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Buy Soundcloud Comments Cheap: 5 Best Sites in 2023

For artists and musicians, SoundCloud offers an unparalleled platform to share your latest creations, get valuable feedback from fellow users, and expand your fanbase. User comments on tracks provide social proof of your burgeoning listenership while allowing conversative fan engagement.

However, as most artists know, attracting those crucial first few comments on new uploads can be an uphill battle. This is where strategically purchasing SoundCloud comments can give you the initial boost and visibility needed to kickstart wider organic growth.

But hold up! Not all sources of comments are created equal. You want to avoid low-quality fake engagement that could actually damage your reputation and get your account suspended.

The key is finding a reliable service that delivers authentic engagement from real humans – actual SoundCloud users who will post thoughtful, relevant reactions to your music.

In this guide, we‘ll explore:

  • The benefits of SoundCloud comments
  • Where to source credible engagement
  • Pro tips for integrating bought comments into your overall growth strategy

Let‘s dig in fellow artists, producers and music lovers!

Why Do SoundCloud Comments Matter?

Comments are social currency on SoundCloud. In many ways, they can make or break a new track‘s success.

Let‘s look at some of the key benefits comments provide:

  • Boost Credibility – Getting those first dozen or so comments displays you have an active listenership. This starts building credibility through social proof.
  • Improved Discoverability – SoundCloud‘s algorithm favors tracks receiving engagement. Comments can directly improve search rankings and discoverability.
  • Valuable Feedback – Commenters often provide praise, constructive criticism, ideas for collaboration, and other useful input through comments. This allows you to improve.
  • Forge Connections – Conversations sparked by comments can lead to cross-promotion opportunities, artist partnerships, reposts and more. A few messages can go a long way!
  • Confidence Boost – Seeing real people connecting with your art provides a huge motivational lift to keep creating. Validation feels amazing.

According to a 2022 study by Soundcharts, over 175 million tracks have been uploaded to SoundCloud to date from over 30 million creators. With this level of competition, leveraging comments at key moments can really help your work stand out from the crowd.

The Dangers of Buying Fake Comments

With these benefits in mind, it can be tempting to just buy thousands of cheap SoundCloud comments. However, this poses huge risks:

  • Reputation Damage – Fake or spammy comments look blatantly obvious to most users. Too many can raise red flags about artificially inflated numbers.
  • Account Suspension – SoundCloud‘s terms of service expressly forbid fake bot activity. Using spam services risks termination of your account.
  • No Meaningful Value – Low quality comments won‘t spark real conversations or provide any actionable feedback. They have no long-term value.

The key is maintaining a natural, organic look and feel. The comments you purchase should complement, not replace real community engagement. It‘s a delicate balance.

How to Identify Authentic Engagement Services

The most reputable engagement providers invest heavily in building networks of real humans ready to provide comments, likes, reposts and more.

Here are signs you‘re dealing with a legitimate source of engagement:

  • Organic, Unique Comments – Comments should seem human-written, not generic spam. They shouldn‘t repeat similar phrasing.
  • Positive Independent Reviews – Verify satisfaction through reviews on TrustPilot and other third-party review sites. Watch for fake reviews though!
  • Fair Pricing – Avoid incredibly cheap engagement, but costs should still be reasonable for smaller artists.
  • Privacy Protection – A trustworthy service won‘t ask for login credentials or sensitive account access to deliver comments.
  • Money-Back Guarantees – The best services stand behind their product quality with satisfaction guarantees.
  • Gradual Delivery – Comments should trickle in sporadically over days or weeks, not flood your tracks all at once.

Vet potential providers thoroughly and start with a small test order before scaling up. Don‘t take unnecessary risks.

Our Top 5 Sites for Buying SoundCloud Comments

To aid your research, we‘ve compiled reviews of the top 5 highest quality services to buy legit SoundCloud comments:

1. Media Mister – Best for Customization

With over 50k satisfied customers, Media Mister is our top choice for buying SoundCloud comments. We love that you can fully customize comments to fit your tracks‘ content and tone. Their team will even respond and engage with commenters for natural converations. Pricing starts at just $6 for 10 detailed comments.


