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Yopmail Alternatives in 2023 (Make Temporary Emails)

Everyone hates spam. Whether it’s robocalls from telemarketing companies, unwarranted SMS from service providers, or endless emails about drugs that purportedly work for every ailment under the sun, the same applies.

Since its inception, email, in particular, has had a relatively increased vulnerability to spam. Since the spam message sender incurs almost no cost, unscrupulous actors can send a nearly endless barrage of emails to unsuspecting users.

Hence, email spam has steadily grown since the early 1990s, and by 2014, MAAWG estimates that spam messages made up around 90% of all email messages sent worldwide. It also does not help that we have to expose our email addresses regularly, and that’s where services like YOPmail come in handy.

Disposable email generators like YOPmail provide you with throwaway email addresses that you can use as a temporary replacement for your original address. Since services like YOPmail offer you unlimited temporary addresses, you can use a new unique email address for every contact or website. Hence, with these platforms, you can create a sandbox that is impervious to spam.

Disposable emails are excellent for temporary situations like one-use website signups, where providing your default address may lead to a ton of spam coming your way.

With web services like discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, online shopping, and file hosting, the admin of these platforms gain access to the email addresses of everyone who joins. Since a list of working emails is quite valuable on the internet, unscrupulous webmasters can then sell these emails to advertisers and sometimes even straight-out spammers/scammers.

This potential leaking of your private information is why the chances are that you get some spam messages, even if you never signed up for any of them.

Furthermore, spammers can collect email addresses from chat rooms, websites, customer lists, newsgroups, and viruses that harvest users' address books. Hence, for single-use correspondence from the web, disposable email generators like YOPmail are an attractive proposition.

The YOPmail Platform

The YOPmail Platform

For many seasoned internet users, the name YOPmail is synonymous with temporary emails. Sure, there is an endless list of services that provide anonymous disposable email addresses. However, none is as famous as YOPmail, and few can match it in terms of functionality and ease of you.

The hitch-free process of setting up a disposable email with YOPmail makes it the number-one choice for many internet users.

With YOPmail, there are no registrations and no passwords. Once you enter a username for a new mailbox, the temporary address is created immediately and is ready for use.

Furthermore, you can automatically create addresses by signing up for any service online with a new YOPmail username, even if you have never used it on YOPmail. To get this feature to work, use any name of your choice and append “” and that account will be immediately created on the YOPmail server.

To check your newly created mailbox, enter the ‘address’ on the YOPmail homepage.

Are you scared of phishing, spam, and online abuses? You can use your new disposable address to sign up for any internet service wherever you want without exposing your primary address. Every new YOPmail address is valid for up to 8 days and can receive unlimited messages within this period.

However, to prevent abuse of the service, you can not send emails from the YOPmail server.

Alternatives to YOPmail

Are you getting blocked on specific sites when using YOPmail disposable addresses? Try out any of the following similar services.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is another big name in the disposable email space. With Guerrilla Mail, you gain access to multiple temporary email addresses that you can use to sign up for any service on the web.

The service lets you read new emails, use confirmation links, and even reply to emails in your inbox. Guerrilla Mail also has a spam filter that zaps any spam sent to your email, preventing them from ever reaching your mailbox.

To get started with Guerrilla Mail, log on to the homepage of the site, and a new disposable email will automatically start working on that page. Need another? The “Scramble Address” button will give you another address that links to the same temporary account. Alternatively, you can change the email address by placing your mouse over the Inbox ID at the top of this page and clicking to edit.

Do you want to download free software and are blocked by a wall demanding your email? Guerrilla Mail is here to the rescue. However, note that on Guerrilla mail, all emails are automatically deleted after one hour.



From the original creators of AirMail service, which as of today, processed more than 2 billion email messages, comes Nada, your solution for all temporary internet signups.

Nada is a temp mail or temporary email service that enables the use of temporary addresses, which users can copy-paste when registering to untrusted websites. To further protect your anonymity, the service does not collect or log any personal details.

On Nada, mailboxes are not deleted and will work for as long as the domain is active. However, the site administration does recycle domains from time to time and will give you notice one month before they do so. Make sure you transfer your inbox to a new domain before they shut down the old one.

Individual messages are deleted after 7 days.



Mailinator is a throwaway email service that lets you use the email domain to receive emails at no cost. Email is publicly accessible by anyone, but it's also easily disposable.

