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The Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Shopify Bots for Copping Sneakers in 2023

Trying to buy limited sneaker releases on Shopify can feel impossible. The competition is fierce and in seconds, the "sold out" message crushes your dreams of securing that hyped Yeezy or retro Jordan drop.

But what if you could automate the checkout process to beat the crowds? Well, that‘s exactly what Shopify bots aim to do.

Shopify bots give regular buyers a fighting chance against reseller groups running hundreds of tasks. These software tools know how to blaze through product pages and checkout before any human can even enter their credit card details.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know about Shopify bots for copping sneakers. I‘ve tested and reviewed the top 10 bots on the market right now to recommend the best options for your needs and skill level.

Let‘s first go over the basics of how Shopify bots work and why they‘re game-changing tools for scoring limited sneaker releases in 2023.

How Do Shopify Bots Work to Cop Sneakers Faster?

Shopify powers over 1 million online stores and processes $120 billion in sales annually. The platform is popular for limited sneaker releases from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Jordan.

Hype collaborations with Kith, Bodega, A Ma Maniere and other boutiques drop exclusively on Shopify. Popular models like Yeezy Boosts are only available via the Adidas and Yeezy Supply Shopify sites.

These exclusive Shopify releases attract tons of buyers competing for just a few pairs. Manually securing shoes against thousands of people often feels hopeless.

Shopify bots use automation to checkout pairs faster than any human shopper could. After a quick setup process, you configure the tasks, sites, and products you want to target.

The bot will automatically monitor sites for item restocks based on keywords or links. When the shoes become available, it blazes through product pages and adds pairs to your cart instantly.

Shopify bots have advanced captcha solvers to complete the human verification steps during checkout. This prevents captchas from slowing you down.

Most bots support proxies which disguise your information and avoid IP bans from Shopify. The bots mimic real human behavior by executing precise sequences of actions at optimal speeds.

On average, the fastest Shopify bots can fully checkout a pair of sneakers in 10-20 seconds versus the multiple minutes it takes manually. Some bots boast insane speeds of under 5 seconds from product page to order confirmation.

This combination of speed and automation gives you a major edge against regular users and even groups running hundreds of manual tasks.

According to botting expert company Carnage, their Shopify bot obtains over 65% success rates on hyped sneaker drops. Compare that to manual success rates which are often less than 1% due to the intense competition.

The right bot can take you from never copping to eating consistently on the most coveted sneaker releases this year.

Next up, let‘s dive into my picks for the top 10 bots on Shopify right now for 2023. I‘ll overview how each bot works and key details like pricing and site compatibility to consider.

Ranking the 10 Best Shopify Bots for Sneakers in 2023

1. Dashe – The Best Overall Shopify Bot

If I had to choose one all-around bot for Shopify, I’d go with Dashe. This bot continually proves itself with unmatched speeds, consistent results across sites, and excellent customer support.

Dashe utilizes a bulletproof one-click checkout module to achieve lightning fast checkouts. During hyped Yeezy releases, users average checkout speeds of just 8 seconds from add to cart to completion.

Beyond speed, Dashe works flawlessly across all the most popular Shopify sites:

  • Yeezy Supply – Dominates splash page and waiting room bypasses
  • Adidas – Handles EU and US regions with great success rates
  • Kith – Blazes through add to cart then instantly checks out
  • Bodega – Easily defeats waiting rooms and product pages
  • A Ma Maniere – Impressive speeds and smoothly handles errors

In addition to site performance, Dashe has every feature you’d want in a top-tier bot:

  • Restock & Link Monitoring – Monitor keywords or links for specific sneaker drops
  • Proxy & Account Support – Run tasks securely using residential or datacenter proxies
  • Advanced Captcha Solving – Built-in solvers plus integration with external captcha services
  • Free Updates – Active development team continually improves the software
  • Worthy Investment – Lifetime license for $699 or monthly plans from $59/month

With elite speeds, extensive site compatibility, and constant updates, Dashe earns the title of best overall Shopify bot.

2. NSB – The Fastest Checkout Bot

When it comes to pure checkout speed, no bot can match NSB (Nike Shoe Bot). This veteran bot pioneered lightning fast “bulletproof” checkouts years ago.

Today, NSB remains a front-runner thanks to routinely checking out drops in 10-15 seconds. For particularly smooth releases, veteran users have scored in under 5 seconds from add to cart to checkout completion.

