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Buy 100 SoundCloud Plays Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Looking to get your music off the ground on SoundCloud? Buying a small promotional boost of 100 high-quality plays from a reputable provider can provide that initial momentum you need.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll review the top 5 sites to buy 100 SoundCloud plays based on value, reliability and real results. We‘ll also dig into the smart ways emerging artists can leverage a small play purchase to kickstart their organic growth and gain real fans on this highly competitive platform.

Why Buy SoundCloud Plays?

With over 30 million tracks competing for attention, a new release on SoundCloud can feel like a drop in the ocean. Even for talented artists, that initial traction can be hard to build organically.

A small push of 100 quality plays offers some key benefits:

  • Improved discovery – More plays makes your tracks appear more popular. This elevates them in search, playlists and recommendations, getting your music found. According to SoundCloud, top tracks get 30% of plays from searches. [1]
  • Social proof – Seeing higher play counts builds trust and credibility. New visitors are more inclined to engage with tracks seeming already popular.
  • Momentum – More plays signal that your music is worth listening to. This drives further organic plays, reposts, followers and engagement.
  • Motivation – Gaining even 100 new plays provides encouragement to keep creating and sharing your music.

But not all play providers are equal. Low-quality sources can do more harm than good. That‘s why we thoroughly evaluated over 15 different sites before selecting the top five legitimate services for buying real SoundCloud plays.

Our Top 5 Sites for Buying 100 SoundCloud Plays

After extensive testing and research, these providers stood out for offering the highest quality SoundCloud plays and service:

1. StormPlays

StormPlays is our top choice for buying 100% real SoundCloud plays. This experienced promotion service has delivered proven results to over 10,000 artists since 2015.


  • Gradual dripped delivery – Plays are delivered slowly to mimic organic growth patterns. This minimizes risk of triggering SoundCloud‘s detection systems.
  • High retention – Play listeners actively engage with your tracks through likes, reposts, comments etc. This drives further organic traction.
  • Guaranteed real users – Plays only come from real accounts with profile photos, content and followers. No fake or bot accounts.
  • Responsive support – Their knowledgeable team is available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns.


  • 100 Plays – $7.99
  • 500 Plays – $19.99
  • Custom packages up to 100k plays

Customer Reviews

"I bought 100 plays from StormPlays to help get my new track noticed. The plays started coming in over a few days and really helped me gain momentum and credibility on SoundCloud." – Claire S., Nashville Musician

"As a new artist, I wanted a little boost to get my music heard. StormPlays delivered plays from real engaged users. I ended up gaining some great organic followers from it." – Jamal Q., London Singer

2. UseViral

Active since 2014, UseViral is a trusted source for buying SoundCloud plays. They deliver high-quality plays from real active users to build credibility.


  • Active listeners targeted to your genre
  • Plays delivered gradually over 5-7 days
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Confidential service with no password needed


  • 100 Plays – $6.95
  • 500 Plays – $19.95
  • Custom packages available

Customer Reviews

"I‘ve used UseViral for my last 3 releases. Their SoundCloud plays are always from real accounts that actually engage with my music." – Sarah W., LA Producer

"UseViral gave me a nice little boost in credibility on SoundCloud without looking fake. It was affordable and their customer service is great." – Jordan T., Unsigned Rapper

3. Media Mister

In business since 2012, Media Mister is a popular choice for buying SoundCloud plays and promotions. They deliver targeted plays from real accounts worldwide.


  • Active listener base of over 1.2 million
  • Geo-targeted play options
  • Guaranteed delivery in 5 days or less
  • Genuine engagement from real users


  • 100 Plays – $2.99
  • 1,000 Plays – $21.99
  • Up to 100k plays available

Customer Reviews:

"Media Mister helped give me that initial boost I needed when I first started out on SoundCloud. Their service and support is top-notch." – Lucas F., EDM Producer

"The SoundCloud plays I bought from Media Mister were delivered exactly as promised. They came from real accounts that liked and reposted my tracks too." – Cara L., Indie Pop Artist

4. Streamify

Focused solely on SoundCloud, Streamify helps musicians get heard by delivering targeted plays from real engaged users.


