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Buy Reddit Accounts: 11 Best Sites in 2023 (PVA Accounts for Sale)

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, with over 50 million daily active users. Having an established Reddit account can help you build credibility, connect with your target audience, promote your content, and grow your business or personal brand.

However, it takes time and effort to build up an account organically. An alternative is to buy aged and high karma Reddit accounts from reputable sellers. This allows you to skip the grind of creating and growing an account from scratch.

In this guide, we will recommend the 11 best sites to buy Reddit accounts from in 2023. We evaluated dozens of providers based on factors like pricing, account quality, customer support, and refund policies.

Why Buy Reddit Accounts?

Here are some of the main benefits of buying established Reddit accounts rather than growing them organically:

  • Instant Credibility – Aged accounts with high karma appear more reputable and influential to other Redditors. This helps you establish authority faster.

  • Bypass Restrictions – Many subreddits have minimum karma and account age restrictions. Purchased accounts let you participate right away.

  • Save Time – It can take months or years of consistent activity to organically grow a high-karma account. Buying one saves you this grind.

  • Remain Anonymous – You can separate your purchased Reddit activity from your real-world identity.

  • Boost Visibility – Higher karma accounts get more visibility on Reddit. Purchased accounts help you get noticed faster.

1. Best Overall: UseViral

UseViral is our top pick for buying Reddit accounts thanks to their combination of excellent account quality, responsive customer support, and bulk order discounts.

All of their accounts are manually created and aged over time using real human activity. They have accounts with karma scores ranging from 300 up to 10,000+. You can filter and sort accounts based on factors like karma, age, number of posts, and more.

We also appreciate their bulk order discounts, which allow you to save up to 30% when purchasing multiple accounts. This makes scaling up your Reddit presence more affordable.

UseViral provides 24/7 live chat and email support should any issues arise. They also offer a full money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Overall, UseViral is the best overall solution for purchasing high-quality, guaranteed Reddit accounts.


  • Accounts start at $1 for 300 karma
  • Bulk discounts up to 30% off


  • Manually created accounts with real human activity
  • Accounts available up to 10,000+ karma
  • Bulk order discounts to save money
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • Full money back guarantee

Visit UseViral to Buy Reddit Accounts

2. Runner Up: PlayerUp

PlayerUp is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of gaming goods and services. They have a large selection of Reddit accounts for sale from individual sellers. Accounts range from just $5 up to $500+ based on age, karma count, and other factors.

We like that you can filter accounts on PlayerUp by metrics like minimum karma, account age, comment karma, and number of posts. There is also an option to purchase “unranked” level 1 accounts if you prefer building up karma yourself.

PlayerUp has served over 1 million customers. They act as a third party between buyers and sellers to ensure secure transactions. While prices may be higher than bulk providers, the marketplace format gives you many options to choose from.


  • Accounts priced from $5 to $500+
  • Sort and filter based on account age, karma, posts, etc.


  • Large selection of accounts from individual sellers
  • Filter and sort accounts by age, karma, posts, etc.
  • Served 1+ million customers as a secure marketplace
  • Lower priced “unranked” accounts available


  • Pricing is higher than bulk providers
  • Individual sellers can be unreliable

Check PlayerUp to View Reddit Accounts

3. For Bulk Orders: Reddit Secrets

For buying Reddit accounts in bulk, Reddit Secrets is a great choice. They offer tiered pricing levels based on total accounts purchased, allowing you to save when buying multiple aged Reddit accounts.

Reddit Secret’s accounts are manually created and aged over time. Their post karma ranges from 10 up to 1000+, with comment karma scores over 50. You can further customize the country, account age, and specific subreddits activity.

With their volume pricing tiers, you can get established accounts for as low as $18 each when purchasing 20+ accounts. For large orders of 50-100+ accounts, pricing goes down to $14 per account. Chat support is available 24/7.

Reddit Secrets is ideal if you want to buy many accounts at once while taking advantage of volume discounts. This helps larger brands, agencies, or marketers scale up their Reddit presence.


  • Tiered pricing based on total accounts purchased
  • As low as $14 per account for orders of 100+


  • Manual accounts with 10-1000+ karma
  • Customizable country, age, subreddit activity
  • Volume discounts for bulk orders
  • Pricing as low as $14 per account
  • 24/7 chat support


  • Requires 10+ account minimum order

Visit Reddit Secrets for Bulk Account Pricing

4. Top Pick for Aged Accounts: EpicNPC

EpicNPC is the go-to provider if you specifically want the oldest possible Reddit accounts. They have accounts starting from 2007 to over 15 years old. These vintage accounts have high karma to establish maximum trust and authority.

