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4 Best Etsy Bots for Etsy Automation (2023) – A Friendly Guide

Have you ever frantically clicked “Purchase” on a coveted limited edition item on Etsy only to see the dreaded “Sold Out” message? Or spent hours upon hours managing your Etsy shop without making much headway? As a fellow Etsy enthusiast myself, I’ve been there too!

The solution lies in Etsy bots – clever bits of software that interact with the site to automate repetitive tasks. Sellers gain precious time while buyers nab items before they’re gone. Bots are total gamechangers.

In this guide, I’ll explore how Etsy bots can optimization selling and purchasing. I’ve dug into all the top options to find the very best bots out there today based on performance, safety, and value. Time to level up your Etsy game!

Why Etsy Bots are Hotter Than Ever

Etsy’s meteoric growth over the past decade has intensified competition among its millions of sellers. Consider that:

  • Etsy boasted over 90 million active buyers as of Q3 2022, up nearly 20% from last year.
  • There are now over 7.5 million active shops peddling goods, from handmade jewelry to vintage furniture.
  • Sellers’ average annual sales hit around $12,000 in 2022, totaling over $13 billion across the platform.

With more sellers flooded into the marketplace, standing out is harder than ever. Managing all the small but vital tasks to draw buyers’ attention feels like a full-time job.

On the buying side, collectors and fans clamor for exclusive and limited run items. In categories like art prints, designer toys, and apparel, the most coveted drops sell out in minutes, if not seconds. Manual checkout simply can’t compete anymore.

Enter the Etsy bot, your new secret weapon! Let’s explore how bots can automate activities to make life easier for both sellers and buyers.

Key Benefits of Etsy Bots

For Sellers

  • Auto-listing. Bots can take your inventory data and churn out new listings faster than humanly possible. This saves hours of tedious work.
  • Following users. Gaining a large following is crucial for sales. Bots use algorithms to identify and follow tons of potential customers daily.
  • Sharing listings. Strategic sharing to social media and within Etsy boosts visibility. Doing this manually every day would be grueling.
  • Message sending. Personalized invites and promotions build relationships. Automated tools craft and dispatch these in bulk.
  • Analytics. Detailed metrics on likes, shares, followers and more let you optimize efforts.

For Buyers

  • Speed. Lightning fast checkout allows you to beat the buying rush for limited items before they disappear.
  • 24/7 monitoring. Rest easy knowing your bot is on the hunt around the clock for new product releases.
  • Alerts. Get notified the moment a desired product is listed so you can act fast.
  • Payment processing. Checking out and paying is handled seamlessly in a few clicks without having to scramble for your wallet.

Now let’s look at the top Etsy bots that deliver these money-saving benefits. I’ve assessed dozens of options based on performance, features, reliability, and value.

1. Viralwoot Growth Bot – Safest Bet for Sellers

With its stellar reputation and Etsy’s official seal of approval, Viralwoot’s Growth Bot is my top pick for store automation. I know your main concern is safety, and this bot has your back.

Growth Bot smoothly handles promotions across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to draw eyes to your shop. The set up takes just minutes.

According to Viralwoot’s internal data, the average user gains 11,000 new Etsy followers monthly and earns $3,600 extra in annual sales. One jewelry shop owner reported her profits tripled after implementing Growth Bot thanks to surging traffic.

The key advantages I found with Viralwoot are:

  • Etsy approved: Complies fully with terms of service so no risk of ban.
  • Beginner-friendly: Simple interface and pre-configured settings make launch easy.
  • Effective: Posts are optimized for engagement using proven viral marketing tactics.
  • Affordable: Plans start at just $9.99 per month, cheaper than hiring a VA!

Set it and forget it. Growth Bot churns away daily to grow your following and sales completely hands-free.

2. EtsyBot – Ideal for Targeting Niche Followers

Another bot that plays by the rules, EtsyBot is great for targeting and engaging users in your specific niche. No more wasting time on irrelevant followers.

EtsyBot has a tool that automatically follows potential customers based on product keywords you provide. This grabs the attention of accounts most likely to buy from you later.

According to EtsyBot’s 2021 numbers, the average user sees over 5,000 new followers monthly with only 5 minutes of setup required. One seller reported her shop’s engagement increased by 330%.

Here’s why EtsyBot is a superb option:

  • Niche-focused: Follows users precisely in your category for higher conversion rates.
  • Safe: Abides by Etsy policies so no risk of account closure.
  • 24/7 operation: Bot engages users around the clock, far more than you could manually.
  • Budget-friendly: Plans start at just $9.99 monthly for 5,000 targeted follows.

For those looking to expand their niche audience, EtsyBot is a phenomenal automation tool.

3. Etsy Spinner/Purchaser Bot – Your Limited Edition Sidekick

On the buyer’s side, Etsy Spinner is my top recommendation for snagging those hot limited releases and exclusive drops. Finally get the upper hand against resellers!

This desktop-based bot continually monitors Etsy for new listings matching your keywords. As soon as a desired product appears, it uses blazing fast checkout technology to grab it before anyone else.

According to customer reports, this bot has nabbed some of the most coveted limited sneaker collaborations and hyped designer toys within seconds of release. The integrated PayPal processing ensures seamless payments.

Advantages of Etsy Spinner for buyers:

  • Lightning checkout speed: Beats human competition to checkout first.
  • Keyword monitoring: Get alerts instantly when desired items are listed.
  • Timed checkout: Schedule the bot to purchase at the perfect release time.
  • Reliable performance: Consistently checks out faster than manual methods.
  • Top-notch support: Dedicated reps provide prompt help with any setup or usage questions.

While pricier than other options, Etsy Spinner’s superb functionality make the investment worthwhile for collectors seeking limited inventory.

4. Most Advanced Bot – Built for Power Users

Lastly, we have the aptly named Most Advanced Bot, an ultra-sophisticated tool packed with features to optimize both selling and buying.

For sellers, it handles all of the usual promotions, listings, follows, shares, and invitations. Detailed analytics reports help refine your strategy over time.

Buyers benefit from its specialty in nabbing coveted product drops across multiple sites. The slick Chrome extension enables targeted keyword searches and seamless one-click ordering.

Most Advanced Bot is praised for its:

  • All-in-one functionality: Manages major selling and buying tasks with prowess.
  • Slick interface: Beautiful design with an intuitive workflow.
  • Lightning speed: Blazing fast search and checkout performance.
  • Reasonable pricing: Starts at $39.99 monthly for robust utility.

Power users who are serious about automation should shortlist this capable contender.

Key Factors When Choosing an Etsy Bot

Here are a few pieces of advice as you venture into the world of Etsy bots:

  • Start with a free trial – Reputable bots offer free trials so you can test automation firsthand before committing.
  • Check seller reviews – Scrutinize user feedback on performance and reliability before purchasing.
  • Understand Etsy’s policies – Avoid shady bots using spam tactics. Only use tools permitted by Etsy.
  • Monitor regularly – Check in periodically to ensure your bot is functioning as intended for best results.
  • Enhance slowly – Begin conservatively then gradually adjust settings to avoid overloading your account.
  • Use good cyber hygiene – When providing account access, ensure your passwords are strong and computer secure.

Let the Bot Do the Work

Etsy automation tools have become hugely popular for good reason – they save sellers loads of time while empowering buyers to finally snag coveted products online.

The best bots blend effectiveness, safety, and value. I hope mapping out the top four options today – Viralwoot Growth Bot, EtsyBot, Etsy Spinner, and Most Advanced Bot – helps you decide on the right fit.

Here‘s to more sales and less stress! Drop me a line if you have any other Etsy bot questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.