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20 Best TikTok Growth Services in 2023

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the past few years, becoming one of the top social media platforms worldwide. For businesses, creators, and influencers, having an engaging TikTok presence is now essential for reaching new audiences and driving growth.

However, organically growing a TikTok following can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. This is where TikTok growth services come in. These services help you get more visibility on TikTok and gain real, targeted followers more quickly through strategic liking, commenting, hashtag targeting, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top 20 TikTok growth services to consider using in 2023 to boost your success on the platform.

Overview of TikTok Growth Services

TikTok growth services assist you in growing your TikTok account by getting your content and profile in front of users who will genuinely engage with your brand. Services typically provide liking, commenting, follower growth, and view increasers.

Benefits of growth services include:

  • Quicker follower and engagement growth
  • Targeted followers from your niche
  • Increased discoverability on TikTok
  • Save time vs. DIY growth tactics

Potential risks include:

  • Lower quality followers
  • Potentially violating TikTok terms (with bots or inauthentic tactics)
  • Higher costs than organic growth

When vetted properly, the top growth services utilize authentic engagement from real users. This can give you a helpful jumpstart on TikTok without putting your account at risk.

How TikTok Growth Services Work

Most TikTok growth services work by having a team manually engage with content and accounts in your target demographic through liking, commenting, following, and sharing your content to drive awareness to your profile.

Top services make the engagement look natural by using human team members not bots. Higher quality services will also have targeting options to ensure the followers you gain are relevant to your niche.

Pricing varies across services, with monthly subscriptions, pay-per-service rates, and free trial offers common. Expect costs from $10 per month up to several hundred for larger follower packages.

Top 20 TikTok Growth Services for 2023

Based on research and reviews, below are the top 20 recommended TikTok growth services to give your account a boost in 2023:

1. Tokupgrade

Tokupgrade is the top all-around TikTok growth service thanks to its fully managed service, exemplary targeting capabilities, and 24/7 customer support. Plans start at $225 per month for follower packages up to 30k.

2. Toksocial

Great for organic growth, Toksocial focuses on real engagement via likes and comments from real users. No bots allowed! Plans from $59 per month.

3. UseViral

Leveraging an influencer network of over 5,000 members, UseViral helps drive TikTok growth through cross-promotions across platforms like Instagram. Packages from $49 per month.

4. TokCaptain

Perfect for beginners, TokCaptain makes it simple to get set up and start growing your TikTok with complete account management. Packages from $89 per month for 500 followers.

5. SidesMedia

Focused on safe, organic growth, SidesMedia delivers real TikTok followers, views and shares from active accounts. Customizable plans to fit needs.

6. SocialViral

Great for a budget option, SocialViral starts at just $14.99 per month for 100 followers. Best for beginners testing out growth services.

7. Media Mister

One stop shop for all social media growth, including tailored packages for TikTok from just $39 per month.

8. Followersup

With flexible pricing and monthly plans, Followersup makes it easy to get custom packages for TikTok growth based on budget. Starts at $24.90 per month.

9. Seek Socially

Using an AI-powered service, Seek Socially automatically engages target users and delivers steady TikTok follower growth daily. Plans from $49 per month.

10. Fueltok

Fueltok focuses on helping you build engaged audiences on TikTok through strategic targeting tools. Packages from $99 per month for 100 daily followers.

11. Autotokker

Leveraging both automation and human interactions, Autotokker provides steady, targeted TikTok growth services starting at $35 per week.

12. QuikFlok

Unique pricing model based on guaranteed minimum followers delivered monthly (ex: 100/day minimum for $330 per month).

13. Jeffrey

The combination of automation and human interactions provided by Jeffrey helps profiles grow safely. Plans from $50 per month.

14. Vire

Vire‘s growth service is completely focused on TikTok, with packages starting at $29 per week for steady account growth.


With its innovative, undetectable growth services, is ideal for growing TikTok accounts without getting flagged. Packages from $139 per month.

16. Instamber

Experienced social media growth specialists Instamber offer flexible plans tailored to TikTok growth goals starting at $89.97 per month.

17. TrendGrow

Simple, effective follower growth from just $12.47 per month with TrendGrow, a top self-service style TikTok growth service.

18. Instazood

Trusted Instagram growth service Instazood also provides excellent TikTok follower packages starting at $35 for 100 followers.

19. SocialBoss

For managing growth across multiple social platforms, SocialBoss offers bundled TikTok/Instagram packages starting at $89 per month.

20. Trollishly

Focusing on safe, steady follower growth, Trollishly offers simple packages starting at $24.97 per month for 100 followers.

Choosing the Right TikTok Growth Service

With many TikTok growth services to choose from, make sure to:

  • Review company reputation – Choose established, reputable companies with transparency and positive customer feedback. Avoid any making unrealistic claims.
  • Compare features – Look for services offering targeting options and managed engagement from real accounts. Avoid bot-driven automated services.
  • Check engagement quality – Test follower engagement rates and content likes to ensure you‘re getting value.
  • Read the fine print – Check company terms to ensure compliant practices that won‘t risk bans.
  • Set a budget – Know your goals and determine an affordable budget for growth services for best value.
  • Monitor analytics – Review growth analytics to continuously optimize your TikTok strategy.

Using TikTok Growth Services Effectively

Once you’ve chosen a growth service, get the most from it by:

  • Staying active – Post high-quality content consistently to engage new followers
  • Interacting with new followers – Like, comment and follow back to build relationships
  • Analyzing data – Track growth metrics and tweak targeting as needed
  • Promoting content – Share to other platforms to maximize reach
  • Providing feedback – Inform your growth service of targeting updates or optimizations needed

Are TikTok Growth Services Worth It?

For most brands and content creators, investing in a TikTok growth service can be worthwhile to kickstart an account and gain profile visibility. However, services shouldn‘t be used as a total TikTok strategy.

Long-term success requires continuously creating engaging content, optimizing your presence, directly connecting with followers, and finding ways to drive traffic from TikTok to your website or sales channels.

A strategic, multi-channel approach is key for any sustainable social media growth plan. But partnering with the right TikTok growth service can provide the initial boost many accounts need to gain momentum on one of today‘s most competitive platforms.



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