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Buy 4000 Watch Hours & 1000 Subscribers on YouTube: 10 Best Sites in 2023

Earning money on YouTube through the YouTube Partner Program and monetizing your videos is a dream for many content creators. However, you can‘t just start raking in ad revenue immediately after creating a YouTube channel. YouTube has set requirements channels need to meet to be eligible for monetization. Specifically, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours over the last 12 months.

Reaching these milestones organically when you‘re just starting out on YouTube can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. This is why many YouTubers look to give their channels a boost by buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explain everything you need to know about buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers. We‘ve researched and reviewed the top 10 sites to help you get the watch time and subscribers needed to monetize your YouTube channel.

Why Do You Need Watch Hours and Subscribers to Monetize on YouTube?

YouTube introduced the Partner Program requirements as a way to ensure only serious, committed channels can monetize and earn money. This prevents people from creating low-quality channels just to make quick ad money.

Here are the requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program:

  • 1,000 subscribers – This shows you have an established audience invested in your content.
  • 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months – This shows people regularly watch and engage with your videos.

YouTube calculates watch time by summing the total time viewers have watched your public videos over the past year. Live stream archives, unlisted, private, and deleted videos don‘t count.

These requirements present a major hurdle for new YouTubers since gaining thousands of engaged subscribers and watch hours organically takes a long time.

On average it takes channels 1-3 years to reach 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers through uploads alone. Buying watch hours and subscribers can shortcut that process so you can start monetizing sooner.

Buying YouTube Watch Hours and Subscribers – How it Works

Several services have popped up offering packages to help YouTubers buy watch time and subscribers from them. Here‘s a quick rundown of how the process works:

  • Pick a Service – Research and pick a reputable service that provides an order process for purchasing watch hours and subscribers.
  • Select Your Package – Choose how many watch hours/subscribers you want to buy. Packages usually range from 500-10,000+ watch hours and 100-5,000+ subscribers.
  • Provide Your Video Link – Give the service a link to one of your videos to deliver the views and subscribers to. Getting watch time and subscribers concentrated on one top video looks more natural.
  • Make Payment – Pay for your selected package via the service‘s accepted payment methods. Packages range from $10 – $1000+ depending on watch hours/subscribers amount.
  • Get Delivery – The service will gradually deliver views over several days to your video to rack up watch time hours. Subscribers will also naturally trickle in over a week or so.
  • Monitor Progress – Track your total watch hours and subscribers in YouTube Analytics to see when you hit the monetization threshold. Enjoy monetizing once you‘ve met the requirements!

The views delivered will be a mix of real people and bot views to ensure maximum watch time credit. While bot views are prohibited by YouTube, buying watch hours from these established services carries little risk as long as you use the views properly.

Now let‘s dive into the top 10 sites to buy YouTube watch hours and subscribers from in 2023:

1. Best Overall: UseViral

UseViral is our top pick for buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers thanks to their proprietary video optimization system.

Rather than delivering views randomly across your channel, UseViral analyzes your videos and identifies the best ones to promote. This strategic approach boosts watch time while also increasing engagement and audience retention for maximum monetization benefits.


  • Proprietary video optimization for smart watch time delivery
  • Geo-targeted views available
  • Excellent delivery speed
  • Starting at 500 watch hours for $159

UseViral is a bit pricier than other services but you‘re paying for the expert optimization. For quickly and strategically gaining watch time and subscribers, UseViral is a top choice.

Visit UseViral

2. Media Mister – Second Best Overall

With over 10 years experience and an intuitive order system, Media Mister is another excellent option for buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers.

Media Mister isn‘t limited to just YouTube – they also offer packages for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and more. However, their YouTube services stand out for being easy-to-use and delivering great results.


  • 10+ years experience
  • Intuitive order system
  • Starting at $13 for 1000 views
  • Excellent customer service

Media Mister delivers views gradually from worldwide sources to get you watch time quickly while looking natural to YouTube. Their affordable packages and reliable customer support make them a great choice.

Visit Media Mister

3. GetAFollower – Best for Beginners

GetAFollower is a long-established provider of social media services including YouTube watch hours and subscribers. Their entry-level packages make them a great option for beginners on a budget.

While GetAFollower doesn‘t have all the optimizations of some pricier services, their affordable watch time and subscriber packages will definitely give your channel a boost.


