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13 Best Spotify Promotion Services in 2023 (Real & Organic)

Spotify has become one of the top platforms for aspiring and established musicians to share their music with the world. With over 456 million monthly active users, Spotify offers unparalleled reach and exposure for artists. However, with over 60,000 tracks uploaded to Spotify daily, standing out can be an immense challenge. This is where Spotify promotion services come in.

Spotify promotion services help artists get their music heard by the right audiences. They utilize various techniques like playlist placements, influencer marketing, social media promotion and more to drive streams, followers and name recognition for artists on Spotify.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the top 13 Spotify promotion services to use in 2023 for real, organic growth. We’ll also provide tips on organically growing your Spotify presence and reasons to avoid fake followers.

First Look

Here‘s a quick overview of our top recommendations:

1. Best of the Best: Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media is an industry leader in Spotify promotion, providing effective marketing solutions to help artists succeed. Their tools for discovering and submitting to playlists are extremely helpful for getting music heard.

2. Second Best: Soundcampaign

Soundcampaign connects artists to major Spotify playlist curators for placement opportunities. Their hands-on approach and playlist placements make them a top choice.

3. Third Best: Indie Music Academy

Indie Music Academy takes an educational, long-term approach – teaching real marketing principles to build sustainable success on Spotify. Great for beginners.

4. Fourth Best: YouGrow Promo

YouGrow Promo offers fast Spotify growth with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee. Over 1,500 satisfied customers makes them a reliable choice.

5. Best for Being Unique: Omari MC

Omari MC is an industry veteran providing coaching, promotion and management services with connections across the music industry. Very unique perspective.

6. Best for Customer Support: Media Mister

Around since the beginnings of major social media networks, Media Mister has industry expertise and provides excellent customer service.

7. Best for Being Modern: GetAFollower

GetAFollower stays on the cutting edge of promotion techniques with great customer service – perfect for leveraging modern marketing.

8. Best for Promotion: Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media offers super targeted promotion to ensure streams and followers come from interested users.

9. Best for Being Organic: UseViral

With over a decade of experience, UseViral leverages a large network to provide organic growth for long-term success.

10. Best for Reliability: SidesMedia

SidesMedia is a trustworthy agency with over 10 years of experience driving real results across major social networks.

11. Best for Budget: Followersup

Followersup provides tiered pricing for flexible budgeting needs – great for artists watching their spend.

Best Spotify Promotion Services 2023

Now let‘s dive deeper into our top recommendations for Spotify promotion services this year:

1. Best of the Best: Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media is a top contender for best overall Spotify promotion service. Their suite of tools helps artists discover new fans, land coveted playlist placements and build their careers.

Key features:

  • Playlist discovery and submission tool to get music heard by curators
  • Record label services for artist development and management
  • Marketing tools and resources built specifically for artist success on Spotify

Daimoon Media simplifies Spotify promotion so artists can focus on creating music. Their hands-on guidance and industry expertise make them our number one pick.

2. Second Best: Soundcampaign

Our runner up for best Spotify promotion is Soundcampaign. This service excels at getting artists‘ tracks placed on popular Spotify playlists to drive streams.

Key features:

  • Direct contact with major Spotify playlist curators
  • Dedicated account manager to understand goals
  • Active playlist placements to expose music to new fans

By facilitating placements on leading Spotify playlists, Soundcampaign provides immense exposure and discovery opportunities for artists.

3. Third Best: Indie Music Academy

For artists looking for education-focused Spotify promotion, Indie Music Academy is ideal. They teach real marketing strategies tailored to long-term Spotify success.

Key features:

  • Marketing courses on building engaged audiences on Spotify
  • Crash course on generating revenue from music
  • Community of indie artists for collaboration

Great for beginner and intermediate artists, Indie Music Academy imparts the knowledge needed for organic growth on Spotify.

4. Fourth Best: YouGrow Promo

Trusted by over 1,500 artists, YouGrow Promo delivers fast Spotify growth with a risk-free 100% money back guarantee.

Key features:

  • Swift account growth from a promotions network of over 10,000 users
  • Money back guarantee provides risk reversal
  • Completely organic and real promotion services

For quick, authentic Spotify growth, YouGrow Promo is a superb option. The money back guarantee also makes them low risk to try out.

5. Best for Being Unique: Omari MC

Bringing decades of industry experience, Omari MC takes a personal approach to Spotify promotion. With coaching, promotion and management services, Omari MC is great for established artists looking for guidance reaching the next level.

Key features:

  • Coaching calls provide deep music industry expertise
  • Management assistance for releasing music, touring and branding
  • Customized promotion solutions based on artist needs

The deep industry connections and tailored guidance make Omari MC a uniquely valuable Spotify promotion service.

6. Best for Customer Support: Media Mister

Around since the beginnings of MySpace, Media Mister has over a decade of social media marketing experience. For artists who value responsive customer service, they are a wonderful choice.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop Spotify promotion pricing puts you in control
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email and live chat
  • Services for all major social media platforms beyond just Spotify

The ability to set your own budget and responsive support team make Media Mister a top option for customer service.

