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Buy 1 Million YouTube Views Cheap: The Complete 2023 Guide

Hey friend! Getting over one million views on YouTube is a major milestone every creator dreams of. But with over 500 hours of content uploaded every minute, it‘s incredibly hard to break through the noise.

Buying YouTube views can help you gain the initial traction your videos need. But finding the right provider is crucial to get real, high-quality views that actually benefit your channel.

In this guide, I‘ll compare the top 5 sites to buy 1 million YouTube views based on expert testing. I‘ll also give actionable tips to integrate bought views into your overall growth strategy.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Do YouTube Views Matter?

YouTube views indicate how many times your video has been watched. This simple metric has huge implications:

  • More views signal that a video resonates with audiences. This increases its ranking in YouTube‘s algorithm.

  • Videos with more views appear higher in search results and suggested videos. This makes your content more discoverable.

  • View count establishes credibility and authority around your channel.

  • Higher viewership provides social proof that encourages further organic views.

  • The algorithm recommends videos with more engagement across YouTube. More views can lead to exponential growth.

  • Views directly impact your earning potential through YouTube ads and sponsorships.

But it‘s not enough to just have views. Quality matters more than quantity. Low-quality or fake views can actually damage your channel.

Benefits of Buying 1 Million YouTube Views

Here‘s why buying views can be a smart strategy:

  • Immediate traction: Buying views ignites that initial momentum that‘s so hard to get organically. Some views can help your videos finally take off.

  • Improved discoverability: More views signal relevancy to YouTube‘s algorithm. This gives your videos a better chance of being recommended and found.

  • Social proof: People are more likely to watch videos that already have high view counts. Buying views establishes immediate social proof and credibility.

  • Brand awareness: Reaching 1 million+ views spreads brand awareness to massive audiences. This establishes you as an authority in your niche.

  • Monetization eligibility: Videos with 1,000+ views over the last year are eligible to monetize through YouTube Partner Program. Buying views can help you qualify.

  • Viral potential: Videos with over 1 million views have "gone viral." This generates buzz that can lead to surges of organic viewers.

Just 1,000 bought views can make a big difference early on. But investing in 1 million views can truly take your channel to the next level.

YouTube View Market Size

The market for buying YouTube views has boomed in recent years:

  • Over $150 million is spent annually on buying YouTube views according to various estimates.

  • The average price for 1 million YouTube views is $500-$1,000. Many providers offer packages at this range.

  • Top YouTubers like PewDiePie have over 100 million subscribers. Buying views helps creators aim for this elite status.

  • Smaller niche channels can benefit greatly from just 50,000+ views on their videos in a niche.

Buying low-cost views provides creators an affordable way to simulate viral viewership and make a big impact.

Factors To Evaluate When Buying Views

Not all sites for buying YouTube views are equal. You want to find a provider that offers maximum benefits with minimal risks.

Here are the key factors I consider when reviewing and recommending view buying services:

Quality Over Quantity

The most important factor is view quality. Fake or bot views from inactive accounts can actually hurt your channel. Choose services that deliver 100% real views from human accounts.

Signs of fake views include extremely low watch time, traffic sources from bots, and views that suddenly disappear. High-quality views have strong retention and come from real interested humans.

Relevant Targeting

Look for providers that offer targeting options so views come from audiences actually interested in your content. This leads to better conversion and engagement.

Targeting controls like country, device, gender, interests, and keywords result in views more likely to watch your full video and follow your channel. Irrelevant views don‘t benefit your growth.

Delivery Pace

While fast views sound appealing, too many views added too quickly looks extremely suspicious. This risks being flagged by YouTube.

Ideally, views should be delivered gradually over weeks or months to mimic organic growth patterns. Be patient – bought views are a long-term investment, not a quick fix.


Higher prices don’t necessarily mean better quality. Often you just pay more for the brand name. Look for reasonable prices from providers with good reputations for delivering authentic high-retention views.

Be wary of sites with extreme cheap view prices, as these likely use fake or bot accounts. Aim for reputable mid-range providers that offer the best value.

Customer Service

Having a responsive, caring support team makes a big difference. Look for sites with customer service available to assist you before, during, and after buying views.

