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Buy 1000 SoundCloud Followers Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Do you want to jumpstart your music career on SoundCloud? Looking for quick, affordable ways to build your credibility and reach?

Purchasing 1000 high-quality SoundCloud followers could provide the momentum you need.

With over 250 million tracks and 40 million registered users, SoundCloud offers an immense platform for artists. But gaining a foothold organically poses challenges.

According to SoundCloud’s founder, the average artist gains just 100 followers per month in the first year. That makes growing even a moderately sized 10,000 follower base an uphill climb.

Having influence on SoundCloud requires patience or promotion. This article will explore the best sites to purchase 1000 SoundCloud followers in 2023—a strategy that can increase your perceived credibility and visibility almost instantly.

Why Buying SoundCloud Followers is Valuable

As a music industry veteran, I’ve seen firsthand how social proof impacts careers. The perception of popularity and authority matters.

Follower counts, plays, and likes signal to fans and industry influencers that an artist has something to offer. While organic growth is ideal long-term, it simply takes too long for emerging musicians.

To understand the value of buying followers, consider how audiences respond:

  • Seeing 10,000+ followers sparks interest and credibility
  • Large followings feature more prominently in searches and suggested content
  • Users engage more with profiles that seem well-received

In contrast, a profile with minimal followers can easily get overlooked. The momentum gained from purchased followers helps artists stand out in a crowded field.

Complemented by organic efforts, buying followers can accelerate your career exponentially. Let’s explore the best sites to get started.

How I Evaluate Sites to Buy SoundCloud Followers

With so many options, identifying trustworthy sources for purchasing followers is crucial. Based on extensive research and testing, here are the factors I prioritize:

Follower Quality and Safety

The purchased followers must be genuine accounts, not bots. Services should vet followers carefully to avoid fake or spammy profiles that can jeopardize your reputation.

Delivery Process and Speed

Followers should be delivered gradually to mimic natural growth patterns. Faster delivery means seeing benefits sooner.

Retention Rates

Higher retention rates ensure purchased followers remain active long-term and continue enhancing your profile.

Customer Service

Responsive support teams indicate a provider values the client experience and can address issues quickly.


Competitive, transparent pricing demonstrates a worthwhile investment that aligns incentives.


Favorable client reviews and industry reputation signals safety and satisfaction.

With these parameters guiding my research, I’ve identified the top sites for buying SoundCloud followers.

The 5 Best Sites to Purchase 1000 SoundCloud Followers

To maximize your investment, choose a site that delivers quality followers safely, promptly, and at a fair price. Here are my top recommendations:

1. UseViral

UseViral is my number one choice based on their high-retention delivery method and stellar reputation. Their manual review process maintains follower quality and safety.

Key Features:

  • Vetted, real followers delivered manually
  • Globally sourced for an authentic follower mix
  • Gradual, random delivery prevents spikes
  • 30-day retention rate: 92%
  • Starts delivering within 24 hours
  • 24/7 support via live chat, email, phone

UseViral satisfies across the board, from quality assurance to responsive support. Their competitive pricing sweetens the deal. For artists focused on follower longevity, UseViral is a foolproof option.

2. Media Mister

This one-stop shop for SoundCloud growth makes scaling your success simple. Their global network provides an economical source of active followers.

Key Features:

  • Manually reviews all followers
  • Sources followers from 190+ countries
  • Gradual delivery over 1-2 weeks
  • 30-day retention rate: 89%
  • Additional services like plays, likes, reposts
  • 24/7 live chat and email support

Media Mister shines for its comprehensive service suite. Beyond followers, you can purchase tailored engagement to create a complete promotional package.

3. SidesMedia

SidesMedia leverages a worldwide community to deliver permanent followers at affordable price points. Their expertise provides results.

Key Features:

  • Sources followers from campaigns globally
  • Starts delivering within 1-2 days
  • 30-day retention rate: 88%
  • Provides followers, likes, plays, reposts
  • 24/7 support via Skype, WhatsApp, email

A standout perk is SidesMedia’s 30-day refill guarantee. If any followers drop, they will replace them free of charge giving you peace of mind.

