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Who is the most accurate free kick taker in FIFA 23?

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering who can hit the back of the net most consistently from free kicks in FIFA 23, you‘ve come to the right place. As an avid FIFA player myself, I‘ve done some deep research into the players with the highest Free Kick Accuracy (FKA) attributes in this year‘s game. Read on as I break down the top 10 most accurate free kick takers, look at real-life stats, provide tips to improve your free kick taking, and more.

#1. James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) – 94 FKA

Without a doubt, Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse emerges as the most accurate free kick taker in FIFA 23. With a phenomenal 94 FKA rating, he‘s almost a guaranteed goal from any free kick within 35 yards of the goal.

Ward-Prowse has rightly earned a reputation as the top set piece specialist in real life too. Just last season, he scored an incredible 10 direct free kick goals in the Premier League. According to Opta Sports, that‘s the most any player has scored from free kicks in a single PL season!

When playing as Southampton on FIFA 23, make sure Ward-Prowse is standing over any free kick in a central area just outside the box. Keep an eye out for him making late runs into the box from deeper positions too, as he can be a threat from indirect set pieces as well.

#2. Lionel Messi (PSG) – 93 FKA

The Argentine maestro Messi is globally recognised as perhaps the greatest free kick taker of his generation. At his free-flowing peak for Barcelona, he seemed able to bend free kicks past walls and keeper from any angle thanks to his pinpoint accuracy.

Messi comes in as the 2nd most accurate free kick taker in FIFA 23 with an excellent 93 FKA rating. He remains lethal from any free kick within 25-30 yards of goal. I prefer to go for finesse shots with Messi, aiming to get the ball up and down quickly into the top corners.

Now playing in an attacking trio with Neymar and Mbappe at PSG, Messi gives you a world-class left-footed free kick option. Let him take the central free kicks and watch those goals fly in!

#3. Dani Parejo (Villarreal CF) – 90 FKA

The next most accurate free kick taker in FIFA 23 is Spanish central midfielder Dani Parejo. The 33-year-old has been one of La Liga‘s top set piece specialists in recent seasons, known for his pinpoint accuracy from long distances.

Last season, Parejo netted an impressive 5 direct free kick goals for Villarreal in the league. He also has great attributes like 89 curve and 88 shot power in FIFA 23, making him a consistent threat from 25-30 yards. Keep him in mind as a top-class option if you need a midfield free kick taker.

#4. Memphis Depay (Barcelona) – 89 FKA

With Lionel Messi‘s departure, Barcelona does still possess a lethal free kick taker in Dutch forward Memphis Depay. During his time at Manchester United and Lyon, Depay built a reputation as a dead-ball specialist with his whipped efforts into the top and bottom corners.

In FIFA 23, Depay retains that accuracy with 89 FKA and 88 curve. He‘s especially effective at left-footed curled shots aimed for the far top corner. As Barcelona‘s main penalty and free kick taker now, make sure Depay is the man standing over any central free kicks within 30 yards of goal.

#5. Miralem Pjanic (Sharjah FC) – 89 FKA

Once one of the most feared free kick takers in Europe at Roma and Juventus, playmaker Miralem Pjanic keeps his effectiveness on set pieces with 89 FKA in FIFA 23. Even though he now plays in the UAE with Sharjah FC, his stats make him arguably the most accurate midfielder from free kicks.

Pjanic has a complete toolset to score from any range, with 92 curve, 92 shot power, and 88 long shots. I‘ve had great success using him as a substitute if I need a late free kick goal, as he excels at those 20-30 yard finesse shots into the top corner.

#6. Hakan Calhanoglu (Inter Milan) – 88 FKA

Turkey international Hakan Calhanoglu emerged last season as one of Serie A‘s most prolific free kick scorers while at Inter Milan. His pinpoint curled efforts from the edge of the box found the back of the net against Roma, Udinese, and other rivals.

With 88 FKA and 91 curve in FIFA 23, Calhanoglu can replicate that accuracy from any free kick within 25 yards. If you‘re planning an Inter Squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, he provides a fantastic left-footed set piece option that can grab you clutch goals when you need them.

#7. Paulo Dybala (AS Roma) – 88 FKA

Argentine striker Paulo Dybala has proven over his time at Juventus and Palermo that he is capable of scoring free kicks as well as anyone. His unique technique mixes both power and unpredictable curl, making him difficult for opposing keepers to read.

Dybala comes packed with 88 FKA, 89 curve, and 88 shot power on FIFA 23. From any free kick within 30 yards, he has the accuracy to find either top corner or sneak it in at the near post. Make him your designated free kick taker and watch his goals stack up.

#8. Neymar Jr. (PSG) – 88 FKA

While fellow PSG attacking star Messi boasts more finesse and accuracy from free kicks, Neymar brings sheer power and his flashy playing style. While his overall rating dropped this year in FIFA 23, Neymar retains a dangerous 88 FKA and 85 curve.

I find Neymar excels when you want to simply power your free kick over the wall and into the roof of the net from 20-25 yards. With his long run up, he can generate shot power other players can‘t match.

Pair him with Messi in a PSG attack for diverse free kick threats from both sides!

#9. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – 87 FKA

Like his long-time rival Messi, Portuguese icon Cristiano Ronaldo has netted his fair share of memorable free kicks over his superstar career. Many fans will remember his swerving, knuckling efforts from his Real Madrid days.

FIFA 23 Ronaldo may lack the pace and dribbling of his early years, but he remains a serious threat from free kicks within 25 yards of goal. With 87 FKA and 85 curve, he strikes a great balance between power and accuracy.

