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4 Benefits Of Choosing A Fax Number That’s Right For You

Get the Most Out of Your Business Fax Number: 4 Key Benefits

You probably don‘t think much about your fax number – it‘s just a string of digits that people use to send you documents. But choosing the right fax number can have a surprisingly positive impact on your business. Let‘s look at four benefits of picking a fax number tailored to your needs.

First, what exactly is a fax number? Fax technology has been around for decades and is still commonly used in sectors like healthcare, law, and real estate. Over 35 billion faxes are sent globally each year according to estimates.

Fax numbers contain a country code, area code, and local line number just like regular phone numbers. Some examples are vanity numbers like 800-YOURFAX or toll-free numbers starting with 800, 888, etc.

Now let‘s dive into four reasons why your fax number choice matters.

  1. Improved First Impression

Your fax number is part of your business identity – make it memorable. A customized vanity fax number that cleverly incorporates your company name or services creates an amazing first impression. Prospects will instantly know they’ve reached the right place when they see your clever fax number like 800-CLOUDFAX for a cloud computing firm.

Vanity numbers are a simple but powerful branding tool. Law firms often use their founder‘s name (555-456-JOHNSONFAX) while dental offices may choose 800-DENTIST. Get creative with yours!

  1. Increased Privacy

For confidential documents, privacy is a top concern. Sharing a communal office fax machine puts faxes at risk of being seen by others.

Instead, consider options like:

  • Private or unlisted fax numbers to prevent snooping. These are not published in public directories.
  • Dedicated fax lines fed directly to one specific machine for total privacy.
  • Online fax services with encryption, password protection, blocking tools, and other security features. These make interception virtually impossible.

Taking steps to keep your fax number and documents more private provides peace of mind.

  1. Enhanced Branding

We’ve already touched on how vanity fax numbers boost branding. But even standard toll-free or local fax numbers represent an opportunity.

Having a set of fax numbers that differ only in the last digit (555-123-4567, 555-123-4568, 555-123-4569) lets you assign separate numbers to departments or locations. Callers immediately gain context about who they are reaching based on your organized numbering scheme.

So make sure your fax digits align with and reinforce your brand identity.

  1. Greater Convenience

Most importantly, your fax number should make life easier for you and your customers.

Toll-free fax numbers (starting with 800, 855, 866, etc.) remove cost barriers so clients can fax you easily from anywhere. This promotes engagement.

If your team will be handling multiple incoming faxes, get a set of consecutive numbers or use online fax services that simplify organization with shared inboxes, labels, forwarding, and more. Added convenience means less hassle.

Choosing user-friendly fax numbers is worth the effort. Your customers will appreciate how easy you’ve made it to connect with you.

So in summary, a fax number that aligns with your brand, enhances privacy, and provides convenience will take your business communications to the next level. Approach fax number selection as an impactful business decision – because it is! The right fax digits can deliver results across the board.



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