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Why Do Pokémon Keep Breaking Free in Pokémon Go?

Have you ever had the heartbreak of an ultra rare Pokémon busting out of a Poké Ball and fleeing after you gave it your best throw? I‘ve certainly been there many times! In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive deep into the capture mechanics in Pokémon Go and how you can catch those wily pocket monsters more consistently.

Why Do Some Pokémon Break Free More Often?

Not all Pokémon are created equal when it comes to how easy they are to catch. Some species are just more prone to breaking free from balls and fleeing. But what exactly makes them so slippery?

It‘s All About Base Stats

Every Pokémon in Go has base stats that determine their catch difficulty:

  • Base capture rate – This value ranges from 0% to 100% and sets the baseline catch chance before bonuses.

  • Base flee rate – Also 0% to 100%, higher values make a Pokémon more likely to run away after breaking out.

As examples, here are the base capture and flee rates for a few different Pokémon:

PokémonBase Capture RateBase Flee Rate

You can see that rare and powerful Pokémon like Dragonite have very low base catch rates, while common Mons like Pidgey are easy to catch. Abra is unique in having an extremely high flee rate!

Evolution Stage Matters

Another factor is what stage of evolution the Pokémon is in:

  • Unevolved first stage – Easy to catch with high base rates
  • Second stage – Moderate difficulty catching
  • Third stage – Harder to catch with lower base rates

So you‘ll have a much easier time nabbing a Bulbasaur compared to its fully evolved form Venusaur!

CP Influences Difficulty Too

A Pokémon‘s CP also plays a role. Even among the same species, a 300 CP Pikachu will be simpler to catch than a 2000 CP one.

Higher level and CP Pokémon will eat through more balls and be more prone to fleeing.

Top Tips

  • Use Ultra Balls or Razz Berries when trying to catch rare or evolved Pokémon
  • Lower stage unevolved forms will be the easiest to catch
  • The higher the CP, the lower the catch rate, so have patience!

Strategies to Stop Pokémon From Escaping

Now that you know what makes certain Pokémon harder to catch, let‘s go over some proven strategies to keep them in those Poké Balls!

Throw Type Matters

You‘ll have much better chances if you maximize your throw bonuses:

  • Standard throw – No bonus
  • Nice/Great/Excellent – Provides a +10-20% catch bonus
  • Curveball – Gives a 1.7x bonus to catch rate

I highly recommend mastering curveball throws. Watch the spark trail to get the spin and aim for smaller circle sizes.

Here are estimated catch rate bonuses for different throw types:

Throw BonusCatch Rate Increase
Curve + "Nice"1.95x
Curve + "Great"2.2x
Curve + "Excellent"2.55x

As you can see, an excellent curveball gives a huge boost! Consistently landing these will give you the best chances.

Use Berries Wisely

Berries make Pokémon easier to catch by increasing the odds for your next throw. Use them situationally:

  • Razz Berry – For moderate difficulty catches. Saves Ultra Balls.

  • Golden Razz Berry – Essential for low catch rate Legendaries like Mewtwo or Rayquaza.

  • Silver Pinap Berry – Increases catch rate AND gives extra candy! Useful combo.

I like to use Razz Berries on evolved forms and Pinaps when I just want some extra Dratini candy. Golden Razzes are mandatory for any Legendary catch attempt.

Platinum Tips

  • Learn to nail those curveball excellent throws!
  • Use Razz Berries on orange/red ring Pokémon
  • Bust out Golden Razzes for Legendaries only

Why Do Legendaries Break Free So Often?

Of all the Pokémon you‘ll try to catch, Legendary raid bosses like Zapdos and Latias will be the most difficult. Their base capture rates are frustratingly low:

Legendary PokémonBase Capture Rate

For comparison, an ordinary Pinsir has a 16% catch rate! Legendaries will break free constantly due to these single-digit base rates. Your best chance comes from having raid boss catch medals (like Legendary Raider) along with Golden Razz enhanced curveball excellents. Patience and persistence pays off!

Even with excellent throws, expect to burn through many Premier Balls to catch these elusive creatures. Brush up on your Legendary catching strategy and don‘t get discouraged!

Ultra Tips

  • Raid medals provide a permanent catch rate boost
  • Only use Golden Razz Berries on Legendaries
  • Curveball excellent shots are nearly mandatory

Techniques from the Masters

There are some expert techniques used by experienced Pokémon Go players and streamers that can further optimize your catching:

"Circle Locking"

This method involves holding the Poké Ball and waiting for the colored catch circle to shrink before throwing. Releasing briefly resets the circle, allowing you to lock it at a consistent excellent size.

It takes practice, but circle locking gives you perfect throw timing every time. Very useful for restless Legendaries!

"Switch Balls" Technique

Sometimes a Pokémon gets stuck in a repeated cycle of busting out of one ball type. By quickly switching between standard and Razz/Pinap enhanced throws, you can break out of the escape streak.

It resets the RNG and seems to shake up the catch odds when you get stuck.

Catch Boost from Switching AR Modes

Similarly, some players report an anecdotal higher catch success after toggling AR mode on and off. It seems to refresh the catch encounter math.

