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7 Best Snapchat Proxies for 2023

Snapchat has exploded in popularity over the last decade, becoming one of the most widely used social media platforms globally. With over 265 million daily active users, Snapchat offers immense opportunities for content creation, engagement, and data collection.

However, maximizing your Snapchat presence often requires using proxies to bypass restrictions, automate actions, gather analytics, and remain anonymous. The right Snapchat proxy service can be a game-changer.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best Snapchat proxies in 2023, including:

  • What Snapchat proxies are and how they work
  • Factors to consider when picking a Snapchat proxy
  • Detailed reviews of the top 7 Snapchat proxy services
  • Setup guides for using Snapchat proxies on desktop and mobile
  • Tips for safe Snapchat proxy usage to avoid bans
  • Pros, cons and final recommendations

Let’s dive in!

What Are Snapchat Proxies and How Do They Work?

A Snapchat proxy is a server that routes your Snapchat traffic through a remote intermediary IP address, hiding your real location and identity.

Snapchat proxies allow you to:

  • Access geo-restricted content: View Stories and Snaps not available in your country.

  • Automate actions: Use bots for auto-adding friends, posting, scraping data etc.

  • Gather analytics: Extract insights on followers, stories, influencers etc. that Snapchat doesn’t provide.

  • Remain anonymous: Avoid exposing your personal IP address and identity.

When you connect through a Snapchat proxy, your traffic gets encrypted and passed through the proxy server before reaching Snapchat’s systems. This masks your true IP address, making it appear you are located wherever the proxy is based.

Snapchat sees the proxy IP instead of your own. This hides your identity and lets you bypass regional restrictions imposed by the platform.

Key Factors for Choosing a Snapchat Proxy

With so many Snapchat proxy services out there, picking the right one matters. Here are the main factors to evaluate:

Locations Covered

The more locations a Snapchat proxy covers, the more flexibility you’ll have. Opt for proxies based in the regions you need to access.


Slow proxies lead to delays and connection drops. Check user speed tests and pick proxies with consistently fast speeds for smooth operation.

Number of IP Addresses

More Snapchat proxies and IP addresses allow you to rotate IPs frequently to avoid detection. Look for large, dynamic pools.


Some proxies offer auto IP rotating, residential IPs, dedicated support for Snapchat, and integrations with automation tools. Consider the features you need.


Choose reliable Snapchat proxies with proven uptime and availability records. This ensures your activities won’t be disrupted.

Customer Support

Good customer support is a must for dealing with any proxy issues. Prioritize proxies with multiple support channels and quick response times.


Snapchat proxy prices range from $5 to $300+ per month. Balance your budget against factors like locations, features, and IPs offered.

Let’s look at the top contenders:

1. Oxylabs – Best Snapchat Proxy Overall

Oxylabs tops our list as the best Snapchat proxy provider overall due to its unmatched location coverage, blazing speeds, robust proxy network and leading support.

Locations Covered: 190+ countries

Speed: 1 Gbps+ speeds across all locations

IPs Available: Millions of proxies with various IP types

Key Features: Specialized Snapchat proxies, auto rotation, 99.99% uptime, residential IPs

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat & email

Pricing: From $75 per month

Oxylabs has the largest and fastest pool of Snapchat proxies globally. They offer millions of IPs optimized specifically for unlocking Snapchat, allowing smooth access from anywhere.

1 Gbps+ speeds ensure fast performance without lags or timeouts. Oxylabs proxies are highly reliable with proven 99.99% uptime, essential for uninterrupted Snapchat usage.

Helpful features include automatic rotating IPs, meaning you get a new identity regularly to avoid bans. You can also select residential IP proxies that are more natural for Snapchat vs datacenter IPs.

Oxylabs has the best location diversity we’ve seen, with proxies covering 190+ countries and regions. This makes accessing geo-restricted Snapchat content simple.

Experienced Snapchat proxy users will appreciate Oxylabs’ advanced integrations with bots, web scrapers and automation tools like ProxiesAPI, BrightData, and Apify. This allows smooth proxying of Snapchat automation tasks.

For customer support, Oxylabs provides responsive 24/7 live chat and email assistance in case any issues arise.

With its unmatched performance, features and support, Oxylabs is the best Snapchat proxy provider overall. It does come at a higher price point, with plans starting at $75 per month. However, the quality is worth it for serious Snapchat proxy users.


  • Millions of fast, reliable Snapchat proxies
  • 190+ country coverage
  • Automatic rotating IPs
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Higher cost than some proxies

2. Bright Data – Powerful Analytics Snapchat Proxy

Bright Data is a leading web data extraction platform that offers one of the largest Snapchat proxy networks for data harvesting and analytics.

