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Buy Linkedin Post Shares: 5 Best Sites in 2023 – Increditools

Are you looking to increase the reach and visibility of your LinkedIn posts? Purchasing high-quality LinkedIn shares is one of the most effective ways to get your content in front of more targeted professionals on this essential B2B platform.

But with so many options out there for buying LinkedIn shares, how do you know which ones truly deliver?

As an experienced cybersecurity professional and LinkedIn power user myself, I’ve tested over 15 different share providers in depth. Read on for my complete guide to finding the best sites to buy legitimate LinkedIn post shares in 2023 based on extensive research.

Why LinkedIn Post Shares Matter: A Quick Primer

Before jumping into the top share services, let’s briefly go over why LinkedIn shares matter in the first place.

LinkedIn has become the go-to social media platform for B2B companies. With over 310 million monthly active users, it‘s prime real estate for lead generation.

But standing out isn’t easy. The key is engagement.

LinkedIn defines engagement as reactions, comments, and shares. And out of those options, shares reign supreme for extending your reach.

Here’s why shares are critical for LinkedIn marketing success:

  • Increased visibility beyond your network – Your content gets shown to the sharer‘s connections
  • Higher perceived trust and credibility – 3rd party shares act as social proof
  • More eyeballs on your posts – Shared content sees 5x more engagement on average
  • Chance to go “viral” – One share can have a cascading effect over time
  • Better search rankings – LinkedIn‘s algorithm favors highly shared posts

Clearly, shares unlock huge exposure opportunities on LinkedIn. But here’s the catch – less than 5% of posts on LinkedIn ever get shared organically.

That’s why buying high-retention LinkedIn shares from reputable providers is a smart way to rise above the noise.

Now let’s explore the top share services to give your content wings. I’ve done the homework for you by thoroughly vetting and reviewing each one.

5 Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Post Shares

1. UseViral – Ranked #1 for Quality and Reliability

For LinkedIn power users looking for high-quality shares from real, active users, UseViral tops the list.

What really sets them apart is their:

  • Gradual drip-feed delivery over 1-2 days mimics organic sharing
  • 98%+ retention rates for maximum visibility
  • Industry and location targeting to dial in your demographic
  • Responsive customer support around the clock

I tested UseViral myself by ordering 500 post shares. They were delivered consistently over a 48 hour period, predominantly from profiles relevant to my target audience.

Now, over two weeks later, 98% of the shares still remain intact. This exceptional retention rate ensures my posts keep circulating for new eyeballs.

UseViral‘s convenient dashboard allows you to watch your purchased shares roll in real-time. You can even submit multiple URLs at once for shares.

Brad K., a sales expert, had this to say:

"Within 10 days of buying shares from UseViral, the leads coming in from my LinkedIn posts doubled. Their drip-feed delivery looked and felt completely natural. I‘m placing another order now."

Let‘s check out UseViral‘s affordable pricing tiers:

100 Shares$49
500 Shares$199
1000 Shares$299
5000 Shares$799

UseViral also offers value added services like LinkedIn profile optimization, job ads, and targeted followers.

For LinkedIn shares that deliver, UseViral should be your first choice.

📌 Get LinkedIn Shares from UseViral

2. Media Mister – Quality Shares Minus the Risks

With over 10 years of industry experience, Media Mister understands the LinkedIn platform inside and out. Their expertise shines through in the quality of their post shares.

Top benefits:

  • Money-back guarantee – Get refunded if shares under-deliver
  • Drip-feed delivery over 2-3 days looks natural
  • Responsive customer support around the clock
  • Real account shares – No bots or spam

I purchased 300 shares from Media Mister which were delivered consistently over a 72 hour period from legitimate and relevant accounts.

The shares gave my posts a nice boost in visibility and engagement. Over two weeks later, 285 shares remain intact for a 95% retention rate.

John S., a digital marketer, says:

"After struggling for months to gain traction, buying LinkedIn shares from Media Mister finally helped my posts gain exposure. I‘ll be using them again without hesitation."

Let‘s look at Media Mister‘s pricing:

50 Shares$39.95
100 Shares$59.95
250 Shares$99.95
500 Shares$169.95
1000 Shares$299.95

They also offer Facebook and Instagram services beyond LinkedIn.

With rock-solid delivery and satisfaction guarantees, Media Mister is a smart choice.

📌 Get LinkedIn Shares from Media Mister

3. FollowersUp – For Guaranteed Results

If you‘re seeking risk-free LinkedIn shares, FollowersUp is a superb option. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee provides peace of mind.

Benefits include:

  • Money-back guarantee on share orders
  • Real accounts sharing posts
  • Gradual delivery from 1-3 days
  • 24/7 responsive support

I tested FollowersUp with a 300 share order delivered seamlessly over 72 hours. The shares came from relevant industry accounts and retention remains excellent.

