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Use Bulk Email Accounts to Increase Sneaker Copping Chances

Are you a bot? Sneaker sites are desperate to know the answer to this question. So what if you are? Is there a way to make your email address look human?

Why Bulk Emails Are Necessary for Sneaker Copping?

How can you disguise yourself to look like a real person with real feet that need real sneakers? The answer lies in getting multiple quality emails. How come?

Suppose you want to cop multiple pairs of kicks. In that case, you will need several Google accounts tied to different IP addresses. This will make it look like other users' requests are coming in. But when I say users, I don't mean people. Google wasn't born yesterday. It does know the difference between a human and a bot. Well, more or less.

When you try to cop from any sneaker site, you'll be presented with a CAPTCHA once you reach the checkout page. Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Supreme – these sites use CAPTCHA as a security measure to filter out human and nonhuman shoppers.

You've definitely encountered CAPTCHAs before. You've also probably noticed that some are easy to solve while others take ages. Whether you encounter an easy-to-solve or a harder type of CAPTCHA is not up to luck. It's not random. The CAPTCHA that you get depends on the rank Google gives to your Gmail account. The more your account is trusted by Google, the easier your CAPTCHA will be. The easier the Captcha, the less time it will take to solve.

In short – if you want cop multiples on any of these sites, you will need several emails that Google trusts. But before you go to battle, it's important to understand the enemy that you're facing.

So let me tell you about the different types of CAPTCHAS out there.

Different Types of CAPTCHAS

1. Supreme Uses

Supreme Uses

The first type is the one that Supreme uses. It's called the V2 Invisible. With this CAPTCHA type, you won't need to do anything if you have a trusted email account. No box, no grid with random pictures. The site is gonna do all the work in the background.

2. V2 Checkbox

V2 Checkbox

Another type is the V2 Checkbox. It's the one that Shopify sites use. With this type, you'll get different difficulty levels depending on your Gmail account's ranking. If Google is sure you're human, you'll be presented with a one-click checkbox CAPTCHA. That one can be easily solved by your bot. The one-click is what you're striving for.

If Google decides that your Gmail can't be trusted, you'll get a grid CAPTCHA to solve. The important thing here is that the speed of how fast the images in the grid will fade away depends on your ranking.

If Google thinks you're a bot, it'll give you slow-fading ones. Those can take as long as 30 seconds to solve.

3. Yeezy Supply Uses

Yeezy Supply

The third type of CAPTCHA is the one that Yeezy Supply uses. It's the V3. This type won't give you any puzzle to solve. It's based on a scoring system. The more warmed-up or human-like your account is, the higher your score will get. The score ranges from 0.1 to 0.9. Basically, to be put through the waiting room to the sale page, your score must be at least 0.7. But it's best if it's 0.9.

How Do You Get Google to Trust Your Account?

Now I keep mentioning the term quality Gmail or trusted account. But what makes Google trust your account, and how can you make it trustworthy?

The way that Google determines whether you're a bot or not is by the way that you use your account. This means watching Youtube videos, signing up for emailing lists, and performing Google searches.

If you have a few accounts, it's possible to do all of this manually, though it'll require a fair amount of time. But if you want to cop multiple pairs truly, you'll need not a few but at least 10 accounts. As you can imagine generating that activity or farming every single account would take ages.

That's why tools like AYCD or Kodai Essentials exist. Both warm up the accounts automatically, making the process much faster and easier. Both of these tools are great, so I'll review some of the main points you should know about.



AYCD's product is called Toolbox. You'll need to pay a $30 monthly subscription to enjoy it. The Toolbox has various elements. You need One-Click – that's right, like the One-Click checkbox CAPTCHA. It's the tool that made AYCD very well known among sneaker botters.

To start warming up your emails, you must enter your Gmail account credentials and import quality CAPTCHA proxies. Then you're pretty much good to go.

What are CAPTCHA proxies? Well, basically, they're proxies that you use specifically for farming. These are usually cheap DC proxies that can access Google and sneaker sites. No need to aim for getting quality residential as these are not the same proxies you're gonna use for copping.

Actually, we've made an article about CAPTCHA proxies, so if you don't want to miss out, hit this link.

There's one thing to be careful about when using One-click tho. Make sure that you give

the tool some rest. Don't be farming 24/7 cause Google might flag your account. So to be safe, it's best to leave your farm sleeping at night. You can easily do this in the settings. As I've mentioned, AYCD has an arsenal of tools less related to farming.

2. Kodai's Essentials

Kodai's Essentials

Now let's talk Essentials. No, not the clothing brand. Kodai's Essentials. It's another tool that's beloved by the botting community. Essentials is a bit cheaper than AYCD. A monthly subscription costs $22.99.

Is it better than AYCD? Honestly, it's hard to say. The performance is pretty similar. It really comes down to personal experience and preference. Essential's user interface is more pleasing as it has more visual aspects.

The section in which you're going to farm your emails in Essentials is called CAPTCHA. As it pretty much does the same thing, the way this section works is similar to AYCD's One-click. You enter your Gmail data, recovery email, and proxy credentials and are ready to go.

The time it'll take to turn your email into a one-click or 0.9 Gmail might vary depending on the tool. So try out both and see which one will be better for you. But if your Gmail account is fresh, it'll most likely take months to reach one-click status, no matter the tool.

Where Can You Get the Unlimited Email Accounts?

Unlimited Email Accounts

Technically you can create new emails manually. This means coming up with names, Gmail addresses, passwords, and birthdays for every single one. This would take time. Also, Google limits the number of emails a user can create from one IP, so you would need several IP addresses. When it comes to an account at least several years old, warming up will take like a week. So if you want to get trusted accounts fast, you'll need old emails.

You can always simply buy old Gmail accounts. There are loads of providers that sell aged Gmails. In terms of price, they can range anywhere from 1 to 8 dollars per email. Since the demand is high, some sellers lie about how old their accounts are and scam botters. So ask around for the names of trusted providers in cook groups.

If you've decided to purchase old accounts, you will need a phone number for verification. But the number of accounts you can tie to one is limited. You can't verify every new email with your personal phone number. You can solve this issue by using services that will give you something like a temporary phone number. After verifying your account, you can use the Google Authenticator app for two-step verification instead.

I know this might seem like a lot. But it's important to understand the process of Gmail farming if you genuinely wanna cop multiples. Hope this article has been helpful!