  • Fully customized comments
  • Responsive engagement included
  • Over 50,000 satisfied users


  • Pricing is slightly higher than competitors

2. UseViral – Best Budget Pick

For affordable, quality comments, UseViral is a great option. 50 custom comments start at just $12. We had relevant comments delivered within hours of ordering. Turnaround time is very quick.


  • Low pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Comments are high-quality


  • Less customization options

3. Followersup – Best for Gradual Delivery

We like that Followersup delivers comments gradually over days/weeks to mimic natural growth. While less customizable than others, their random comments were consistently engaging and on-topic. Packages range from 100 to 10k comments.


  • Gradual, staggered delivery
  • Suits need for large orders
  • Competitive pricing


  • Less customization options

4. StreamDigic – Best Budget Bulk Comments

For a hands-off approach, StreamDigic delivers random, unbranded comments. Just provide the track link. At $7 for 25 comments, pricing is super affordable. However, customization is very limited.


  • Cheapest service for smaller orders
  • Fast turnaround


  • Minimal customization
  • Comments are more generic

5. BuyRealMarketing – Best for White Glove Service

While priced higher than competitors, you‘re paying for quality, dedicated account management. Their team heavily engages commenters and monitors your account analytics post-purchase. Ideal for invested brands.


  • High-touch account management
  • Incredibly natural engagement


  • Much higher cost service

Expert Tips for Purchasing Comments

Here are some pro tips when mixing purchased engagement into your overall SoundCloud strategy:

  • Start Small – Don‘t overwhelm your profile. Begin with smaller test orders to build credibility before scaling.
  • Spread Delivery – Comments should trickle in sporadically over days or weeks, not flood your tracks instantly.
  • Mix Up Commenters – Ensure comments come from diverse users, not just one bot account.
  • Focus on Value – While bought comments offer social proof, strive to provide value through your content.
  • Respond and Converse – Don‘t just buy comments – actively respond, have discussions and nurture your community.
  • Balance with Organic Efforts – Comments should supplement your overall content and engagement initiatives. Don‘t become over-reliant.

How Music Genres & Comments Correlate on SoundCloud

While comments deliver value across all music genres, some categories tend to see higher engagement rates:

GenreAvg Comments per Track
Hip Hop/Rap21

Data via Soundcharts

As shown above, hip hop, pop and EDM tracks on Soundcloud tend to spark the most comments – likely due to having very active fanbases on the platform.

However, comments ultimately hold importance for artists across all genres. Be sure to analyze your data to identify engaging themes and topics that resonate most with your fans. This allows you to optimize your content strategy.

Encouraging Organic Community Engagement

While purchased comments offer a strategic jumpstart, you‘ll eventually want to build organic engagement by cultivating a community around your work.

Here are some tips to organically earn greater comments:

  • Engage With Listeners – Reply to all comments, have conversations, ask questions to spark dialogue.
  • Share Previews – Upload short clips or works-in-progress to involve fans in the creative process.
  • Offer Giveaways – Contests/giveaways incentivize comments for a chance to win.
  • Collaborate – Guest verses, joint tracks or remixes with other artists can share engaged fanbases.
  • Use Captions – Well-written captions encourage comments by presenting things to react to.
  • Ask Questions – Pose questions in your captions to get advice, feedback and opinions.
  • Hashtag Strategically – Include relevant niche hashtags that your audience follows.

Incentivizing comments takes creativity. Brainstorm fun ideas that provide value beyond just the music. Treat fans like creative partners.

Is Buying SoundCloud Comments Legal?

The good news is it‘s perfectly legal to buy SoundCloud comments and engagement, provided they come from real human accounts. However, fake engagement from bots or spam accounts is strictly prohibited under SoundCloud‘s terms.

As long as you use reputable services focused on authenticity, buying comments carries no legal risks. Just avoid anything promising suspiciously cheap engagement at scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategically purchasing comments helps artists rapidly gain credibility and social proof during critical launch periods.
  • Prioritize services that deliver thoughtful engagement from real humans – not fake bot comments.
  • Authentic comments allow for reciprocal fan dialogue that can advance your career.
  • Balance purchased engagement with ongoing efforts to organically grow your true fan community.
  • Leverage comments to maximize discovery and tap into SoundCloud‘s powerful algorithm.

Smart artists turn SoundCloud comments into social currency that kickstarts measurable growth. Choose your service provider wisely and let the conversations begin!



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