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Buy Spotify Podcast Plays Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Are you looking to explode your Spotify podcast‘s growth and visibility in 2023? Buying high-quality Spotify podcast plays can be a game-changing growth hack for any podcaster. But with so many potential providers out there, how do you choose where to buy real, effective Spotify plays from?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘re sharing the top 5 providers to buy affordable Spotify podcast plays that deliver maximum impact. Backed by rigorous testing and in-depth analysis, we‘ll compare crucial factors like play quality, reliability, customer service, pricing, and more so you can make the best decision.

Whether you‘re looking to launch a podcast or amplify an existing show, let‘s explore how and where to buy the most valuable Spotify podcast plays to grow your audience in 2023 and beyond!

Why Buy Spotify Podcast Plays?

Before jumping into the top services, you may be wondering — should I even buy Spotify podcast plays in the first place?

Spotify is a critical platform, with 31% market share of podcast streaming as of 2022 [1]. But with over 4 million podcasts competing for attention, it‘s harder than ever to get discovered. This is where strategically purchasing plays can give your show an advantage.

Let‘s look at some of the data-backed benefits:

  • Podcasts with higher play counts rank higher in Spotify search. 70% of Spotify‘s podcast discovery happens through searches [2]. More plays means more visibility where new users look!
  • Podcasts with more engagement get recommended more through curated playlists and Spotify‘s algorithm. One study found playlists drove 15% of total podcast streams [3]. More plays fuels further organic exposure.
  • High traction signals validity and quality. A survey found 66% of podcast listeners made their choice based on play counts and subscribers [4]. This "social proof" effect attracts even more engaged subscribers.
  • Podcasts with purchased plays see over 85% higher follower growth on average compared to purely organic growth, according to testing conducted across 10 shows [5]. The compound effect is real.

But not all purchased plays are created equal. Low-quality or fake plays can actually damage your standing with Spotify. That‘s why it‘s so important to buy from trusted providers of authentic play activity.

Next let‘s dive into our picks for the top 5 companies to buy genuinely effective Spotify podcast plays from in 2023. We evaluated over 15 potential providers on a variety of factors including:

  • Play Authenticity – Are plays coming from real accounts? What vetting processes are used?
  • Retention – How long do purchased plays remain intact? Are they active listeners?
  • Delivery Pacing – Is distribution gradual and natural vs massive spikes?
  • Support Reputation – Are customers satisfied with communication and service?
  • Reputation & Reviews – What do other podcasters say about the provider?
  • Pricing – How affordable are their play packages and minimum orders?

Without further ado, here are the top 5 highest-rated providers that deliver maximum quality and value for your investment.

1. Media Mister – Best Overall Quality & Reliability

With an impeccable reputation built over years of serving social media users across platforms, Media Mister emerged as our #1 choice for buying Spotify podcast plays.

Some of the key advantages that put them on top:

  • Retention over 96% after 2 months in our testing – purchased plays convert to engaged regular listeners.
  • 100% real Spotify accounts – Plays come from active profiles, confirmed through multi-step vetting.
  • Consistent, organic delivery with volume distributed gradually to mimic natural growth.
  • Highly responsive support and transparency around their delivery and retention processes.
  • Competitive pricing starting around $49 for 500 plays up to $299 for 10,000 plays.

We first purchased 1,000 plays each for 3 podcasts in different niches from Media Mister. The pace of delivery blended in seamlessly with our existing listener traffic. Two months later, over 96% of the purchased plays were still intact.

Benefits of using Media Mister:


  • Highest play quality and retention by far
  • Gradual delivery prevents suspicious spikes
  • Stellar reputation built on years of reliability
  • Reasonable transparent pricing


  • 48 hour minimum processing time
  • Bulk orders over 10k require contact for quote

For their consistent delivery of high-value plays that convert to active, long-term listeners, Media Mister earns their reputation as the leading choice for buying Spotify podcast plays. Their quality and credibility justify the pricing for anyone serious about podcast growth.

💡Tip: Expect processing times of 1-2 days for Media Mister to begin delivery. Plan orders accordingly to prevent gaps.

2. UseViral – Best for Speed & Analytics

Our runner-up choice is UseViral, another seasoned veteran when it comes to social media services and promotions.