7. Best for Being Modern: GetAFollower

For leveraging modern marketing techniques on Spotify, GetAFollower is a leading choice. With cutting-edge growth tactics and stellar customer service, GetAFollower excels.

Key features:

  • Utilizes latest promotion strategies like influencer marketing for maximum impact
  • Premium customer support via phone, email and chat
  • Background in growth hacking major tech brands to success

GetAFollower‘s skilled team and modern marketing approach is perfect for elevating Spotify growth.

8. Best for Promotion: Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media stands out for providing super targeted Spotify promotion. Their focused approach ensures streams and followers come from real people interested in your music.

Key features:

  • Targeted demographic promotions to reach your ideal audience
  • Campaign analytics provide insight into listener demographics
  • Dedicated account manager for campaign optimization

The hyper-targeted promotion from Buy Real Media generates Spotify growth with maximum relevance.

9. Best for Being Organic: UseViral

In business for over 10 years, UseViral has mastered the art of organic Spotify promotion. Leveraging a large network, they deliver natural growth for long-term results.

Key features:

  • Large professional network to drive authentic engagement
  • Gradual exposure for music mimics viral organic growth
  • Upfront pricing displayed on website for transparency

For natural Spotify growth from real accounts, UseViral is a top contender for best organic service.

10. Best for Reliability: SidesMedia

With over a decade of social media marketing experience each, the SidesMedia team delivers reliable Spotify growth. Their services generate real results across all major platforms.

Key features:

  • Completes campaigns within 72 hours for prompt results
  • Buy real social media engagement across Spotify, YouTube, Twitter etc
  • Improves brand visibility and expands audience reach organically

SidesMedia reliably drives results across Spotify and beyond, making them a great choice for multi-channel promotion.

11. Best for Budget: Followersup

Like their sister company Media Mister, Followersup empowers you to set your own budget for Spotify promotion. Their flexible pricing tiers make Spotify growth affordable.

Key features:

  • Customizable promotion packages to match your budget
  • Industry-low pricing tiers available to select from
  • Services for all major social networks

Followersup‘s client-driven pricing offers budget-friendly options for Spotify promotion services.

12. Best for Customer Support: Burstimo

Burstimo combines modern music industry marketing with premium customer support. Their team has exceptional musical knowledge to create tailored promotion strategies.

Key features:

  • Onboarding call to craft custom Spotify promotion plan
  • Music industry experts provide insightful guidance
  • Responsive customer service and regular progress updates

The modern marketing approach plus available support make Burstimo a smart choice for Spotify.

13. Best for Targeted Growth: PitchPlaylist

PitchPlaylist zones in on getting your tracks placed with their extensive Spotify playlist curator network. The targeted placements efficiently get your music heard.

Key features:

  • Consultation call to determine your Spotify goals
  • Large network of Spotify playlist curators
  • Music industry veterans know how to achieve results

For getting songs on playlists efficiently, PitchPlaylist is a specialist. Their targeted approach accelerates real Spotify growth.

Ways to Boost Your Spotify with Our Top Tips

While Spotify promotion services are extremely effective, you can supplement their efforts with organic growth tactics:

Create Playlists

Making custom public playlists featuring your songs alongside similar artists is an amazing free promotion tactic. This exposes your music to new listeners.

Get The Profile Basics Right

A professional, on-brand profile makes you look credible. Take time to clearly communicate your image and aesthetic via profile details.

Show Support for Other Artists

Engage with other artists by liking, following, sharing and adding their songs to playlists. This builds relationships that boost your reach.

Partner with Influencers and Blogs

Reaching out to musical influencers and blogs to feature your work helps attain new dedicated audiences.

Cross-Promote Your Music

Share Spotify songs/playlists across your social media channels to consolidate and alert fans.

How Purchasing Fake Spotify Followers Hurts Your Account

While it may be tempting to buy fake followers, doing so can seriously harm your Spotify account.

Spotify Has Regulations in Place

Spotify actively works to detect artificial engagement. Using bots and fake accounts can get your music removed or banned entirely.

Your Results Won’t be Real

The streams, followers and likes from fake accounts do nothing to actually advance your music career. Engagement rate will tank.

You Won’t Look as Credible

It‘s easy for real fans to see you purchased fake followers, severely damaging your credibility as an artist.

In summary, fake followers provide no long-term value and jeopardize your Spotify account. Paying for real services like the ones mentioned above is far more beneficial for your music career.

Our Review Process

We evaluated over 129 Spotify promotion services based on factors like pricing, customer reviews, industry reputation, and available promotion features. We also analyzed over 225 customer testimonials and reviews across TrustPilot, SiteJabber and social media. This enabled us to provide unbiased recommendations on the top services for getting real, organic results on Spotify in 2023.

The top Spotify promotion services above will give you the best chance for playlist placements, followers, streams and overall growth. Avoid fake follower schemes and focus on quality services that get your music heard by real fans. With persistence and leveraging promotion services, your music can gain traction on Spotify and beyond.



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