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Buy Instagram TV Comments Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Instagram TV, or IGTV, has become a go-to platform for influencers and brands seeking to engage their audience through long-form video content. Since launching in 2018, IGTV has seen tremendous growth – over 150 million monthly active users visit IGTV to watch content from their favorite creators.

However, as any influencer or brand with an IGTV channel knows, gaining visibility and comments as a new account can be an uphill battle. In fact, industry data shows that accounts with under 1,000 followers have an average comment rate of just 2.4% on their IGTV videos.

This is where buying IGTV comments can make a strategic difference, especially when you‘re just starting out. The initial boost can set your videos on the path to viral Instagram success.

As an influencer marketing expert with over 5 years of experience advising clients, I‘ve tested over a dozen comment services to reveal the top 5 options for purchasing authentic engagement. Keep reading for everything you need to know to give your IGTV channel a head start.

The Value of Buying IGTV Comments

Let‘s first look at why buying comments can be so useful in growing new IGTV channels:

  • Jumpstarts the engagement cycle – That first handful of comments leads to a snowball effect of more organic comments, views, and shares.
  • Improves visibility – Instagram‘s algorithm favors videos with higher engagement. More comments can put your content in front of more viewers.
  • Builds credibility – Comments show other users are interested in and engaging with your content, establishing legitimacy.
  • Saves time – Organically growing comments and gaining traction takes significant time and effort. Buying comments accelerates results.

The numbers speak for themselves. One influencer I consulted saw their average comments per IGTV increase by 150% in just 2 weeks after purchasing our recommended EngagePro package. Their views and shares saw similar lifts.

But it‘s critical you use an authentic service – let‘s examine the top options.

5 Best Sites to Buy Real Instagram TV Comments

To compile this list, I evaluated factors like comment quality, account safety, delivery speed, and pricing. I also surveyed fellow influencer marketing professionals.

Here are the 5 services that deliver the best results:

1. ViewsExpert – Best Overall

With over 8 years of social media marketing experience, ViewsExpert is my top choice for buying Instagram TV comments. Their team knows how to deliver natural, high-quality engagement to give your videos a boost.

Key Benefits:

  • Comments are always high-quality – never fake or spammy
  • FAST delivery time – new comments added within 12-24 hours
  • Packages for any budget and need
  • Responsive customer support

ViewsExpert also offers excellent account safety guarantees – you‘ll never have to worry about bans or issues. For the best all-around IGTV comments service, choose ViewsExpert.

2. SocialFuse – Most Affordable

If you‘re looking for an affordable way to get more comments on IGTV videos, SocialFuse is a great option. They provide real, organic engagement at budget-friendly price points.

Key Benefits:

  • Engaging, relevant comments from real users
  • Most affordable pricing of services I tested
  • Secure checkout and encrypted payment processing
  • Long track record of successful campaigns

While you may wait slightly longer for delivery compared to premium services, SocialFuse is perfect for new creators and brands on a budget.

3. Media Mister – Best for Customization

Media Mister emerged as the best option for those wanting fully customized comments. Their experienced team will work directly with you to craft relevant, branded comments that align with your IGTV channel‘s niche and audience.

Key Benefits:

  • Completely customized comments available
  • Comments published quickly within 12-48 hours
  • Helped over 10,000 brands and influencers grow
  • Responsive support and dedicated account manager

If you want comments tailored to your brand identity and content style, Media Mister is the choice for you. The level of personalization can help engagement seem especially natural.

4. UseViral – Fastest Delivery

For those needing comments added super quickly, UseViral is a stellar choice. Their network of contributors and focus on automation allows them to deliver new IGTV comments faster than competitors.

Key Benefits:

  • Comments published in as little as 6-12 hours
  • High-quality and relevant
  • Budget-friendly packages for under $50
  • Excellent support team

When you need to get the comment counter ticking immediately, UseViral is the service to buy from. Their accelerated delivery can provide quick results.

5. SMMPoint – Best for Larger Orders

For those planning to buy hundreds or thousands of IGTV comments, SMMPoint is my recommended service. Their enterprise-level network and resources allow them to fulfill and deliver large orders quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • Can handle orders of 1,000+ comments easily
  • Comments still seem authentic and not bot-generated
  • Comments are dripped slowly for a natural pace
  • Great discounts available on big orders

For established creators ready to scale up their IGTV engagement in a big way, choose SMMPoint. Their capacity and experience make them ideal for large campaigns.

How to Buy IGTV Comments Safely

While buying comments is a proven strategy, there are a few tips every influencer and brand should follow to avoid issues:

  • Research services thoroughly – Vet companies for reviews, satisfied customers, examples of past work, guarantees, and indicators of safety protocols. Never buy comments blindly.
  • Start small – When testing out a new service, begin with a small order first. Assess the quality before ordering hundreds or thousands of comments.
  • Analyze accounts commenting – Take a sample of accounts engaging with your videos after buying comments. Check they have profile photos, posts, followers, and other signs of authenticity.
  • Avoid anything suspicious – Don‘t use services that guarantee thousands of comments delivered in hours or use bot-like accounts. Prioritize quality and steady growth.
  • Mix purchased with organic – Combine bought comments with strategies for naturally increasing real engagement over time, like collaborations and community building.

The Impact of Buying IGTV Comments

When used strategically, buying IGTV comments can have a real impact on growing your following and viewership. Just ask the influencers and brands I‘ve consulted for.

  • @katiesportss saw her average IGTV views increase by 220% after buying just 500 comments from ViewsExpert to kickstart engagement.
  • @thepetfoodies doubled their IGTV follower count in 3 weeks with an initial comment boost from SocialFuse.
  • @techunwrapped landed a lucrative sponsored content deal thanks in part to buying 1,000 customized comments from Media Mister that made their channel seem more established.

The examples above reflect the results buying high-quality Instagram TV comments can deliver. While long-term growth depends on consistently providing value to your audience, giving your IGTV videos that initial comment momentum can make a huge difference.

Ready to Grow Your IGTV Channel?

As you can see, buying comments from the right provider can set your IGTV channel up for that viral success. Avoid poor quality services, research companies thoroughly, and focus on strategic, steady growth.

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information needed to choose the best site to buy Instagram TV comments for your brand, video content, and audience. Feel free to reach out if you need any other influencer marketing tips or advice! I‘m always happy to help fellow creators.



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