In addition to Reddit, EpicNPC also sells aged accounts for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Their long-running expertise is focused entirely on aged accounts, so you can trust their accounts to be genuine and organic.

One downside is that EpicNPC has high minimum order sizes. You must purchase at least $100 worth of accounts. However, for the oldest and most reputable available accounts, EpicNPC is worth the higher pricing.


  • Accounts priced from $30 and up
  • $100 minimum order


  • Accounts available from 2007 and earlier
  • Aged 15+ year old accounts available
  • High karma scores on all accounts
  • Longtime expertise in aged accounts


  • $100 minimum order
  • Only sells aged accounts (no new or mid-aged options)

Visit EpicNPC For Their Oldest Accounts

5. Best Budget Option: ACCS Market

For those looking for the cheapest Reddit accounts, ACCS Market is a top choice. Their accounts start at just $3.50 each when purchased in bulk.

While their accounts may not have extremely high karma scores, ACCS Market is ideal if you want to buy Reddit accounts on a budget. Their low pricing makes it feasible to purchase many accounts for broader reach.

ACCS Market also offers transparency about each account‘s details like email verification status and country of origin. Support is available via email ticket.

For the lowest pricing on entry-level accounts, ACCS Market is a solid budget-friendly pick.


  • Accounts from just $3.50 each
  • Bulk discounts available


  • Very budget-friendly pricing
  • Details like email and country provided
  • Can purchase many accounts affordably


  • Accounts have lower karma scores
  • Support via email ticket only

Check ACCS Market for Their Budget Accounts

6. Best for Beginners: SidesMedia

SidesMedia makes it easy for beginners to get started with buying Reddit accounts. Every account comes with free reddit karma bot subscription.

This karma bot automatically engages with posts and comments to help you continue growing your account organically after purchase. It helps maintain account activity so your purchased accounts don‘t go dormant.

SidesMedia also provides a 1-click account switcher tool to easily alternate between your different Reddit profiles. For those new to purchasing Reddit accounts, SidesMedia bundles helpful tools to support further account growth.


  • Entry accounts from ~$9 each
  • Free karma bot subscription included


  • Entry-level accounts for beginners
  • Free karma bot to keep accounts active
  • 1-click account switcher tool
  • Makes getting started easy


  • Primarily entry-level accounts
  • Pricing slightly higher than some competitors

Check Out SidesMedia for Beginners

7. Most Reputable Seller:signals

With 10+ years in business and over 329k sold accounts, signals is one of the most reputable and experienced Reddit account sellers.

All of their accounts are manually created with organic human activity. Karma ranges from 50 up to 500+, and you can choose the specific subreddit categories based on your niche.

Their account dashboard makes it simple to manage all your purchased accounts. You can also utilize their auto-bump service to keep accounts active. signals provides email support 6 days per week.

For a seller you can trust that‘s been in business for over a decade, signals is a reliable choice. Their experience and continued operation over many years demonstrates their reliability.


  • Accounts from ~$18 and up
  • Auto-bump service available


  • 10+ years in business
  • 329,000+ accounts sold
  • Manually created accounts
  • Select specific subreddit categories
  • Auto-bump service available


  • Email support available 6 days per week
  • Minimum 3 accounts for new buyers

Buy From Reputable signals

8. Best for Customization: ViralBoost

ViralBoost makes the account buying process highly customizable. You can hand pick the exact account age, karma count, number of posts/comments, and active communities.

We like the ability to customize your new Reddit account according to your exact preferences. ViralBoost also offers add-on services like karma boosting to further develop your new profiles.

One downside of their higher customization is pricing that is higher than some competitors. However, the ability to customize your new accounts down to precise details is very appealing.


  • Entry accounts start at ~$35
  • Additional services extra


  • Highly customizable account criteria
  • Pick exact age, karma, posts, communities
  • Add-on services like karma boosting


  • Higher pricing than some others
  • Customization costs extra

Visit ViralBoost For Custom Accounts

9. Best for High Karma: Media Mister

Media Mister specializes in accounts with very high karma counts. Their accounts range from 10,000 up to 40,000+ karma.