Locations Covered: 195+ countries

Speed: Up to 1 Gbps

IPs Available: 72 million+ residential and datacenter IPs

Key Features: Snapchat scraping, headless browser, auto IP rotation

Customer Support: Email & chat support

Pricing: From $300 per month

Bright Data’s whopping pool of over 72 million IPs makes it ideal for anonymously scraping Snapchat data at scale. It offers both residential and datacenter IPs optimized specifically for accessing Snapchat.

You can leverage Bright Data’s headless browser and APIs to scrape public Snapchat profiles, Stories, posts and more without detection. Rotating IPs happens seamlessly in the background.

Bright Data also shines for gathering analytics and insights across the Snapchat ecosystem. You can extract data on influencerfollower counts, engagement levels, Story views, and more for research.

Performance is excellent with reliable 1 Gbps speeds. Uptime is strong too at over 99.9%, meaning your scraping and analysis won’t be disrupted.

Support options include email and live chat to address any proxy usage issues. Documentation is also thorough.

The main downside is Bright Data sits at the higher end of pricing, with custom Snapchat data extraction packages starting around $300 per month. However, for serious analytics use, the depth of data you can gather makes the cost justifiable.


  • Scrape & analyze Snapchat data at scale
  • 72 million+ residential IPs
  • Powerful headless browser
  • Fast 1 Gbps speeds


  • Expensive for casual use
  • No auto-rotate free plan

3. SSLPrivateProxy – Reliable Snapchat Proxy & VPN

SSLPrivateProxy is a speedy proxy service that also offers VPN connectivity, making it great for accessing Snapchat from restrictive networks.

Locations Covered: 15+ countries

Speed: 1 Gbps

IPs Available: 10,000+ shared IPs

Key Features: VPN connectivity, fast speeds, 99.99% uptime

Customer Support: Live chat & email

Pricing: From $9 per month

SSLPrivateProxy provides private, high-speed proxies specifically optimized for using Snapchat anywhere in the world. With max speeds of 1 Gbps, performance is blazing fast.

The network is highly reliable, with an impressive 99.99% uptime record across over 10,000 proxy servers. This results in minimal interruptions when using Snapchat.

Helpfully, SSLPrivateProxy also offers VPN access. If their Snapchat proxies are blocked in certain restrictive networks, you can route your traffic through their VPNs instead to gain access.

While the proxy IP pool is smaller than some competitors at 10,000, it’s sufficiently large for most single users. The worldwide coverage spanning 15+ countries is decent too.

For support, SSLPrivateProxy provides responsive 24/7 live chat and email assistance. Setup guides are available as well.

Pricing starts affordable at $9 per month, making SSLPrivateProxy a great mid-range option. It balances capabilities and cost effectively.


  • 1 Gbps speeds
  • 10,000+ Snapchat proxies
  • VPN connectivity
  • 24/7 live support


  • Smaller proxy network than top players
  • No residential IPs

4. IPRoyal – Budget-Friendly Snapchat Proxy

For an affordable but capable Snapchat proxy service, IPRoyal is a great budget choice.

Locations Covered: 25+ countries

Speed: Up to 500 Mbps

IPs Available: 10,000+ shared IPs

Key Features: Affordable plans, dedicated Snapchat proxies

Customer Support: Email

Pricing: From $9 per month

IPRoyal focuses on providing no-frills proxies at wallet-friendly rates. Plans start at just $9 per month for Snapchat proxy access.

You get access to a shared pool of over 10,000 rotating IP addresses optimized specifically for unlocking Snapchat from 25+ countries.

Speeds are decent if not blazing – maxing out at 500 Mbps. This is sufficient for smooth Snapchat usage but slower than premium proxies. Reliability is also good but not top-tier.

Notably, IPRoyal proxies are based in datacenters rather than residences. Datacenter IPs typically work fine for Snapchat access but can sometimes be flagged.

Support is relatively limited with email assistance only. There is little documentation available on the website. This proxy is best suited for those with some technical experience.

For lightly using Snapchat proxies on a budget, IPRoyal gets the job done. Power users and heavy automation needs may require a more robust Snapchat proxy service.


  • Very affordable
  • 10,000+ dedicated Snapchat proxies
  • Decent speeds


  • Email-only support
  • No residential IPs
  • Average reliability

5. HighProxies – Secure Snapchat Proxy

HighProxies offer reliable, secure Snapchat proxies to protect your identity and location.