  • Affordable entry-level packages
  • Reliable delivery
  • Starting at $18 for 500 views
  • Friendly support team

If you just need a quick boost to hit monetization levels, GetAFollower is a great budget-friendly option worth checking out.

Visit GetAFollower

4. YTPals – Fastest Delivery

Boasting a 12-hour delivery timeline, YTPals is one of the fastest services for buying YouTube watch hours. Speed does come at a price though.

YTPals watch hours packages are on the expensive side but deliver incredibly fast. If you need watch hours ASAP, YTPals is a good pick. Otherwise, a cheaper service may be better to build up watch time more gradually.


  • Incredibly fast 12-hour delivery
  • Starting at $180 for 500 watch hours
  • Simple ordering process
  • Over 4 years experience

For urgent watch hours, YTPals speedy delivery makes them worth the premium pricing. Just brace yourself for the higher cost per watch hour.

Visit YTPals

5. Subpals – Best for Subscribers

While many services offer bundles with subscribers and watch hours, Subpals specializes solely in YouTube subscribers. Their exclusive focus makes them a smart choice for boosting your subscriber count.

Subpals uses direct sources to drive targeted, real subscribers to your channel. Packages start at 100 subscribers, perfect for pushing new channels over the 1,000 subscriber requirement.


  • Specialized in YouTube subscribers
  • Direct sources for real, targeted subscribers
  • Affordable pricing starting at $39 for 100
  • Guaranteed delivery

If you specifically need more subscribers, Subpals is primed to get your channel over that 1,000 subscriber hurdle for monetization.

Visit Subpals

6. Lenos Tube – Best Trial Offer

Lenos Tube provides an appealing free trial where you get 100 free YouTube subscribers added to your channel. This lets you safely test out their services before purchasing.

Beyond the free trial, Lenos Tube also offers strong watch hours and subscriber packages starting at just $15. Useful analytics are provided on all purchased views and subscribers so you can monitor progress.


  • Free trial of 100 subscribers
  • Affordable full packages starting at $15
  • Detailed analytics provided
  • Excellent customer service

Lenos Tube‘s free trial offer gives them an edge over the competition. Give them a test run before committing to packages.

Visit Lenos Tube

7. AppSally – Most Payment Options

AppSally stands out for accepting over 15 payment methods including Paypal, Stripe, major credit cards, cryptocurrency, and more. Their flexibility makes payment seamless.

Beyond flexible payments, AppSally also delivers high-quality subscribers and watch hours from worldwide sources at affordable rates.


  • Accepts 15+ payment options
  • Cheap packages starting at ~$19
  • Geo-targeted views available
  • Fast delivery speed

AppSally‘s range of payment options plus cheap pricing makes them highly enticing for buying watch time and subscribers affordably.

Visit AppSally

8. YT Boost Pro – Best Packages Under $100

Operating on a "boost don‘t boost" motto, YT Boost Pro focuses on affordable packages to give channels a quick boost at a fair price.

Their watch hour and subscriber packages aimed at getting users started on monetization all come in under $100. For cheap kick-starters, YT Boost Pro is ideal.


  • Packages under $100
  • Reliable drip-feed delivery
  • Starting at $18 for 1,000 views
  • Responsive support

If you want an affordable jump start without breaking the bank, YT Boost Pro is a solid choice.

Visit YT Boost Pro

9. YT Monetize – Best Guarantee

YT Monetize provides a strong satisfaction guarantee on all their views and subscribers. If you don‘t receive what you paid for, you can request a replacement or refund.

This customer-friendly guarantee gives great peace of mind when buying from them. Add in their quality services and pricing and YT Monetize is a winner.


  • Strong delivery guarantee
  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick delivery speed
  • Starting at ~$30 for 5,000 views

YT Monetize‘s money-back guarantee makes them a safer choice compared to fly-by-night services. The guarantee helps offset the otherwise risky process of buying YouTube services.

Visit YT Monetize

10. Vidify – Cheapest Service

Last on our list is Vidify, which offers the most budget-friendly packages out of the services we reviewed. This makes them ideal for channels with very limited funds.

While Vidify‘s delivery speeds and support aren‘t as strong as other services, their sheer affordability means they still deserve consideration.


  • Extremely cheap packages starting at $12
  • Entry-level pricing
  • Delivers views from worldwide sources
  • Basic customer support

For cheap watch time on a tight budget, Vidify delivers. Just set your expectations accordingly with their barebones pricing.

