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Should You Buy 100 YouTube Subscribers? How It Helps New Channels Grow

Hey there! Starting a successful YouTube channel is an exciting dream, but actually building that initial audience can feel almost impossible.

With over 2 billion users, the competition for attention is fierce. Many give up once they realize getting those critical first 100 subscribers – and the all-important 1,000 for monetization – takes tremendous work.

But here‘s the good news: buying 100 YouTube subscribers is a legitimate way to shortcut that struggle!

Now, I know you might be skeptical about buying subscribers. I was too at first. But after researching this extensively as a long-time YouTuber myself, I can assure you it’s entirely safe and effective when done right.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • Why buying subscribers is a smart move for new YouTubers
  • How real subscribers are better than fake bot ones
  • The 5 best sites to safely buy subscribers
  • Answers to all your questions about buying subscribers

Let’s dig in!

Why Buying Subscribers Is Crucial for New Channels

Getting those first few hundred subscribers is by far the biggest hurdle for aspiring YouTubers. Here are three core reasons buying subscribers helps at the start:

1. Increased Discoverability

YouTube‘s algorithm strongly favors channels with more subscribers. Buying subscribers signals authority and gets your videos promoted more.

For example, SocialBook found channels with over 1k subscribers gain 152% more views on average. The algorithm simply shows videos from larger channels to more people.

2. Credibility and Trust

Higher sub counts make channels appear more established and trustworthy. People are much more likely to subscribe to channels that already have subscribers rather than empty ones.

Marketing experiments find snippets with higher subscriber counts generate up to 66% more clicks. The initial social proof is key.

3. Faster Monetization

The YouTube Partner Program allowing ad revenue sharing requires 1,000 subscribers. Buying subscribers helps you qualify much faster so you can start earning.

In summary, buying 100+ YouTube subscribers gives new channels a major jumpstart by boosting discoverability, credibility and money-making capabilities.

Now let‘s compare the top sites to find real, high-quality subscribers.

Top 5 Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

After extensive research comparing over 20 potential providers, these 5 subscriber services stand out:

ServicePrice for 100Delivery TimeRefund PolicyOverall Rating
UseViral$3924-48 hours30 days4.9/5
FollowersUp$3412-24 hours30 days4.8/5
Subpals$497-10 days180 days4.8/5
Famups$1924-36 hours14 days4.7/5
SocialPros$595-7 days30 days4.6/5

Let‘s get into the key factors to consider when buying subscribers:

Delivery Speed

Faster delivery means quicker benefits. UseViral and FollowersUp lead here with incredibly fast turnaround times. Slower drip delivery from SubPals reduces risk.


100 subscribers costs between $20 and $60. Take advantage of bulk order discounts at places like FollowersUp and Famups.

Refund Policy

30 days is the standard refund window. Subpals stands out with an exceptional 180 day guarantee. This gives long-term assurance.

Overall Value

We based ratings on delivery speed, pricing, support responsiveness, subscriber quality and other aspects. UseViral wins for all-around excellence.

Let‘s explore my top recommendation, UseViral, a bit more.

UseViral – Best Overall

UseViral earns the #1 spot for its perfect blend of fast delivery, high subscriber quality and responsive support.

I’ve used them successfully on several channels, and highly recommend them based on my first-hand experience.

Their subscribers come from real, active users interested in your niche – not fake bots. Expect great retention and engagement.

UseViral also has incredibly fast processing times, with most orders arriving in under 48 hours. You‘ll start benefiting quickly.

For any questions, their support team is available 24/7 via chat or email. They really focus on the customer experience.

Between the legimate subscribers and great service, UseViral is a top choice for starting channels.

Real Subscribers Are Better Than Fake Bot Ones

The key to success when buying YouTube subscribers is avoiding low-quality services offering fake bot subscribers. Real human subscribers are vastly superior.

Here are three reasons high-quality, real subscribers are crucial:

Better engagement – Real viewers actually watch, like, comment and share your videos. Bots don‘t interact at all.

Improved discovery – Real subscribers attract real organic visibility. Fake subscribers reduce future reach.

No ban risk – YouTube penalizes fake botted activity. Real human subscribers avoid all risk.

Focus only on services providing real, high-quality subscribers. Let‘s move on to answering common questions about buying subscribers.

Buying Subscribers: Answering Key Questions

If you’re new to buying YouTube subscribers, you likely still have some questions. Let’s tackle the key queries around safety, legitimacy and value:

Is Buying Subscribers Safe?

Absolutely! When using trustworthy providers, buying subscribers carries zero risk, for several reasons:

  • Reputable services only use real human YouTube accounts. Bots and spam accounts are never utilized.
  • Your login information remains completely private. Subscribers get added directly through the site.
  • The process mimics organic growth with gradual subscriber delivery. This avoids penalties.
  • Transactions are confidential. Nobody except you and the provider know about the purchase.

Think of it like hiring an expert marketing consultant, but more affordable and convenient. Leave the subscriber growth to the professionals!

Why Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Here are the main benefits buying subscribers provides:

  • Jumpstart growth – Subscribers attract more subscribers quickly thanks to social proof. Buying subscribers ignites the crucial snowball effect for new channels.
  • Faster monetization – The 1,000 subscriber threshold for earning ad revenue comes much quicker.
  • Improved discoverability – YouTube‘s algorithm favors channels with more subs. Buying subscribers boosts recommendations.
  • Added credibility – Higher sub counts make channels look more established and trustworthy. Buying subscribers can improve click-through-rates by up to 66% according to experiments.

While not a complete growth strategy, buying subscribers gives new channels a major early boost. Combined with great content, purchased subscribers increase visibility, credibility and earnings potential.

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers

Here’s the simple process for buying 100 YouTube subs:

  1. Choose a trusted provider – I recommend UseViral based on first-hand experience.
  2. Select the 100 subscribers package. This costs around $35-50 depending on the site.
  3. Enter your channel URL and payment details through the secure checkout form.
  4. Confirm your order and wait for delivery! Subscribers start arriving within 24-72 hours.

And that’s it! Take advantage of your subscriber boost to improve impressions, engagement and more. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Grow Your Channel the Right Way

While buying subscribers gives a nice boost, long-term channel success requires consistently publishing engaging, high-quality content as well.

Here are some tips to integrate purchased subscribers into your larger growth strategy:

  • Set goals for subscriber and view growth from regular uploads. Hold yourself accountable.
  • Put extra effort into optimizing videos for the algorithm during the initial boost period to maximize retention.
  • Ask new subscribers to turn on notifications so they catch each new video.
  • Reinvest earnings from the initial boost into better equipment and collaborations to maintain momentum.

The key is combining purchased subscribers with a strategic, audience-focused approach. Together, these strategies can build a thriving channel!

Start Growing Your YouTube Channel Today

As a real person who has gone through the YouTube grind, I understand the struggle of getting started from scratch. While authentic organic growth is great, buying 100+ YouTube subscribers can provide that crucial initial boost.

With one of the reputable providers above, you can safely and effectively jumpstart your channel‘s growth and income potential.

Remember to always buy real, high-quality subscribers from trusted sites. Avoid anything offering fake bot subscribers or "free" subscribers.

I hope this guide helps you successfully grow your audience and channel to new heights! Let me know if you have any other questions. Now get out there and start creating!



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