With your Mailinator email, you can sign up for services to try them out and not have to worry about businesses having your primary email address. The platform is super easy to use, as you only need to enter an email address on the Mailinator home page to get started.

Once your disposable address becomes active, you can receive mail there for up to a few hours before the emails delete automatically.

The public Mailinator is a receive-only, attachment-free system. You cannot send or forward emails from an address. However, Mailinator offers a paid service that offers more features.

With Mailinator premium, you gain access to features like unlimited Private Inboxes, Private Domains, private SMS numbers, Unlimited Email reads per day, and Unlimited Storage.



Do you want to sign up for a website, but you're concerned that they might share your address with advertisers? MailDrop is the answer.

MailDrop is a free throwaway email address. It's a temporary, disposable email that is excellent for those times when you don't want to give out your real address. To use MailDrop, register on any site with any username you can think appended to To check for new main, enter the email address on the Maildrop website to view your inbox.

Even though MailDrop is a disposable inbox, you won't see a ton of spam messages when it comes time to check your email. This enhanced protection is possible because Maildrop uses some of the spam filters created by Heluna. These spam filters work to block out almost all spam attempts before they even get to your Maildrop inbox.

Every MailDrop inbox can hold at most ten messages. Furthermore, any mailbox which does not receive emails within 24 hours will automatically delete itself.

Additionally, there is a finite amount of space to store all of the messages in every new Maildrop inbox. Hence, any particular inbox that has not recently received a message can get cleared to make room for more active mailboxes.



These days, giving out your email address is a very personal act. Handing out your primary address implies a level of trust that often you're not willing to give to any random website or app. You're entrusting the site, app, or company, not to sell or give out your address. You're also trusting their security, that they won't get hacked, or otherwise lose your info.

Situations like this are where Spamgourmet comes to the rescue.

spamgourmet provides disposable, optionally self-destructing, email addresses that get created automatically the first time they are used. Furthermore, Spamgourmet inboxes can forward messages and then automatically expire after some specified messages are received.

To create your Spamgourmet account, enter your username and the email address you want to be protected. You will be asked to solve a captcha and then pick a password. This address becomes your master address, and it is called the “protected address” on the site for reference.

Since this protected address must exist, you will have to confirm it. After registration, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the address.

Once your address is set up, Spamgourmet will forward to this address all the emails sent to your other self-destructing spamgourmet addresses—so you never have to reveal the protected address.

Tips for Using Disposable Emails like YOPmail Effectively

Disposable email addresses can serve as an excellent convenient tool for protecting internet users from spam messages and scammers. However, since these services also hide the identity of their users, they are also a pretty handy tool for unscrupulous elements like internet trolls and site vandals.

The anonymity these tools provide can make it difficult for site owners to properly regulate user behavior, as a banned user can easily register again with a brand new throwaway email address every time.

However, member control is rarely ever the only reason for banning disposable email addresses on a site. As we explained earlier, many webmasters generate significant revenue by selling user data and giving their email addresses to spammers and scammers. For these website operators, disposable addresses like YOPmail are extremely low value; hence they are incentivized to ban such email addresses.

Hence, to avoid being blocked on sites, we recommend you use the following best practices with disposable email addresses.

Rely on Multiple Services

Thanks to the webmasters’ war again disposable email addresses, there are now several tools that help site owners block disposable addresses. Site owners can upload any of several free disposable domain lists to their site’s backend to automatically block many of the most popular disposable email address providers like YOPmail.

Plugins and managed services also exist for various content management systems that allow a more hands-off approach to blocking disposable addresses.

Consequently, one of the best ways around this blockage is to opt to use as many disposable email generators as you can. If emails from YOPmail cannot pass the filter of a website you are trying to access, you can opt for another provider like Guerilla Mail.

Use Alternative Domains

Some of the top disposable email generators like YOPmail also provide alternative domains that you can use to circumvent blacklists that block the primary domain. Alternative domains provide a more convenient option as you can use your preexisting disposable email with the new domain.

For example, if your address does not work on a website, replace the “” portion of the address with an alternative domain. Alternative domains for YOPmail include,, and, and new domains are added to the homepage often.

homepage often

Delete Read Emails for Privacy

Many disposable email services do not use passwords, and even those that do are quite easy to reset. With these services, figuring out the username often gives you unrestricted access to the temporary mailbox.

Hence, you should consider using a service that lets you delete emails or the account once your read messages are no longer useful. Furthermore, you should avoid using disposable email addresses for overly sensitive information.



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