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Yes, LEGO VIP is 100% free to join!

If you‘re a LEGO fanatic like me, you‘ve probably heard about the LEGO VIP program but wondered – is it really free to join?

The short answer is: Yes, becoming a LEGO VIP member is completely free and provides some amazing benefits!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll give you a comprehensive overview of LEGO VIP, including:

  • How the program works
  • The valuable perks you unlock as a member
  • How to sign up for an account
  • Top tips to maximize your experience

Let‘s dive in!

Here‘s a quick rundown of how LEGO VIP works:

LEGO VIP is an official, free loyalty program from the LEGO Group itself. It launched worldwide in 2011 as a way to reward brand enthusiasts.

The basic premise is simple:

  • Join for free and get a LEGO VIP account
  • Earn VIP points when you make LEGO purchases
  • Redeem points for awesome rewards and perks

It‘s a win-win – you get extra value from LEGO products you already buy. Plus access to members-only benefits.

Once you sign up, you can start accumulating points immediately. Then cash them in for discounts, exclusive items, sweepstakes entries, and more.

So if you‘re a diehard LEGO fan like me, becoming a VIP is a no-brainer!

Let‘s explore all the sweet perks and values you‘ll unlock:

Becoming a LEGO VIP gives you quite a few nice bonuses. Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Earn points to redeem for discounts and freebies

This is the cornerstone VIP benefit. As a member, you‘ll earn points known as VIP Points on LEGO purchases.

Here‘s how it works:

  • 5% back in points when shopping at
  • 1 point per $1 spent at LEGO Certified Stores

The more you spend, the more points you accumulate.

Once you‘ve got enough points stacked up, you can cash them in for rewards like:

  • Discount codes to save on future purchases
  • Free exclusive LEGO sets and products
  • Sweepstakes entries to win big LEGO prizes
  • Donations to charity programs

The minimum point redemption is only 200 points. So racking up enough for rewards is easy with regular LEGO shopping!

2. Score access to new sets before anyone else

This VIP perk is clutch for snagging popular sets that sell out fast.

LEGO sometimes grants VIP members exclusive early access to purchase in-demand new releases before the general public can buy them.

The early access period usually lasts 48-72 hours. So you get first dibs to buy that hot new LEGO Star Wars ship or Harry Potter set before muggles can even add it to their carts!

Having this advantage lets you secure must-have sets before they inevitably get backordered. As a LEGO collector, it‘s a lifesaver.

3. Enjoy members-only promotions and GWP deals

VIPs get all the best promotions for gifting season.

When LEGO runs "Gifts with Purchase" deals (GWPs), VIP members typically get early access to them. So you can snag freebies before they sell out.

For example, LEGO may offer a free limited edition VIP set when your order exceeds $150. As a member, you‘d get first crack at claiming it.

Plus LEGO frequently offers special discounts, bonus points, sweepstakes, and other promos exclusively to VIP members. So you‘ll always save and get more than regular fans.

4. Gain access to special events and fan experiences

Love LEGO so much you go to LEGO conventions and shows? VIP can help you out there too!

Members sometimes get access to special ticket allotments, pricing, or access to exclusive LEGO events like:

  • LEGO CON fan conventions
  • LEGO House tours
  • Private tours of LEGO factories and headquarters
  • Preview events for new theme launches like LEGO Star Wars

Supplies are limited, so being a VIP boosts your chances to experience these fan events.

5. Unlock an awesome members-only rewards catalog

One major VIP perk is access to the VIP Rewards Center full of members-only redemption offers. This includes:

  • LEGO exclusives – VIP-only sets, minifigures, and products not available to regular fans
  • Digital goodies – Online games, coloring books, Zoom backgrounds, etc.
  • Sweepstakes entries – Higher odds of winning contests than non-members
  • Special birthday gift – Freebie sent on your VIP birthday annually
  • Double points events – Seasonal promotions to rack up points faster on purchases

Redeeming points for this loot is a nice perk that makes being a paid member feel worthwhile.

6. Cut the line with better customer service

Nobody likes waiting forever for support. Well VIP has you covered there too!

LEGO VIPs get prioritized customer service including:

  • Access to a dedicated VIP support phone line
  • Priority responses to inquiries and issues
  • Faster processing for missing piece replacement orders

So if you ever have an order problem, LEGO‘s fan-focused team helps VIP members first. Less waiting around means happier building!

As you can see, a ton of sweet LEGO perks come with free VIP status. Now let‘s get you signed up…

Becoming a LEGO VIP member only takes 5 minutes:

Registering for LEGO VIP is quick, easy, and again, completely free. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click the "Join Now" button
  2. Enter a valid email address (this will be your account login)
  3. Create a secure password
  4. Fill in your name, birthday, country, and language
  5. Accept the terms & conditions agreement
  6. Check your email for a validation link and click to activate your new account

Once your account is verified, you‘ll have full access to the LEGO VIP program as a registered member!

You can now start earning points with qualifying LEGO purchases.

Pro Tip: Make sure to log into your VIP account before checking out on so your order credits points.

With over 15 million members globally according to, LEGO VIP is widely popular. So join the club and start reaping rewards!