These accounts have the maximum possible level of influence and visibility on Reddit. Having extremely high karma helps ensure your posts and comments will be seen.

Media Mister manually ages each account over time. The high karma counts let you instantly build authority within your niche.

Of course, the pricing for these elite high karma accounts is also significantly higher. But for the most influential accounts, Media Mister is a top choice.


  • Accounts from $300 and up
  • Specialize in 10,000+ karma accounts


  • Accounts with up to 40,000+ karma
  • Maximum visibility and engagement
  • Helps instantly build credibility


  • Very expensive compared to standard accounts
  • Limited purchase quantities

Check Out Media Mister‘s Elite Accounts

10. Most Diverse Site: Woorke

While most providers focus solely on Reddit, Woorke offers accounts and services for a diverse range of platforms. These include Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

We like that you can purchase different types of services all in one place, potentially with bundled pricing discounts. If you need a toolbox of accounts, followers, likes, or signals for various sites, Woorke covers it all.

Just take note that their service quality and pricing may not match more specialized providers. However, if you want one-stop access to social media services, check them out.


  • Packages from $10/mo and up
  • Offer services for many sites beyond just Reddit


  • Diverse social media accounts and services
  • Get Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more
  • Convenient one-stop shop


  • Spread across many platforms so less specialized
  • Mixed reviews on quality of some services

Visit Woorke For Diverse Social Media Services

11. Best for Account Privacy: Privacy Master

Privacy Master utilizes Sixcloaks VPN to ensure all of their accounts are created with full IP anonymity. This gives you added privacy for managing your purchased Reddit profiles.

The accounts also utilize username formats that don‘t reveal any personal information. Privacy Master specifically caters to buyers who want to remain fully anonymous.

Just keep in mind their pricing starts on the higher end, given the additional steps required to generate untraceable accounts. But if anonymity is your priority, Privacy Master has you covered.


  • Entry accounts start at ~$39
  • Includes Sixcloaks VPN


  • Accounts created anonymously with Sixcloaks VPN
  • No personal information in usernames
  • Specializes in private, untraceable accounts


  • Pricing is higher than average
  • Lower stock availability

Visit Privacy Master for Private Accounts

What to Look for in a Reddit Account Provider

Here are some key factors to evaluate as you search for the best site to purchase Reddit accounts:

  • Price – Compare pricing between sellers to find a deal. Look for bulk discounts.

  • Karma Count – Higher karma scores signal more reputable accounts.

  • Account Age – Older accounts are viewed as more credible.

  • Activity Details – Post and comment history should match the account age.

  • Reputation – Choose established sellers with positive reviews.

  • Support – Look for live chat, quick email/ticket support.

  • Policies – Money-back guarantees and other buyer protections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Established Reddit Accounts?

Buying established, aged accounts with high karma saves the time and effort of organically growing new profiles. It allows you to have instant credibility and reach more users right away.

Is Buying Reddit Accounts Safe?

Buying from reputable sellers is generally safe. But be cautious of any sellers offering to sell actively used accounts belonging to other users, as this violates Reddit‘s policies.

Is Buying Reddit Accounts Legal?

Yes, it is legal to buy aged and established Reddit accounts that have been organically grown over time by account sellers. However, accounts grown using bots or fake engagement violates Reddit‘s policies.

What About Reddit‘s Terms of Service?

Reddit discourages users from buying, selling or trading any Reddit accounts. However, their Terms of Service are not actively enforced against the buying and selling of aged accounts from third-party providers. Just don‘t buy stolen or hijacked accounts.

How Can I Safely Pay for Purchased Accounts?

Using a third party payment system like PayPal is recommended, as they offer buyer protection policies. Avoid direct bank transfers which lack safety measures.


Buying established Reddit accounts can be a smart shortcut to quickly grow your Reddit presence. We recommend choosing a reputable seller, looking for accounts with high karma and age, and utilizing payment systems that offer buyer protection.

Our top overall pick is UseViral thanks to their combination of high-quality accounts, discounts for bulk orders, and supportive customer service. They are a safe bet for most Reddit account buyers.

For aged accounts specifically, turn to EpicNPC and their 15+ year old profiles. Budget buyers can find affordable entry-level accounts at ACCS Market.

No matter your specific needs, following this guide will help you discover the best site to purchase the right Reddit accounts for your goals and budget. Just remember to follow Reddit‘s guidelines and avoid any providers using automation or fake engagement.



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