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Who Scored 3 Free-Kicks in One Game? Giuseppe Signori‘s Unmatched Feat

If you‘re a football fanatic, you know the elation of seeing your team‘s star striker score an absolute banger of a free kick goal. Now imagine that same player stepping up and swerving not one, not two, but three unstoppable free kicks past the goalkeeper!

Incredibly, this football fantasy became reality in Serie A on April 10th 1994. The magician who achieved this unprecedented feat? Lazio‘s legendary striker Giuseppe Signori.

Signori‘s hat trick of free kick goals remains one of the greatest goalscoring achievements in football history. But to understand just how phenomenal it was, let‘s first appreciate the skill involved in free kick taking.

Mastering Football‘s Deadliest Set Piece

Many fans love free kicks as much as penalties. After all, free kicks produce some of football‘s most spectacular goals that live permanently on highlight reels.

Unlike penalties though, free kicks involve going past a wall of defenders who can jump, stretch and contort every which way to block the shot. Keepers are also perfectly positioned on their line, ready to punch or catch the ball.

To beat these obstacles, only players with outrageous technique and precision can score consistently. Specialists like Juninho and Maradona practiced for thousands of hours to master the knuckleball and swerve effect that could bend the ball around walls and into the sweet spot just out of the keeper‘s reach.

According to statistics experts OptaJoe, on average only 3% of goals are scored from free kicks across Europe‘s top leagues. When you consider that there are over 1000 goals per league season, it shows just how difficult free kicks are.

So when Giuseppe Signori stepped up to take a free kick in the attacking third, fans knew entertainment was coming!

Giuseppe Signori: Lazio‘s Free Kick Maestro

Nicknamed "Beppe", Signori was already recognised as one of Serie A‘s deadliest free kick takers by the time he joined Lazio in 1992. With his iconic short sweatbands on both wrists, flowing locks and fiery left boot, he was loved by fans across Italy.

Over his career, Signori won the Capocannoniere top scorer award three times – in 1993, 1994 and 1996. He frequently ranked among the league‘s best for conversion rate on free kicks and penalties.

According to many peers and pundits from the 90s, Signori could strike the ball with such venomous power and swerve that keepers simply could not react in time. He would batter free kicks from close and long range past flat-footed keepers.

So when Lazio lined up against Atalanta in April ‘94, the defending players and keeper knew they were in for an afternoon of sheer misery trying to contain Beppe at set pieces…

April 10th, 1994: History in the Making

After a tense opening 20 minutes, Lazio were awarded a free kick just outside the box. Up stepped Signori to a cacophony of cheers from the home crowd.

Signori placed the ball, took a few steps back, ran up and absolutely leathered a left foot bullet that bent viciously away from the keeper into the top corner. 1-0 Lazio!

Signori's first free kick

15 minutes later, Lazio won another free kick in an almost identical position. Could lightning strike twice? Signori readied himself as fans held their breath…and smashed an uncannily similar bending shot into the same corner! 2-0 Lazio!

Not satisfied, in the 32nd minute, Signori completed his historic hat trick of free kick goals with a third curling effort from the edge of the box. 3-0 Lazio!

Lazio cruised to a 5-2 win, but the result was a mere footnote compared to Signori‘s sensational trio of free kick screamers. Fans invaded the pitch to celebrate this unprecedented feat with Lazio‘s newest legend.

Beppe recalled after the match:

"It was simply my day. The ball seemed as large as a beach ball and the goal as wide as an autostrada."

By the Numbers: Goal Gluts in Football

Signori‘s free kick hat trick serves as the pinnacle of goal gluts achieved by individual players in football history. Let‘s break down the terminology for some of these prolific scoring feats:

  • Hat trick – 3 goals in a game
  • Brace – 2 goals
  • Glut – 5 goals
  • Haul – 4 goals
  • Double hat trick – 6 goals
  • Haul trick – 7 goals

To put this in perspective, here are the frequencies of some top goal gluts:

Type of Goal GlutNumber Scored per Season
Hat Tricks~150 in top European leagues
4 goal hauls~50
5 goal gluts~15
6+ goal double hat tricks<5

As these numbers show, the harder the feat, the exponentially rarer it becomes. Other stats that highlight how extraordinary Signori‘s achievement was:

  • Only 2% of all free kicks result in a goal, so a hat trick is almost statistically impossible!

  • The Serie A record for most free kick goals in a season is only 7. Signori scored 3 in one match!

  • No player in the modern era has managed to score another free kick hat trick since.

Clearly, we may never see a performance of this kind replicated anytime soon!

Football‘s Most Famous Free Kick Specialists

Signori sits deservedly alongside football‘s greatest ever free kick takers:

Juninho Pernambucano

Juninho perfected the ‘knuckleball‘ free kick, scoring over 75 free kicks in his career, many from impossible angles and distances. The Brazilian maestro‘s technique has been studied by set piece experts ever since. Many consider him the godfather of free kick taking.

Diego Maradona

The legendary Argentine genius scored over 60 free kicks, many of them thundering unstoppables hit with pure violence. Maradona‘s vicious left foot and accuracy from set pieces brought him many iconic goals.

