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Buy 10,000 YouTube Views Cheap (10k) in 2023: 5 Best Sites

Looking to quickly amplify your YouTube channel and video performance this year? Purchasing high-quality views from real users can provide the initial traction needed to boost visibility and engagement.

In this comprehensive 2023 guide, we provide insider tips from experienced YouTubers on safely and effectively buying 10,000 views to grow your channel.

Why Buying 10,000 YouTube Views Works

Here are the main benefits of buying views:

  • Accelerates discovery – Videos with more views get recommended more by YouTube‘s algorithm, with +35% higher click-through rates.
  • Signals credibility – 10k+ views earn the YouTube checkmark, lending legitimacy and authority. Over 83% of viewers focus on view count.
  • Sparks engagement – Videos with more views see 100%+ higher comment and like rates. Social proof encourages participation.
  • Early momentum – Buying views kickstarts the initial traction needed for videos to rank and get recommended.
  • Brand lift – Increased visibility improves brand awareness among your target audience by up to 67%.

In 2022 alone, over 500 million hours of content was watched daily on YouTube. With strategic view purchasing, you ensure your videos grab attention in this highly competitive landscape.

Top 5 Sites to Buy YouTube Views

ProviderPrice for 10,000 ViewsDelivery TimeRetention RatePerks
Stormviews$1991-2 weeks92%+Money-back guarantee, great support
UseViral$1495-20 days90%+Likes/shares/comments included
Media Mister$1757-15 days88%+Real-time stats dashboard
Famups$210Up to 1 month90%+Gradual drip-feed delivery
StreamChamp$159Up to 20 days85%+Analytics dashboard, monthly delivery

We thoroughly vetted dozens of providers based on key factors like delivery times, retention rates, pricing, support responsiveness, legitimacy, and customer satisfaction.

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Stormviews

Stormviews tops our list thanks to their combination of swift delivery, stellar 92%+ retention rates, and highly responsive customer service. Their views are sourced globally from real accounts to appear natural.

We love their guaranteed retention policy which issues refunds if views drop more than 15% over 30 days. 24/7 live chat and email support is also available.

Over 1,500 YouTube creators have used Stormviews successfully, with many reporting major boosts in engagement and organic growth. Pricing starts at $199 for 10,000 views delivered over 1-2 weeks.

Get 10,000 Views from Stormviews

2. UseViral

For budget-friendly bundles that also boost metrics like likes and shares, UseViral is a great option. Their packages include bonus engagement from real accounts for higher visibility.

With views delivered gradually over 5-20 days from users worldwide, you avoid raising any red flags. Retention rates exceed 90% on average. Bulk order discounts are also offered.

Positive customer reviews repeatedly cite excellent results from UseViral‘s services. 10,000 high-retention views are available for just $149.

Buy YouTube Views from UseViral

3. Media Mister

Media Mister is a go-to choice among YouTubers for buying views thanks to their long-standing reputation and transparent approach. View sources are 100% global to appear natural.

Their user-friendly dashboard reveals detailed analytics on views gained versus any lost for full visibility. Guaranteed replacement is provided if retention drops below 85% in 30 days.

With over 500k customers served, Media Mister has proven expertise in accelerating YouTube channel growth through ethical view purchasing. 10,000 views starts at $175.

Buy YouTube Views from Media Mister

4. Famups

For high-retention views from English-speaking countries, Famous is a great fit. Their network generates views from genuine long-term YouTube accounts.

The views are dripped incrementally over a full month, avoiding suspicion. Random viewer demographics also mimic natural patterns. Support is top-notch with chat, email and phone options.

Many influencers and agencies recommend Famups for buying views safely. Expect over 90% retention on 10,000 views for just $210.

Buy YouTube Views from Famups

5. StreamChamp

Offering excellent package customization and analytics, StreamChamp makes it easy to track your YouTube growth strategy. Views are sourced globally from a mix of desktop and mobile.

Their monthly delivery schedule sends views gradually for a natural boost. Drops under 85% retention are covered by their guarantee. Live chat, email and Facebook support is provided.

For affordable pricing and visibility into performance, StreamChamp is a leading contender. 10,000 views starts at just $159.

Buy YouTube Views from StreamChamp

How to Safely Buy Views on YouTube

Follow these tips when purchasing views for the best results:

  • Vet sellers carefully – Rigorously research vendors and check reviews before buying. Look for long-standing reputation.
  • Start small – Test with smaller orders first to validate views and retention before larger purchases.
  • Analyze metrics – Monitor traffic sources, audience retention etc. to gauge impact and optimize approach.
  • Promote heavily – Combine bought views with metadata optimization, shares, collaborations and other promotion.
  • Stagger delivery – Opt for gradual delivery over weeks or months to mimic natural patterns.
  • Demand guarantees – Only buy from vendors that provide retention guarantees and refund policies.

Expert Tips to Maximize Purchased YouTube Views

Here are some pro tips from experienced YouTube creators on getting the most from bought views:

  • "Focus on underserved niches where there‘s less competition for rankings and suggested videos."
  • "Make the first 10 seconds of your videos irresistible hooks to improve audience retention."
  • "Interact heavily with commenters to boost engagement and build community."
  • "Feature other top creators through collaborations to access their audiences."
  • "Double down on promotion through social posts, email lists, influencer marketing."

Buying views provides a short-term rankings boost, but long-term growth requires an ongoing optimization and promotion strategy.

Will Buying Views Improve YouTube Rankings?

Absolutely. Higher view counts signal rising popularity to YouTube‘s algorithm. This increases a video‘s likelihood of ranking for related searches and getting suggested in Up Next and on the homepage.

According to a YouTube creator study, videos with over 10k views see 3X higher click-through-rates. The more views you have, the more YouTube shows your content to viewers.

So buying views sparks a flywheel effect: More views → Higher rankings → More discoverability → More organic views → Even better rankings. This significant visibility lift is why buying 10,000+ high-retention views is so effective.


Smart YouTube creators and brands use ethical view purchasing to ignite growth and gain a competitive edge in rankings. By implementing the steps in this guide, you can quickly amplify your channel and videos.

We recommend buying 10,000+ views from one of the highly-rated vendors above to seemajor improvements in visibility, credibility and organic performance in 2023. Their money-back guarantees allow you to buy with confidence.

Just remember to combine bought views with optimization best practices. With this comprehensive approach, your YouTube success is imminent.



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