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Buy Facebook Friend Requests: 5 Best Sites in 2023 (FB Friends)

Expanding your Facebook friends list can be an excellent strategy for growing your network and increasing engagement. But for individuals and businesses starting from zero, attracting a sizable group of friends organically poses a significant challenge. This is where purchasing Facebook friend requests emerges as a practical growth tactic.

But can you really buy Facebook friend requests safely without getting banned? Are there reputable providers that deliver real connections? This comprehensive guide will explore the top sites to buy Facebook friend requests in 2023 and provide insider tips to boost your friend count authentically.

An Overview of Buying Facebook Friend Requests

Facebook friend requests allow you to connect with new users and expand your social reach. Traditional methods like sending requests manually or inviting existing friends can be slow and limited.

Buying friend requests involves finding a provider service, selecting your desired number of requests, submitting payment and profile details, then gradually receiving new requests over time.

Legitimate providers have access to networks of real people who agree to exchange Facebook requests for marketing purposes. When you buy requests, interested users will send them to help grow their own audiences in return. It becomes a reciprocal engagement strategy.

How Does the Buying Process Work?

If you decide to purchase Facebook friend requests, the process will work as follows:

  1. Find a reputable provider service through research and reviews.
  2. Select your package for the number of friend requests desired. Most range from 100 to 1,000+ requests.
  3. Submit your basic profile details like Facebook ID or username. Email may also be needed.
  4. Make payment through a protected checkout process. Major credit cards or PayPal are accepted.
  5. The provider will begin sending you new friend requests in small daily batches over a set period of days or weeks.
  6. You can review and accept the incoming requests at your discretion to connect as new friends.

That‘s the basic process. Next, let‘s explore the key factors to weigh when picking the right Facebook friend request service.

Choosing the Best Site to Purchase Facebook Friend Requests

Not all providers promising Facebook friend requests are equal. With dozens of options and offerings, it‘s essential to vet potential services carefully. Here are the most important criteria to evaluate:

Quality of Friend Requests

The legitimacy of new friend requests will make or break your experience. Reputable providers only use real, opt-in users – not bots, fakes, or spam accounts. Authentic profiles are more likely to engage with your posts long-term.

Beware of providers offering thousands of instant friends. Facebook‘s systems easily detect and ban these fake accounts. Gradual delivery from real users is ideal.

Company Reputation

Research a provider‘s reputation before submitting payment or personal details. How long have they been in business? What do past customers say in reviews? Do they hide ownership details? Are support reps knowledgeable?

Vetting for reputation protects against unstable fly-by-night companies or potential scams. Look for transparency, longevity, and satisfied buyers.

Customer Service

You‘ll want to ask questions before purchasing and potentially need support afterward. Quality providers offer multiple contact methods like phone, live chat, email, and ticketing systems.

This shows investment in support. Average response time of a few hours or less is solid. Extended delays after purchase usually mean frustration for buyers.

Pricing and Packages

While buying Facebook friends is risky, friend requests from real accounts is generally safe. But you still want the best value for budget.

Compare package sizes available, price points, discounts for bulk orders, and any extras like followers or page likes included. For example, 1,000 requests for $99 is reasonable.

Avoid free offers. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." A paid service signals more serious sellers.

Delivery Process and Timing

This factor is critical – purchased requests should come gradually over weeks, not instantly. Spikes in new friends added daily triggers Facebook‘s spam detection.

A steady drip feed of new requests blends seamlessly into your existing network. 2-4 weeks delivery time maintains a natural, organic appearance.

Refund Policies

Look for providers that offer guarantees in case requests drop or you‘re unsatisfied with the service. A 30 to 60-day policy that promises replacements or money back provides helpful recourse.

However, quality services rarely need to fulfill this. It‘s more of an insurance policy for buyers unsure about purchasing something intangible online.

The Top 5 Sites to Buy Facebook Friend Requests

Now that you know what to look for in a quality provider, here are my top recommendations:

1. UseViral – Best Overall Service

With over a decade of experience providing social media services, UseViral is my number one choice for buying Facebook friend requests.

Key Features:

  • Packages from 100 to 20,000+ potential friends
  • Fully customized services
  • Gradual delivery over weeks
  • 72-hour average response time
  • 30-day retention guarantee

UseViral offers completely tailored solutions by discussing your specific goals upfront. Their larger network and industry expertise makes them the safest choice overall.

2. SidesMedia – Best for High Quality

SidesMedia focuses on delivering exceptionally high-quality Facebook friend requests.

Key Features:

  • Starts as low as 25 friend requests
  • 30-day refill guarantee
  • Gradual natural delivery
  • 24/7 live chat support

While a newer provider, SidesMedia‘s attention to quality and quick support demonstrates their commitment to a positive buyer experience.

3. Media Mister – Best for High Retention

Specializing in 100% real Facebook users, Media Mister provides exceptional retention.

Key Features:

  • All requests guaranteed from real profiles
  • 60-day refill guarantee
  • Competitive bulk order pricing
  • Quick delivery and support response

By rejecting bots and spam accounts entirely, Media Mister ensures maximum credibility and long-term retention.

4. GetAFollower – Best for Fast Delivery

GetAFollower makes it easy to order Facebook friend requests fast.

Key Features:

  • Swift order processing and delivery
  • Guaranteed completion of orders
  • Range of Facebook services available
  • Live chat and email support

For those focused on quick delivery and results, GetAFollower satisfies with guaranteed outcomes and responsive assistance.

