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Hey There, Are You Looking to Increase Your Reach on Facebook? Here‘s How Buying Shares Can Help

With over 2.8 billion monthly users, Facebook is the king of social media. Simply having an account on Facebook no longer cuts it these days. To truly succeed on the platform and maximize your reach, you need to implement proven growth strategies.

But breaking through all the noise and getting noticed remains an uphill battle. This is where buying Facebook post shares comes into play.

Strategically purchasing high-quality shares from reputable providers allows you to tap into the power of Facebook‘s immense user base and take your presence to the next level!

As a passionate content creator myself, I know how challenging it is to build a following from scratch and get those all-important shares. So I researched dozens of share services to uncover the best of the best.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll show you:

  • The immense benefits of buying Facebook shares
  • Key factors to evaluate share service providers
  • An in-depth feature comparison of the top 5 sites to buy shares
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about purchasing shares
  • Tips to integrate bought shares into your overall Facebook strategy

Let‘s dive in and get you the exposure on Facebook that your awesome content deserves!

Why Facebook Remains a Powerhouse for Reaching Your Audience

Before we get into where to buy shares, it‘s important to understand why Facebook should be a key part of your social media strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Despite new platforms like TikTok on the scene, Facebook still dominates in terms of active users and time spent:

  • 2.96 billion monthly active users – Larger user base than YouTube and Instagram combined
  • 20.7% of global internet users spend 6+ hours per day on Facebook – more than any other platform
  • 500+ million Facebook Stories daily – double the audience of Instagram‘s Reels
  • Over 50% of 18-29 year olds check Facebook multiple times per day

These staggering statistics make it clear that Facebook remains a juggernaut. Mastering Facebook is critical for reaching the widest possible audience with your brand and content.

And one of the keys to success on Facebook is getting highly-visible shares.

The Powerful Benefits of Facebook Post Shares

While simply having followers is great, getting your content shared takes things to another level. Here are the main benefits:

  • Increased reach – Posts shared by others get shown to all of their friends/followers, allowing you to reach new audiences organically.
  • Improved visibility – Posts with high shares get prominently ranked by Facebook‘s algorithm for maximum impressions.
  • Added credibility – Shares act as "social proof" that builds trust and authority around your content.
  • Higher engagement – When people see a post has lots of shares, they‘re more inclined to also like, comment and share it.
  • Faster growth – More shares signal to Facebook your content is interesting. This leads to your page and posts surfacing more in feeds.

While organic sharing takes time, you can accelerate the process by purchasing high-quality shares from reputable providers.

Not All Sites for Buying Shares Are Equal

However, there are many low-quality vendors out there selling fake or bot-generated shares that can do more harm than good.

The key is finding providers that deliver 100% real, active users interested in your niche. Avoid anything that seems fake or spammy.

Here are the criteria I used when extensively evaluating providers:

Delivery speed – Faster delivery is better, but gradual shipping looks more natural

Targeting options – Country, language, and niche targeting ensures relevant shares

Share quality – High retention rates and long-lasting shares signal real engaged users

Account verifications – Manually checked profiles ensure real humans and avoid bots

Relevance – User interests and posting histories aligned with your niche

Security – No password requests and ethical practices to avoid Facebook policy violations

Pricing – Competitive and clear pricing for different share quantities

Support – Responsive customer service team ready to assist customers

Reviews – Positive feedback and testimonials from past clients

Using these criteria, I identified and vetted dozens of providers to find the top sites for buying shares.

The 5 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Shares in 2023

Based on extensive evaluations, these providers stood out from the pack for offering stellar services and proven results:


  • 500+ Reviews, 4.8/5-star rating
  • Launched in 2017 by founder Trevor Johnson
  • Manual account verification for quality
  • Gradual drip-feed delivery looks natural
  • Starting at $49 for 500 shares
  • Dedicated account manager for support

With their high-retention shares and stellar customer service, SocialPackages is my #1 choice for buying Facebook shares.

2. FollowersUp

  • 200k+ happy customers over 7 years
  • Cheapest cost per share in the industry
  • Starting at 100 minimum shares
  • Avg delivery time of 5 days
  • Targeted shares available
  • 24/7 support via chat

For those needing shares on a budget, FollowersUp delivers excellent value and organic-looking results.

3. UseViral

  • Launched in 2013 and profitable since 2015
  • Realistic delivery speed of 5-7 days
  • Custom packages for different share quantities
  • Additional signals like reactions/comments
  • Get shares in your country and language
  • Phone, email, chat support channels

UseViral is a Facebook marketing veteran specializing in bundled engagements featuring shares, likes and more.

4. SocialFuse

  • Successfully completed 500k+ orders
  • Manual verification from their 550+ employee team
  • Gradual delivery from real users over 10-14 days
  • Starting at $129 for 500 shares
  • Get shares from your target country
  • 24/7 ticketed email support system

The slightly higher pricing at SocialFuse reflects their focus on targeted local shares and customer service.

5. ActiveIG

  • Around since 2014 with 100k+ clients served
  • Realistic looking delivery via automation
  • Starting at $69 for 500 shares
  • Average delivery time of 7-10 days
  • Can buy Instagram shares too
  • Phone, email and live chat support options

ActiveIG‘s smart tools provide a nice balance of quick delivery and natural timing.

While these were my top picks, I recommend evaluating multiple options to find the best match based on your budget and needs.

How to Buy Shares and Optimize Your Investment

Once you‘ve selected a reputable provider, here are some tips to make the most of your purchased Facebook shares:

  • Pick the right posts – Buy shares on evergreen, high-quality posts that align with your brand and attract organic engagement.
  • Stagger shares – Don‘t use up all the shares on one post. Spread them out over your best content for amplified overall reach.
  • Monitor analytics – Track impressions and engagement from shared posts to optimize future content.
  • Engage back – Reply to comments and likes on the shared posts to keep users engaged long-term.
  • Stay active – Continue posting great content to capitalize on your newfound visibility and credibility.

By combining bought targeted shares with organic posting and engagement, you set yourself up for long-term Facebook success!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Shares

I know you may still have some questions about the process of buying Facebook shares, so let‘s cover some of the key ones:

Is buying shares safe for my account?

Yes, buying from reputable providers is completely safe, as long as you avoid shady sellers offering fake or bot shares. Never give out your password.

Can I get banned for buying Facebook shares?

You won‘t get banned as long as the provider follows Facebook‘s terms of service. Avoid vendors offering mass fake shares, which is against policy.

Should I buy shares for all my posts?

I‘d recommend buying shares for your most evergreen and high-quality posts that align with your niche. Use shares strategically rather than trying to boost every single post.

How many shares should I buy?

Look at competitors in your industry and aim for share counts above average. Start small with 100-500 shares to test effectiveness before increasing your investment.

How quickly will shares be delivered?

Shares from the vendors I recommend are delivered gradually over 5-7 days. This natural timing works best, as huge spikes in shares will appear inorganic.

Let‘s Sum This Up…

If growing your reach, visibility and engagement on Facebook are priorities for you in 2023, then buying post shares is an investment well worth considering.

Just be sure to choose providers carefully to get real, high-quality shares from active and engaged users.

The top-rated vendors I featured like SocialPackages, FollowersUp and UseViral have proven track records of delivering excellent results safely and effectively.

When combined strategically with great content and organic community-building, paid Facebook shares can take your profile to the next level on the world‘s largest social media platform.

So stop wasting time and money on the subpar options out there! Contact one of my recommended vendors, kickstart your Facebook presence, and watch the growth and engagement roll in.

I hope this guide gave you the insights and tools needed to succeed. Let me know if you have any other questions!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.