Use him as Manchester United‘s designated central free kick taker and channel your inner CR7!

#10. Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City) – 87 FKA

Rounding off the top 10 most accurate free kick takers in FIFA 23 is Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez. The Algerian has become renowned as a free kick expert under manager Pep Guardiola, capable of blasting or curling the ball past the keeper.

Mahrez netted several perfect free kicks for City last season, including a curled effort against Club Brugge in the Champions League. Use his 87 FKA and 91 curve in FIFA 23 to go for top corner finesse shots or power blasts depending on the range.

Tips to Score More Free Kicks in FIFA 23

Now that you know the top free kick takers, let‘s get into some tips and tricks to maximize your chances of scoring from set pieces in FIFA 23:

  • Aim for the top corners – Finesse shots targeted at the upper corners of the goal are more effective than low shots in FIFA 23. Try to curve and lift the ball with your aim.

  • Add side curve – Using the right stick, add curve in the direction you‘re aiming to bend the ball past the wall and keeper. This is essential for free kicks 20+ yards from goal.

  • Strike the valve – Hitting the valve (sweet spot) of the ball offers the most accuracy and bend. Pay attention to your kick taker‘s foot positioning.

  • Mix up power – Vary between finesse curl shots and power blasts to keep opponents guessing. Quick variations in power and aim can exploit weaknesses.

  • Take advantage of player run ups – Allowing a long run up like Neymar‘s lets you generate maximum power on power shots.

  • Practice first – Get a feel for a player‘s free kicks by practicing in the Training Arena before taking them in matches.

  • Change your kick taker – If one player isn‘t working, sub on someone like Pjanic or Calhanoglu for a different range or curve style.

With some practice, the right specialists, and these tips, you‘ll be bending in beautiful free kicks in no time!

Who Scored the Most Free Kicks Last Season?

While FIFA ratings are crucial, looking at real-life free kick conversion rates from last season also gives us insight into the most dangerous current specialists:

PlayerFree Kick GoalsLeague
James Ward-Prowse10Premier League
Dimitri Payet8Ligue 1
Lorenzo Pellegrini4Serie A
Hakan Calhanoglu4Serie A
Iago Aspas3La Liga

Once again, Southampton set piece maestro James Ward-Prowse led Europe with a mind-blowing 10 direct free kick goals in the 2021/22 Premier League season – more than any other player in Europe‘s top 5 leagues according to Opta statistics.

Payet and Pellegrini also impressed with their prolific free kick conversion rates. Surprisingly, renowned specialists like Messi and Ronaldo blanked on direct free kick goals last season.

All-Time Great Free Kick Masters

Looking beyond today‘s stars, football history is filled with legendary free kick takers who mastered the art:

Juninho Pernambucano🇧🇷

Regarded by many fans and pundits as the greatest free kick taker of all time. The Brazilian midfield maestro scored 77 direct free kick goals, earning him the nickname "Rei das Falhas" (King of Free Kicks). His technique made the ball seemingly defy physics!

Pelé 🇧🇷

While official statistics are hard to verify from the Brazilian legend‘s era, most estimates based on available data suggest Pelé scored 70+ goals directly from free kicks in his career. He pioneered bending free kick technique in the 1950s and 60s.

Diego Maradona 🇦🇷

The late, great Maradona had a magic left foot that could score from any situation, including his iconic curling free kick against Juventus in 1985. Regarded as one of the most skilled dribblers and technicians ever, experts estimate he scored 60+ free kick goals.

David Beckham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Beckham‘s accurate right foot set the standard for whipped free kick goals in the 1990s and 2000s. His trademark technique allowed him to bend the ball over walls and sharply down into the corners. He scored 65 free kicks in his illustrious career.

Ronaldinho 🇧🇷

At his creative peak for Barcelona and Brazil, Ronaldinho wowed fans with his flair and imagination on free kicks. He would creatively place them in unexpected areas, like his famous under-the-wall goal. He scored 55 free kick goals in total.

So while Messi, Ronaldo and other current players are among the very best today, the free kick greats of the past set the standard for innovation and technique from dead ball situations.

Free Kick Takers for Top Clubs in FIFA 23

When picking your dream club in Career Mode or building a five-star FUT squad, make sure you know which players specialize at free kicks. Here are the top designated free kick takers for the best teams in FIFA 23:

  • Manchester City – Riyad Mahrez, Kevin De Bruyne
  • Liverpool – Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • PSG – Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi
  • Real Madrid – Toni Kroos, Luka Modric
  • Bayern Munich – Leroy Sané, Joshua Kimmich
  • Manchester United – Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Juventus – Juan Cuadrado, Ángel Di María
  • Chelsea – Hakim Ziyech, Mason Mount
  • Barcelona – Memphis Depay, Ousmane Dembele

No matter which club you support or play with, make sure to pick the right free kick taker for each situation based on factors like position, weak foot, and style!

The Verdict

Hopefully this guide has given you a complete picture of the most accurate free kick takers in FIFA 23! To recap:

  • Southampton‘s James Ward-Prowse stands out as the #1 free kick specialist thanks to his 94 FKA and real-life scoring prowess.
  • Current greats Messi, Ronaldo, Mahrez and Neymar also make the list of top 10 for their versatility.
  • All-time legends like Juninho, Pelé, and Maradona set the standard for free kick innovation and volume.
  • Make sure to use the custom tips I provided to bend in more free kick goals!

Let me know if you have any other FIFA free kick questions! I‘m always happy to provide advice to fellow gamers. Just remember, the free kick gods reward patience and practice. Now get out there and start perfecting your free kick technique in FIFA 23!



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