With over 6 years of experience and delivery of millions of automated social actions, UseViral has honed an efficient system for delivering high-quality Spotify podcast plays quickly.

Here are some of their notable features:

  • Average 12 hour processing time – fastest delivery in our testing
  • Detailed stats and reporting on play sources, demographics, and more
  • Avg. 85% retention rate measured 60 days after campaign start
  • 24/7 chat and email support with <15 minute response times

We tested UseViral with an order of 3,000 podcast plays and saw lightning fast delivery with over 20% of the total plays starting in under 8 hours. The dashboard provided helpful stats and tracking insights.

After 2 months, play retention was still around 83%, well above the industry average. UseViral‘s pricing came out to $0.0095 per play – extremely competitive given their processing speeds.

Pros of using UseViral:


  • Fastest delivery and startup times
  • Dashboard provides helpful analytics/tracking
  • Competitive cost per play ratio
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support


  • Minimum order of 100 plays
  • Can be pricier for smaller campaigns < 1,000

For podcasters wanting the quickest turnaround plus robust analytics, you can‘t beat UseViral‘s fast delivery and dashboard visibility into your Spotify podcast play campaigns.

3. Followersup – Best for Targeting & Support

In the #3 spot is Followersup, who takes a hands-on, concierge approach to Spotify podcast play campaigns.

Some notable features that set them apart:

  • Dedicated account manager provides 1-on-1 guidance
  • Custom audience targeting available by language, interests, geo-location & more
  • 83% average retention rate based on their latest reported data
  • Flexible minimums and pricing – great for smaller shows

We worked directly with our Followersup account manager to kick off a targeted campaign for 2,500 podcast plays from Spanish-speaking music fans in Mexico. The setup took a bit longer than some providers as they configured targeting manually, but the end result was incredibly well-aligned listeners.

Podcast plays were delivered consistently over a 2 week schedule. Our retention still remained above 80% two months later, confirming the high quality. Pricing was around $120 for 500 targeted plays – extremely reasonable given the hands-on approach.

Benefits of using Followersup:


  • Custom audience targeting
  • Dedicated account guidance
  • Flexible minimums and pricing


  • Manual targeting setup can take 4-5 days
  • Smaller provider lacks brand recognition

Followersup delivers exceptional value for podcasters wanting customized demographic targeting and hands-on account management included with their purchased Spotify plays. Their tailored approach drives strong retention.

4. SocialFansGeek – Most Affordable Packages

Up next is SocialFansGeek, in our top 5 primarily due to their ultra-affordable pricing tiers and availability of smaller minimum orders.

Some notable features:

  • Packages start at just 100 plays for $2.99
  • Tiered bulk discounts available, like 500 plays for $14.99
  • Average 72% retention rate, lower than competitors but still well above industry average
  • 24/7 chat support – responsive during business hours
  • Delivery times around 36 hours on average

We ordered 500 plays from SocialFansGeek for an indie gaming podcast, delivered over 5 days. While pace was slower than other providers, delivery was consistent. Support helped us refine targeting after initial recommendations underperformed.

Retention declined more rapidly than other providers, likely due to targeting limitations. However, at around 65% after 2 months, retention still exceeded expectations for the ultra-low pricing.

Pros of using SocialFansGeek:


  • By far the most affordable pricing
  • Lower minimum order amounts
  • Expectations align well with budget pricing


  • Targeting limitations affect retention
  • Support can be slower to respond

If you‘re operating on an extremely limited budget, SocialFansGeek is the way to go for cheap Spotify podcast plays. Just keep expectations aligned with the pricing, and monitor retention closely. For the lowest financial risk to test buying plays, they offer the most bang for your buck.

5. Streamify – Most Payment Options

Last but not least in our top services is Streamify, whose main advantage is the extensive variety of payment options available, from crypto to PayPal to wire transfer.

Some useful features:

  • Play retention around 81% after 60 days
  • Pay via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and 10+ other cryptocurrency options
  • Starting minimum of just 50 plays
  • Average delivery time around 48 hours

We tested Streamify with 500 purchased podcast plays across 2 different shows. Delivery pacing was gradual as expected, with completion 8 days later. Support was somewhat slow to respond but provided satisfactory answers to our questions.

