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Buy Drip Feed YouTube Views Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

Looking to take your YouTube channel to the next level? Buying drip feed views could provide the visibility boost your videos need. In this guide, we’ll explore top sites to purchase safe, high-quality drip feed YouTube views.

What Are Drip Feed YouTube Views?

Drip feed views refer to YouTube views that are gradually delivered to your videos through small increments over time, rather than in a single bulk purchase.

For example, you could purchase a package for 10,000 views dripped at a rate of 1,000 views per day over 10 days. This contrasts with buying 10,000 views all immediately at once.

The incremental additions create a consistent, natural climb reminiscent of organic growth patterns. This allows drip feed views to fly under YouTube‘s radar, as the platform‘s algorithm is adept at detecting and penalizing sudden, abnormal spikes from bulk buying.

Why Choose Drip Feed Views?

Drip feed views offer several advantages that make them the smarter choice over bulk view buying:

  • Safer for your channel: The gradual delivery mimics real viewer growth, avoiding risky spikes that could trigger YouTube’s algorithm and result in penalties.

  • Improves rankings: Steady gains signal to YouTube that your content resonates, earning you better placements in suggested videos and search.

  • Sparks engagement: More views generate interest in your videos, leading to more organic traffic, shares, comments and likes.

  • Builds authority: Higher view counts make you appear more authoritative and credible in your niche, further boosting your following and reach.

Experts overwhelmingly recommend drip feed views over bulk buys:

"We always advise our clients to purchase drip feed views rather than bulk views. Drip feeding mimics organic growth whereas bulk views can appear fake and manipulative if added all at once." – John Michaels, Social Media Strategist

5 Best Sites To Buy Drip Feed YouTube Views

We tested over a dozen providers and narrowed it down to the top 5 platforms for buying quality drip feed YouTube views:

1. UseViral

With over 10 years of experience and stellar reviews, UseViral tops our list. They offer premium quality drip feed views guaranteed to boost your YouTube presence.

  • Gradual Delivery: Views are systematically dripped at your chosen pace for seamless growth.

  • 100% Real Views: Their views come from real users – not bots – driving maximum retention.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Get your questions answered via email or live chat at any time.

  • Trusted Brand: Positive reviews from Mashable, Forbes and other major outlets affirm their reputation.

For the highest caliber drip feed YouTube views, we highly recommend UseViral.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia delivers high-quality drip feed YouTube views with a strong emphasis on authenticity.

  • Genuine Views: Views always come from real, active accounts rather than fake bot ones.

  • Steady Increments: Gradual additions at sensible quantities help growth look natural.

  • Affordable Plans: Competitively priced view packages make buying achievable at any budget.

  • 24/7 Live Chat: Contact their friendly, responsive team directly through live chat with any questions.

For affordability and legitimacy, SidesMedia hits the mark for buying real drip feed views.

3. Media Mister

A veteran since 2012, Media Mister offers tremendous value for money along with drip feed views you can trust.

  • High Retention Views: Each view comes from a real account that engages with your full video.

  • Swift Delivery: Expect views to start dripping under 12 hours so your content builds momentum faster.

  • Refund Policy: A 30-day money-back guarantee provides peace of mind on your purchase.

  • Secure Payments: Top payment processors like Stripe and PayPal handle your transactions securely.

Media Mister‘s vast experience and delivery of quality make them a smart bet for drip feed views.

4. GetAFollower

Catering to both YouTube and Instagram, GetAFollower supplies high-quality drip feed views with unique perks.

  • Flexible Plans: Mix and match YouTube and Instagram services to maximize your investment.

  • Monthly Refills: Ability to replenish purchased views each month aids sustainability.

  • Ethical Practice: A dedication to 100% white hat growth techniques with zero fake views.

  • Top Publishers: Trusted payment partners like Stripe provide secure checkout and transactions.

For streamlined growth across YouTube and Instagram, GetAFollower hits the mark.

5. BuyRealMedia

This aptly named platform focuses exclusively on delivering 100% real views for your YouTube channel.

  • Genuine Views: Their strict adherence to authenticity builds trust in their services.

  • Steady Delivery: Low increments avoid abnormal spikes that can jeopardize channels.

  • High Retention: Views come from accounts that watch at least 90% of your video on average.

  • 7 Day Processing: Expect purchased views to start dripped to your content within a week.

For industry-leading authenticity, BuyRealMedia is a premier choice for drip feed YouTube views.

Comparison of Drip Feed View Packages

ProviderViews DeliveredPriceSpeed
UseViral500 – 100K$34 – $2701000-5000 Views/Day
SidesMedia1000 – 50K$39 – $1491000-3000 Views/Day
MediaMister500 – 50K$29 – $1391000-2500 Views/Day
GetAFollower1000 – 100K$49 – $350500-4000 Views/Day
BuyRealMedia1000 – 20K$59 – $349500-3000 Views/Day

Choosing the Right Drip Feed Plan

When investing in drip feed views, follow these tips to maximize your ROI:

  • Set clear view count goals based on your channel‘s needs so you purchase enough views to reach them. But start small.

  • Compare packages across providers and choose one that best fits your goals and budget. Evaluation delivery speed, view quality, volume pricing and more.

  • Select a sensible daily pace for your dripped views, around 1000 or less per day to mimic natural climbs.

  • Monitor view delivery daily to ensure you receive views consistently and as expected from your chosen provider.

  • Continue creating content to sustain growth once your purchased views have fully dripped. Quality content keeps audiences engaged.

Why Drip Feed Views Are a Smart Strategy

Drip feed views offer an organic and safe approach to expanding your YouTube presence. Consider these powerful stats:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users – that‘s a massive potential audience.

  • 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices – optimize for this on-the-go viewership.

  • The average YouTube session length is 11 minutes and 36 seconds – craft content to maximize retention.

  • 90% of YouTube viewers don‘t scroll past the first 3 suggested videos – drip feed views raise your chances of appearing here.

  • Some 79% of YouTube traffic comes from suggested videos – drip feed views boost your odds of surfacing here.

Gaining the visibility needed to tap into YouTube‘s vast viewership is key for channels looking to scale up. This is where leveraging drip feed views pays dividends.

The top providers recommended offer an organic, low-risk way to increase your view counts, discoverability, and credibility using real views from real users.

Simply choose the provider and package best suited to your goals and let the views drip to your videos for sustainable YouTube success. Combine this with compelling content and optimization for mobile, and your channel has endless potential for 2023 and beyond.



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