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Buy Automatic Instagram Story Views: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Instagram stories have exploded in popularity, with over 500 million users viewing them daily. For brands and creators, tapping into this engaging story format is essential for reaching a larger audience. A strategic move gaining significant traction is buying automatic story views to boost visibility and prompt engagement.

In this comprehensive 2000+ word guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about purchasing high-quality automatic Instagram story views in 2023. Let’s dive in!

The Rising Importance of Instagram Stories

Launched in 2016, Instagram stories enable users to post photos, videos and livestreams that disappear after 24 hours.

  • Over 500 million Instagrammers use stories daily.
  • 1/3 of the most viewed stories are from businesses and creators.
  • The average user spends 30+ minutes per day viewing stories.

For context, Instagram currently has over 2 billion monthly active users. So stories represent a massive opportunity for brands and influencers to engage their audience.

But simply posting stories isn’t enough. You need people to actually view them.

This is where buying automatic Instagram story views comes into play. The more eyes that view your story, the more it will be boosted by Instagram‘s algorithm.

How Do Automatic Story Views Work?

Automatic story views are delivered by services that have access to large networks of Instagram accounts. Their systems automatically send real users to view your story.

It works like this:

  1. You select a package for the number of views you want to buy.
  2. You provide your Instagram username. No password needed.
  3. The service taps into its network to automatically deliver the views you purchased.
  4. Views start rolling in from real accounts within minutes or hours after ordering.

Crucially, it does NOT involve bots, fake views or breaching Instagram‘s terms. The key is choosing a reputable provider (which we’ll cover soon).

Now let’s explore why buying views can be so powerful for your brand…

Benefits of Purchasing Automatic Story Views

Beyond the surface level vanity metrics, buying automatic story views offers some major advantages:

Increased Discoverability

With more views, your story has a higher chance of being featured on the Explore page and recommended to new users who will enjoy your content.

Social Proof and Credibility

Higher view counts signal popularity and lend credibility to your account. New visitors see your content is resonating.


More views tells the IG algorithm your story is engaging. This can improve your overall reach and ranking in the app.

Prompts Engagement

Views get your story in front of more people, increasing comments, shares, follows, and overall engagement.


Buying views provides high ROI compared to expensive IG ad campaigns. Prices typically start from $5.

Quick Momentum

Services deliver views rapidly, so you benefit from an instant boost to your story‘s visibility.

Now let’s explore the top automatic view services to consider…

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views

We evaluated dozens of providers based on factors like delivery speed, account quality, customer service, targeting options, pricing and more.

Here are the top 5 services to buy guaranteed, automatic views for your Instagram stories:

1. Media Mister – Ranked #1

With a reputation for quick delivery and high-quality engagement, Media Mister is our top choice.

They deliver automatic views from real, active users worldwide. Orders start from just 100 views, going up to 50k+.

We love that you can target views by location, gender, age and interests. This ensures maximum relevance.

"I‘ve used Media Mister multiple times to buy Instagram story views. They helped me gain way more exposure and engagement. I recommend them to anyone serious about growing their Instagram presence."

Key Features

  • Automatic views from genuine Instagram accounts
  • Custom targeting options available
  • Swift delivery time (views arrive in minutes)
  • Packages from 100 to 50,000+ views
  • 24/7 customer support

Overall, Media Mister provides an easy, effective solution to increase story views and unlock new growth opportunities on Instagram.

2. SocialViral – Best for Targeted Views

SocialViral makes it easy to buy targeted automatic views for your Instagram stories.

You can target views by country, gender, age range and interests. This ensures maximum relevance.

Their network includes millions of Instagram accounts, allowing them to deliver views ultra fast. Packages range from 50 to 100,000+ views.

"I used SocialViral to buy male-targeted views for my Instagram story. The relevant views gave my account a significant credibility boost. Recommended!"

Key Features

  • Automatic views from real active accounts
  • Precise targeting options available
  • Fast delivery time (views come in as fast as 10 minutes)
  • Affordable pricing (starting from just $2.95 for 100 views)
  • Helpful customer support

For brands and influencers wanting to reach specific demographics with their Instagram stories, SocialViral is a top choice.

