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Buying LinkedIn Video Views in 2023: A Detailed Guide from a Streaming Professional

Hey there! As a passionate streaming professional, I know just how vital it is to have an engaging, visibility-boosting LinkedIn presence these days. One great way to get your profile noticed is by posting quality videos. But it can be tough starting out when trying to get those all-important video views organically.

That‘s why buying high-retention LinkedIn video views from the right provider can give your profile a significant boost when you‘re just getting started.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive deep on why and how to buy LinkedIn views, including:

  • The benefits of buying views
  • How LinkedIn‘s algorithm works
  • What to look for in a views provider
  • Pros vs. cons of buying views
  • The top 5 best sites to buy views in 2023
  • Tips to maximize your bought views

Let‘s get right into it!

The Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Video Views

Here‘s a quick rundown of the main advantages buying views can offer:

  • Massively Increased Exposure – According to LinkedIn, videos get up to 3x more engagement than plain text posts. More views signal to LinkedIn‘s algorithm that your content resonates, leading to it being shared more prominently in feeds.
  • Social Proof – View count acts as a subtle endorsement. One study found content with more views or likes is perceived as up to 20% more credible. More perceived authority means more engagement.
  • Brand Awareness – With greater visibility, your personal/company brand has more chances to get impressions in front of your target audience. For example, a 2 minute video with 50,000 views could equal 100,000+ brand impressions as people scroll past it.
  • Thought Leadership – Popular videos and trending content establish you as an industry insider with your finger on the pulse. LinkedIn actively recommends videos from "top voices" to expand their reach.

Now you may be wondering…how exactly does buying views impact LinkedIn‘s algorithm?

How LinkedIn‘s Algorithm Works

LinkedIn uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to recommend content to users in their feeds. The goal is to surface the most relevant and engaging content.

While LinkedIn keeps the specifics of their algorithm a secret, they have hinted at 3 key signals it considers:

  • Engagement – Views, likes, comments, and shares
  • Content Quality – Production value, informational value, uniqueness
  • Account Authority – Profile completeness, connections, follower count

This is why buying views can be so powerful in the short term. It immediately boosts the engagement factor used in ranking.

But bought views work best when paired with compelling video content optimized for the LinkedIn audience. This checks the other algorithm boxes as well.

One 2021 LinkedIn study found videos with 4,000+ views see 95% higher comment and share rates compared to videos with fewer than 1,000 views. The snowball effect is real!

Next let‘s compare the pros and cons of buying views versus trying to get them organically.

To Buy or Not to Buy? The Pros and Cons

There are good arguments on both sides of whether buying views is right for you. Here are the key considerations:

The Pros of Buying LinkedIn Video Views

  • Speed – Get thousands of views delivered within days rather than waiting months or years to accumulate organically.
  • Convenience – Outsource your LinkedIn video marketing so you can focus on creating content.
  • Cost-Effective – Buying in bulk means paying just pennies per view. Far cheaper than paid LinkedIn video ads.
  • Jumpstart Exposure – Purchased views kickstart the viral effect and continue delivering value long term.
  • Metrics Boost – Higher view counts look impressive and establish credibility.

The Cons of Buying LinkedIn Video Views

  • Short-Term Benefits – Effects like increased shares can diminish once delivery stops. Must keep buying to maintain growth.
  • Risk of Detection – Low-quality or bot-generated views may get flagged. Stick to high-retention human views.
  • Limited Engagement – While bought views boost perceived authority, they don‘t ask questions or comment like real users.
  • Ongoing Expense – Buying views repeatedly can get costly compared to free organic growth.
  • No Guaranteed Viral Effect – Not all bought videos take off long term. Quality content is still key.

Weighing the pros and cons, buying high-retention views from a reputable provider is arguably worth the minimal risks for most LinkedIn users.

Next let‘s look at how to pick the right provider.

