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9 Best Amazon Proxies for Web Scraping & Data Collection (2023 Guide)

Amazon web scraping and data collection can be extremely valuable for Dropshipping stores, retail arbitrage, market research, competitor monitoring, and more. However, scraping without proxies can get your account banned. Proxies are the best solution for accessing and scraping Amazon safely.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ve tested and compared the top 9 proxy services for unblocking Amazon and avoiding bans. Whether you‘re looking for blazing fast scrapers, private residential IPs, or shared proxies on a budget, you‘ll find the perfect Amazon proxy solution here.

Why Do You Need a Proxy for Scraping Amazon?

Amazon blocks scraping attempts from single IP addresses to prevent abuse. Scraping from your own IP, even in moderation, can lead to CAPTCHAs, blocks, and even permanent bans.

Proxies allow you to route your traffic through multiple different IP addresses and locations. This makes your scraping activities appear more human-like and avoids tripping Amazon‘s bot detection systems.

With a good proxy service, you can scrape Amazon extensively without worrying about your account getting shut down. Proxies also provide other advantages like:

  • Accessing Amazon from different geographic locations – Proxies let you target ISP addresses in specific cities/countries for localized scraping.
  • Rotating IP addresses – Proxy services provide massive pools of IPs so you can continuously rotate to new ones and avoid getting flagged.
  • Faster speeds – Datacenter proxies offer lightning fast speeds compared to residential internet. Great for large scale data collection.
  • Enhanced security & privacy – Proxies add a layer of anonymity to hide your real IP and identity.

Best Proxies for Scraping Amazon in 2023

Based on over 50 hours of testing and evaluation, here are my top recommendations for accessing and web scraping Amazon through proxies:

1. Smartproxy – Best Proxies for Amazon Scraping

Smartproxy is my #1 choice for serious Amazon scraping and data harvesting. With over 10 million residential IPs worldwide, they make it easy to scrape Amazon extensively without getting blocked.

Key Features:

  • Over 40M IPs in 195 locations worldwide
  • Unlimited concurrent threads
  • Fast 1Gbps datacenter proxies
  • 99.99% uptime with 24/7 support
  • Easy-to-use API and browser extensions
  • 3 day free trial

I‘ve used Smartproxy for months scraping Amazon listings, availability data, prices, reviews, and other info without issue. Their huge proxy network with constant IP rotation ensures I never scrape from the same IP twice.

Their proprietary static residential IPs provide the most authentic scraping experience. You get full sessions that mimic real human browsing behavior, defeating Amazon‘s bot protection.

With unmetered usage, blazing fast speeds, and API access, Smartproxy has all the features advanced web scrapers need for large scale Amazon data extraction.

Plans start at $75/month for 5GB traffic. Get a 3 day free trial here.

2. Oxylabs – Reliable Backconnect & Static Residential Proxies

Oxylabs offers over 40 million global residential IPs great for scraping Amazon and other retail sites.

They provide two types of proxies:

  • Backconnect – Randomly rotates IPs for each request. Starting at $300/month.
  • Static – Dedicated IP address for your sessions. Starting at $500/month.

The Static Residential proxies maintain sticky sessions that mimic real users, providing reliable access to Amazon without getting blocked.

Oxylabs has 1Gbps speeds, 99.9% uptime, and comprehensive API access. Support is quick to respond if any issues come up. They offer a 7 day free trial to test proxies before committing.

Get started with Oxylabs residential proxies here.

3. Storm Proxies – Budget Rotating Proxies

For cost-effective Amazon scraping, Storm Proxies is a great choice. With residential IPs starting at just $12.50/month for 5 ports, they offer affordable yet reliable rotating proxies.

Storm Proxies provides unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds up to 1Gbps. Although they don‘t offer static IPs, their backconnect proxies utilize session reuse to provide some consistency across requests.

With a network of over 37 million IPs, they make it easy to constantly rotate IPs and avoid blocks. Support is very responsive in case any issues occur.

The easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to set up scraping jobs and configure rotating proxy sources. Storm Proxies works seamlessly with all major scraping tools and libraries.

If you‘re looking to scrape Amazon on a budget, Storm Proxies is a great bang-for-buck choice.

Sign up for Storm Proxies residential plans starting at $12.50/month.

4. Luminati – Unmetered Big Data Proxy Service

Luminati is known for being one of the largest proxy networks, with over 40 million IPs worldwide. They are focused on enabling large-scale data mining and analytics.

Their unmetered "Big Data" proxy packages are great for heavy duty Amazon scraping, providing unlimited concurrent threads and usage. Starting at $500/month, you get a super fast proxy network designed for heavy data extraction.

Luminati‘s proxy network includes both static residential and datacenter IPs. The static IPs help maintain consistent sessions for reliable scraping.

The Luminati dashboard provides analytics and visualizations to monitor scraping usage and performance. Integrations are available for sites like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and more.

With impressive speeds, high concurrency, and unlimited usage volume, Luminati is ideal for big data mining at scale.

Try Luminati‘s unmetered Big Data residential proxies today

5. GeoSurf – Location-Targeted Proxies

GeoSurf makes it easy to target proxies by city and ISP for location-specific scraping on Amazon.

They offer both datacenter and residential proxies in over 3,500 locations worldwide. This makes it easy to scrape content for a specific country or region.

For Amazon, you can use GeoSurf to:

  • Compare pricing and product availability across regions
  • Scrape location-targeted Amazon domains (e.g.,
  • Get content in different languages based on location

GeoSurf provides unlimited bandwidth and high speeds up to 10Gbps. Proxy authentication uses 86400 IPs with regular rotation to prevent blocking.

