through Free City in style. Here‘s hoping we see Guy, Millie, and more of the game‘s wacky characters back for a Free Guy sequel sometime soon! In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out the original if you need a fun, feel-good virtual adventure. Enjoy!



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