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Khloe Kardashian Has Been Accused of Photoshopping her Face in Photos

Hey friend! Have you seen Khloe Kardashian‘s latest Instagram photos with daughter True? They‘re super cute, but fans are questioning if Khloe photoshopped her face again. As someone fascinated by pop culture and celebrity gossip, I wanted to dive deeper into this photoshopping controversy.

First, for anyone unfamiliar, Khloe Kardashian is one of the most famous reality TV personalities ever. She stars on Keeping Up with the Kardashians alongside her famous sisters. Khloe has always been known as the tall, curvy sister. She’s been open about struggling with body image issues and wanting to be seen as beautiful like her thinner sisters.

So Khloe works hard to sculpt her body and enhance her looks. She posts glamorous photos on Instagram, where she has 193 million followers. But fans often accuse Khloe of going too far editing her pics with apps like FaceTune.

The recent photoshopping accusations started after Khloe posted photos September 30 with her sweet daughter True. Immediately, comments poured in saying Khloe’s face looked totally different – like “a whole new face.” Her cheekbones, lips, and nose shape seemed drastically altered.

Khloe disabled comments on the post, but critics took to Twitter saying things like “Khloe please stop messing with your face!” and “What has she done to her face this time?”

This backlash shows Khloe’s changed look is stirring up major controversy among fans. It’s not the first time this has happened either.

The Instagram account Celebface, which exposes celebrity photo editing, has directly compared Khloe’s unretouched paparazzi shots to her Instagram photos. You can see the photo editing clearly – smoothed skin, thinner nose, enhanced eyes. A 2019 study found the Kardashians ranked #1 for photoshopping social media photos out of 100 celebs.

While some fans defend Khloe’s right to edit her pics, most agree she’s promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Khloe has 107 million Instagram followers, many of them young, impressionable girls. How does it affect their self-esteem seeing Khloe’s pics enhanced with photoshop?

Experts say this endless pursuit of physical “perfection” on social media contributes to body image issues. A 2022 survey of teen girls found 80% felt inadequete about their bodies after viewing Instagram feeds of celebrities and influencers.

In response to photoshopping accusations, Khloe claimed in a makeup tutorial that contouring gives her a totally different look. But professional makeup artists agree contouring alone cannot reshape bone structure like Khloe’s nose and cheeks.

The Kardashian-Jenner family as a whole faces frequent editing allegations. Fans praise their Instagram photos as “flawless” but then express disappointment at paparazzi shots showing their unedited bodies. It creates an illusion these women are digitally perfected beings.

So what can we learn from Khloe’s photoshopping controversy? As social media consumers, we can train our eyes to spot editing signs like warped backgrounds, odd proportions, or too-smooth skin. This helps us remember these images aren’t reality.

More important is nurturing self-worth beyond our appearance. Let’s appreciate our beautifully imperfect selves and work to be healthier, not just look picture-perfect. Our value isn‘t defined by matching some celebrity‘s digitally altered image.

As Khloe wrote in one Instagram caption: “My advice would be to stop comparing yourselves to anyone else. Just be the best version of you.” Wise words – maybe it‘s time she takes her own advice. What do you think, friend? Let me know!



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