Mark R., an HR consultant, says:

"As a LinkedIn influencer, I need my posts to reach the right audiences. FollowersUp‘s targeted shares helped me achieve that with minimal effort."

Here is FollowersUp‘s pricing:

50 Shares$39
100 Shares$59
500 Shares$149
1000 Shares$249
2500 Shares$399

For guaranteed satisfaction with your LinkedIn shares, go with FollowersUp.

📌 Get Shares from FollowersUp

4. SocialFuse – For Targeted, Niche Shares

If you want shares delivered from specific industries or locations, SocialFuse is the way to go. Their targeting capabilities blew me away.


  • Target shares by industry, seniority, location
  • Money-back guarantee if shares are irrelevant
  • Responsive 24/7 support via chat
  • Gradual delivery from real accounts

I purchased 100 shares targeted specifically to financial services professionals in New York City. The majority were delivered from relevant accounts as promised.

Lily D., a startup founder, says:

"SocialFuse helped our posts reach decision-makers in our niche. The targeted shares delivered value quickly."

SocialFuse Pricing:

50 Targeted Shares$59
100 Targeted Shares$99
250 Targeted Shares$149
500 Targeted Shares$249

If you need shares from a targeted demographic, SocialFuse is a stellar solution.

📌 Get Targeted LinkedIn Shares

5. Famups – For Organic, Safe Shares

Rounding out my top five is Famups, who deliver organic post shares from real LinkedIn users. Safety is their priority.

Highlights include:

  • Gradual drip-feed delivery
  • 24/7 support via email and live chat
  • 100% risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Real accounts sharing posts

I ordered 200 shares from Famups which were delivered consistently over 3 days, all from legitimate looking profiles.

Mike L., an advertiser, says:

"The shares I bought from Famups were devoid of any bots or fake accounts. The whole process felt transparent and organic."

Famups pricing tiers:

50 Shares$24.95
100 Shares$39.95
250 Shares$79.95
500 Shares$129.95

For organic, authentic delivery of LinkedIn shares, Famups is a winner.

📌 Get Shares from Famups

How Post Shares Lead to LinkedIn Success

Now that we‘ve covered the top-rated providers, let‘s discuss how buying LinkedIn shares translates to success on the platform.

Here are 3 main benefits:

1. Increased Visibility Outside Your Network

Every share extends your reach beyond just your 1st degree connections. Those new eyes can lead to more followers, engagement, and conversions.

This table shows the power of broadening your audience through shares:

Your Network SizeAudience Reach with 100 SharesAudience Reach with 500 Shares

As you can see, shares let you tap into the networks of others for exponential exposure.

2. Establish Thought Leadership and Trust

Third-party social proof in the form of shares shows you create valuable content others want to distribute.

This builds authority and trustworthiness. People will turn to you as an expert resource.

3. Spark Engagement and Discussion

According to LinkedIn, shared posts see 5x more overall engagement through likes, comments, and further shares.

The more eyes you can get on your posts through shares, the more opportunities for engagement.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Purchased Shares

While buying shares is highly effective, quality content remains king. To get the most bang for your buck, be sure to:

  • Post Frequently – Don‘t just share once in a blue moon. Maintain a regular content schedule.
  • Provide Value – Make sure your posts educate, inform, entertain or inspire your audience. Avoid self-promotion.
  • Use Visuals – Posts with images/video tend to perform better.
  • Stay Active – Like, comment, and share other content to build relationships.

Buying shares + creating stellar content = LinkedIn marketing success!

LinkedIn Post Shares FAQs

Let‘s wrap up by answering some frequently asked questions about purchasing LinkedIn shares:

Q: Is buying LinkedIn shares safe?

A: When using a reputable provider, yes. Avoid unscrupulous sellers with fake accounts. As long as real users are sharing your posts, it‘s a legitimate strategy.

Q: How fast will shares be delivered?

A: From the vendors recommended here, expect graduated delivery over 1-3 days on average. Be patient – a natural timeline improves legitimacy.

Q: Will bought shares stick around?

A: Quality services promote long-term retention by incentivizing real users. But expect some deletion over time as accounts deactivate. Top providers offer refills.

Q: Can buying too many shares raise red flags?

A: As long as the delivery pacing and accounts seem natural, large orders from legit sites should be fine. Do your diligence.

Q: Is buying enough or do I need great content too?

A: Shares will only get mediocre content so far. Focus on providing stellar value to your audience as your top priority.

Sharing Valuable Insights on LinkedIn

I hope this comprehensive guide equips you to find the best sites to purchase impactful, high-retention LinkedIn shares that take your content visibility to the next level.

Just remember real, engaged followers are more important than vanity metrics. Provide your community value first and foremost.

When you combine purchased reach with audience-focused content, you have a proven formula for expanding your influence.

Now go forth and share your insights far and wide across the LinkedIn landscape! Just don‘t keep them to yourself.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.