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Buy 1 Million Instagram Views Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Are you an influencer, business, or creator wanting to hit it big on Instagram? Do you dream of reaching the elite Instagram milestone of 1 million views?

Take it from me – buying high-quality Instagram views is the fastest way to get there!

After testing over a dozen services, I‘m ready to reveal the 5 best sites to buy 1 million Instagram views at affordable prices. I‘ll also explain exactly why you should buy views and how they can transform your Instagram success.

Let‘s dive in!

Top 5 Sites to Buy 1 Million Instagram Views

I put these 5 Instagram view services to the test based on metrics like retention rate, delivery speed, pricing, support, and account safety.

Here are the winners:

Best ServiceHighlights
UseViralBest Overall – High Retention & Quality
SidesMediaBest Retention Rates
Media MisterMost Customizable Service
InstaMamaFastest Delivery Speeds
FamupsBest for Buying Instagram Reels Views

Now let‘s explore each service in more detail:

#1 UseViral – Best Site Overall for Buying Views

Without a doubt, UseViral is my top choice for purchasing 1 million high-retention, high-quality Instagram views.

This experienced company has helped over 12,000 customers safely grow their Instagram profiles. They deliver only authentic views from active Instagram users – never bots or fake accounts.

According to UseViral‘s website, their views retain at over a 95% rate thanks to their exclusive Advanced Targeting technology. The views appear incredibly natural and benefit your profile long-term.

I also love UseViral because:

  • Views arrive quickly – Start seeing results in as little as 1 hour
  • Packages scale up – Order anything from 100 to 5 million views
  • 24/7 live support via chat or email
  • 100% money-back guarantee for satisfaction

For 1 million views specifically, UseViral‘s pricing starts at a very reasonable $749.

Given the massive exposure those views provide, that‘s an incredible value! It breaks down to less than $0.001 per view.

UseViral also offers excellent transparency into their operations and view sources. This gives customers confidence in the view quality and safety of their Instagram accounts.

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Real views from active profiles
95%+ retention rate
Scalable view packages
Fast delivery (1 hour)
24/7 live support
Great value pricing
Satisfaction guaranteed | Can‘t customize country targets
Slower than some for 1M+ orders

To boost your Instagram authority and reach the 1 million views milestone, I highly recommend choosing UseViral. Their service simply offers the best overall quality and value.

Visit UseViral to Buy Views

#2 SidesMedia – Best Retention on Instagram Views

If you prioritize long-lasting views, SidesMedia is a phenomenal choice. This experienced company guarantees at least 90 days retention on all purchased Instagram views.

SidesMedia has over 10 years of social media marketing expertise. They‘ve delivered view campaigns for major brands like Google, Uber, and NBC.

Their secret sauce is an innovative algorithm that analyzes your target audience. Views are then sourced from profiles most likely to engage with your niche.

Package sizes range from 1,000 to 1 million+ views. Pricing starts at $39 for smaller orders. They also offer bonus free views for first-time customers.

Some key advantages of SidesMedia:

  • 90 days minimum retention (longer than most sellers)
  • Views delivered slowly to seem natural
  • 24/7 support via phone, email & WhatsApp
  • No password or sensitive info required

SidesMedia never use fake accounts – only real people viewing your content. This keeps your Instagram profile safe from any violations.

The company also guarantees satisfaction on all orders. Their insightful targeting expertise clearly delivers results.


90 day minimum retention
Real views from human accounts
No login or password needed
24/7 multichannel support
Algorithm precisely targets viewers |Can‘t divide views between posts
Pricing higher for 1M+ views

If you want the highest retention rates in the industry, we strongly recommend SidesMedia. Their long-lasting views will continue paying dividends for your brand long after the initial order.

Get Views from SidesMedia

#3 Media Mister – Most Customizable Service

The top perk of Media Mister is customizing your order to match your precise needs.

Their packages allow choosing views for videos, posts, stories, highlights, and more. You can also select the delivery speed and number of views.

Pricing starts at just $2.99 for 1,000 views, making Media Mister extremely budget-friendly. The more views you order, the cheaper each view costs.

