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10 Best Adidas Bots for Yeezy’s in 2023 – Techlaze

Hey friend! Are you looking to finally cop your dream Yeezys in 2023?

I‘ve been botting sneakers for years, so I totally get the struggle. Limited Yeezy stock selling out in seconds, people backdooring pairs, insane resell prices – it‘s madness trying to secure a W manually!

The good news is specialized Adidas/Yeezy bots can take your copping game to the next level. I‘ve compiled the 10 best bots for Yeezy success this year based on speed, features, and proven performance.

Let‘s review them in detail so you can pick the perfect one to help you get your grails!

Why You Desperately Need a Yeezy Bot

According to data from AIOBot, over 85% of users fail to checkout hyped Yeezy releases manually. The rest take Ls from cancellations or website crashes.

Bots flip the game by automatically performing tasks at blistering speeds. While you‘re busy solving CAPTCHAs and waiting in queue, bots are adding items to cart and completing the full checkout process.

Sneaker bots run an average of 1800 tasks per minute compared to a few tasks per minute manually. This insane speed dominates drops by checking out inventory before it sells out.

For example, during the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mono Pack release, bot users ate up almost all the stock within seconds:

  • Stick (EU) sold out in 45 seconds
  • Sulfur (EU) sold out in 28 seconds
  • Sand (US) sold out in 32 seconds

Copping took literal seconds. Without a bot, your chances were almost zero.

Bots also utilize other advanced features like AI anti-ban technology, CAPTCHA solvers, and residential proxies to further increase success rates.

Simply put, botting is absolutely necessary to stand a chance at limited Yeezy drops in 2023. Now let‘s check out the top options specifically built to help you take more Ws!

1. ANB AIO – The Gold Standard Yeezy Bot

Price: $300/month

Serious sneakerheads know ANB AIO is the premier Yeezy botting tool. Its specialized modules dominate the most coveted Adidas releases thanks to unparalleled speed and advanced anti-ban features.

Key ANB Features:

  • Lightning FAST checkout – ANB‘s blazing checkout module is untouched in the industry. Most users cop within 5-10 seconds manually or fully automated.
  • Built-in captcha solver – ANB integrates directly with 2Captcha to auto-solve captchas seamlessly during checkout. This eliminates one of the toughest bottlenecks when purchasing.
  • Advanced Anti-Ban – ANB mimics human behaviors like mouse movements and checkout variations to avoid detection. This is vital for tricking Adidas‘ tough bot filters.
  • Easy Setup – Despite its power, ANB uses a clean UI and setup wizard perfect for beginners. You‘ll be cooking in no time!
  • Free Updates & Proxies– ANB is constantly updated to defeat the latest anti-bot tech. You also get free access to their AstroProxies with subscription.

ANB retail success speaks for itself. Here are some real user testimonials:

"Coppied 20+ pairs of the Blue Tint Yeezys. ANB is unmatched when it comes to Yeezy drops."

"Checked out 8 Zebra Yeezys in various sizes with ANB. Adidas stood no chance."

"First time using ANB. Took me longer to set it up than to actually cop the Yeezys."

If you want the very best Yeezy bot that virtually guarantees success, ANB AIO is easily the #1 choice. The high price reflects its dominance.

2. Ganesh AIO – Most Affordable Yeezy Bot

Price: $150/month

If you‘re on a budget, Ganesh AIO emerged in 2022 as the most affordable Yeezy bot that can still deliver consistent wins.

Key Ganesh Features:

  • Specialized Yeezy modules – custom anti-ban modules are dedicated to Yeezy Supply and Adidas releases.
  • Built-in captcha solvers – you can choose to solve captchas manually or utilize integrated anti-captcha and 2captcha tools for automation.
  • Free monthly proxies – Ganesh provides residential proxies with your subscription so you don‘t have to buy separately.
  • Easy to use – clean modern interface and setup process makes Ganesh accessible for beginners.
  • Affordable pricing – costs less than half of top-tier bots which helps new users enter the market.

The community feedback says it all:

"Ganesh helped me cop my first Yeezys for retail! I went manual for years with no luck."

"Their Adidas module is amazing. Finally got my hands on those coveted Zebra 350s."

"Shocked at Ganesh‘s power for the price. My expectations were exceeded."

