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20 Best YouTube Bots for Subs, Views & Likes (2023)

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for uploading and sharing videos online. With over 2 billion monthly active users, it offers content creators a huge potential audience. However, with so much competition, it can be challenging to grow your YouTube channel organically. This is where YouTube bots come in handy.

YouTube bots are automated services that can help you get more views, likes, subscribers and comments on your YouTube videos. They work by deploying bots that watch your videos, like, comment and subscribe to your channel. This activity signals to YouTube‘s algorithm that your content is engaging, which can boost your videos in search and recommended results.

While YouTube bots can accelerate your growth, some services cut corners with fake or poor-quality engagement. This can actually hurt your channel. That‘s why it‘s important to choose an authentic, high-quality service.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the top 20 YouTube bots to consider for getting real views, likes and subscribers in 2023:

1. UseViral

UseViral is our top pick for YouTube bots. This service provides high-retention views, likes and subscribers from real accounts. Their bots act like real users by watching full videos and engaging with comments.

UseViral‘s packages start at just $49 for 1000 views. They offer transparent pricing with no contracts. Their dashboard allows easy campaign tracking and they have 24/7 customer support via live chat. UseViral provides safe, effective YouTube growth with premium quality engagement.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister is a long-standing social media marketing service trusted by over 12,000 users. Their YouTube packages provide guaranteed views, likes, subscribers and comments from real accounts.

Media Mister prides itself on providing the highest retention rate in the industry. Their engagement comes from worldwide sources to appear natural. With pricing starting at just $6 for 1000 views, they offer excellent value.

3. StormViews

StormViews delivers fast, high-quality YouTube promotion services. They provide real views, likes, subscribers and comments to grow your channel.

StormViews emphasizes safe, authentic engagement with zero drops or declines. Their online dashboard allows easy package tracking and campaign management. With instant delivery and top-notch support, StormViews is a proven choice for YouTube growth.

4. Venium

Venium leverages an in-house network of real YouTube users to provide views, likes, subscribers and watch time. Their service helps boost rankings by building natural authority on your channel.

Venium provides transparent analytics on all services purchased. Their dashboard allows you to control speed and targeting options. With competitive pricing and reliable support, Venium is ideal for organic growth.

5. SubPals

SubPals helps YouTubers exchange engagements via automated subscriptions, views and likes. Their free package gives 10 daily subscribers in exchange for engagement on the network.

For faster growth, SubPals offers affordable paid packages starting at $9. Their service allows full analytics and targeting of the desired audience. SubPals provides community-based support to grow your following.

6. TubeSense

TubeSense leverages advanced automation to deliver YouTube views, likes, subscribers and watch time. Their bots engage 10 times longer than the industry average to drive organic growth.

TubeSense provides geographically targeted services for high retention. Starting at just $7 for 1000 views, their packages suit all budgets. With a risk-free guarantee and great support, TubeSense is ideal for safe growth.

7. FollowersUp

FollowersUp offers an all-in-one growth service for YouTube and other social networks. Their tool automates liking, subscribing, sharing and commenting to build your following.

With packages starting at just $12 for 500 YouTube followers, FollowersUp suits small channels. Their drip-feed technology provides a controlled delivery speed for natural growth. For those serious about social media automation, FollowersUp is a top choice.

8. UseViral

UseViral is another top YouTube automation service. Their tool interacts with full video views, shares, likes, subscriptions and comments. Packages start at $49 for 1000 views.

UseViral drives organic growth by building genuine engagement and watch time. Their high-retention YouTube services establish authority to rank your content higher. With excellent support and transparent analytics, UseViral is ideal for safe, effective YouTube growth.

9. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert leverages advanced automation to deliver YouTube views, likes, subscribers and watch time from real accounts. Their custom packages suit any budget, starting at just 500 views for $2.99.

ViewsExpert emphasizes quality over quantity. Their service establishes authority on your channel by providing high-retention views and subscribers. With responsive support and a price match guarantee, ViewsExpert provides exceptional value.

10. Famoid

Famoid offers fully automated YouTube promotion services for likes, subscribers, comments and views. Their packages start at just $2.99 for 250 views, suiting small budgets.

Famoid‘s network delivers high-quality engagements from active YouTube users. Their services help increase search rankings and recommendations by building credibility. Famoid provides reliable support and complete transparency into engagement sources.

11. Stream Chasers

Stream Chasers specializes in boosting gaming channels on YouTube and Twitch. Their services provide views, likes, subscribers and live stream followers. Packages start at $3 for 100 views.

Stream Chasers leverages advanced targeting to deliver engagements from relevant gaming profiles. This drives higher-quality followers. With prompt support and API integration, they simplify growth for gaming channels.

12. Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek offers AI-powered solutions tailored for YouTube growth. Their tool drives views, likes, subscribers and watch time from relevant audiences. Plans start at just $6 for 500 views.

By targeting relevant viewers, Social Fans Geek achieves high retention rates on YouTube engagements. Their tool also analyzes audience demographics to optimize content. For AI-driven YouTube growth, Social Fans Geek is a top choice.

13. SocialBoss

SocialBoss provides automated YouTube services specialized for music promotion. Their tool engages genre-specific fans to grow artists‘ channels with views, likes, subscribers and playlist additions.

By targeting musically-inclined users, SocialBoss achieves above-average audience retention. Packages start at just $12 for 1000 views, making them ideal for indie artists. Their partnerships with major music outlets provide additional exposure opportunities.

14. Media Volt

Media Volt offers an enterprise-grade automation platform for YouTube and social networks. Their tool provides guaranteed views, likes, subscribers and watch time from real accounts. Plans start from 500 views for $2.97.

Media Volt‘s engagements establish credibility by delivering high watch time, likes and comments. Their targeting provides relevant exposure. With excellent support and full transparency, Media Volt simplifies YouTube growth for businesses.

15. Follower Packages

Follower Packages leverages advanced automation to deliver YouTube views, likes, subscribers, shares and watch time. Packages start at just $3 for 100 views.

By mimicking real user behavior, Follower Packages achieves higher audience retention for YouTube services. Their tool helps increase impressions and search visibility. With responsive support and global delivery, this service provides holistic growth.

16. offers fully managed YouTube growth services. Their tool handles everything from targeting to campaign management for guaranteed results. Minimum order is just $250.

With, you get a dedicated account manager to optimize your growth and retention. Their hands-on approach provides reliable outcomes. While pricier than self-serve tools, they simplify YouTube growth.

17. provides YouTube automation services focused on quality. Their network delivers views, likes, subscribers and watch time from real, active users. Packages start at just $2.99.

By optimizing for retention, SocialPackages establishes credibility with YouTube‘s algorithm. Their services increase search visibility and recommendations. For reliable, organic growth, is a safe bet.

18. FollowerHut

FollowerHut leverages advanced AI to target relevant YouTube viewers and channels. Their tool promotes via views, likes, subscribers, shares and watch time. Minimum order is just 100 views for $2.99.

FollowerHut emphasizes audience quality over quantity. Their engagements establish authority to rank your content higher. Packages suit all budget sizes. For AI-driven YouTube growth, FollowerHut is ideal.

19. Digi Social

Digi Social provides hands-on YouTube growth campaigns tailored to your niche. Their 1-on-1 service expands reach through targeted views, likes, subscribers and watch time. Prices start at $999 per month.

With Digi Social, certified marketing experts handle everything from audience research to tracking and optimization. While pricier than self-serve tools, their high-touch approach provides proven results. They offer a free growth audit.

20. GoViews

GoViews is a budget-friendly service for buying YouTube views and subscribers. Their network delivers automated views and channel subscriptions starting at just $2.99.

While GoViews won‘t dramatically grow your channel alone, their services can provide social proof and momentum. Their network spans 190+ countries for wide reach. If your goal is to build initial credibility on a tight budget, GoViews is a viable option. Just don‘t expect explosive growth.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Bot

With so many YouTube bots on the market, it can be hard to identify the best service for your needs. Here are some key factors to evaluate:

  • Retention rate – The percentage of users that stick around after viewing your content. High retention signals quality engagements.

  • Delivery speed – Faster is usually better to build momentum. Gradual drip-feeds can also look natural.

  • Targeting – Are engagements coming from relevant viewers or broad traffic? Targeting affects retention.

  • Safety – Avoid services using fake or bot accounts. YouTube cracks down on manipulation.

  • Reputation – Check site reviews and testimonials. More transparency is better.

  • Support – Responsive support indicates a quality service.

  • Dashboards & Analytics – Track orders and optimize growth.

  • Money-back Guarantee – Provides security if you‘re unsatisfied.

The best YouTube automation services balance quality and quantity. They drive high-retention views, likes and subscribers from real, active accounts. This establishes authority to boost your visibility long-term.

The Bottom Line

YouTube bots provide a shortcut for accelerating your growth and establishing visibility. However, its crucial to choose services wisely to avoid risk.

Opt for providers focused on delivering real, high-retention engagements from relevant viewers. This results in sustainable, organic growth. Avoid any services focused on just inflating vanity metrics with fake accounts.

With the right YouTube automation service, you can supercharge your channel‘s growth. Just be sure to choose an authentic provider that aligns with YouTube‘s terms of service. Employed strategically, YouTube bots grant content creators a competitive edge for breaking through in a crowded platform.



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