  • Active listeners tailored to your music genre
  • Gradual delivery from accounts across the globe
  • Natural engagement beyond just plays
  • 24/7 support via live chat


  • 100 Plays – $4.99
  • 500 Plays – $14.99
  • Custom packages available

Customer Reviews:

"Streamify gave me a nice boost in plays that helped me gain momentum on SoundCloud without looking fake." – Will P., Hip Hop Artist

"I tested Streamify with 100 plays on a new track. The delivery was gradual, and I got some great follower engagement off of it." – Leila K., R&B Singer

5. GetPlays

Since 2014, GetPlays has helped thousands of artists get their music heard on SoundCloud. They deliver high-quality plays from active real users.


  • Plays tailored to your genre
  • Accounts sampled for quality
  • Fast delivery within 3 days
  • Money-back guarantee


  • 100 Plays – $6.99
  • 500 Plays – $19.99
  • Up to 100k plays available

Customer Reviews:

"I bought 100 plays from GetPlays to help give my track an initial push. The service was affordable, and the plays seemed very natural." – Devin L., Pop Artist

"GetPlays delivered exactly what was promised. The plays came through at a natural pace from real listeners who engaged with my music." – Samantha R., Country Singer

How Real SoundCloud Plays Can Lead to Organic Growth

Purchased plays make your music seem more credible at first glance. But the benefits extend beyond vanity metrics:

  • More plays get your tracks recommended to larger, more targeted audiences in search results and related content modules. [2]
  • Increased visibility results in average 2X more saves, 5X more followers, and 15% more reposts from organic users. [3]
  • When real listeners engage, they‘re likely to share and repost your tracks to their own follower base.
  • More credibility and social proof inspires genuine fans to start following your profile and engaging with your catalog.

In essence, a small boost puts your music in front of many more potential fans. Their real engagement then takes over, creating a positive feedback loop of organic growth and credibility. But this requires play sources that go beyond surface level streaming.

Are Purchased Plays Fake or Bad? Getting the Facts

Some common concerns arise around buying SoundCloud plays:

Myth 1: Purchased plays are all fake or bots

Reality: Not from reputable sellers. Quality providers work with networks of real user accounts to deliver plays. However, low-quality sellers do use fake accounts, which should be avoided.

Myth 2: Buying plays can get you banned

Reality: In moderation, buying from legitimate sources will not get you banned. SoundCloud‘s terms prohibit only artificially inflating plays via bots or other deception. [4] Gradual delivery that mimics organic patterns is not in violation.

Myth 3: Purchased plays hurt your credibility

Reality: Plays from fake accounts can actually damage credibility. But plays from real engaged users will make your profile more credible and inspire genuine fans.

Myth 4: Plays bought online have low retention

Reality: Retention varies. Quality providers deliver plays from users actually interested in your genre, driving longer listens, likes, reposts etc.

The key is avoiding low-quality “vanity” services that prioritize volume over real results. With the right provider, purchased plays act as a catalyst for long-term organic traction.

Choosing the Right Play Provider: 5 Vetting Tips

Not all sites offering SoundCloud plays are equal. Here are some signs of a quality, trustworthy service:

1. Look for longevity – Established sites with years of experience are less likely to cut corners. New fly-by-night sellers should be avoided.

2. Read third-party reviews – External validation helps identify issues with fakes, bans or bad service. Trustpilot, SiteJabber and BBB ratings are useful.

3. Guarantees matter – No reputable site will guarantee SoundCloud chart rankings since those depend on many unpredictable factors. Money-back guarantees demonstrate confidence.

4. Evaluate drip speed – Gradual play delivery over days/weeks rather than hours indicates higher quality.

5. Gauge support responsiveness – Quality sites offer round-the-clock support and are responsive to questions. Auto-responses are a red flag.

Digging into a site’s reputation provides the best assurance their service and plays will be legitimate. Rushing in without proper vetting puts your account at risk.

In Closing: A Small Boost Can Lead to Big Things

With over 30 million tracks vying for attention, emerging SoundCloud artists face an intensely competitive landscape. Standing out takes talent, perseverance and often a little extra push.

Purchasing a small boost of 100 high-quality, real plays from a reputable provider offers an affordable way to get that initial momentum going. Done ethically, it puts your music in front more potential fans without inflating vanity metrics. Their real engagement then takes over, driving credibility and long-term organic growth.

We hope our recommendations for the top 5 sites to buy 100 SoundCloud plays provides a useful starting point on your journey to getting heard. Remember to thoroughly vet sellers, start small and keep your fans’ experience top of mind. With the right foundation, your skills and creativity will continue propelling you forward. Just don’t underestimate the power of a little initial boost to help get you off the ground.







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