NSB dominates on:

  • Yeezy Supply – Completely shreds splash pages and waiting rooms
  • Foot Locker – Blazes through queues and product pages
  • Champs Sports – Effortlessly beats waiting rooms and checkout delays
  • Eastbay – Works flawlessly on this overlooked Footsite

Beyond blinding speed, NSB supplies all necessary features:

  • Lifetime License – One-time fee of $500 plus free updates
  • Upgrade Cost – Only $125 for major version lifetime upgrades
  • Easy Setup – Intuitive interface and configuration for beginners
  • Advanced Modes – Options to fine-tune delays, checkout speed, and more

NSB remains a proven choice for the fastest possible checkouts across various sneaker sites. The premium price comes with best-in-class performance.

3. Project Destroyer (PD) – Top All-In-One Bot

Project Destroyer (PD) is a uniquely well-rounded bot that destroys releases on Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and more.

It earns the title of best “all-in-one” bot for its versatility across sites. PD excels on hyped Shopify releases thanks to advanced anti-ban measures and its Velocity mode.

Velocity safely mimics human behaviors to bypass Shopify queues and splash pages. PD also handles captchas quickly and rarely needs assistance.

Beyond Shopify, PD is one of the most consistent performers on Yeezy Supply and Footsites like Foot Locker and Finish Line.

Other PD highlights:

  • All OS Support – Works on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Easy Interface – Perfect for beginners but packed with advanced options
  • Free Updates – Actively updated and maintained
  • Fair Pricing – 1 Year for $600 or lifetime for $1000

With elite performance across various sites and easy usability, PD is a phenomenal “all-in-one” solution.

4. Balko – The Best for Yeezy Supply

For strictly destroying Yeezy Supply, no bot comes close to the success rate of Balko.

With advanced anti-detection and precise site emulation, Balko effortlessly flies through splash pages, waiting rooms, and product releases on Yeezy Supply.

Veteran users consistently eat when targeting the most coveted Yeezy models like Boost 350s and 700s on Yeezy Supply. Balko also performs well on other Yeezy sites:

  • Adidas Yeezy – Fast checkouts and solid success rates
  • Yeezy Mafia – Easily defeats Queue-it waiting rooms

Beyond Yeezy, Balko also works great on Footsites and has good Shopify compatibility:

  • Shopify – Capable on sites like Kith, Bodega and Sneakersnstuff
  • Foot Locker – Decent EU performance but faces tougher bans recently
  • Champs Sports – Impressive speeds when not IP banned

For battle-tested excellence on Yeezy Supply, Balko is the clear choice. The high price of $700 for a copy pays for the premium Yeezy performance.

5. Kodai – Most Beginner Friendly Bot

Setting up and mastering bots often proves challenging for beginners. Kodai makes the process easy with its intuitive interface and quick setup right out of the box.

Kodai delivers excellent performance for an "install and go" style bot:

  • Easy Setup – Ready to run within minutes of installing
  • Beginner Friendly – Clean interface with preset modes for different sites
  • Shopify – Fast on Kith, Yeezy Supply, and others
  • Footsites – Capable on Foot Locker, Champs Sports, and more
  • All OS – Windows & Mac compatibility

The main knock on Kodai is that its checkout speed trails the fastest bots by a few seconds. However, its ease of use and broad site compatibility make it an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate users.

At $40/month, Kodai provides tremendous value. The affordable subscription model lets you try it out without a huge upfront investment.

6. Ganesh – The Best Strictly for Shopify

Ganesh is one of the most capable Shopify focused bots available. The developers pore over the popular sneaker sites to implement custom anti-ban tactics and site emulation.

The bot excels at breezing through queues, splash pages, and captchas across sites:

  • Kith – Superb on all releases including Monday Program
  • Shopify EU – Great for EU boutiques like Solebox and The Broken Arm
  • Bodega – Effortlessly handles waiting rooms and checkout
  • A Ma Maniere – Speedy checkouts and solid sell-through rates

Ganesh offers a free version with basic tools. The paid Ganesh Pro edition unlocks advanced modules for $55/month.

For those looking to strictly run Shopify, Ganesh is among the best specialized options available.

7. Phantom – Excellent for Footsites Too

In addition to all major Shopify sites, Phantom works great on tricky Footsites like Foot Locker and Champs Sports.

Its versatility across both Shopify and Footsites make it a great choice if you’re targeting releases on both platforms.

Here are some of Phantom’s highlights:

  • Shopify – Fast speeds and high success rates
  • Footsites – Handling of waiting rooms and consistent results
  • Easy Captchas – Advanced builtin solvers plus integration with external captchas
  • Free Updates & Support – Actively maintained by passionate devs

Pricing starts at $300 for a quarterly subscription. Given the broad site compatibility and free updates, Phantom provides fantastic value.