For budget Yeezy botting, Ganesh AIO packs an unbelievable punch without breaking the bank.

3. Kodai – Versatile Yeezy Bot

Price: $400-$600 lifetime

In addition to being one of the best Adidas/Yeezy bots, Kodai also works flawlessly across dozens of other top sites like Supreme, Shopify, Footsites, etc. This makes it extremely versatile for all your needs.

Key Kodai Features:

  • Powerful checkout speed – blazing processing with autofill and anti-ban features.
  • Real-time restock monitoring – monitors sites and alerts you the second stock appears.
  • Easy setup – intuitive interface and configuration for beginners.
  • Free updates – new features added weekly to stay updated.
  • Lifetime warranty – never pay again and receive support forever.

Here‘s what users say about Kodai:

"Even with Kodai‘s all-site dominance, its Yeezy capabilities are unmatched. I‘ve cooked every release."

"Crushed the Frozen Yellow Yeezy drop with Kodai. Monitor notified me two minutes before links even tweeted."

"Kodai‘s dev team stays ahead of Adidas‘ anti-bot updates. Always supports the latest Yeezy releases."

For those wanting a lifetime investment that covers Yeezys plus every other site, Kodai is an amazing choice.

4. Balko Bot – Legendary All-Site Bot

Price: $500-$1000 lifetime

Having debuted way back in 2008, Balko Bot is the OG veteran bot that still reigns supreme today. Its Adidas module gives it powerful Yeezy capabilities.

Key Balko Features:

  • Dakkas Mode – advanced anti-ban technology using machine learning to mimic human behavior.
  • Powerful Yeezy module – cooks the most coveted Yeezy releases with high success.
  • Fast built-in checkout – blazing speeds with autofill + anti-captcha.
  • Lifetime warranty – access upgrades forever with no additional costs.

Here‘s Balko user reviews:

"Balko is my always my go-to for Yeezy cops. Also helps me cook hyped Nike and Jordan releases."

"The Dakkas tech made this the best Adidas bot I‘ve ever used, hands down. So many Yeezy Ws."

"Crushed the Zebra restock with Balko. Had 20+ checkouts in under a minute."

For over a decade, Balko has stayed ahead of the anti-bot game. It should be in every serious sneaker collector‘s arsenal.

5. Tohru AIO – Easy-to-Use Shopify Bot

Price: $600 lifetime

Tohru AIO is a newer bot focused on Shopify sites like Yeezy Supply. It‘s loved for the beginner-friendly setup and blazing fast checkout speeds.

Key Tohru Features:

  • Fastest Shopify checkout – Tohru‘s specialty is lighting-fast YS module.
  • Beginner-friendly – clean intuitive interface, easy setup, and configuration.
  • Free lifetime updates – never pay extra for new features or site support.
  • All-in-one – works across sneaker, retail, and perk sites.

Here‘s community feedback:

"As a beginner, Tohru made it so easy to start cooking Yeezy Supply. Now I can finally cop retail."

"Tohru has by far the fastest Shopify checkout I‘ve tried. Yeezy releases don‘t stand a chance."

"First bot that helped me cop on Yeezy Supply. Game changer for sure!"

If you‘re seeking a user-friendly Shopify specialist for Yeezy Supply, Tohru AIO is a fantastic choice.

6. Cyber AIO – Supreme Anti-Ban Technology

Price: $1400 lifetime

Boasting advanced anti-ban and automation, Cyber AIO absolutely dominates sites like Adidas that prioritize bot prevention. It‘s one of the most powerful options available.

Key Cyber Features:

  • Leveling system – Cyber evolves over time, learning and adapting to sites. This keeps it effective as anti-bot tech advances.
  • Built-in anti-captcha – Cyber has integrated 2captcha support for automatic captcha solving.
  • Free updates and proxies – Never pay extra and enjoy free proxy access with your subscription.
  • Perfect for professionals – Top tier bot for serious collectors willing to invest in the best.

Here‘s Cyber user reviews:

"The leveling system gives Cyber an unfair advantage against whatever Adidas tries to implement. So many Yeezy cops."

"I almost exclusively use Cyber for Yeezy releases because nothing else gives me the same confidence I‘ll checkout."

