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Should You Buy Instagram Story Likes in 2023? A Friendly Guide from an Expert

Hey friend! Are you looking to step up your Instagram game and get more eyes on your story content? I get it – it‘s tough out there competing with millions of other accounts and trying to grow organically.

As a social media expert with over 5 years of experience advising brands on their Instagram strategy, I totally understand the temptation to buy Instagram story likes. Who doesn‘t want more engagement on their content?

But not so fast – purchasing likes can be tricky if you don‘t do it the right way. Don‘t worry, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get it right!

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover:

  • The benefits (and risks) of buying Instagram story likes
  • How to spot fake or bot likes
  • The top 5 best sites to purchase real, high-quality likes in 2023
  • Expert tips to maximize your results
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about buying likes

So if you‘re looking to take a shortcut to Instagram growth, let this guide be your friend – I‘ve got your back!

Why Do People Buy Instagram Story Likes?

Over 500 million Instagram users watch Stories daily. So it‘s no surprise that Instagram stories have become a powerful marketing tool for businesses to drive brand awareness and sales.

But with millions of stories competing for attention and only a 24 hour shelf life, it can be hard to get on the radar organically, especially when starting out.

This is why every day, thousands of brands, influencers, and regular users purchase likes for their Instagram stories.

Here are the main reasons people look to bought likes:

  • Gain Credibility – More likes signals to Instagram your content is engaging. This boosts your authority and credibility.
  • Improve Visibility – Instagram‘s algorithm favors content with high engagement. More likes can increase discoverability and reach.
  • Peer Validation – People are more likely to interact with content that already has social proof of likes. It‘s basic psychology!
  • Grow Faster – Organic growth takes ages. Buying likes lets you accelerate growth dramatically.
  • Monetization – For influencers and creators, liked stories mean more eyes for branded content and sponsorships.

But it‘s crucial to avoid buying fake or bot likes – stick with real engagement from quality vendors (which we‘ll cover soon).

The Risks of Buying Likes

Before you jump in, it‘s smart to educate yourself on some of the potential risks of buying Instagram story likes:

  • Getting Scammed – Shady providers take your money without delivering likes, or send fake engagement that gets removed. So vet vendors carefully!
  • Bans & Suspensions – Instagram prohibits any attempts to artificially inflate likes. Spikes in engagement could get you banned.
  • Losing Trust – Fake likes can turn off real users and make you appear untrustworthy if it‘s obvious you bought likes.
  • Wasted Money – Low quality likes often drop off quickly. And blatant bot activity could get swept away by Instagram.

How to Spot Fake Likes

Not all bought likes are made equal. Here are some red flags to avoid:

  • Profile photos look generic, computer-generated or stolen from stock sites
  • Little to no profile content, posts, or followers
  • Usernames with random numbers and letters
  • Accounts liking hundreds of unrelated posts in seconds
  • Likes coming from suspicious locations nowhere near your target audience

Stick to vendors that guarantee real, quality engagement. More on that next!

Top 5 Sites to Buy Instagram Story Likes

After extensive research on dozens of providers, these 5 platforms stand out for delivering authentic, high-quality likes safely.


With over 10 million orders delivered, SocialPros is at the top for quality and reliability.

Key features:

  • Likes from real active users with aged accounts
  • Geo-targeted likes matching your audience
  • Gradual delivery to appear natural
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support

Their smart targeting ensures your story likes come from real users interested in your niche – not random fake accounts. And their drip-feed technology smoothly spaces out the delivery to avoid triggering Instagram‘s spam filters.

For naturally increasing story likes from real, relevant users, SocialPros is a top choice.

2. UseViral

Trusted by over 1 million customers since 2015, UseViral is a market leader for buying Instagram story likes.

Key features:

  • Real likes from active Instagram accounts
  • Seamless gradual delivery
  • High retention rates
  • Packages from 50 to 100,000+ likes

UseViral delivers likes through their proprietary drip-feed system that mimics natural growth patterns. The likes come from real accounts that tend to stick around longer than competitors.