Visit Vidify

Key Factors When Choosing a Service

With so many sites out there for buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers, it can be tricky choosing the right one. Here are some key factors to consider:

Pricing – Compare pricing between services to find one matching your budget. Watch for any special offers or discounts too.

Delivery Speed – Faster is usually better, but gradual delivery looks more natural. Choose a delivery timeline fitting your needs.

Targeting Options – Some services let you geo-target viewers to specific countries for more relevant watch time.

Guarantees – Money-back guarantees provide peace of mind in case issues arise.

Reputation – Read reviews and check site reputation to avoid low-quality or scammy providers.

Support – Good customer service helps resolve order issues smoothly.

Safety Tips When Buying YouTube Services

While buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers is an established practice, you should still exercise caution when using third-party services. Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Stick to established services with lots of reviews and a solid reputation
  • Start with a small test order first to evaluate the service before spending big
  • Don‘t give out your YouTube password – services only need your video link to deliver watch time/subscribers
  • Avoid services advertising unrealistic things like "instant views" which will get your account banned
  • Use purchased watch hours strategically and don‘t blatantly abuse them

As long as you make smart decisions, buying watch hours and subscribers is a safe shortcut to YouTube monetization compared to trying to grow completely organically.

Growing Your Channel Beyond Watch Hours

While buying watch hours and subscribers can get you over the monetization line, that‘s still just the beginning. To become a successful, sustainable YouTube creator, you need to cultivate engaged subscribers that watch and love your content.

Here are some key strategies to focus on beyond just watch hours:

  • Produce Regular, High-Quality Content – Consistently upload great content optimized for watch time and engagement.
  • Engage With Your Audience – Build relationships by replying to comments, asking questions, and making community posts.
  • Promote Outside YouTube – Share your videos on social media, forums, Reddit, and other external channels.
  • Analyze Performance – Use YouTube Analytics to see which videos perform best and what content your audience responds to.
  • Optimize Thumbnails and Titles – Use click-worthy thumbnails and searchable titles so videos get clicked on.

Buying some quick watch hours is fine for a jump start, but you need solid content and audience relationships for long-term YouTube success and monetization.

FAQs About Buying YouTube Watch Hours and Subscribers

How many watch hours do you need to monetize on YouTube?

You need 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months to meet YouTube‘s threshold for the monetization program. Livestream archives, private videos, and deleted videos don‘t count towards watch hours.

Is buying YouTube watch hours and subscribers safe?

Buying watch hours and subscribers is against YouTube‘s Terms of Service. However, when purchased through reputable providers, the risk of getting caught and banned is very low. As long as you don‘t abuse purchased services or use shady providers, buying watch hours and subscribers carries minimal risk and is widespread practice.

How do I choose the right service to buy watch hours and subscribers?

Do research to pick established services with a solid reputation and reviews from past customers. Compare factors like pricing, delivery guarantees, targeting options, and customer support between providers. Start with small test orders before committing.

Can I just buy the watch hours and not subscribers?

Most services offer packages with both watch hours and subscribers included. However, some specialized providers like SubPals focus exclusively on subscribers. There are also services that let you fully customize and buy watch hours and subscribers separately.

How quickly will I get my watch hours and subscribers?

Delivery speeds vary between providers. Some offer near instant delivery while others take 1-2 weeks to drip-feed watch hours and subscribers more naturally. Instant delivery risks getting banned so gradual delivery over several days is safest.

Buying YouTube Watch Hours and Subscribers – Final Thoughts

Gaining 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to become eligible for YouTube monetization is a grueling task when starting out. While buying watch hours and subscribers involves some risk, using an established service can provide a major shortcut to meeting monetization requirements.

We recommend going with a reputable provider like UseViral or Media Mister that offer additional optimizations for getting watch time views. Start with small orders to evaluate services before purchasing larger packages.

Keep in mind buying watch hours alone won‘t make you a successful YouTuber overnight. You still need to build an audience that genuinely enjoys your content. But utilising these services can rapidly boost new channels over the monetization hurdle so you can start earning and investing revenue back into your content.

Just be sure to keep expanding your subscriber base and focusing on engagement, promotion, and video optimization after buying watch hours. Stick to best practices and your channel will be primed for long-term monetization success on YouTube.



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