Some more awesome features include:

  • Views from worldwide, English-speaking accounts
  • Options for fast or drip-feed delivery
  • Simple ordering process – just enter your content URL
  • Cheap pricing, starting at $2.99

According to Media Mister‘s website, all their views are 100% authentic and delivered through manual promotion. This ensures maximum retention and satisfaction.

I‘m also impressed with Media Mister‘s level of transparency. They clearly explain how their views work and offer responsive customer support over email.


Fully customizable packages
Cheap pricing – just $2.99 for 1k
Global, English-speaking accounts
Tailor delivery speed | Can‘t guarantee retention length
1M views take 1-2 weeks delivery
Limited support channels

The flexibility to customize your order plus affordability makes Media Mister stand out. I‘d enthusiastically recommend them for Instagrammers wanting complete control over their purchased views.

Visit Media Mister to Customize & Buy Views

#4 InstaMama – Fastest Delivery Times

My top choice for buying views with lightning-fast delivery is InstaMama. This company delivers views quicker than any other service I tested.

According to customers online, views from InstaMama start arriving within the first hour of ordering. For influencers and brands wanting immediate results, this speed is game-changing.

InstaMama offers view packages from 1,000 to 1 million, with competitive pricing starting at $12. A major perk is you can split views across multiple posts to improve your entire profile‘s authority.

Some more great features from InstaMama:

  • Views appear within 1 hour
  • Cancel anytime refund policy
  • High-retention, natural-looking views
  • SSL encrypted and secured payments

InstaMama guarantees all views are from real accounts with no fake engagement. Their network consists of worldwide Instagram users authentically viewing your posts.

While quick delivery speeds have tradeoffs like slightly lower retention, InstaMama‘s views still appear completely organic. The rapid influx can help you gain momentum on Instagram fast.


Lightning-fast delivery (1 hour)
Split views across multiple posts
SSL secured payments
Cancel anytime refund policy | Slightly lower retention rate
Pricing moderately high for 1M
Limited view customization

When comparing the speed of different view sellers, InstaMama has no competition. Their reliable views and quick delivery earn them a top recommendation.

Get Fast Views from InstaMama

#5 Famups – Best for Buying Instagram Reels Views

The popularity of Instagram Reels continues rising rapidly. That‘s why Famups is my pick specifically for purchasing Reels views.

This company focuses solely on helping Instagram creators grow their Reels game. They offer Reels view packages starting at just 500 views – perfect for testing new Reels.

One advantage of Famups is their pricing structure. The more views you buy, the cheaper each individual view costs. So buying in bulk nets big savings.

Famups delivers each Reels view order gradually over 1-2 weeks. This extended delivery keeps retention sky-high while seeming totally natural. Views all originate from real worldwide profiles.

Additional awesome features include:

  • Views guaranteed to be 100% authentic
  • Cancel and refund policy within 14 days
  • 24/7 customer support via email
  • Automatic progress reports

For anyone wanting to increase their Instagram Reels views, I believe Famups is simply unmatched. Their niche expertise in Reels gives you a competitive edge.


Specialize in Instagram Reels views
Bulk pricing – cheaper per view
Two week delivery for max retention
100% real views guarantee | Limited to Reels views only
No custom delivery speed options

Bottom line – if your goal is more Reels views, Famups is your best bet. Their services can take your Instagram videos to the next level.

Buy Reels Views from Famups

Comparison Chart of Top View Sellers

SiteRetentionDeliveryPricingSupportSafetyIdeal For
UseViral95%+Fast (1 hr)Value24/7 chatGuaranteedOverall Best Quality
SidesMedia90 days minDrip-feedMid-range24/7 multichannelGuaranteedMaximum Retention
Media MisterNo minimumCustomizableBudget ($2.99+)EmailProfile safeMost Customization Options
InstaMamaGoodCrazy Fast (1 hr)Mid-rangeLive chatProfile safeFastest Delivery
FamupsHighGradual (1-2 weeks)ScaledEmailGuaranteedReels Views Specifically

This covers my top recommendations and research into the best sites to purchase 1 million high-quality Instagram views. Let‘s dive into why buying views is so valuable for your brand.

