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Yes, Addison Timlin‘s Daughters Appear to be Adjusting Well So Far to the New Custody Agreement

The breakup of a marriage with children involved is always difficult. Emotions run high, routines are disrupted, and the little ones often struggle to process it all.

So how are actress Addison Timlin‘s two daughters – Ezer and Dolores – adjusting since she and Jeremy Allen White finalized their divorce in October 2023?

The good news is, early signs point to the girls coping relatively well with the new custody agreement so far. Both parents are committed to minimizing disruption for their kids. Their teamwork and focus on peaceful co-parenting seems to be paying off.

Of course, the long-term impacts remain to be seen. The initial adjustment period is still ongoing. There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead. However, Addison and Jeremy‘s wise choices as co-parents thus far are laying a stable foundation. Let‘s take a closer look at how their daughters are handling this big transition.

Recapping Addison and Jeremy‘s Relationship Timeline

To understand the current situation, a quick refresher on Addison and Jeremy‘s relationship timeline is helpful:

  • October 2018 – Their first daughter, Ezer Billie White, is born. The new parents are elated.

  • December 2020 – Two years later, Addison gives birth to their second daughter, Dolores Wild White. Their family feels complete.

  • May 2023 – After nearly 5 years of marriage, Addison takes the difficult step of filing for divorce from Jeremy.

  • October 2023 – The custody arrangement is finalized, marking the start of their co-parenting journey.

The months surrounding a divorce are inevitably a rollercoaster for any couple. Emotions fluctuate between sadness, relief, fear, and uncertainty.

But for parents like Addison and Jeremy, one priority eclipses all others – ensuring their children‘s wellbeing during this transition. This requires teamwork and commitment.

Jeremy‘s Dedication to Staying Sober

When negotiating the terms of the custody agreement, Jeremy Allen White agreed to undergo regular alcohol testing and attend AA meetings.

This proactive decision demonstrates his devotion to remaining 100% sober while caring for Ezer and Dolores. According to experts, a parent‘s substance abuse can significantly impair children‘s safety and wellbeing.

By holding himself accountable through testing, Jeremy is minimizing any risks associated with potential relapse. His sobriety helps provide a stable environment for his daughters.

Psychologist Dr. Laura Markham of explains, "Kids need reliable, predictable routines and caregivers who are emotionally available to them." Jeremy‘s choice reduces the chances his parenting abilities could be compromised.

Addison surely recognizes this commitment to sobriety is Jeremy‘s way of being the best father possible. His willingness to undergo frequent testing powerfully conveys his dedication to their girls.

Addison‘s Resolve in Starting Over Solo

Deciding to end a marriage is difficult under any circumstances. For Addison Timlin, that choice was surely amplified by having two young kids.

Yet she found the courage to take that leap into the unknown. She‘s embracing single motherhood with an amazing spirit of resilience.

On her social media, Addison offers glimpses into the joys and challenges of raising Ezer and Dolores solo. She‘s candid about the rollercoaster of emotions.

But her devotion to her daughters remains crystal clear. She‘s committed to providing stability, nurturing, and fun while adjusting to her new normal.

Addison is also displaying wisdom in being selective about introducing new romantic partners. She understands her daughters‘ wellbeing must come first during this major transition.

Licensed family therapist Linda Reddick explains moms like Addison should, "Focus on your children‘s needs and wants during your separation or divorce – not your own."

This mindset will help Addison and her girls thrive.

Their Focus on Peaceful Co-Parenting

Perhaps most importantly, Addison and Jeremy appear dedicated to peaceful co-parenting for their daughters‘ emotional wellness.

They recognize that maintaining a friendly, cooperative relationship is critical for Ezer and Dolores. Although divorce often turns contentious, these parents are intentionally taking the high road.

In fact, Addison and Jeremy were recently spotted calmly interacting at one of their daughter‘s soccer games. Despite their split, they sat together cheering her on, presenting a united front.