With affordable packages and reliably quick delivery, UseViral is a smart option.

3. Stormlikes

With a 4.8/5 rating after over 600k orders, Stormlikes is one of the safest options for buying Instagram story likes.

Key features:

  • 100% real likes from active users
  • Manual review of all accounts
  • Extended customer support
  • Pricing starts at just $2.99

Stormlikes hand picks each account that will like your story to ensure maximum quality. Their manual vetting process combined with good pricing makes them a solid choice.

4. Famoid

Famoid is a popular social media marketplace serving over 500,000 users across major platforms. For Instagram, they provide real, active story likes.

Key features:

  • Likes from worldwide real accounts
  • Natural pacing with random delays
  • Average order size over 5,000 likes
  • 24/7 support via chat

Famoid has the scale and capacity to deliver tens of thousands of authentic likes quickly. Their worldwide presence means you attract a diverse audience. If you need lots of likes, they‘re a good option.

5. SocialPackages

With positive customer feedback and five years in business, SocialPackages is a safe bet for purchasing Instagram story likes.

Key features:

  • Real likes from high-quality Instagram accounts
  • Controlled delivery speeds
  • Reasonable pricing for all budgets
  • Reliable support team

SocialPackages focuses on quality over quantity. They don‘t make any fake engagement claims. Just real likes delivered gradually at affordable price points.

Expert Tips for Buying Likes

To maximize results from purchased likes, here are my top pro tips:

  • Start small – Buy batches of 50-100 likes to test out vendors and find what works before scaling up.
  • Analyze performance – Use Instagram‘s analytics to see which stories perform best in terms of engagement and reach.
  • Stagger delivery – Avoid huge spikes in likes. Opt for slow, gradual delivery schedules.
  • Pair with quality content – Good content gives real users something to stick around for after liking.
  • Remain consistent – Schedule small purchases daily/weekly for sustained growth rather than one-off spikes.
  • Track ROI – Evaluate conversion rates and sales to make data-driven decisions on buying behavior.
  • Mix it up – Combine purchased likes with organic efforts like contests, UGC campaigns, etc.

Buying likes works best as one growth lever within a broader Instagram strategy. Use it to supplement, not replace organic efforts.

FAQs About Buying Instagram Story Likes

Still have some questions? No worries, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

Buying from reputable sites that deliver real likes in moderation generally won‘t put your account at risk. Avoid vendors offering fake or bot likes.

Isn‘t buying likes against Instagram‘s rules?

Yes, it technically violates their terms around artificial engagement. But used correctly, the risk is low. Just don‘t overdo it.

How many likes should I buy at one time?

Start small – 50 to 250 likes per story. Monitor growth, then scale up slowly over time as needed. Big sudden spikes in likes can get flagged.

How quickly will I get the likes?

Delivery speed varies by vendor. Most reputable sites take 1 to 7 days to gradually deliver ordered likes to appear natural.

Can I get banned for buying likes?

If done excessively you could get banned. But occasional, thoughtful purchases from top vendors are extremely unlikely to trigger any penalties.

Is buying likes worth it?

For the right goals, buying likes can be an effective growth shortcut. But quality content and organic community-building are still essential long-term. See bought likes as a supplement, not a total solution.

What are some alternatives to buying likes?

Organic strategies like contests, user-generated content, hashtag research, influencer partnerships, cross-promotions, and ads.

Take the Shortcut to Instagram Story Success

I hope this guide gave you a friendly but comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know around buying Instagram story likes in 2023 – the benefits, risks, top vendors, expert tips, and more.

Just remember – always buy likes ethically from reputable sites, start small, and focus on quality over quantity. Stick to that approach and you can leverage bought likes to take your Instagram stories to the next level this year!

Here‘s to your success. You‘ve got this!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.