3. UseViral – Excellent for Businesses

UseViral makes it simple for businesses to buy automatic views for Instagram stories.

They offer tiered pricing tailored to different types of accounts – personal, influencer, small business, enterprise.

UseViral delivers high-quality automatic views from relevant, active accounts. This fuels authentic engagement.

"As a small business owner, I bought Instagram story views from UseViral to improve my credibility. The views came from real accounts and really helped grow my presence."

Key Features

  • Tailored packages for all account types
  • Automatic views from genuine accounts
  • Increased visibility and engagement
  • Responsive customer support

For business accounts seeking to drive brand awareness and engagement through Instagram stories, UseViral is a trusted choice.

4. GetAFollower – Best Budget Option

Boasting affordable pricing and fast delivery, GetAFollower makes buying Instagram story views accessible.

With packages starting at just $2.89 for 100 views, they cater to almost any budget. Views start arriving within minutes of placing your order.

Their convenient dashboard also makes managing and tracking your orders a breeze.

"I‘m a startup founder with a limited budget. GetAFollower allowed me to easily buy Instagram story views affordably. The views helped me gain more visibility and credibility on a budget."

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly pricing (100 views for $2.89)
  • Dashboard to track/manage orders
  • Automatic views from worldwide accounts
  • Swift delivery (views come within minutes)

For anyone wanting an affordable way to boost their Instagram story views, GetAFollower is a great fit.

5. SocialBoost – Reliable Support

Known for stellar customer service, SocialBoost makes it easy to buy automatic Instagram story views.

Their responsive support team is available 24/7 via phone, email and live chat. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SocialBoost delivers high-quality views from active Instagram accounts worldwide. Packages range from 100 to 100,000+ views.

"SocialBoost‘s phenomenal customer service gave me the confidence to buy Instagram story views for the first time. The views increased my visibility and I saw great engagement."

Key Features

  • 24/7 live support via phone, email, chat
  • Automatic views from genuine accounts
  • Increased exposure and reach
  • Refund guarantee

For the peace of mind of exceptional support, SocialBoost is a stellar option. Their agents will help you achieve your goals.

Expert Tips to Maximize Your Automatic Views

While buying views gives the initial momentum your account needs, you’ll want to leverage it for long-term growth.

Here are pro tips to maximize the impact of your purchased Instagram story views:

  • Analyze Performance Data – Track view sources, completion rates, responses to calls-to-action etc. Use insights to create more engaging stories.
  • Engage With Commenters – Reply to any new comments you receive to foster community.
  • Post More Consistently – Capitalize on your momentum by keeping your story game strong.
  • Use Strategic Hashtags – Include relevant hashtags so new viewers can find your profile.
  • Run Polls and Q&As – Interactive features keep viewers invested longer.
  • Promote Top Performers – Repurpose stories with strong engagement into feed posts or highlights.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Links – Add swipe up or link stickers to channel views to your website, offers etc.
  • Partner With Related Creators – Collaborate on co-marketing stories to tap into new audiences.

By staying strategic with your content and engagement, you can convert automatic views into lifelong, loyal followers.

Is Buying Automatic Instagram Story Views Safe?

Buying automatic views from reputable providers is perfectly safe and allowed under Instagram‘s terms of service. However, you should steer clear of services that:

  • Make unrealistic promises about massive view counts.
  • Ask for your Instagram login credentials.
  • Use fake bot accounts or proxy servers to generate views.
  • Don‘t have sufficient customer reviews and satisfaction guarantees.

The key is vetting providers thoroughly and selecting established companies with proven track records like the top recommendations in this guide. They will fuel authentic engagement and visibility for your brand without any risk.

The Takeaway on Buying Instagram Story Views

When used strategically, buying high-quality automatic Instagram story views from reputable providers can be extremely effective for boosting your reach and prompting engagement.

If you partner with services like Media Mister, SocialViral, UseViral, GetAFollower or SocialBoost, you can build momentum for your brand safely and authentically.

The initial boost in credibility and visibility leads to a cycle of higher organic exposure, more ideal followers, and sustainable growth.

So don‘t shy away from giving your Instagram story strategy an instant level up with purchased views. With the right approach, it could take your brand‘s presence to the next tier.



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