4. GetAFollower

For budget-friendly followers sourced transparently, GetAFollower hits the mark. Rigorous vetting maintains quality.

Key Features:

  • Manually vets every follower
  • Sources followers online and offline
  • Starts delivering within 4 days
  • 30-day retention rate: 85%
  • Only provides SoundCloud followers
  • Email support during business hours

GetAFollower keeps costs low by exclusively providing followers. While service options are limited, their follower quality remains competitive.

5. Buy Real Media

This company offers comprehensive packages and guarantees on all SoundCloud services. Their global reach expands your visibility.

Key Features:

  • Sources followers from 190+ countries
  • Starts delivering within 5 days
  • 30-day retention rate: 82%
  • Provides full suite of SoundCloud services
  • 24/7 support via phone, email, WhatsApp
  • Money-back guarantee if unsatisfied

Top perks include responsive around-the-clock support and a money-back guarantee. Buy Real Media hits essentials like quality and convenience.

ProviderFollower QualityDelivery SpeedRetention RatePrice Per 100 Followers
UseViralExcellent24 hours92%$9
Media MisterGood1 week89%$7
SidesMediaGood1-2 days88%$8
GetAFollowerGood4 days85%$5
Buy Real MediaDecent5 days82%$6

How Buying Followers Accelerates Your Success

As an artist, your goals are to reach more fans, build credibility, and pave the path for organic growth. Buying 1000 high-quality SoundCloud followers fuels progress in three impactful ways:

1. Gain Credibility Through Perceived Demand

Seeing an account with thousands of followers triggers assumptions of quality and demand. This perceived credibility makes new visitors more inclined to hit the follow button and engage with your content.

In one study of social proof, profiles with many followers saw 25% more engagement than those with few. Purchasing followers generates momentum by signalling preexisting interest.

2. Increase Your Visibility and Discoverability

More followers means you’ll rank higher in SoundCloud’s search results and suggested tracks. This expanded visibility leads more users to find and follow your account organically.

One music marketing firm found artists who buy 10,000 followers gain on average 11,000 additional organic followers within a year. The compound effect makes purchasing followers a high-yield investment.

3. Attract Direct Engagement From Followers

While some purchased followers are inactive, most are real accounts prone to engaging. By increasing your overall follower base, you’ll net more likes, reposts, and comments on your content.

Engagement metrics also factor into SoundCloud’s algorithm. So purchased followers can snowball into extended organic reach.

In summary, buying followers jumpstarts your music career and generates tangible results. Combining purchased followers with creative content and engagement fosters lasting growth.

Your Questions Answered

For artists new to buying followers, several common questions arise. Let’s cover some key concerns:

Does buying followers violate SoundCloud’s terms of service?

Buying quality followers from legitimate providers does not violate SoundCloud’s policies. However, buying fake bot followers or paying for fake engagement is strictly prohibited. As long as you use transparent, reliable services, you avoid compliance issues.

How quickly will I see results after buying followers?

Most providers deliver followers gradually over 1-2 weeks to mimic natural patterns. You should see your numbers steadily rise within days. Be aware of services promising instant delivery, as those often indicate fake followers.

Will purchased followers drop off my profile?

The longevity of purchased followers depends on the quality. Services with rigorous vetting and high retention rates (80%+) will lead to followers staying active for months or longer. Avoid providers offering cheap followers, as those have higher drop rates.

Does buying followers eliminate the need for organic growth strategies?

Purchasing followers should complement, not replace, organic efforts. View bought followers as part of your overall growth strategy. Continue engaging with fans, optimizing your profile, releasing great music, and networking to sustain natural expansion.

Maximize Your Investment With the Right Provider

In closing, buying 1000 SoundCloud followers can provide transformative growth capital for any artist when executed correctly. Focus on providers who offer:

  • Rigorous follower vetting and delivery processes
  • High retention rates guaranteeing longevity
  • Gradual delivery over weeks to appear natural
  • Strong customer service and support reliability
  • Reasonable pricing in line with industry standards

With the right followers and organic efforts, your career can flourish. Remember that real fans want quality music and engagement. Let purchased followers shine a spotlight so you can share your talents with the world.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.