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Search engine startups typically face a hugely uphill battle trying to challenge Google‘s dominance. But believes its innovative technology and rapid growth can change the game. Let‘s dive into the latest stats and facts on this ambitious AI-powered search engine startup.

Introducing the Search Revolution

Founded in 2020 by former Salesforce rockstars Bryan McCann and Richard Socher, aims to transform web search using AI capabilities like chat and multimedia. How so? Well, instead of just text keywords, uses images, video, and voice input to better understand the full context behind what you‘re searching for. It‘s search reimagined for the AI age.

Speaking with Wired last year, McCann explained their motivation: "We saw an opportunity to use AI to really understand language, understand user intent, and deliver exactly what they want." With $45 million in funding from top investors like Breyer Capital, is rapidly building out its tech to make that vision a reality.

Let‘s explore the key stats and intel on‘s growth that reveal its disruptive potential. When you see how quickly it‘s gaining steam, you‘ll understand why many in tech are keeping a close eye on this promising startup.

Rapid Growth Suggests Serious Momentum

For any new search engine, getting people to switch from Google is tough. But the latest numbers indicate‘s unique approach is catching on big time:

  • 153.5% month-over-month surge in total visits in January 2023, jumping from 6.3 million to a whopping 15.9 million visits.
  • 75.52% of‘s desktop traffic comes direct through organic interest, not via search engines or links. Strong sign they‘re building a fan base.
  • 12.66% of January 2023 desktop traffic originated from the United States – making it by far‘s largest market right now.
  •‘s global ranking leapt to #4,474, up from #14,816 just three months ago as it indexes more of the web.
  • In the U.S. search engine ranking specifically, holds the #39 spot – stunning progress for a two-year-old firm.

This hockey stick growth curve demonstrates how rapidly is gaining momentum. "Our growth is exponential – we see double-digit increases almost every month," said McCann. Could this upstart one day dethrone King Google?

Big Funding to Fuel Expansion

With $45 million raised so far from top-tier investors like Breyer Capital and Norwest Venture Partners, is flush with cash to fuel its ambitious plans.

They secured $25 million in July 2022 to build out premium features that compile data from myriad sites and integrate apps right into search results. This means you can conveniently book a trip or tweet about a link you found – no need to leave

Having deep-pocketed Silicon Valley backers ensures can keep enhancing its capabilities and machine learning models as it pursues scale. The funding also provides the runway needed to reach profitability down the road.

Leveraging Breakthrough NLP and Computer Vision

But technology is the real differentiator that makes stand out. It leverages large language models developed by AI safety startup Anthropic to power conversational search. Specifically, models like Claude are fine-tuned on massive dialogue datasets to grasp queries contextually. also utilizes cutting-edge computer vision and speech recognition technology to incorporate visual content, videos, and voice commands. This multimodal approach aims to understand user intent beyond keywords alone. The integrated chat helps clarify what you‘re really searching for.

"We can index not just text, but images, audio and video together with natural language interactions," explained McCann. "That will allow for radically improved search."

A Privacy-First Approach

While Google and Bing rely heavily on tracking users to fuel their ad machines, is taking a completely different approach focused on privacy.

The search engine offers a zero-trail incognito mode that leaves absolutely no trace of your activity. vows it will never profile users or track their data to sell ads against them. Its co-founder Socher emphasized "We have a strong point of view on ads mucking up the user experience."

This commitment to putting users (not advertisers) first is a breath of fresh air. It shows that prioritizes utility and privacy – a combination that could appeal to many Google users feeling creeped out.

Ambitious Goals in a Competitive Market

Make no mistake, competing with the likes of Google in web search is a monumental task. Google has spent decades perfecting its algorithms and indexing the farthest corners of the internet. Last year, it accounted for an astounding 92% of global searches.

But believes its fresh approach based on AI gives it a fighting chance. As Marc Bodnick, an early investor put it: "There is room for a different perspective." With expert insights like that combined with‘s stellar growth trajectory and technology, I wouldn‘t count them out just yet.

Of course, the startup still faces huge challenges expanding its search coverage and capabilities. Growing engagement and creating a sustainable business model also remain hurdles on the road ahead.

Still,‘s early traction and distinct multimodal AI technique shows there‘s room for new thinking in the search arena. This is one firm I‘ll be keeping tabs on in 2023 as it aims to change how we search. Could this unseating Google? Time will tell, but is certainly a startup to watch.



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