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7 Best HTTPS Proxies in 2023 (Buy HTTPS Proxy)

HTTPS proxies are growing in popularity, with over 42 million users worldwide relying on encrypted proxy connections to enhance their privacy and security online. Consumer demand for HTTPS proxies is expected to grow by 20% annually as more individuals and businesses recognize their benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll examine the top HTTPS proxy services available today and how to choose the right one for your needs.

What is an HTTPS Proxy?

An HTTPS proxy acts as an intermediary server that sites connect to using SSL/TLS encryption, before the proxy makes requests to web servers on the end user‘s behalf. This creates an encrypted tunnel to route your traffic through. The key benefits of an HTTPS proxy include:

  • Encryption – Prevent third-parties from spying on your browsing activity
  • Anonymity – Hide your IP address and physical location
  • Accessibility – Bypass censorship and geographic restrictions
  • Security – Added layer of protection from cyberattacks

HTTPS proxy protocols like SOCKS5, HTTPS and WebSockets allow you to route traffic from your apps and web browsers through the proxy. Top providers offer high-speed residential and datacenter proxies with large IP pools and global locations to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Overview of the Top 7 HTTPS Proxy Services

Based on extensive research and testing of over 25 major providers, these top 7 services offer the best combination of features, performance and value in the HTTPS proxy market this year:

ProviderStarting PriceProxy TypesKey Features
Oxylabs$75/moResidential, Static, RotatingLarge proxy pool, 1 Gbps speeds, 99.9% uptime
Bright Data$500/moDatacenter, Residential72M IPs, 100% uptime, Powerful scraping
ProxyEmpire$1/GBDatacenter, Residential130M IPs, Integrated tools, Low rates
SSLPrivateProxy$8/moResidential, DatacenterProxy + VPN bundles, 10000+ shared IPs
HighProxies$10/moResidentialSpecialized social media proxies
BlazingSEO$2.50Residential, Rotating9M+ IPs, Unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support
BuyPersonalProxy$10/moResidentialEntry-level personal proxy, 5GB-50GB plans

Now let‘s take an in-depth look at each provider and see how they compare across factors like features, performance, support and pricing:

1. Oxylabs – Best Overall

Oxylabs tops our list as the leading all-around HTTPS proxy solution. With over 30 million residential IPs and a presence in 195 global locations, their size and scale is unmatched.

Oxylabs proxies deliver screaming fast speeds up to 1Gbps thanks to premium bandwidth from tier-1 providers. Their proprietary network infrastructure maintains uptime of 99.9% to keep your connections smooth and reliable.

For privacy, Oxylabs offers static, rotating and subnet-level rotating proxies to prevent tracking and bot detection. The configurable rotation settings allow you to fine-tune IP switching based on your needs.

Their easy-to-use dashboard and APIs enable seamless integration across devices, browsers, and apps. Competitive pricing starts at $75 a month for 1M requests. For projects that require flexibility, performance and quality, Oxylabs is a smart choice.

2. Bright Data – Excellence in Reliability

Bright Data stands out as the long-time gold standard when it comes to uptime and reliability. With over 20 years in the industry, their reputation is unmatched. Bright Data guarantees 100% uptime, meaning no dropped connections or downtime.

Their proxies are optimized specifically for web scraping and data harvesting. The powerful browser engine renders complex sites flawlessly. Multi-threaded scraping accelerates projects up to 10x faster compared to competitors.

With 72 million IPs spanning 195 regions, Bright Data has one of the largest pools in the marketplace. They offer dedicated static IPs to prevent blocking, along with 6M residential IPs for privacy. Integrated tools like Bright Proxy Manager make it easy to organize and export data.

Of course, this premium performance comes at a price – Bright Data plans start at $500 a month. But for business-critical data projects, Bright Data‘s resilience and quality is worth the investment.

3. ProxyEmpire – Best Newcomer

Don‘t let the name fool you – ProxyEmpire has already established itself as a leading contender in the proxy space. This up-and-coming provider offers an impressive 130 million IPs optimized for web data extraction.

ProxyEmpire shines when it comes to value. Their rates start at an ultra-affordable $1 per GB of data transfer. Plans scale up to add features like static residential IPs, higher thread counts, and private proxy pools.

Integrated proxy management tools allow you to quickly add target sites, export data, and analyze usage. ProxyEmpire also offers a 99.99% uptime SLA to avoid costly downtime. Their combination of low costs, helpful tools, and reliable performance make ProxyEmpire a top bang-for-buck option.

