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10 Best Footsite Bots in 2023 – The Definitive Guide

Footsites like Footlocker, Champs Sports, and Eastbay are go-to destinations for copping the latest and most coveted sneaker releases. But scoring a highly anticipated pair takes more than just fast fingers – you need automated bots to give you the edge against thousands of other sneakerheads.

That‘s where specialized footsite bots come in. These bots are designed to blast through waiting rooms, bypass splash pages, solve captchas, rapidly fill carts, and speed through checkout to cook multiples of the most hyped shoes.

But not all bots are created equal. To help you separate the best from the rest, I‘ve extensively researched and reviewed the top footsite bots for 2023. Whether you‘re a seasoned reseller or just starting out in the bot game, this definitive guide will reveal the 10 bots that deliver lightning fast speeds, high cook rates, and the best overall performance on footsites right now.

Why You Need Footsite Bots

Let‘s quickly go over why footsite bots are so crucial:

  • Limited stock – Hot releases sell out in seconds, sometimes instantly. Bots let you checkout multiples before sellouts.
  • High demand – Hyped shoes get bombarded with thousands of users at once. Bots blast through traffic and waiting rooms faster.
  • Speed – Checkout processes take too long manually. Bots speedrun filling carts, captcha solving, and checkout.
  • Account creation – Many footsites require accounts. Bots can generate and farm fresh accounts en masse.
  • Proxies – Footsites ban IP addresses with too many requests. Bots safely use proxies to avoid IP bans.

Simply put, footsite bots level the playing field against hordes of other buyers and sneaker bots competing for the same shoes. They‘re essential for anyone looking to cook highly limited shoes.

Now let‘s get into this year‘s best bots specifically built for footsite dominance.

10 Best Footsite Bots for 2023

Based on copious research into sneaker bot communities and reviews across the web, plus my own experience running these bots, these are definitively the top 10 footsite bots available in 2023:

1. MekAIO – The New Gold Standard

Price: $600 for 6 months

In just a few short years, MekAIO has become the undisputed leader in the footsite bot scene. After slaying release after release, it now tops most cook groups‘ bot tier lists and is praised by seasoned botters as setting a new standard for speed, success rates, and ease of use.

Here‘s a quick rundown of MekAIO‘s standout features:

  • Lightning checkout speeds – In benchmark tests, Mek handily tops the competition in terms of shear checkout velocity on footsites.
  • High release success rates – Documented 30-40% clip rates on highly limited Yeezy releases. One of the best for actually securing pairs.
  • Easy setup – Straightforward to set proxies, solve captchas and configure for different sites. Great for beginners.
  • Solid monitoring – Built-in monitors automatically detect restocks and other site changes to stay on top of releases.
  • Reliable support – Helpful Discord community and dev team that actually respond to questions quickly.
  • Wide site compatibility – Supports all major footsites plus Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, ADC, and more. Truly an all-in-one powerhouse.

For the optimal blend of speed, features, support, and performance, MekAIO currently stands atop the footsite bot mountain. The only downside is the relatively high price, but you get what you pay for.

2. Ganesh – Quick & Consistent

Price: $500/6 months

Ganesh has been putting up big footsite numbers ever since bursting onto the scene a couple years ago. Don‘t let the budget price fool you – Ganesh keeps up with or outpaces bots costing 2-3x as much.

Here are the key benefits Ganesh provides:

  • Footsite focus – Ganesh is purpose built for footsites with extremely fast site modules and checkout flows.
  • Quick & consistent – Speedy enough to compete for top spots while maintaining consistency across a range of sites.
  • Easy setup process – User-friendly interface and configuration for fast proxy setup. Great for beginners.
  • Strong support – The friendly dev team actively answers questions and assists users via Discord.
  • Affordable pricing – At just $500 for 6 months, Ganesh provides tremendous value and is an easy entry point for new botters.

While not as fast as the top-tier bots, Ganesh offers a perfect blend of speed, consistency, site support, and affordability. It‘s a great option for those who want solid footsite performance without breaking the bank.

3. Cyber – The OG Favorite

Price: $700-$1000

Cyber AIO has remained one of the most popular and successful footsite bots since first hitting the scene years ago. While not the shiniest new bot, Cyber still cooks thanks to lightning speeds and battle-tested bots that have been optimizing over the years.

Here are Cyber‘s key strengths:

  • Veteran status – One of the OG bots with years of footsite experience and optimization. Proven long-term success.
  • Blazing fast – Cyber‘s speed is its biggest asset. Still one of the quickest from splash to checkout.
  • Reliable results – Not the highest success rates, but seasoned Cyber users consistently cook solid pairs.
  • Feature-rich – Loaded with tools like captcha solvers, account generators, monitors and more.
  • Easy to use – Clean interface and configuration for both beginner and expert users.
  • Regular updates – The dev team keeps improving Cyber, adding new sites and fixing issues.

The main downsides with Cyber are its premium pricing and lower success rates compared to the new elite bots. But for pure speed and reliability, it remains a top choice.

4. Kodai – Optimized Footsite Beast

Price: $400-$600

Kodai is another relative newcomer that has exploded in popularity thanks to its laser focus on footsite performance. Don‘t let the barebones homepage fool you – Kodai is optimized specifically for shredding through footsite queues, splash pages, and checkout processes.

Here‘s an overview:

  • Specialized footsite engine – Lightning fast site modules and checkpoint skipping for blazing speeds.
  • Top-tier success rates – Consistently high cookout rates on limited Yeezy and Jordan releases.
  • Minimal interface – Easy to navigate and configure, aimed at experienced users who want pure performance.
  • Regular updates – The developers quickly roll out new features and fixes as needed.
  • Mid-tier pricing – From $400 for basic to $600 for premium with more features.

