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11 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Services (2023)

LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for B2B lead generation and inbound marketing. With over 740 million members worldwide, it allows businesses to tap into their target audience and build relationships with potential customers.

However, standing out and engaging prospects on LinkedIn requires strategy and effort. Many companies lack the expertise or time needed to maximize LinkedIn for lead generation. This is where partnering with a LinkedIn lead generation service can provide immense value.

These agencies have the methodology, tools and resources to help you identify, connect with and nurture leads on LinkedIn more efficiently and effectively. They can supplement your in-house efforts to grow pipeline and revenue.

I’ve compiled this definitive guide on the top 11 LinkedIn lead gen services to consider in 2023 based on in-depth research and analysis of over 80+ options.

Let’s dive in to understand what each service offers and how they can amplify your LinkedIn marketing.

1. Best of the Best: LeadFuze

LeadFuze comes highly recommended for their fully-managed LinkedIn lead gen done completely manual by real people. As their tagline states: "Real People. Real Results."

Their one-on-one approach is ideal if you want qualified leads but have limited time for intensive LinkedIn efforts. LeadFuze takes care of identifying prospects, engaging them through personalized outreach, and nurturing using proven inbound methodology.

LeadFuze prioritizes quality over quantity. As one pleased customer put it:

"LeadFuze has been an invaluable partner in finding us qualified leads each month. The time investment on my end is minimal but the ROI is huge."

Key Features:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Done 100% manual, no bots
  • Personalized messaging
  • Multi-touch lead nurturing
  • Qualification and verification
  • CustomizedIdeal for solopreneurs, small business, funded startups looking to outsource lead gen while retaining control.

Pricing: Starts at $2500/mo

2. Second Best: Dux Soup

For a blended automation and personal touch approach, Dux Soup is a powerful option. Their platform integrates directly with LinkedIn to identify and engage prospects based on your ideal customer profile.

The technology handles finding and connecting with prospects at scale while their team supplements with manual personalization and follow up. This balances targeting ability with relationship-building. As Dux Soup explains:

"Our software and services work together to help you generate more B2B leads, sales opportunities, and new business on autopilot."

Long-term LinkedIn users like the results and return on investment.

"My LinkedIn went from 200 to 5000+ connections using Dux-Soup. My CXO connections went from 3 to 200. Game changer for lead generation."

Key Features:

  • Prospecting automation
  • Dynamic list building
  • Personalized messaging
  • Manual review and follow up
  • Daily progress reports

Pricing: $997/mo to $4997/mo

Ideal for growth-stage startups and funded SMBs seeking more automation.

3. Third Best: PL Boost

Ranking high for B2B lead gen effectiveness is PL Boost, a division of reputable digital agency Wpromote. Their strategic methodology leverages both software and specialist expertise.

PL Boost focuses on aligning LinkedIn activities with your goals whether that‘s pipeline growth, gated content promotion or event registration. Their track record of results has earned praise.

"PL Boost helped us segment and qualify prospects on LinkedIn exceptionally well. Our sales pipeline has grown significantly as a result."

Key Features:

  • Demandbase integration
  • Dynamic prospect lists
  • Multi-channel nurturing
  • Appointment setting
  • Custom reports and analysis

Pricing: Custom quote

Ideal for funded, growth-stage B2B companies ready to scale.

4. Fourth Best: UseViral

For SMBs seeking an easy-to-use platform, UseViral is a leading choice. Their software automates identifying and connecting with prospects on LinkedIn to help you grow your network and reach.

UseViral focuses on quality over spammy growth. Prospects are filtered to align with your target audience. Plus, you maintain control over messaging and follow-up.

Many business owners like how it amplifies their efforts. As one said:

"UseViral has been a game changer for expanding my network and reaching prospects. I‘m getting 3x the connection requests daily."

Key Features:

  • Prospect research and filtering
  • Automated connection requesting
  • Daily progress dashboard
  • Unlimited prospects
  • Chrome extension

Pricing: $67/mo to $297/mo

Ideal for solopreneurs and SMBs that are hands-on but need prospecting help.

5. Fifth Best: Cleverly

For B2B brands interested in leveraging automation with the human touch, Cleverly is a smart choice. Their methodology combines AI prospecting with dedicated account management for relationship-building.

Cleverly’s platform handles finding and connecting with prospects. Their team crafts personalized messaging and follow up. It balances scalability with a custom approach.

Many company owners appreciate this blend, like this testimonial shares:

"Cleverly has been a game-changer for our lead generation. The platform expands our reach while their team ensure meaningful connections."