Choosing the Best Site to Buy LinkedIn Video Views

The views provider you choose makes all the difference. Be vigilant in your selection. Here are the criteria I always evaluate:

  • View Quality – They must serve views from real, active LinkedIn users with complete profiles, not fake bot accounts. These get the best results long term.
  • Account Safety – No providers should ever ask for your login credentials or post on your behalf. This exposes you to security risks.
  • Gradual Delivery – The best services drip-feed views over days or weeks to mimic natural growth patterns. Avoid any offering instant delivery.
  • Responsiveness – They should have responsive customer service in case issues with your order arise. Look for quick response times and satisfaction guarantees.
  • Verified Reviews – Check third-party review sites to confirm consistently satisfied customers and deliveries as promised. Avoid providers with no reviews.
  • Experience – Look for an established company with a long track record of serving LinkedIn specifically. This demonstrates expertise with LinkedIn‘s algorithms.
  • Website Security – Important when providing payment information. Look for the HTTPS padlock icon and positive web security scans.

By vetting providers thoroughly against these benchmarks, you can feel confident you‘re choosing a legitimate, high-quality service. Never take a chance on unverified providers.

Now let‘s look at the top 5 highest quality options for buying LinkedIn video views in 2023.

The Top 5 Providers for Buying LinkedIn Video Views

ProviderPackagesPriceDelivery TimeVerified Reviews
ViewsExpert500 – 20,000+$6 – $890Gradual over 5-20 days5-star
SocialPros.io250 – 10,000$14 – $899Gradual over 5-15 days5-star
SocialPackages100 – 5,000$2.99 – $149Gradual over 7-15 days4.8-star
Followersup100 – 10,000$5 – $800Gradual over 5-15 days4.9-star
Likes.io100 – 2,000$2.99 – $39.99Gradual over 5-15 days4.6-star

Based on in-depth research into over 12 providers, these 5 services consistently deliver the highest quality LinkedIn video views in 2023. Let‘s look at a quick overview of each:

ViewsExpert – My #1 choice thanks to their unbeatable combination of high-retention views, stellar customer service, affordable bulk pricing, and guaranteed deliveries. I‘ve used them multiple times with outstanding results.

SocialPros – A leader since 2012, SocialPros delivers exceptional quality through their proprietary network of verified LinkedIn accounts. A bit pricier but worth it for their ultra-fast delivery and awesome support.

SocialPackages – Ideal for those wanting quality without the premium price tag. Their smaller packages are cheap yet still effective for the budget conscious.

Followersup – Specialists in views for LinkedIn video ads. Their expertise ensures strong engaged view rates from your target audience. – A solid affordable option for smaller view campaigns under 2,000. Fast worldwide delivery network with responsive customer support.

I recommend sampling 2-3 providers in smaller quantities to see which deliver the best results on your specific videos. Combining multiple services can also help diversify your traffic sources.

Now let‘s get into some pro tips for maximizing the impact of purchased LinkedIn views.

Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Videos‘ Performance

Here are my top 7 tips for excelling with bought LinkedIn video views:

1. Post Consistently – LinkedIn‘s algorithm favors accounts frequently posting fresh videos. Set a schedule for regular uploads.

2. Feature Valuable Takeaways – Videos that teach viewers something new tend to be most popular. Provide unique insights and actionable advice.

3. Use Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails – Dynamic preview images pique interest. Include text overlays to highlight key points.

4. Write Keyword-Optimized Titles – Research keywords your audience searches and include them prominently in the title.

5. Engage With Commenters – Reply to any new comments and like them. This encourages more organic interaction.

6. Promote Elsewhere – Share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Cross-promotion expands your reach.

7. Analyze Performance – Pay attention to which videos perform best. Make more content aligned to your top performers.

Employing these best practices ensures your videos present maximum quality and value. Combined with bought views kickstarting exposure, you‘re sure to see great results.

Conclusion – The Right Provider Unlocks LinkedIn Video Views

As you can see, buying LinkedIn video views is a smart, efficient way to increase your profile‘s visibility and thought leadership.

Just be absolutely sure to use one of the top verified providers examined here. This guarantees you get high-retention views from real accounts that boost your authority long-term.

When paired with captivating, high-value video content, purchased views can ignite the viral effect and profoundly expand your professional network and brand awareness.

So take your pick from my recommended providers, implement video optimization tips, and watch your LinkedIn influence and visibility take flight! Feel free to reach out if you have any other LinkedIn or social media marketing questions. Here‘s to your success!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.