I‘ve used this to finally catch Pokémon that fled after 5+ escape cycles. Worth a shot if one mode isn‘t working!

Hardware Accessories

Devices like the Pokémon Go Plus or Poké Ball Plus allow you to attempt catches by pressing their buttons. Because they use a simple throw algorithm, some Pokémon seem easier to catch this way.

Definitely try catching with accessories if you‘re on an unlucky streak!

Diamond Tips from the Masters

  • Practice "circle locking" to always get excellent throws
  • Switch up balls or AR mode to reset bad RNG
  • Hardware accessories use simpler catch math

What to Do When You Run Out of Poké Balls

Nothing‘s worse than finally encountering that Shiny Aerodactyl you‘ve been hunting, only to realize you‘re completely out of Poké Balls! Here are some ways to stock back up:

  • Spin PokéStops – The most obvious way, but you can only hit each stop once every 5 minutes. Plan efficient routes to maximize your item gains.

  • Send/open gifts – Gifts will often contain Poké Balls and other helpful items. Coordinate gift exchanges with friends!

  • Earn Buddy Candy – Walk with your Buddy Pokémon to earn Candy that unlocks item bundles with Poké Balls.

  • Increase Trainer Level – Leveling up gives you level rewards like Great Balls and Ultra Balls.

  • Use a Poké Ball Plus – Shaking this accessory as you walk passively earns Poké Balls over time.

  • Buy in the Shop – Of course you can spend PokéCoins to buy balls, but it‘s not too economical.

With good PokéStop routes and Buddy/gift synergy, you should stay stocked! I like to keep 100+ Poké Balls minimum.

Pearl Tips

  • Efficiently farm balls from PokéStops
  • Coordinate daily gift exchange with friends
  • Raise Trainer level to get level up rewards

Niche Pokémon You Probably Haven‘t Caught

While casual players are familiar with Pikachu, Charizard and other popular Pokémon, there are many overlooked and obscure species in Pokémon Go that you may not even know exist!

Here are some examples of rare mons you‘ve likely never encountered:

  • Heatmor – Bug/Fire type, only spawns in certain geographic regions
  • Klink – Uncommon Steel-type, named "Gear" in Japanese
  • Elgyem – Psychic-type with a strange green body and hands
  • Maractus – Weird sounding Grass Pokémon based on a cactus
  • Skrelp – Poison/Water type that disguises itself as seaweed

There are also extra weird forms of common Pokémon:

  • Flower Crown Eevee – Super rare special form!
  • Party Hat Wurmple – Obscure event variant
  • Sunglasses Squirtle – Wears cool shades in honor of Squirtle Squad

Part of the fun as a Trainer is filling out your Pokédex with every form. You never know when you‘ll stumble across a incredibly rare niche Pokémon!

Amethyst Tips

  • Different geographic regions have unique regional spawns
  • Event Pikachu and Eevee wear holiday costumes
  • Some evolved forms like Bellossom are uncommon

Legal Disputes Involving Pokémon Go

As a hugely successful app powered by one of the most lucrative media franchises ever, it‘s no surprise that Pokémon Go has faced some legal issues over the years:

Lawsuits Over Lack of Accessibility Features

In 2016, a blind man in New Jersey sued Niantic over Pokémon Go‘s lack of accessibility features for visually impaired players. Without audio cues or options for screen reader apps, he argued the game excluded disabled players.

The case raised important discussions around making apps accessible to all. It was eventually settled privately.

Companies Sue Over Alleged IP Infringement

The Pokémon Company is very protective of its copyrights and trademarks. It has filed lawsuits against mobile developers it accused of infringing Pokémon IP valued at over $72 million dollars!

Targets included creators of games titled "Pokémon Say Tap" and "Pocket Monster Reloaded". The hefty damages sought demonstrate how aggressively The Pokémon Company prosecutes copyright violations.

Other Controversies

Pokémon GO has been involved in other controversies like player injuries from unsafe play and allegations of encouraging trespassing.

However, through clarifying terms of service and gradually improving features, Niantic has adapted to minimize incidents and create a safer experience.

Legal disputes will continue as Augmented Reality gaming enters new frontiers!

Diamond Tips

  • Accessibility lawsuits pushed Pokémon Go to better support disabled players
  • Huge potential damages sought for copyright infringements
  • Gradual improvements by Niantic enhanced player safety

The Struggle Continues!

As you can see, the reasons Pokémon burst out and flee when you try catching them are complex, but make sense based on hidden stats. While it can be frustrating to lose that hundo Mewtwo, don‘t get too discouraged!

Patience and the right strategies will help you prevail in the end. Personally, I find there‘s no greater satisfaction in Pokémon Go than finally landing the excellent curveball that secures a rare catch after so many escapes.

The thrill of the hunt keeps me going back for more! Hopefully this guide gave you some useful tips to improve your catch rate. Never give up, and keep working to become a true Pokémon Master!

Final Diamond Tips

  • Learn each species‘ base catch and flee rates
  • Maximize bonuses with excellent curveball throws
  • Persistence and patience are key!

Now get out there and catch ‘em all!



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