Locations Covered: 25+ countries

Speed: 1 Gbps

IPs Available: 300,000+ datacenter IPs

Key Features: Secure 128-bit encryption, dedicated Snapchat proxies

Customer Support: Email & live chat

Pricing: From $10 per month

HighProxies leverages heavy encryption across its Snapchat-optimized proxy servers for anonymous usage. Your traffic gets encrypted via secure 128-bit AES protocols.

This makes it significantly harder for Snapchat to monitor your activities or pinpoint location and identity. HighProxies also offers shared and dedicated proxy options.

Speeds are excellent at 1 Gbps, ensuring smooth Snapchat performance. HighProxies claims 99.9% uptime across its sizable pool of 300,000+ IPs, though some users report slightly lower reliability.

Access is available across 25+ countries like the USA, UK, Canada and others. Residential proxies would be a nice addition but are not offered currently.

Documentation is a little limited but customer support is responsive via email and live chat. Plans start affordably at $10 per month, making HighProxies nicely priced for privacy-focused Snapchat proxying.


  • Heavy 128-bit encryption
  • Fast 1 Gbps speeds
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • No residential IPs
  • Mixed reliability reviews

6. BlazingSEO – New Snapchat Proxy Provider

Up-and-comer BlazingSEO offers modern tech and great pricing on fledgling Snapchat proxy plans.

Locations Covered: 15+ countries

Speed: 1 Gbps

IPs Available: 5,000+ and growing

Key Features: New proxy network, affordable plans

Customer Support: Email & chat

Pricing: From $9 per month

BlazingSEO is a relative newcomer to the proxy space but has already built an over 5,000-strong server network optimized for Snapchat access.

While their proxy pool is still expanding, early adopters can take advantage of BlazingSEO’s budget monthly plans starting at just $9. Speeds are great at 1 Gbps across their worldwide locations.

Reliability is slightly mixed as their network is new – expect some growing pains. But customer support response times are superb via email and live chat.

For those willing to take a chance on an upstart, BlazingSEO brings modern proxy tech at affordable rates. It’s a smart budget pick for testing the Snapchat proxy waters, if not for mission-critical use cases yet.

As BlazingSEO builds out its proxy infrastructure over time, it has potential to become a top Snapchat proxy contender.


  • Affordable new network
  • Fast 1 Gbps speeds
  • Helpful customer support


  • Small proxy pool
  • Mixed reliability

7. BuyProxies – User-Friendly Snapchat Proxy

BuyProxies lives up to its name with easy, personalized Snapchat proxies for beginners.

Locations Covered: 10+ countries

Speed: Up to 100 Mbps

IPs Available: 1,000+ shared IPs

Key Features: Beginner-friendly, dedicated support

Customer Support: Phone, email & live chat

Pricing: From $12 per month

BuyProxies stands out through quality user experience from start to finish. Although proxy speeds only reach 100 Mbps and their network is small at just over 1,000 IPs, impressive support makes up for this.

Their custom Snapchat proxies are easy to set up even for novices. Phone, email and live chat support are readily available in case of any issues. Setup guides and video tutorials provide helpful learning resources.

BuyProxies offers shared IPs from 10+ countries, decent for personal Snapchat needs. Larger automation users may need more options. These are datacenter IPs as residential ones are not available.

Pricing is quite reasonable with plans starting as low as $12 monthly for starter access. Overall, BuyProxies is a user-friendly entry point for learning and basic Snapchat proxy usage.


  • Beginner-friendly setup
  • Phone, email & chat support
  • Helpful learning resources


  • Small proxy network
  • Slower speeds
  • No residential IPs

Choosing the Best Snapchat Proxy for You

When picking a Snapchat proxy provider, your specific needs should dictate your choice.

For large-scale automation and data harvesting, Bright Data and Oxylabs offer robust Snapchat proxies, advanced tools and blazing speeds to collect insights without limits.

SSLPrivateProxy and HighProxies are great for prioritizing privacy, security and reliability in your Snapchat proxying activities.

If you are new to Snapchat proxies or need affordable access, IPRoyal, BlazingSEO and BuyProxies provide capable budget options with decent features.

Power users wanting maximize locations, IPs and features should opt for Oxylabs. Casual Snapchat users who value simplicity are better served by BuyProxies.

Just avoid the many low-quality Snapchat proxy services plagued by slow speeds, usage limits and poor reliability. With the top options in this guide, unlocking Snapchat worldwide is smooth and easy.

Set up your chosen Snapchat proxy using the handy setup guides below to get started. And remember to rotate IPs and use the proxy ethically to avoid issues.

Happy Snapchatting! Your worldwide Snapchat community awaits.



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