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How Many Blog Posts Are Published Per Day in 2023? (NEW!)

How Many Blog Posts Are Published Per Day in 2023? The Explosive Growth of Blogging Shows No Signs of Slowing

Let‘s kick this off with the staggering statistic that initially blew my mind – approximately 7.5 million blog posts are published every single day in 2023. Yep, you read that right!

To put that massive number into context, here‘s a breakdown:

  • Total blogs in existence: Around 700+ million
  • Popular niches: Food, lifestyle, travel, personal finance
  • Average daily posts: 7,500,000
  • Top revenue sources: In-page ads, sponsored posts, courses

The continued growth and popularity of blogging in the social media age is remarkable. In this in-depth post, we‘ll analyze blogging stats, uncover top-earning niches, explore smart marketing tactics, and more. Let‘s dive in!

Billions of Blog Posts Per Year

Let‘s crunch some numbers to fully grasp the scale of daily blogging:

  • 7.5 million posts per day
  • 225 million posts per month
  • Nearly 3 billion posts per year

Considering there are about 4.7 billion internet users worldwide, billions of new posts competing for eyeballs certainly makes for a crowded playing field!

To stand out, bloggers must use targeted marketing tactics, optimize for SEO, and most importantly – create high-quality content their niche audience genuinely wants.

Top Niches Driving Blog Revenue

Not all blog niches are equal when it comes to profit potential. According to surveys of thousands of bloggers, these categories generate the highest earning potential:

NicheAverage Monthly Revenue
Food Blogging$9,169
Lifestyle Blogging$9,100
Travel Blogging$5,000

What makes these niches so lucrative? Food, lifestyle, and travel allow bloggers to tap into desires. Mouth-watering recipes and restaurant reviews, aspirational destinations and experiences, hacks for self-improvement – these compel readers to tune in daily.

Sponsored posts are hugely popular in these niches too. Tourism boards, hospitality brands, and consumer goods offer partnerships and advertising deals with top bloggers in these spaces.

Additional lucrative niches include:

  • Personal finance ($5,000 average monthly revenue)
  • Fashion and beauty ($3,000 average monthly revenue)

Basically, blogs that get readers to dream big or improve their lives tend to monetize extraordinarily well.

The Mind-Boggling Growth of WordPress

Behind all these millions of blog posts are the CMS platforms that make publishing straightforward. WordPress is by far the content management system king – powering over 455 million websites as of 2023!

Here‘s a breakdown of the top CMS platforms used by bloggers:

CMS PlatformMarket Share
WordPress63.6% market share
Shopify5.0% market share
Wix2.5% market share
Squarespace1.7% market share

WordPress completely dominates with nearly two-thirds of the CMS market. And here‘s why WordPress is my platform of choice as well:

  • Free open-source version available
  • Easy to customize and scale
  • Huge plugin ecosystem – over 59,000 add-ons!
  • Powers over one-third of all websites worldwide

For bloggers getting started, WordPress is hands-down the best CMS. And it scales beautifully for established sites pulling in 7 figures!

Critical Marketing Tactics for Blog Growth

With over 2 billion blogs battling for visibility, marketing is mandatory for lasting success. According to multiple surveys of thousands of bloggers, the most effective tactics include:

  • Social media marketing (94%)
  • Email marketing (66%)
  • SEO optimization (63%)
  • Blogger partnerships/guest posting (19%)
  • Paid advertising (15%)
  • Community building (13%)
  • Influencer collaborations (12%)

This data reveals that a blended strategy works best. Social media and email newsletters allow bloggers to directly engage their community. SEO, guest posts and influencer collaborations expand reach. And targeted paid ads help amplify content and drive conversions.

The Power of Email Marketing

Here‘s a specific stat that jumped out at me – 66% of bloggers leverage email marketing. This just proves the immense value of building an email subscriber list.

Why does email work so well? A few reasons:

  • Email converts at 3x the rate of social media
  • Subscribers who request content are highly engaged
  • Email inboxes have largely avoided algorithm turmoil
  • Allows for segmented, personalized communication

Outside of social media, regularly connecting with subscribers via email newsletters is my top recommendation. Treat your list like a community, provide exclusive value, and watch it thrive.

In-Depth Content Rises to the Top

If I had to identify one shift in blogging over the past decade, it would be the marked increase in word counts and article depth.

Average Words Per Post by Year:

YearAverage Word Count
2014808 words
2015887 words
20201,269 words
20211,416 words
20221,376 words

As you can see, the averages have risen substantially. In fact, articles over 2,000 words now frequently trend as most popular. Readers have spoken – we crave depth and details!

Of course, writing long-form content takes more time. Expect to invest 3-4 hours per in-depth article. This allows for extensive research, thorough writing and expansive editing.

But the payoff is worth it – long posts rank well in SEO and keep visitors engaged. For my niche, I aim for 1,500 – 2,000 highly optimized words per article.

Endless Monetization Opportunities

For bloggers, there are endless options to monetize content. Outside of obvious channels like in-page advertisements and affiliate links, here are a few creative ideas:

  • Paid online courses
  • Virtual summits
  • High-ticket masterminds and coaching
  • Physical products like merch, journals, recipe books
  • Software sponsorships
  • Speaking engagements

The most successful bloggers diversify their revenue streams across multiple channels. This insulates against fluctuations in any one area.

Sponsorships are the most popular monetization method, utilized by 82% of bloggers. But I advise testing several income verticals to determine what resonates most with your niche.

The Future of Blogging

If the latest blogging statistics are any indication, daily blogging output will continue climbing for the foreseeable future. By 2025, experts predict over 9 million posts will be published per day!

While this massive volume presents challenges, the opportunities for impact and income through blogging remain immense. We just have to leap in with intentionality.

So choose a niche you’re passionate about, create consistently amazing content, build a community, and the rewards will come. Yes – even among 7.5 million blogs!

Let me know in the comments what surprised you most in these blogging stats and trends. I‘m looking forward to connecting!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.