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6 Ways Utility Bidders Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

Finding the best energy rates for your business can be frustrating and time consuming. You may not have the leverage, expertise or administrative bandwidth to secure optimal utility contracts on your own. This is where an experienced utility bidder can be an invaluable partner.

What is a Utility Bidder and How Do They Help?

A utility bidder acts as an intermediary between businesses like yours and energy suppliers. They use their buying power, market knowledge and connections to shop rates from up to 27 providers at once. This enables them to identify and negotiate the most cost-effective utility solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Utility bidders handle the entire process – from procurement through contract management. Their goal is simple: maximize savings and value for your organization.

6 Key Ways a Utility Bidder Can Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Here are six of the top benefits a skilled utility bidder provides their commercial clients:

1. Access Exclusive Rates Across Suppliers

Utility bidders maintain relationships with dozens of energy suppliers across the UK. This gives them access to the full spectrum of rates – including exclusive deals not publicly advertised.

For example, a recent industry report showed the average small business paid 15.2 pence per kWh for electricity buying directly from a supplier. Using a utility bidder, the lowest published rate was 13.3 pence per kWh – a 12.5% saving.

Even greater discounts are available through custom volume-negotiated rates secured by utility bidders pooling multiple large buyers together.

2. Simplify Comparing Complex Commercial Plans

Between metering capabilities, peak/off-peak pricing, pass-through charges, fees, and more – comparing electricity and gas plans is complicated. Utility bidders distill the options into clear comparisons to identify your best match.

They manage the entire switching process, coordinating paperwork and communications between you, your old supplier, and new provider. You avoid this administrative hassle.

3. Leverage Your Size for Better Rates

For larger organizations with significant utility requirements, utility bidders use your collective buying power to negotiate custom rates.

Suppliers are often willing to offer 10-20% lower unit pricing in exchange for a guaranteed energy volume over a multi-year contract from creditworthy commercial buyers.

Working directly with a single provider, you lack this leverage. But by pooling multiple large buyers together through a utility bidder, you command the lowest possible prices.

4. Receive Unbiased Guidance Tailored to You

Every business has unique needs – from budget to risk tolerance and more. The right energy solution for your neighbor may not be right for you.

Experienced utility bidders take the time to understand your specific situation without a one-size-fits-all approach. This enables them to objectively match you with the rates and contract terms that align to your usage patterns, growth plans and financial preferences.

5. Let the Experts Handle the Heavy Lifting

Once your contract is secured, the utility bidder continues providing value as your ongoing account manager. They monitor market rates, provide usage reports, ensure your current deal remains optimal, and proactively recommend adjustments as your business evolves.

You avoid having to keep tabs on these complex energy markets and contracts yourself. The experts handle it for you.

6. Trust Their Ethics and Transparency

Some brokers may receive commission from certain suppliers, influencing their recommendations. Utility bidders adhere to a Code of Conduct centered on ethics and transparency.

They are upfront about their fees and provide unbiased guidance focused purely on maximizing savings for your organization. You can trust their advice has only your best interest in mind.

What Savings Can You Expect?

Industry data shows most businesses save 10-30% on utility costs by using a utility bidder to regularly review rates and secure better contracts.

For example, Bristol-based catering company Edwards and Ward saved over £25,000 annually, a 22% reduction in their energy spending, by switching electricity and gas contracts through a utility bidder.

Other examples include:

  • JCS Engineering – £40,000 savings per year (18% reduction)
  • Samworth Brothers – £500,000 annual savings across multiple sites
  • The Devil‘s Porridge Museum – £1,656 annual savings (36% reduction)

Savings vary based on your type of business, usage, current rates, and other factors. But the potential is substantial.

Start Saving on Your Utility Expenses

If you want to maximize savings while minimizing headaches procuring energy for your business, partnering with a utility bidder is an effective solution.

They simplify the complex process of securing optimal utility contracts tailored exactly to your needs. Utility bidders empower you to take control of your energy costs and focus on operating your business.

Consider reaching out to a trusted utility bidder today for a free consultation and rate comparison. You have nothing to lose and significant savings to potentially gain.



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