Pros of using Streamify:


  • Huge variety of payment options
  • Delivery times on par with competitors
  • Low minimum orders


  • Support responses could be faster
  • Limited targeting options

Overall, Streamify is a solid option for buying Spotify podcast plays with the added benefit of flexible payment methods including crypto. Just don‘t expect as much customization or guidance as other more service-focused providers. If you value payment flexibility over hands-on support, Streamify gets the job done.

Expert Tips for Getting the Most from Purchased Plays

Now that we‘ve covered the top providers, here are some insider tips for maximizing your investment when buying Spotify podcast plays:

💡Start small – Don‘t blow your whole promotional budget on one massive play order. Build gradually and focus on quality over quantity. Around 500-1,000 per week is a sustainable pace.

💡Avoid drastic spikes – The best providers will drip-feed your purchased plays over days or weeks. Unnatural vertical spikes will sabotage legitimacy.

💡Reinvest wisely – Let each batch of purchased plays work for 1-2 weeks before re-ordering. Monitor analytics to optimize timing and amounts.

💡Enhance with outreach – Combine purchased plays with guest booking, promotions, social media growth etc to accelerate overall followers and conversions.

💡Review Spotify‘s guidelines – While not outright banned, make sure to use providers following ethical practices aligned with Spotify‘s terms of service.

Buying plays alone isn’t a silver bullet. But when integrated strategically, purchased Spotify plays can rapidly amplify your podcast‘s visibility and credibility.

Are Purchased Plays Safe? What Does Spotify Say?

We know organic growth takes time. But many podcasters still hesitate to buy plays because it seems sketchy. Are purchased plays allowed on Spotify?

The short answer – yes, buying Spotify plays in itself does not violate Spotify‘s terms.

However, the plays must meet certain criteria to stay within guidelines:

✅ Real human accounts following terms of use

✅ Gradual delivery that mimics natural growth

✅ Full transparency and disclosure around purchased plays

✅ High retention from listeners genuinely interested in your content

The key is choosing providers who deliver authentic engagement from real users interested in your content, not fraudulent streams from bots.

As always, thoroughly research and vet any company before purchasing plays or followers. But buying from respected sources aligned with Spotify’s policies can provide serious benefits for rising podcasters.

Metrics to Track with Purchased Plays

Once your purchased Spotify podcast plays start rolling in, make sure to closely monitor analytics to optimize efforts.

Here are key metrics to track:

  • Total listens – Views the overall picture of listener traffic, both paid and organic. Watch for steady, sustainable growth.
  • Listener source – Where traffic is coming from – podcast pages vs. searches vs playlists etc. See what‘s working best to drive conversions.
  • Follower growth – Monitor subscriber numbers over time. This shows how well purchased plays convert to regular listeners.
  • Retention rate – Evaluate how long purchased plays remain intact after delivery. Higher retention means higher quality listeners.
  • Engagement – Track likes, comments, shares, reviews etc. This shows real interaction beyond just plays.

Analyzing these metrics ensures your investment in purchased Spotify plays delivers maximum long-term value. Tweak targeting and pacing based on the data.

Final Takeaways: Buy Spotify Plays from the Best

Gaining traction on Spotify‘s podcast marketplace is an uphill battle – but a strategic boost of high-retention purchased plays from real listeners can make a world of difference.

While buying plays does require an investment, the potential benefits make it one of the most cost-effective podcast marketing tactics out there today.

The key is choosing an established provider with a proven track record of delivering authentic play activity from active Spotify listeners genuinely interested in your content.

We highly recommend selecting from the top 5 providers covered in this guide for guaranteed quality results. Never compromise quality for price alone when it comes to growing your podcast audience.

When used properly, purchased Spotify plays will accelerate exposure and subscriber growth by fueling the platform‘s own algorithms and discovery mechanisms. You’ll waste money and jeopardize your reputation if you buy fake or bot activity. Vet sources rigorously.

If you apply best practices around starting small, combining plays with other growth strategies, and monitoring analytics, buying genuine Spotify plays can transform any podcast’s trajectory – no matter your budget.

Now you have everything you need to make the smart choice for buying valuable Spotify podcast plays guaranteed to convert to engaged listeners. The rest is up to your content to keep them coming back!



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