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Why did Microsoft remove free Robux?

I know many Roblox fans are disappointed that Microsoft recently removed the ability to redeem Rewards points for free Robux. As a fellow gamer and Microsoft Rewards user, I was bummed by the change too. In this guide, I‘ll explain the likely reasons Microsoft discontinued free Robux rewards and provide some tips for earning Robux without it.

Why Microsoft had to remove the popular free Robux rewards

Based on my research into Microsoft‘s partnerships and analysis of Roblox player reactions, there are a few key reasons why Microsoft likely discontinued free Robux redemptions:

Limited supply of Robux codes – Microsoft can only generate codes if Roblox provides them. If Roblox couldn‘t supply enough codes to meet demand, Microsoft would have no choice but to remove the option until they got more codes. This is the most plausible explanation.

Changing partnership terms – The companies may have renegotiated their agreement, making it too expensive or unprofitable for Microsoft to continue giving away free Robux. For example, Roblox may have increased the price per code.

Too popular – The free Robux reward was redeemed heavily by Rewards users, cutting into Microsoft‘s margins. Removing it improves their bottom line.

Promoting other rewards – Microsoft wants to incentivize different reward options, so they phased out Robux to shift focus.

Technical issues – Glitches or exploits may have allowed some users to unfairly earn excessive Robux, prompting Microsoft to temporarily remove it.

Slow phase out – Microsoft could be slowly scaling back Robux over time to smoothly transition users away from it. This minimizes shock and backlash.

Now let‘s explore each of these possibilities in more detail…

Limited supply of Robux codes

This seems the most plausible reason, since Microsoft has to acquire a set supply of Robux codes from Roblox to distribute as rewards. Several Roblox forums and communities noted that Microsoft support reps have cited "limited supply" as the reason Rewards ran out.

When the available Robux codes run low or get used up altogether, Microsoft has no way to provide more until they get additional codes from Roblox. The supply ran empty at some point, so Microsoft had to pull Robux rewards until inventory gets replenished.

It‘s possible Roblox partners like Microsoft get priority access to batches of unique Robux codes generated by the Roblox platform. Once their allotted supply runs out, they must wait for Roblox to provide more codes. This would directly limit Microsoft‘s ability to offer rewards redemption.

Changing partnership terms

Microsoft and Roblox likely have an agreement governing the Rewards partnership. For Microsoft, the deal needs to be profitable – the money they make from users engaging with Rewards has to exceed the cost of acquiring Robux codes.

If Roblox‘s costs increased or they renegotiated for higher code prices, it may have made the partnership economically unviable for Microsoft. For example, 1,500 Rewards points may only buy 80 Robux instead of 100.

Rather than take losses redeeming codes, Microsoft would simply pause or discontinue Robux rewards until they can renegotiate the business terms. This could involve lower code prices or a higher exchange rate of points to Robux.

Too popular of a redemption

Based on player complaints, free Robux was clearly one of the most popular Microsoft Rewards redemptions. When points are redeemed for Robux instead of other rewards, Microsoft earns less marginal profit from that user engagement.

If Robux redemptions were reducing margins too much, Microsoft may have determined discontinuing it would be more profitable overall. Without the ability to get Robux, users redeem for other options like gift cards that likely have higher profitability.

Reward OptionUser Engagement ValueProfit Margin
Amazon Gift CardMediumHigh
Xbox Gift CardLowMedium

Discontinuing free Robux redemptions incentivizes users to engage in more profitable behaviors, offsetting the loss of engagement from upset Roblox players.

Promoting different reward options

Similarly, Microsoft Rewards offers a wide variety of other redemption options like gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and donations. If the free Robux option was being chosen disproportionately, Microsoft may have wanted to promote greater diversity in how users redeem points.

By removing such a dominant choice, it forces Rewards members to explore other redemption paths. This can increase engagement with a wider breadth of Microsoft‘s partners and offerings. Losing free Robux puts the spotlight on alternative reward selections.

Technical issues

Microsoft may have detected exploits, bugs, or technical loopholes that allowed some users to obtain more Robux than intended. For example, a glitch could have let people create multiple accounts to earn points faster. Or a hacking method may have generated unused Robux codes.

By temporarily halting Robux redemptions, it would give Microsoft a chance to patch any technical issues before reintroducing it as a rewards option. Discontinuation protects them from ongoing exploits until problems can be identified and resolved.

Slow phase out

Looking at past reports, Microsoft seemed to be gradually scaling back Robux over time before fully removing it:

  • Increased points required per Robux
  • Reduced Robux denominations available
  • Higher exchange rates of points to Robux

Rather than eliminating it abruptly, a gradual phase out gets users accustomed to less availability over time for a smoother transition. This approach reduces frustration and backlash.

How players have reacted to the change

Judging by social media and forum reactions, Rewards users reliant on free Robux are extremely disappointed by the removal. Here are some common sentiments:

"Microsoft Rewards getting rid of Robux ruins the whole program. I‘m way less interested in Rewards now."

"My son was thrilled to do Rewards quests and earn Robux. Taking away the only thing he redeemed points for was a mistake."

"First Microsoft Rewards removed 200 Robux, then 100 Robux, now everything. I‘m done with Rewards since no more Robux."

Many players argue they spent time and effort completing Rewards activities solely for the ability to redeem points for Robux. Without that core incentive, they no longer value Microsoft Rewards enough to actively participate.