Let‘s dig into how to earn and cash in points:

Now for the fun part – how you actually accumulate and spend those coveted VIP Points!

How to start stacking up points:

There are a few ways to pad your points balance as a VIP:

  • Make purchases – Any LEGO set or merchandise bought through official LEGO channels earns points. You get 5% of the order value in points when shopping on or 1 point per $1 spent at LEGO Certified Stores. Every little bit adds up!

  • Take surveys – LEGO emails occasional surveys about your opinions and collecting habits. Filling these out puts some extra points in your account.

  • Engage on social media – Interacting with LEGO‘s official Facebook page and other social channels scores you points too.

  • Refer friends – If someone signs up for VIP using your referral link, you both get bonus points!

  • Watch videos – Sometimes LEGO rewards points for watching brand videos and other content.

  • Participate in promos – Special promotions may award bonus points for certain activities.

See, you‘ve got plenty of options to stack up a healthy points balance beyond just buying. LEGO makes it fun and easy.

Time to cash in: here‘s how to redeem points

Once your points reach the minimum redemption threshold, you‘ve got great choices on how to spend them:

  • Discount codes – One of the most popular options – redeem points for % off promo codes to save on future LEGO purchases.

  • Exclusive sets and items – Use points to claim limited edition, members-only LEGO sets, minifigures, and products. These can sell out!

  • Digital rewards – Redeem points for games, ebooks, coloring books, Zoom backgrounds and more.

  • Events and experiences – Use points to apply for access or tickets to LEGO fan conventions, tours, previews and other exclusive events.

  • Donations – Contribute points to donate LEGO sets to charities like children‘s hospitals. Spread the LEGO love.

  • Sweepstakes entries – Boost your odds of winning LEGO sweepstakes and contests. More entries = higher chances to win!

Browse all redeemable rewards and start cashing in your points today in the VIP Rewards Center. The options will make you feel like a LEGO kid on Christmas morning!

Do LEGO VIP Points expire? What you need to know:

Now you may be wondering – do my hard-earned VIP points ever expire?

The short answer is: Sort of, but LEGO gives you ample time and reminder notices.

According to, VIP Points will expire after 18 months of account inactivity.

"Inactivity" means you haven‘t earned or redeemed any points in 18 consecutive months.

But don‘t worry – the 18-month timer resets every time you shop, take a survey, redeem points, or engage with LEGO in any qualifying way.

As long as you remain active at least once every 18 months, your points will not expire.

And LEGO will email you three advance warnings as your points approach expiration, giving you time to redeem them if needed.

So while there is an expiration policy, LEGO is very upfront about it and gives you plenty of notice to avoid losing any hard-earned points. Just remain engaged regularly!

Let‘s unleash the full potential of your LEGO VIP membership:

To maximize the value you get from the program, here are my pro tips:

  • Sign up ASAP to start accumulating points on purchases right away

  • Always login to your VIP account before buying LEGO so your orders track points

  • Take those quick surveys when LEGO emails them to score bonus points

  • Engage on social media by interacting with LEGO‘s Facebook page and other channels

  • Refer friends using your unique referral link to earn points for each signup

  • Save up points for bigger rewards instead of minimum redemption options

  • Keep current contact info on file so you receive important VIP emails

  • Remember to redeem points before they expire! LEGO gives warnings if you‘re close to the 18-month deadline

  • Buy higher priced LEGO sets since you earn 5% of the order total in points – more money spent equals more points!

Follow these tips and you‘ll get the maximum ROI from LEGO‘s free VIP program.

Let‘s recap why LEGO VIP is a must-join:

Alright, after reading this guide front to back, let‘s recap all the key reasons LEGO VIP is well worth joining:

  • It‘s totally free to become a member – no catches or hidden fees

  • You earn points to redeem for real rewards – discounts, free sets, sweepstakes entries, and more

  • Gain early access to buy popular new releases before everyone else

  • Unlocks members-only promotions like GWP deals before they sell out

  • Entry to special events and fan experiences like LEGO CON

  • Access an exclusive VIP Rewards Center packed with members-only offers

  • Receive better, faster customer service as a VIP member

  • Protects your points from expiring as long as you stay active every 18 months

Those are some compelling benefits – all for the low price of $0!

If you‘re a diehard LEGO collector like myself, becoming a VIP is an obvious choice to boost your building benefits.

Let‘s wrap this up:

Well there you have it, my complete deep dive guide to LEGO VIP! I hope you now feel equipped with everything you need to know to unlock the full potential of this free program.

The bottom line:

LEGO VIP is 100% free to join and provides amazing perks – there‘s really no good reason not to sign up if you enjoy LEGO.

It takes just minutes to become a member at Once your account is set up, you can start accumulating points on all your LEGO purchases to cash in for serious savings and exclusive rewards.

So do yourself a favor and join the over 15 million other LEGO fans who are already VIPs! You‘ve got nothing to lose and some really cool benefits to gain.

If this guide helped explain the world of LEGO VIP, share it with any fellow fans who may be wondering what the program offers. And let me know if you have any other LEGO topics you‘d like to see an in-depth article about!

Happy building!



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