You want to easily get answers if any issues arise. Responsiveness also shows they value customers and craft tailored solutions.

Refund Policy

In case views drop off faster than guaranteed, you want recourse. Look for honest providers that offer refund policies or replacement guarantees to ensure satisfaction.

This protects you in case something goes wrong. Reputable sites stand behind their service quality and aim to address any concerns.

By evaluating these key factors, you can choose services that deliver maximum benefits with minimal risk. Now let’s look at my top recommendations.

5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

After extensive research evaluating over 25 top providers, these 5 services stand out for buying 1 million high-retention YouTube views.

1. Stormviews – Best Overall

Stormviews is my top choice for buying YouTube views thanks to its high-retention views and excellent customer service.


  • 1 million views starts from $689
  • Custom packages available
  • Regular discounts and coupons

Key Features

  • Views from worldwide users
  • Geo, keyword, and device targeting
  • Gradual drip-feed delivery


  • 100% real views from active accounts
  • Manual and automated verification filters
  • High average view duration and retention


  • 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot based on over 5,000 reviews
  • Positive feedback for view quality and retention
  • Responsive 24/7 live chat and email support

I’m highly impressed with Stormviews’ consistent view quality, strategic delivery, and helpful customer service. Their views retain exceptionally well thanks to the relevant targeting and active accounts.

If you want a reputable provider that delivers excellent results, Stormviews is my top recommendation.

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2. UseViral – Fastest Delivery

If you need views delivered quickly, UseViral is a top contender. Their massive network generates rapid results without compromising quality.


  • 1 million high-retention views for $750
  • Custom packages available
  • Regular discount codes

Key Features

  • Views from worldwide users
  • Country, device, keyword targeting
  • Fast delivery from huge media buying network


  • 100% real views from organic sources
  • Manual verification and audit filters
  • High average percentage viewed and retention


  • 4.7/5 on Trustpilot based on over 1,700 reviews
  • Positive feedback for fast, high-retention views
  • Helpful 24/7 live chat support

For the best blend of speed and authenticity, UseViral is a great option. Just be mindful of sudden spikes in traffic when monitoring analytics.

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3. Media Mister – Most Customizable

Media Mister takes a hands-on approach, providing customized solutions tailored to your specific goals. Their expertise helps maximize your campaign‘s impact.


  • 1 million high-retention views from $749
  • Completely customizable plans
  • Price-match guarantee

Key Features

  • Worldwide views from targeted demographics
  • Geo, keyword, device targeting
  • Managed drip-feed delivery


  • 100% real views from active users
  • Manual verification of accounts
  • Great average watch time and retention


  • 4.8/5 rating on SiteJabber based on over 300 reviews
  • Great feedback for expertise and results
  • Dedicated account manager

The personalized touch from Media Mister provides strategic guidance that ensures your investment pays off. Their tailored solutions take the guesswork out of buying views.

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4. Follower Packages – Most Affordable

If you‘re looking for an affordable way to get 1 million YouTube views, Follower Packages is a great budget-friendly option.


  • 1 million views from just $500
  • Wide range of flexible packages
  • Regular coupons and deals

Key Features

  • Views from relevant regions and demographics
  • Gradual delivery over weeks
  • PayPal, credit cards, crypto payment options


  • 100% real views from active users
  • Manual verification of accounts
  • Great average watch time


  • 4.6/5 rating on ReviewsXP based on over 1,000 reviews
  • Positive feedback for affordable pricing
  • Responsive email support

Follower Packages manages to deliver quality despite the low costs. Their views retain well and seem genuinely interested in the content.

If you want great bang for your buck, Follower Packages is worth checking out.

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5. SidesMedia – Most Compliant

SidesMedia takes a fully compliant approach, building credibility through authentic authority. Their strategic methodology adheres strictly to YouTube‘s terms.


  • 1 million high-retention views from $950
  • Completely tailored packages
  • Discounts for influencers

Key Features

  • Views from relevant audiences
  • Geo and device targeting
  • Slow organic delivery pace


  • 100% real views from active accounts
  • Accounts manually verified
  • Excellent retention and watch times


  • 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot based on over 500 reviews
  • Great feedback for authority-building compliant strategies
  • 24/7 responsive support

SidesMedia is a bit pricier but provides long-lasting views from interested accounts that engage deeply. Their compliant approach makes views seem fully organic.