Key Features:

  • AI-powered prospect research
  • Automated networking & outreach
  • Personalized engagement
  • Performance analysis

Pricing: Custom quote

Ideal for B2B companies wanting automation with personalization.

6. Best for Experience: Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon has an impressive track record of leveraging LinkedIn for client lead generation since 2011. Their longevity speaks to their expertise and results.

Their methodology combines content marketing, networking automation and account management. If you value specialized experience, Pearl Lemon is a top choice.

Pearl Lemon consistently generates highly-targeted, sales-ready leads for us monthly. Their expertise in optimizing LinkedIn for lead gen is unmatched."

Key Features:

  • Content promotion
  • Automated networking & messaging
  • Qualified appointments
  • Custom reporting

Pricing: Custom quote

Ideal for B2B & B2C businesses that value expertise.

7. Best for Leveraging: LeadLaunch

LeadLaunch is a preferred LinkedIn partner agency thanks to their strategic approach and influential network. Their team can get clients unparalleled access to leads.

They leverage exclusive partnerships, proprietary technology, and network connections to surface prospects you couldn’t reach alone. Results speak for themselves.

"LeadLaunch’s ability to get me in front of decision-makers and close enterprise deals is remarkable. Their network and expertise are invaluable."

Key Features:

  • Demandbase integration
  • Proprietary tech stack
  • Access to exclusive partnerships
  • Enterprise-level network

Pricing: Custom quote

Ideal for funded B2B brands ready to scale.

8. Best for Client Acquisition: Linked into Leads

Linked into Leads is focused specifically on helping consultants, coaches and agency owners land new clients through LinkedIn.

Their system automates identifying prospects aligned to your niche. Their team then engages leads through relevant, personalized outreach as if you were doing it yourself.

Many consultants love their approach:

"LIL has been invaluable for me to book discovery calls and contracts with my ideal clients on LinkedIn. They know what works.”

Key Features:

  • Ideal client profile filtering
  • Personalized engagement
  • Appointment setting
  • Done-for-you system

Pricing: Starts at $997/mo

Ideal for consultants, coaches and agencies seeking new business.

9. Best for B2B: Link2Success

Link2Success leverages LinkedIn advertising and content to generate leads for B2B companies. Their comprehensive approach aligns your LinkedIn presence to wider sales and marketing strategy.

Prospects engage with your brand across multiple touchpoints thanks to blog content, ads, and sponsored posts. This nets higher-converting leads.

"Our cost per lead has decreased by 30% after partnering with Link2Success to align our LinkedIn efforts with content and paid ads."

Key Features:

  • Sponsored content creation
  • LinkedIn ad management
  • Targeted blogging
  • Landing page optimization

Pricing: Custom quote

Ideal for B2B companies using inbound methodology.

10. Best for Being Influential: LinkedSelling

LinkedSelling helps B2B companies position executives as thought leaders on LinkedIn to draw ideal prospects. Their team handles content creation, network building, and strategic organic/paid promotion.

By establishing your authority and expanding your network, LinkedSelling generates more warm leads over time. Rather than cold outreach, you attract prospects through your influence.

"LinkedSelling has positioned our CEO as an industry leader on LinkedIn. We gain more inbound leads and partnership opportunities."

Key Features:

  • Executive branding
  • Thought leadership content
  • Network building & promotion
  • Product integration

Pricing: Custom quote

Ideal for B2B companies focused on branding.

11. Best for Budget: LeadLemonade

LeadLemonade is a cost-effective option using automation to help agencies and consultants generate more client leads on LinkedIn.

Their tool integrates with your profile to identify prospects, connect, send initial messages, and automatically follow up over time. This amplifies your efforts at a low price point.

"For only $100/mo LeadLemonade has helped me book several client calls. It‘s amazing value compared to hiring a VA."

Key Features:

  • Ideal client filtering
  • Automated messaging & follow-up
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Dashboard to manage leads

Pricing: Starts at $100/mo

Ideal for solopreneurs and consultants on a budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Partnering with a LinkedIn lead generation service can significantly amplify your results and ROI from LinkedIn marketing.
  • Look for services that match your business size, industry, budget and needs based on level of automation, targeting and support needed.
  • Services that blend technology with a human touch provide the best of both worlds for relationship-building and scalability.
  • Measure results like new prospects connected, pipeline generated, and customers acquired to ensure a positive return on investment.
  • Continue optimizing your own LinkedIn presence with content sharing, network expanding and engagement to complement external services.

I hope this guide provides a helpful starting point to find the right LinkedIn lead generation partner for your business needs and budget. Let me know if you have any other questions!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.