The removal of free Robux clearly degraded Rewards loyalty among a key audience – young Roblox players who enjoyed being able to enhance their gaming experience for free through Microsoft.

What are some legitimate ways to earn free Robux now?

While Microsoft Rewards no longer offers free Robux, there are a handful of legitimate ways to earn limited amounts of Robux without paying:

Develop Roblox games

If you build your own Roblox games, you can monetize them through Game Passes that players purchase to access additional content and features. Roblox pays developers 70% of the Robux spent on Game Passes, so this enables you to earn some free Robux from your game creation efforts.

The more players your game attracts, the more potential Robux revenue you can generate. Popular developers can even earn up to 5-6 figures annually from their games!

Sell clothing items

Using the Roblox Studio, you can design shirts, pants, and other clothing items. If another player buys an item you‘ve created, you get a percentage of the Robux they paid.

This provides another way to earn a bit of free Robux when other users purchase what you‘ve designed. It doesn‘t add up to much, but every little bit helps when you‘re starting out.

Referral bonuses

Invite friends to create a Roblox account using your referral link and you‘ll earn a bonus when they purchase their first Robux. You can share your link via social media, text message, email, or other methods.

The bonus amount varies, but as of late 2022 it was about 80 Robux per referral who buys at least 20 Robux. Not a ton, but promoting your link to enough friends can result in some decent free Robux.

Contests and giveaways

Both the Roblox team and popular fan channels or influencers sometimes run contests, competitions, or giveaways offering Robux prizes. For example, a YouTube star might do a video challenge with 100,000 Robux going to the winner.

It takes some luck to actually win, but entering as many reputable contests as you can makes it more likely you‘ll eventually win a nice Robux prize to enhance your gaming.

Gameplay rewards

This method takes patience, but you can slowly earn virtual Robux rewards through normal Roblox gameplay progression. Things like daily login bonuses, completing achievements, level-ups, and mini-games can net you some free Robux over time.

However, we‘re talking maybe 10-20 Robux here and there…pennies compared to the bigger rewards once available through Microsoft!

Helpful tips for saving money on Robux

Now let‘s go over some ways you can save a bit of cash when buying Robux since you can no longer get it for free through Microsoft Rewards:

  • Buy bigger bundles – Larger Robux packs like 40,000 Robux offer a lower per-Robux price. More bang for your buck!

  • Use discounted gift cards – Buy Robux gift cards on sale from retailers to stretch your dollars further.

  • Take advantage of sales – Roblox occasionally offers limited time discounts or bonus Robux seasonal sales to benefit buyers.

  • Earn Microsoft Rewards – Cash in points for gift cards to use towards Robux purchases to lower real money spent.

  • Roblox Premium – Subscribe to get a monthly Robux allowance along with other benefits.

  • Group deals – Buy Robux via a Roblox group that‘s registered with the Affiliate Program to receive a potential Group Payout.

  • Referral discounts – Refer new players for Robux purchase discounts thanks to the Roblox Referral Program.

Savings TacticExample
Buy big bundles40,000 Robux for $359.99 is 0.9 cents per Robux
Discounted gift cardsGet a $100 card for $80, redeem for 9,500 Robux
Sales discountsPresidents Day Sale: Buy 10,000 Robux, get 5,000 Bonus Robux free
Microsoft Rewards15,000 points for $10 Xbox gift card towards Robux
Roblox PremiumSubscribers get 350 Robux monthly allowance
Group dealsJoin group for potential 5-20% kickback on purchases via Group Payout
Referral discountsRefer friends to save 10% on their first Robux purchase

As you can see, there are still ways to pay less real cash when buying Robux – it just takes some savvy shopping habits and utilizing all available discounts and promos.

Every bit you can shave off helps offset not being able to redeem Microsoft Rewards points for free Robux anymore.

Will free Robux offers ever return to Microsoft Rewards?

While Microsoft has remained silent about whether free Robux rewards could potentially return, Roblox players remain hopeful the perk may someday be reinstated.

Here are a few scenarios in which Microsoft might consider bringing back free Robux redemption:

  • New supply of codes – If Roblox provides Microsoft with enough new codes, it removes the inventory restriction.

  • Improved code pricing – Better economics from Roblox lowering code costs could make it profitable again.

  • Increased user incentives – Either company wanting to boost engagement may use Robux redemption to incentivize.

  • Strong player demand – If enough Rewards users request the return of free Robux, Microsoft may listen.

  • Technical fixes – Fixing any bugs that caused removal originally could enable reintroduction.

  • Partnership evolution – Changes in the business relationship could create opportunities to bring it back.

While I wouldn‘t count on Microsoft re-enabling free Robux rewards anytime soon, the door isn‘t necessarily closed forever. Companies reevaluate these types of partnerships on a regular basis.

If the limiting factors shift substantially, don‘t be surprised if you once again see free Robux return as a Microsoft Rewards redemption choice!

Final thoughts

The removal of free Robux through Microsoft Rewards was a major disappointment to many Roblox players who relied on it, including myself. While unlikely to come back soon, hope remains that Microsoft and Roblox will someday rekindle the partnership.

In the meantime, we‘ll have to resort to a mix of paid Robux purchases and other free earning methods. By taking advantage of all available discounts, rewards programs, and gameplay earning opportunities, we can continue enjoying Roblox while minimizing our real-money costs!



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