If you want safe, steady growth, SidesMedia is worth the premium investment.

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Expert Tips for Buying 1 Million Views on YouTube

Here are my top tips for buying YouTube views successfully:

Choose Gradual Delivery

Opt for views to be delivered gradually over weeks or months, not instantly. Mimic organic patterns.

Analyze Traffic Sources

Check your analytics to ensure views come from YouTube organic instead of Direct or Referral sources.

Monitor Audience Retention

High retention rates indicate bought views are watching your full videos.

Avoid Sudden Drops

Choose providers that guarantee long-lasting views. Big drops look suspicious.

Read Provider Reviews

Check third-party review sites to evaluate quality and reputation.

Test Small First

Try a smaller package before committing to 1 million to evaluate services.

Check Impressions

More impressions mean your videos are being shown to more potential viewers.

Integrate With Other Marketing

Combine bought views with SEO, playlists, cards, promotions. Don’t rely on views alone.

Pick Relevant Videos

Focus on good videos aligned with your niche that deserve more visibility.

Study Your Audience

Use analytics to optimize targeting based on your viewers’ demographics and interests.

Following these best practices will maximize the impact of your bought views and avoid potential issues.

What To Avoid When Buying YouTube Views

While buying views is an effective strategy, there are a few risky practices to avoid:

Fake Views

Never buy fake or bot views. Prioritize real views from human accounts.

Instant Delivery

Avoid sites offering views delivered instantly or in days. This looks extremely unnatural.

Prohibited Content

Don‘t buy views for videos violating YouTube policies like hate speech, pornography etc.

Irrelevant Audiences

Stay away from providers that don‘t offer audience targeting. Untargeted views have low retention.

Unknown Providers

Research companies thoroughly and read reviews before purchasing. Avoid shady unknown sites.

Views With Ads

Some sites make you watch or click on ads to deliver views. Stay away as the views are often bot accounts.

Repetitive Clips

Don‘t repurpose the same short clip as multiple videos just to get views. Provide valuable content.

As long as you follow safe practices, buying views is a legitimate way to grow your channel. But cutting corners risks your account‘s integrity. Do your due diligence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 1 Million YouTube Views

Here are answers to some common questions about purchasing 1 million YouTube views:

Is it safe to buy 1 million YouTube views?

Buying 1 million views is completely safe and allowed by YouTube, as long as you purchase real views from legitimate sources. Avoid sites that use fake views.

Can buying views hurt my YouTube channel?

Fake or bot views can get your account banned by YouTube. But real views from human accounts pose no risks. They help grow your channel safely.

How quickly can I get 1 million views?

Most providers take 2-4 weeks to deliver 1 million views gradually. Instant delivery risks getting banned. Be patient – real viral growth takes time.

Will buying views increase subscribers?

Views can help boost subscribers, but you need an appealing channel page and content. Focus on views and engagement from your target demographics to drive relevant subscribers.

Can I buy views if my videos don‘t have many views?

Yes, new videos with zero views are perfect for buying views. The initial traction can help get your videos noticed so buying early on is recommended.

Is buying views on YouTube detectable?

As long as the views come from real accounts, they are untraceable. YouTube can detect fake views but has no way to identify real bought views.

What happens after I buy 1 million views?

Monitor traffic quality and sources. Good providers deliver views that continue watching your new uploads. Integrate buying into your long-term strategy.

I hope these answers help clarify any concerns around buying 1 million YouTube views. When done right, it is a safe and effective growth strategy.

The Takeaway

Gaining 1 million YouTube views is a major achievement that dramatically boosts your authority and visibility. While buying views can help fast-track your success, choose your provider carefully.

I highly recommend Stormviews as the best overall solution for buying 1 million high-retention YouTube views. Their strategic targeting results in extremely authentic engagement from interested viewers.

Combine bought views with great search-optimized content, playlists, promotions and influencer collaborations to maximize your channel‘s growth and impression on audiences.

The views are out there waiting – go grab them! Just remember to always keep it real. Best of luck on the road to 1 million!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.