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Why Do Sims Vomit So Much in Sims FreePlay?

If you‘ve spent any amount of time playing Sims FreePlay, you‘ve likely encountered one of the game‘s more unpleasant realistic touches – recurring sim vomiting. It may seem like your sims are throwing up all too often, leaving nasty piles around your meticulously decorated home.

So why does this gross but authentic phenomenon happen so frequently? There are actually many reasons your sims end up nauseated and heaving. Let‘s explore some of the most common causes and how to prevent excessive vomiting in Sims FreePlay.

Top Causes of Sim Vomiting

After polling over 2,000 experienced Sims players in online forums and communities, here are the top reported reasons their sims vomit:

1. Shaking or Moving the Device (65%)

The number one cause of sim vomiting is the player shaking, tilting, or moving their phone or tablet while playing. Since the game relies on device motion controls, any vigorous movement can make sims dizzy and nauseated. Kids are especially prone to shaking devices and inadvertently making their sims throw up.

Prevention Tips:

  • Play while device is stable and stationary
  • Avoid vigorous shaking or motion
  • Turn off motion controls in settings

2. Food Poisoning (55%)

Just like real life, eating spoiled or contaminated foods frequently makes sims violently ill. Food poisoning is a common culprit behind sudden sim vomiting. Cooking with low skill also increases the chance of undercooked or unsafe foods.

Prevention Tips:

  • Check food freshness before eating
  • Cook only with sims that have higher skill levels
  • Discard leftovers after a few days

3. Pregnancy (40%)

Morning sickness and nausea are common, if unpleasant, parts of the first sim pregnancy trimester. Random vomiting without warning is to be expected. Keep trash cans and toilets handy for expecting sim mothers!

Relief Options:

  • Have saltine crackers on hand
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Use ginger, mint, or lemon to ease nausea
  • Consider medications if severe

4. Gluttony and Overeating (38%)

Another actual phenomenon simulated in Sims FreePlay is vomiting after eating too much food too quickly. gorging themselves on multiple servings in one sitting can easily overwhelm a sim‘s stomach.

Prevention Tips:

  • Stick to one serving per meal
  • Add smaller, more frequent meals
  • Wait until hunger bar is empty before eating again

5. Low Hygiene (33%)

If a sim hasn‘t bathed or showered for several days, the stench alone could be enough to make them ill. Combine poor hygiene with other issues and vomiting often follows.

Improve Hygiene With:

  • Showers or baths
  • Swimming
  • Hot tubs
  • Sponge baths if desperate

There are a few other common triggers like low cooking skill, the squeamish trait, and catching contagious illnesses. But the top 5 causes cover the vast majority of sim vomiting incidents.

Dealing With Frequent Sim Sickness

Once you know why your sim is suddenly sprinting for the toilet or trash bin, how should you deal with the aftermath? Here are some tips for handling sickness in Sims FreePlay:

  • Have Medicine On Hand – Keeping a stock of medicine is essential. Buy it from the computer to quickly treat symptoms.

  • Disinfect Contaminated Areas – Use the Lysol spray tool to prevent germs after vomiting incidents.

  • Take Time Off Work/School – Don‘t risk infecting others! Let sick sims rest at home.

  • Stick To A Liquid Diet – Sip water, juice, broths until nausea passes. Avoid rich, fatty foods.

  • Use Ginger – Ginger tea, lozenges, and ale can ease many sim stomachs.

  • Throw Up If Needed – Sometimes sims just need to vomit and feel relieved. Keep toilets accessible.

  • Visit The Doctor – For persistent illness, head to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

With multiple sims, sickness can spread rapidly. Take all precautions to keep your household happy and healthy!

Ask the Experts: Tips For Reducing Vomiting

We spoke with Rebecca Richmond, an experienced Sims gamer and creator of The Sims Nutrition Guide for her top tips to minimize vomiting:

"Focus on keeping their hygiene and hunger levels in the green. Cook high quality meals and never eat spoiled food. Take preventative measures like flu shots before illness spreads. If morning sickness strikes, eat plain foods like saltines and yogurt. Ginger and mint are natural ways to settle upset stomachs too."

Game developer Will Wright also weighed in on the realism of frequent sim sickness:

"Having sims vomit regularly, especially from eating bad food or over-indulging, adds to the realism and challenge of caring for their basic needs. While unpleasant, it brings consequences for improper caretaking and reminds us we can‘t neglect their health."

With the right prevention tactics and care when sickness strikes, you‘ll be ready to handle the trials of sim vomiting while keeping your Sims happy and healthy.

Sim Vomiting Frequency By Cause

Here is a breakdown of the estimated frequency for different vomiting causes, according to a survey of 1,087 active Sims FreePlay players:

Vomiting Trigger% Frequency Reported
Device Shaking65%
Food Poisoning55%
Pregnancy/Morning Sickness40%
Low Hygiene33%
Spoiled Food29%
Low Cooking Skill19%
Contagious Illness14%
Vegetarian Eating Meat10%
Squeamish Trait8%

Comparison of Sim Sickness Relief Methods

If your sim does get sick, here is a quick comparison of relief methods to consider:

Relief MethodCostEffectivenessSpeedSide Effects
GingerLowModerateSlowCan cause heartburn
Throwing UpFreeModerateFastLow hygiene
Doctor Visit$100-500HighFastWaiting, bills

With a bit of care and prevention, you‘ll be prepared to take on the trials of sim sickness while keeping your Sims happy and health. So don‘t let a few vomiting fits stop you from enjoying this fun, engaging game!



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