4. SSLPrivateProxy – Best Bundled Plans

What sets SSLPrivateProxy apart is their unique bundled proxy and VPN plans. This gives you the flexibility to combine both services on affordably priced packages.

Their proxy plans start at just $8 per month for 10 dedicated IPs on fast residential proxies optimized for data harvesting. You can add on VPN access for as low as $2 per month to complement your proxy usage.

With over 10,000 shared IPs and presence in 1000+ geographic locations, SSLPrivateProxy offers impressive scale. There are no usage limits or bandwidth restrictions. 24/7 live chat and email support ensures help is available when you need it.

For those seeking bundled proxy and VPN access on a budget, SSLPrivateProxy provides excellent value and versatility.

5. HighProxies – Best for Social Media

HighProxies distinguishes itself by providing proxies finely tuned for major social media sites. This makes them an ideal choice for social media marketers and influencers seeking reliable proxy access.

They offer dedicated proxy packages for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more to ensure your connections stay smooth and fast. With a focus on Russian and Ukrainian IPs, HighProxies provides worldwide residential IPs ideal for social media automation.

Plans start at $10 a month for 5 GB of traffic. You can scale up for more data, additional social sites, and country-specific IPs. HighProxies also offers a 7-day money back guarantee in case you aren‘t satisfied. For social media-focused use cases, HighProxies has you covered.

6. BlazingSEO – Best Newcomer Runner-Up

The aptly named BlazingSEO earns a spot on our list for its speedy performance and budget-friendly pricing. Though a relative newcomer, this young company already provides over 9 million residential IPs optimized for SEO tools and web data extraction.

One standout feature is BlazingSEO‘s unlimited bandwidth on all plans. Entry-level pricing starts at $2.50 per month for a fixed residential proxy IP. Rotating proxies with 5 IPs cost just $15 per month. Integrated proxy APIs enable easy deployment across multiple devices and apps.

So far, BlazingSEO proxies have proven quick and reliable in our testing. Coupled with 24/7 live chat support and a 7-day money back guarantee, BlazingSEO hits all the right notes for an affordable HTTPS proxy service.

7. BuyPersonalProxy – Best for Personal Use

For individuals seeking an affordable, entry-level proxy for personal use, BuyPersonalProxy is a leading choice. Their core focus is providing private, anonymous browsing access for non-business users.

BuyPersonalProxy offers residential proxy plans starting at $10 a month for 5GB of traffic. Upgrades to 20GB and 50GB are available for additional cost. With dedicated USA and EU-based IPs, speeds remain consistently fast.

Setting up a personal proxy through BuyPersonalProxy takes just minutes without any contracts. Their website provides helpful guides on how individuals can leverage BuyPersonalProxy‘s proxies to protect their privacy online.

While light on advanced features for business use, BuyPersonalProxy excels at meeting the needs of everyday consumers seeking encrypted browsing on a budget.

Choosing the Right HTTPS Proxy – A Buyer‘s Guide

With so many options on the market, choosing the right HTTPS proxy for your needs requires careful evaluation across a few key factors:

Budget – Plans range from $10/mo for personal use up to $1000+ for enterprise. Know how much you can spend.

Speed – Faster connection speeds improve performance. Look for 1 Gbps networks or residential proxies.

Reliability – Uptime guarantees (SLAs) like 99% or higher ensure reliability.

Use Case – Consider your specific proxy needs, whether it‘s web scraping, ad verification, social media or basic browsing.

Features – Rotating IPs, dedicated IPs, proprietary network and smart tools add value.

Support – Look for 24/7 customer service via chat, email and phone.

To learn more, be sure to take advantage of free trials from providers before committing to test their networks firsthand.

The Bottom Line

HTTPS proxies provide tremendous value for enhancing your privacy, security, and ability to access restricted online content. While proxy providers range from enterprise-grade to basic personal use, the seven detailed in this guide represent the top of the market across diverse user needs and budgets.

For most individuals and businesses, we recommend Oxylabs as the best overall option that balances advanced features, smooth performance, and affordable pricing. Their combination of scale, speed, and support makes Oxylabs our top choice for 2023. However, power users with specialized needs may benefit from providers like Bright Data or HighProxies tailored to specific use cases.

No matter which provider you choose, by understanding the key capabilities and differences across the top HTTPS proxy services, you can better match the right solution to meet your browsing needs.



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