Kodai lacks some of the bells and whistles of higher priced bots, but the raw speed and success rates make it one of the top choices strictly for copping from footsites.

5. TKS – Affordable & Capable

Price: $150/lifetime

TKS delivers an impressive bang-for-your-buck option for those wanting footsite botting power on a budget. Don‘t let the bargain pricing fool you – TKS still cooks solid pairs thanks to constant updates tailored for top footsite performance.

Here‘s an overview:

  • Affordable pricing – At a one-time fee of $150, TKS provides amazing value. Great entry-level option.
  • Good speeds & clips – Quickly handles waiting rooms, splash pages. Decent success rates on big releases.
  • Easy to use – Simple interface and configuration good for beginners.
  • Reliable support – Helpful devs that respond quickly and actually improve the bot.
  • Regular updates – Frequent improvements primarily aimed at optimizing footsite performance.

The biggest knocks against TKS are slightly lower speeds than premium bots and lack of advanced features. But for an ultra-affordable workhorse footsite bot, TKS is hard to beat.

6. Balko – The Veteran Cooker

Price: $700-$1000

Like Cyber, Balko is one of the OG bots on the scene. After years of updates and footsite optimization, it keeps cooking releases reliably, albeit with more of an old-school approach.

Here are Balko‘s pros:

  • Years of experience – One of the first bots still going strong. Proven and reliable.
  • Good speeds – Has kept up with speed advancements over the years for swift checkouts.
  • Solid cookouts – Balko isn‘t flashy but puts up consistent Ws on hyped releases.
  • Feature rich – Loaded with everything you need like reporting, monitors, captcha solvers, etc.
  • Easy setup process – Long-tenured user base makes guides & configuration easy to find.

The downsides are cost and lacking some more advanced tech of newer bots. But like Cyber, Balko‘s legacy earns it a top 10 spot based on pure performance.

7. Phantom – Next Gen Potential

Price: $300-$800

Phantom is one of the new generation bots aiming to dethrone the top dogs. Early performance and buzz has been impressive.

Here‘s an overview of Phantom‘s strengths:

  • Cutting edge tech – Leverages new methods like machine learning for advanced captcha solving.
  • Great early success – Right out the gate, Phantom started putting up big numbers on footsites.
  • Slick design – Sleek interface and easy setup process. Nice customization options.
  • Responsive team – Friendly support staff and quick implementation of user feedback.
  • ASA monitor – Built-in monitors automatically detect site changes and restocks.

Phantom is still proving itself but has all the signs of being a future top-tier footsite bot. Once the developers refine and optimize the checkout process, it could battle for the #1 spot.

8. Velox – Quickly Rising Star

Price: $300-$700

Another newer bot making waves is Velox. Early testing and results reveal a promising up-and-comer with the potential to battle with the elites.

Velox‘s key advantages:

  • Rapid development – The dev team fixes issues and adds features at an incredibly fast pace.
  • Clean, easy to use – Intuitive interface and configuration options.
  • Early success – Right out the gate, Velox started cooking strong numbers on footsites.
  • Good support – Active, helpful Discord community. Devs listen to user feedback.
  • Integrated notifications – Built-in monitors notify you of site changes and restocks.
  • Affordable options – Tiers range from $300 for base version up to $700 for more features.

Velox is off to a hot start and, with its current trajectory of rapid innovation, has future top bot potential as the tech continues improving.

9. Prism – Reliable Workhorse

Price: $300

Prism takes a no-frills approach focused purely on performance fundamentals like speed, site stability, and checkout reliability.

Here‘s an overview:

  • Proven performance – Seasoned Prism users consistently cook solid footsite pairs.
  • Quick & reliable – Speedy site modules with reliable checkout processes. Minimizes errors.
  • Easy to learn – Simple interface and configuration suitable for beginners.
  • Affordable – Available for a one-time fee of $300.
  • Good support – Helpful support and an active user community.

Prism doesn‘t have all the latest bells and whistles, but the back-to-basics fundamentals work. Prism remains a workhorse bot that gets the core job done on footsite releases.

10. Excite – Feature Rich

Price: $900-$1500

Excite takes the opposite approach of Prism, packing in every feature imaginable at the cost of high pricing. But for those who want maximum options, Excite delivers.

Highlights include:

  • All the features – Too many tools to list, but highlights are easy CAPTCHA solving, Nike SNKRS support, and advanced reporting.
  • Highly customizable – Tons of customization options to tailor Excite to your needs.
  • Top speeds – Excite competes with the fastest on well-supported sites. Checkout speed is solid, albeit not elite level.
  • High cost – Entry pricing is $900 for 3 months. You pay a premium for all the tools.
  • Steep learning curve – With endless features and options, mastering Excite takes time.

Excite Kitchen Sink‘s flexibility and speed earn it a top 10 spot, albeit with caveats for pricing and usability. It caters to power users who want endless customization.

Making the Most of Your Footsite Bot

To finish up the guide, here are my top tips for getting the most out of your footsite bot:

  • Use good proxies – Having quality, reliable proxies is a must for avoiding bans. I recommend Bright Data residential proxies.
  • Create accounts – Generate and farm fresh accounts regularly. Don‘t reuse accounts across sites.
  • Learn to solve captchas – Either use a service like Anti-Captcha or manually train your bot on captcha solving.
  • Monitor sites – Use a webhook service like Kodai Caffeine to monitor sites for restocks and other changes.
  • Keep updating – Make sure to update your bot, proxies, and accounts frequently to avoid issues.
  • Practice – Take time to learn your bot‘s features and optimize your setup before a big release.

With the right footsite bot, perfected setup, and some practice, you‘ll be cooking up the most coveted drops in no time. Let me know which bot ends up working best for you!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.