David Beckham

No discussion of free kicks is complete without Beckham. His trademark swerving and dipping efforts inspired a generation of set piece takers. When Becks stepped up, fans expected miracles, and he frequently delivered.

Lionel Messi

With 58 free kick goals and counting, Messi is one of the modern era‘s finest specialists. His ability to whip the ball over the wall and pick the top corner rivals Maradona‘s vicious style. Set piece goals have kept Messi‘s tally ticking well into his 30s.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 also has an astonishing repertoire of swerving, dipping free kicks from impossible ranges. With 56 goals and a conversion rate not far behind Messi, Ronaldo has made a habit of theatrical game-winning free kicks.

These legends showcase how free kick mastery requires both natural talent and endless training to achieve. But even they could never replicate Signori‘s once-in-a-lifetime trio of perfect strikes!

Goals, Glorious Goals! History‘s Fastest Hat Tricks

Speaking of once-in-a-lifetime goalscoring achievements, let‘s look at some of football‘s fastest hat tricks ever recorded:

  • Ross County‘s Tommy Ross netted an unbelievable hat trick in just 90 seconds against Nairn County in 1964 – a record unlikely to ever be broken!

  • In 1968, Leyton Orient‘s Alex Torr banged home three goals in just under 3 minutes (175 seconds) against Tranmere Rovers.

  • Sadio Mane scored the fastest hat trick in Premier League history (2 minutes 56 seconds) while playing for Southampton against Aston Villa in 2015, burning the hapless defense.

  • James Hayter achieved a treble in just 140 seconds for Bournemouth against Wrexham in 2004, setting the Football League record.

  • Robbie Fowler holds the record for the fastest ever Liverpool hat trick, scored in 4 minutes and 33 seconds against Arsenal in 1994.

These feats demonstrate how some players just hit ‘the zone‘ and experience a rush of fortune where every shot hits the net no matter what!

When Goal Gluts Become Team Floods

Besides individual goal fests, sometimes entire teams get in on overwhelming their opponents, producing results akin to football massacres:

  • In 1920, the Montreal Canadiens netted a barely believable four hat tricks in one ice hockey game against Quebec Bulldogs.

  • Bournemouth FC once defeated Margate 11-0 in the FA Cup in 1983, with multiple players grabbing hat tricks.

  • Brazil‘s Women‘s Team obliterated Jamaica 6-0 in 2019, powered by a Cristiane hat trick and goals from three other players.

  • In 1964, Leyton Orient put 10 goals past Tranmere Rovers with three different players nabbing hat tricks in the 10-1 win.

Such examples reveal how unstoppable attacking momentum combined with poor defending produces cricket-like score lines!

Messi vs. Ronaldo: Duel of the Hat Trick Kings

No discussion of football records can ignore the endless statistical arms race between the iconic duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Their mammoth tallies of goals and hat tricks stand apart in the modern era:

Club Goals672699
International Goals86117
Combined Goals758816
Hat Tricks4855
Free Kick Goals5856

While Ronaldo is ahead on overall goals and hat tricks, Messi has the edge on iconic free kicks. Their supersized stats and continuous exchange of ‘anything you can do, I can do better‘ has enthralled fans for over a decade.

Both players seem determined to keep pushing into their late 30s, fueled by their competitive obsession to outdo the other and cement their legacies as the GOATs of the era. With their cyborg-like fitness, neither Messi nor Ronaldo has likely scored his last hat trick or free kick belter just yet!

The Joy and Despair of Goal Gluts

Watching a favorite player run riot and put three, four, five goals past the opposition in short order brings a special kind of ecstasy for fans. But imagine being in the shoes of the annihilated defenders and keepers who are mere props in someone else‘s highlight reel.

After getting nutmegged for the third time and picking the ball out of his net repeatedly, many a defeated defender has stared emptily into the distance wondering if football was really meant to be his career after all!

Meanwhile the scorer basks in the raucous adoration of fans who will immortalize his goal glut with chants and banners. Children in the stands frantically mime the player‘s goal celebrations, while watching parents sigh that they‘re raising the next Ronaldo or Messi prodigy.

Such is the dramatic emotional see-saw of football – crushing despair for some and unbridled joy for others, all sparked by the ball hitting the net again and again in quick succession!


Giuseppe Signori‘s mythical free kick hat trick for Lazio in 1994 showcased a once-in-a-lifetime convergence of skill, luck and circumstance. By achieving a feat unmatched for nearly 30 years now, Signori set a benchmark that may never be surpassed.

Of course, we all love to witness goal gluts, whether through brilliant free kicks like Signori and Messi, or quicksilver hat tricks like those reeled off by Fowler and Mane in a matter of minutes. These moments create timeless memories and Eureka! feelings for fans.

So next time you watch games live or on TV, don‘t take your eyes off a dominant striker lining up for a free kick or with the ball at his feet ready to pounce inside the box. Records are not just waiting to be broken in football – they‘re waiting to be shattered beyond recognition! Just ask Beppe Signori.



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