8. Cyber – Best Mobile Shopify Bot

Cyber stands out as the only advanced mobile Shopify bot. This innovative bot gives you the flexibility to run tasks and monitor data from your smartphone.

The Cyber mobile app works flawlessly on both iPhone and Android devices. You can run tasks anywhere with cell service or WiFi.

In addition to mobile access, Cyber excels at Shopify performance:

  • Shopify Results – Proven success across the top sites
  • Mobile Innovation – Full functionality from iOS and Android app
  • Easy to Use – Beginner friendly presets or advanced configurations
  • Regular Updates – Actively maintained by dedicated dev team

Pricing is admittedly steep at $175/month but pays for the unique mobile advantage. For iOS/Android compatibility with advanced Shopify tools, Cyber is in a class of its own.

9. Prism – Most Affordable Shopify Bot

For those new to botting on a budget, Prism is the most affordable full-featured Shopify bot at only a one-time fee of $150.

Despite the low price, Prism packs everything you need for personal use:

  • All Sites – Shopify & Footsites compatible
  • Easy Setup – Quickly configured and running in minutes
  • Link Generator – Automatically generates site links to monitor
  • Advanced Tools – Yeezy Supply splash page bypass and more
  • External Captchas – Integrates with 2captcha and other services

The main limitation is slower checkout speeds compared to premium bots. However, the low price point makes Prism an incredible value.

10. Swift -Specialized for EU Sites

Swift is an EU-focused Shopify bot quickly optimized for European sites and customers.

For EU users targeting local boutique sites like Solebox and The Broken Arm, Swift is blazing fast. The internal captcha solvers easily handle the EU-specific captcha challenges.

Beyond EU sites, Swift also works well across global Shopify:

  • EU Boutiques – Extremely fast on sites like Solebox
  • Global Shopify – Solid on Kith, Dover Street Market, and more
  • Local Advantage – Faster pings and captcha solving for EU users
  • Easy to Use – Quick guided bot setup process

Swift costs around $800 for a copy with renewals ranging from $300-400. While pricey, you’re paying for the specialization and advantage running Swift from Europe.

Key Factors in Choosing the Right Shopify Bot

With so many Shopify bots to choose from, it can be daunting finding the best fit. Here are the key factors I consider when evaluating bots:

  • Sites & Locations – Certain bots specialize in EU sites or work better locally. Pick one optimized for your targets.
  • Products – Some bots focus on Shopify, others excel at Yeezy, etc. Choose one suited for the releases you’ll run.
  • Speed – The fastest bots provide better odds but aren’t always the easiest to use.
  • Price – Budget and value matter. Monthly plans offer more flexibility.
  • OS Compatibility – Windows only or Windows/Mac/Linux options.
  • Beginner Friendly – Look for easy setup and usage if new to botting.
  • Mobile – Remote access from iOS/Android devices is convenient but rare.
  • Updates & Support – Active developers and helpful support team keep the bot working smoothly.

Also try out free trials or demos when possible to experience the bot before fully committing.

Tips for Running Shopify Bots Successfully

Here are some key tips for getting the most out of your Shopify bot:

  • Use Proxies – Datacenter or residential proxies are essential to prevent Shopify IP bans. Avoid using the same proxies across your different tasks.

  • Create Multiple Accounts – Have accounts setup on the sites you’re targeting to run more tasks smoothly.

  • Solving Captchas – Ensure captcha harvester is running and have a backup provider in case the bot fails.

  • Use Keywords – Take advantage of keyword and link monitoring to target exactly the items you want.

  • Server Location – Consider running bots on local servers or cloud options like AWS for faster connectivity.

  • Check Speed – Test checkout process with items already in your cart to identify any hangups before releases.

  • Don’t Overload Tasks – Start conservatively with 1-6 tasks and scale up as your setup allows.

Follow these tips and you‘ll avoid common pitfalls when setting up and running your new Shopify bot.

Conquer Limited Sneaker Releases in 2023

As sneaker hype continues, Shopify has become the battleground for securing limited kicks. Manually competing against thousands of users and groups leaves little hope of copping the pairs you want.

Top tier Shopify bots like Dashe, Kodai and Phantom even the playing field with blazing speeds and advanced automation.

Hopefully this guide provided you a complete overview of the best sneaker bots currently available for Shopify in 2023. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!



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