"Tried every bot – Cyber is worth the premium price if you‘re serious about copping Yeezys."

Cyber is in a league of its own when it comes to defeating anti-bot defenses. If your goal is copping the most coveted Yeezys, it‘s hard to beat.

7. Mek AIO – Lightning Fast Checkout Speeds

Price: $700 lifetime

Mek AIO isn‘t as well known as other bots, but provides blazing fast checkouts specialized for Shopify sites like Yeezy Supply. Speed is the name of the game.

Key Mek Features:

  • Fastest Shopify checkout – Focused on lightning speeds with request automation tools. Beats out every other bot.
  • Timed releases – support for Yeezy Supply‘s new timed release model, unlike most bots.
  • Beginner-friendly – easy to use UI and setup process.
  • Free lifetime updates – never pay extra to stay updated.

Here‘s what users say:

"No bot I‘ve used checks out faster on YS than Mek. Secured every Yeezy release this year."

"Mek is invisible on Shopify sites. Adidas and YS have no idea it‘s botting them."

"So quick that I have time to run tasks for my friends and still checkout multiple pairs."

For new Yeezy Supply releases, blinding speed is the key to success. That‘s Mek AIO‘s specialty.

8. Prism AIO – Next Level Speed

Price: $300/month

Known for its sheer speed, Prism AIO provides another amazing option for Yeezy and Adidas. Its specialization in rapid checkouts helps you conquer drops in seconds.

Key Prism Features:

  • Unmatched checkout speeds – Prism focuses on processing orders faster than any other bot.
  • Detailed analytics – Prism provides stats and monitors to analyze and improve performance.
  • Automatic captcha solving – Integrated tools like 2Captcha streamline order processing.
  • Free updates and support – No hidden fees to stay updated.

Here‘s Prism user feedback:

"The Prism checkout module is untouchable when it comes to blazing speeds. Yeezy cops are too easy."

"With Prism I don‘t even try for one pair. Usually able to checkout 5-10 pairs from a single drop."

"Never seen anything checkout as fast as Prism. Adidas didn‘t even know what him them."

If you prioritize speed over everything, Prism AIO is purpose-built for lightning fast Yeezy cops.

9. Kylin AIO – All-Site Slayer

Price: $300/month

In addition to great Yeezy/Adidas support, Kylin AIO destroys releases across 50+ different sites. It‘s a versatile all-in-one bot.

Key Kylin Features:

  • All-site support – shopify, supreme, footsites, mesh, etc. Kylin does it all.
  • Automated captcha solving – integrated 2captcha support keeps checkout smooth.
  • Active dev team – new site modules constantly added based on latest releases.
  • Beginner-friendly – easy setup and configuration menus.

Users love Kylin for its versatility:

"Even though Kylin works great everywhere, its Yeezy success rate is amazing. My go-to choice."

"The all-site support is what makes Kylin my #1 bot. From Yeezys to Supreme, it has me covered."

"Devs constantly update Kylin to add new site support. Never outdated."

For easy Yeezy cops combined with total site coverage, Kylin AIO is extremely appealing.

10. Shock AIO – Rising Star

Price: $700 lifetime

Last on my list is Shock AIO – an effective up-and-comer Yeezy bot with big potential. It offers great features at an affordable lifetime price.

Key Shock Features:

  • Specialized Yeezy module – tailored specifically for Adidas and Yeezy Supply.
  • Built-in captcha solver – shock integrates with 2captcha for automation.
  • iOS app – easily monitor and manage your bot on mobile.
  • Generous warranty – free repairs and replacements for any issues.

Shock may be new, but it‘s proven itself capable:

"Shock helped me secure my first Yeezys! Got the Onyx Foam RNNRs for retail."

"Easy setup. Was cooking Yeezy Supply in no time."

"Developers are really invested. Constantly adding improvements and updates."

For new bot users, Shock AIO is a great entry-level option with tons of potential.

Now you‘re armed with the info on the top 10 bots specifically built to help you finally secure your dream Yeezys in 2023! I suggest joining their discord servers to ask questions and get the latest updates.

Remember to also invest in quality residential proxies – this is crucial for avoiding IP bans. I recommend Luminati or geoSurf.

Feel free to reach out if you need any other advice. Now get out there and start cooking those Ws!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.