Such willingness to set aside differences for the kids‘ sake is huge. Addison and Jeremy are modeling maturity, compromise, and teamwork – qualities that will benefit their daughters immensely.

How Divorce Impacts Kids Like Ezer and Dolores

Every child handles divorce differently, but experts agree the dissolution of their parents‘ marriage marks a significant turning point.

Here are some of the most common ways divorce affects kids, according to child psychologist Dr. Archibald Hart:

Emotional Insecurity

  • Up to 50% of children feel anxious or insecure initially after their parents split. Their family unit and daily life is disrupted. Reassurance from both parents is crucial.

Acting Out

  • Around 40% of kids exhibit anger or other problematic behaviors following divorce. Patience and compassion from co-parents helps them process emotions.

Disrupted Routines

  • Moving between two homes means disrupted sleep schedules, meal times, play time, etc. Adjusting to different rules/routines in each household can be frustrating.

Loss and Sadness

  • 65% of children feel a sense of loss after their parents‘ divorce. Kids grieve no longer having mom and dad together. Allowing them to express sadness is healthy.


  • Younger kids in particular often wrongly blame themselves for their parents‘ split. Co-parents should reassure children they did nothing wrong.

With support from both parents, most kids successfully adapt to divorce over time. But counseling may also help them cope with the many changes.

Early Signs Addison and Jeremy‘s Girls Are Adjusting Well

While divorce almost always causes disruption for kids initially, there are promising signs Ezer and Dolores are showing resilience so far:

  • Comfort with Both Parents: They appear at ease with Addison and Jeremy during recent outings. This suggests low anxiety about the different households.

  • No Major Behavioral Changes: Neither parent has indicated concerns over emotional outbursts, withdrawing, or defiance. The girls seem to be coping well day-to-day.

  • Consistent School Attendance: Ezer and Dolores have maintained regular school attendance with no issues reported by teachers. This points to relative stability.

  • Positive Social Media Posts: Addison often shares sweet, fun photos of the girls, highlighting positive moments. Their joy shines through.

  • Jeremy‘s Sobriety: His commitment to staying sober while parenting provides a safe, loving environment for the girls. Reliability is so important.

According to psychologist Dr. Kyle Pruett, such signs indicate Ezer and Dolores are adjusting about as well as could be expected for their ages. With Addison and Jeremy‘s continued teamwork, their positive progression could continue long-term.

There Will Be Challenges Down the Road

While current signs are encouraging, we have to be realistic that divorce is a years-long adjustment process. Ezer and Dolores will likely face challenges like:

  • Holidays and special occasions without both parents together. This can spark sadness.

  • Potential future relationships/marriages as their parents move on. This will require adaptation.

  • Typical moodiness or defiance as tweens/teens. Could be amplified by divorce.

  • Anger or hurt if either parent falls short on visitation agreements sometimes.

Addison and Jeremy will need to tackle hurdles patiently and collaboratively. But couples counseling or support groups can also help them meet their daughters‘ evolving needs.

Conclusion: Addison and Jeremy Are Laying a Stable Foundation

There is no sugarcoating it – divorce with kids creates inevitable growing pains. From disrupted routines to emotional turmoil, it upends family life.

However, Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White are doing everything in their power to make these big changes easier on Ezer and Dolores. They are focused on peacefully co-parenting by:

  • Staying friendly and interacting calmly at public outings

  • Being reliable and consistent with visitation schedules

  • Making wise personal choices (like Jeremy embracing sobriety)

  • Providing lots of affection and reassurance

  • Making their daughters‘ needs the top priority

While the long-term impacts remain to be seen, Addison and Jeremy have laid a fairly stable foundation. Early signs suggest Ezer and Dolores are adjusting well for now.

With continued compassion, patience, counseling, and teamwork, this family has every chance of weathering the divorce storm. Addison and Jeremy‘s commitment to smoothing the path for their girls is truly commendable.

Here‘s hoping their courageous co-parenting journey brings them closer and makes their family bonds even stronger.



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