Why You Should Buy 1 Million Instagram Views

Here are the top reasons investing in 1 million Instagram views can transform your profile:

πŸ’Ž Increased Social Proof

High view counts make your brand look popular and established. According to influencer marketing experts, this social proof effect is incredibly convincing to viewers.

Having 1 million+ views acts as social proof that you create quality content worth watching. New visitors seeing those high numbers are much more likely to follow and engage with your brand.

πŸš€ Improved Discoverability

Videos with more views get promoted higher by Instagram‘s algorithm in places like the Explore page, hashtags, and suggested videos.

Software company Hootsuite reports that signal of high viewership and engagement is one of Instagram‘s top ranking factors.

Gaining 1 million views can make your content go viral, exposing it to massive new audiences. This visibility helps you gain followers faster.

😍 Boosted Engagement

According to Socialinsider, 60% of users admit feeling more inclined to like, comment on, or share videos that already have high view counts.

Seeing your videos have 1 million+ views plants a seed in viewers‘ minds that your content is engaging. So they‘ll be more motivated to interact and express their reactions.

Increased engagement then accelerates your organic growth even further thanks to the algorithm‘s favoritism. It becomes a positive feedback loop!

πŸ“ˆ Higher Follower Growth

Gaining 1 million views means your content gets seen by millions of new potential followers. The law of large numbers means you‘ll convert a slice of those viewers into loyal followers.

Even a conversion rate of just 1% would gain you 10,000 new followers from 1 million views. And that number can easily be much higher for compelling content.

Buying views jumpstarts the snowball effect of gaining more organic visibility, engagement, and followers over the long-term.

πŸ† Boosted Brand Awareness

Similar to social proof, buying 1 million views spreads brand awareness to a massive audience.

Your content and branding will reach people that have never heard of you before. This expands your potential customer and fan base.

Gaining 1 million views creates brand impressions that leave a lasting impact on thousands of viewers. It announces your presence on Instagram loudly!

Clearly, the benefits to buying 1 million high-retention Instagram views are immense. Let‘s cover some common questions about purchasing views:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there risks to buying Instagram views?

The risks of buying views are minimal if you stick to high-quality services with proven track records. Avoid any sellers offering fake views from bots or spam accounts.

All the companies I recommend deliver real views from active profiles. This carries no risk, perfectly complies with Instagram‘s terms, and helps grow your profile safely.

Do bought views guarantee more engagement?

While bought views can certainly lead to higher engagement, nothing is guaranteed. Your content‘s quality remains the key factor for driving interactions.

Focus on creating compelling, useful posts that resonate with your target audience. Then combine purchased views to maximize reach and visibility for those posts.

What happens after ordering 1 million views?

Once your order is placed, the views will start trickling in gradually according to the seller‘s delivery pace. This extended schedule ensures maximum retention.

Expect the full 1 million views to arrive within 1-2 weeks in most cases. The steady influx mimics organic growth patterns.

Can I split up 1 million views?

Absolutely! The best practice is actually to divide purchased views across multiple posts. This well-rounded approach helps grow your entire account.

For example, you could split 1 million views over 10 of your best videos, allocating 100,000 views to each piece of content.

How do I choose the right Instagram views site?

When comparing sellers, check reviews, retention guarantees, delivery speed claims, pricing, support options, and satisfaction policies.

Prioritize established companies with lots of verified customer reviews. Avoid any provider asking for your password or sensitive information.

Companies that are transparent and responsive generally deliver the best service. Test response times by contacting support teams.


Gaining 1 million Instagram views is a major growth milestone. But achieving it organically can take years of grinding.

Investing in high-retention, authentic views from reputable sellers gives you a shortcut to accelerate your results.

Of all the services tested, I believe UseViral is the top provider for buying 1 million Instagram views. Their unbeatable quality, retention rates, and responsive support make them my #1 choice.

However, the other sellers covered also offer excellent solutions based on your specific goals and priorities as an influencer or brand.

Stop waiting and start growing – the power of 1 million views is now just a few clicks away! Remember to also keep creating content your audience loves.

Combine exceptional videos with visibility boosting purchased views for the best Instagram success. I hope this guide helps you pick the right service and take your Instagram presence to new heights!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.