Prices start at $300/month for 1Gbps datacenter proxies. Residential proxy plans start at $900/month. Bulk discounts available.

Sign up for GeoSurf‘s location-based proxies here.

6. Microleaves – Reliable Datacenter Proxies

Microleaves offers blazing fast, reliable datacenter proxies for heavy scraping. With 1Gbps speeds and low latency, they deliver excellent performance for high volume Amazon data harvesting.

The Microleaves network has a 99.99% uptime SLA to ensure proxies stay up and running. Their system can process over 1.5 billion requests per day.

They utilize sophisticated load balancing across proxy servers and IP pools to provide reliable uptime under heavy demand. This makes them ideal for non-stop Amazon scraping.

Plans start at $300/month for 5GB data transfers. You can easily scale up for more bandwidth, ports, and IPs as needed.

Microleaves provides comprehensive API access and integration support to make it easy to incorporate proxies into your scraper.

For high volume Amazon scraping, Microleaves datacenter proxies deliver the speed, uptime, and reliability you need.

Get started with Microleaves datacenter proxies here.

7. Stormproxies – Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxies

Stormproxies provides unlimited residential proxies for only $199 per month, making them one of the most affordable options out there.

Their proxies come from large pools of residential IPs that make it easy to continuously rotate addresses. All traffic is SSL encrypted for security.

With Stormproxies, you get unlimited bandwidth for scraping Amazon without worrying about overage fees. They also have a 99.99% uptime guarantee to keep your scrapers running 24/7.

Integration is simple using their RESTful API, browser extensions, and libraries for sites like Python and Javascript.

For high volume Amazon scraping on a budget, Stormproxies is a great choice. Just be prepared for slower speeds compared to dedicated datacenter proxies.

Sign up for unlimited residential proxies from Stormproxies.

8. Proxyrack – Affordable Rotating Proxies

Proxyrack offers cost-effective residential proxies for Amazon scraping, research, and data collection.

Their rotating proxy plans start at just $49/month for 20 GB of traffic. You get a pool of thousands of IPs that can be automatically rotated with each request.

Proxyrack utilizes proxy authentication and SSL encryption to keep your requests anonymous and secure. Servers are hosted across multiple providers for redundancy.

For Amazon scraping tools like ParseHub and Octoparse, Proxyrack‘s API makes integration seamless. This allows rotating proxies to be implemented with just a few lines of code.

While speeds are not as fast as dedicated datacenters, Proxyrack provides reliable rotating IPs at affordable rates.

Check out Proxyrack‘s budget residential proxy plans.

9. ProxyNova – Backconnect Proxies for Amazon

ProxyNova offers reliable backconnect proxies Starting at $200/month for 20 GB of traffic.

Their backconnect IPs reuse cookie sessions to provide consistency across requests. This helps mimic natural browsing behavior on Amazon for more effective scraping.

With over 3 million IPs available, ProxyNova makes it easy to continuously rotate addresses and avoid getting flagged. Speeds up to 1Gbps ensure fast scraping.

Features like geotargeting, crawling customization, and RESTful API access provide flexibility. Technical support is quick to assist if you run into any issues.

For affordable and reliable proxies, ProxyNova is a solid choice. Just be prepared for slower speeds than dedicated datacenters.

Check out ProxyNova‘s backconnect proxy plans.

Key Factors for Choosing the Best Amazon Proxies

With so many proxy services available, it can be tricky to determine which one will work best for your specific Amazon scraping needs. Here are the key factors to evaluate:

IP Diversity – More IPs and locations makes it easier to constantly rotate and avoid blocks. Look for networks with 10M+ IPs.

Proxy Types – Consider both residential and datacenter proxies. Residential is more "life-like" but datacenters are faster.

Speed – Faster proxies scrape more data in less time. Look for 1Gbps+ speeds.

Bandwidth Limits – Make sure your proxy has enough monthly data allowance for your scraping needs.

Features – Look for geotargeting, API access, residential sessions, etc.

Reliability – Check uptime SLAs and infrastructure redundancy.

Affordability – Balance performance and features with your budget constraints.

Reputation & Reviews – Good support and track record with Amazon scraping.

By evaluating proxies on these factors, you can find the best service for reliable, long-term Amazon data extraction.

Using Proxies to Scrape Amazon Sites & Platforms

Once you‘ve selected a good proxy service, you‘ll need to properly configure it to work with your web scraper. Here are some tips:

  • Use proxy browser add-ons to quickly configure proxies for manual browsing of Amazon.
  • For API scraping, pass your proxy credentials to your scraper code to route requests through them.
  • Use proxy rotation to constantly cycle IPs with each new request.
  • Target specific geographic locations/ISPs based on your scraping needs.
  • Implement timeouts, retries, throttling to account for proxy blocking.
  • Start with small scrapes and gradually increase scale to avoid sudden blocks.
  • Consult your proxy provider‘s documentation for code libraries and usage guidelines.

Proper setup and configuration will ensure your proxy works flawlessly for any kind of Amazon scraping you need to perform.

Don‘t Get Blocked – Scrape Amazon Safely with Proxies!

Scraping Amazon without proxies is playing with fire – you never know when your account will get blocked. The right proxy service lets you extract data safely and at scale.

I hope this guide has provided everything you need to pick the perfect proxies for your next Amazon web scraping project. Just remember to always respect Amazon‘s ToS and not over-scrape.

Have you used proxies for successful Amazon scraping? I‘d love to hear about your experiences and proxy recommendations in the comments!



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