5. Buy Real Media – Most Authentic Requests

True to their name, Buy Real Media delivers authentic Facebook friend requests.

Key Features:

  • Emphasis on real account users
  • Simple ordering and fulfillment
  • Good customer service reputation
  • Competitive pricing on bulk orders

Buy Real Media keeps things straightforward. Their singular focus on real profiles makes them a trusted source.

ProviderPackagesPriceDelivery TimeRefill Guarantee
UseViral100 – 20,000+$89 – $8992-4 weeks30 days
SidesMedia25 – 1,000$49 – $260Up to 1 month30 days
Media Mister100 – 5,000$99 – $4701-2 weeks60 days
GetAFollower50 – 250$15 – $751-7 days100% guaranteed
Buy Real Media50 – 1,000$39 – $1491-2 weeksBy request

This comparison table summarizes the key variables between the top recommended providers. Packages, pricing, delivery times, and policies can vary.

The short answer – yes, buying requests can be safe if using a legitimate service and following best practices. Let‘s explore how to protect your account.

The key risk factors when buying Facebook friend requests include:

  • Using bot or fake accounts – Easily detected and banned by Facebook. Avoid providers offering instant thousands of friends.
  • Purchasing followers/likes – Much higher risk than friend requests from real accounts. Difficult to make appear natural.
  • Spikes in daily friend requests – Keep additions gradual over weeks, not hundreds instantly.
  • Violating Facebook‘s Terms of Service – Don‘t participate in shady practices that break platform policies.
  • Engaging inauthentically – Don‘t accept every request or send mass friend invites yourself after purchasing. Mimic normal social behavior.

While not completely risk-proof, purchasing real friend requests from an established source remains relatively safe. Just take care to integrate new connections naturally over time.

Some final tips:

  • Vet providers thoroughly and read recent customer reviews.
  • Research company legitimacy through their site, Google, social media, and business databases.
  • Start with smaller order quantities before making large purchases.
  • Monitor incoming requests daily to ensure consistent and gradual distribution.
  • Use requests to cultivate real relationships, not merely inflate friend counts.
  • Avoid anything seeming fake or bot-driven. Real connections engage better long-term.

Like any social media marketing tactic, proceed with caution. But buying real friend requests from reputable sources can provide serious growth – just maintain realistic expectations and organic behavior.

Once you complete your purchase, reputable providers will begin sending you new friend requests in small daily batches over a set timeframe. But what‘s the ideal schedule?

I advise allowing 2-4 weeks for purchased requests to fully deliver. This reflects the average natural friend accumulation rate on Facebook.

Spacing 20, 50, or 100 new requests over a few weeks seamlessly blends them into your existing network. A steady drip prevents spikes that can seem inorganic.

Some providers may claim to offer instant delivery within hours or days. But beware – sudden surges in your friend list often triggers Facebook‘s spam detection algorithms. Proceed with extreme caution.

For the most authentic results, expect the full delivery of your purchased friend requests to take up to a month. Patience provides the reward of safely boosted numbers.

Context can help when determining your goal for purchased friend requests. According to Facebook, the average user has 338 friends on the platform as of April 2021. However, counts can vary widely.

Factors impacting your ideal friend request package size include:

  • Personal profiles – Average of 300-500 connections. Too many appears suspicious.
  • Businesses / Creators – 500-2,000 looks reasonable. Higher numbers expected.
  • Public figures – Can justify 10,000+ friends. Higher engagement expected.
  • New users – Around 100-300 friends for a new profile.

Order quantities in the 1,000 to 5,000 range offer a solid starting boost for businesses and content creators. Just ensure your account presents relevant content and engagement for the size of your network.

Benchmark yourself against comparable accounts in your niche as well. If peers have 1,000 friends, 5-10,000 may raise eyebrows without proportional followers and interactions.

While buying Facebook friend requests can rapidly expand your network, it‘s important to manage expectations. Not every request accepted will become an active, engaging connection.

Many providers quote over 50% retention after the initial period of delivery. For example, with 1,000 requests purchased, you may retain 500 new active friends after 30 days.

Some reasons requests may drop include:

  • Users deleting dormant accounts
  • Changing privacy settings rejecting unknown friends
  • Perceived inauthentic behavior from you
  • Violations causing provider account bans
  • Regular platform cleanup by Facebook

Don‘t expect purchased requests that get accepted to stick forever without nurturing relationships. Follow up with likes, comments, and messages with new connections. Create value and many will engage organically.

For businesses, focus friend requests on your target demographics most likely to interact with your content and brand. Avoid spamming disinterested users.

While purchased requests will inevitably see some dropoff, quality services vet new friends for stability and legitimacy. With realistic expectations set, purchased requests remain an effective growth accelerator.

When used strategically, buying Facebook friend requests from reputable sources provides individuals and brands a relatively safe way to expand their networks. Just maintain realistic expectations, gradual delivery, and authentic engagement.

Hopefully this guide provided you a helpful overview of the process, top providers, best practices, and insights around purchasing Facebook friend requests in 2023. Use it to make an informed decision if you choose to explore this growth tactic.

The key is proceeding safely, organically, and focusing on value instead of vanity metrics. With that approach, purchasing requests can become a productive part of your overall social media strategy.



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