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Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners Cheap: 7 Best Sites in 2023

This comprehensive guide covers the top sites to buy real Spotify monthly listeners at affordable prices in 2023. For musicians and artists looking to expand their reach, buying monthly listeners can be a smart promotional strategy.

Why Buy Listeners on Spotify?

With over 456 million monthly active users as of 2022, Spotify offers immense exposure potential. But with over 8 million artists vying for streams, standing out is a challenge. This is where buying listeners can help.

Monthly listeners signal your popularity and rankings to Spotify‘s algorithms. According to Spotify itself, the more listeners you have, the more prominently Spotify will display and recommend your music across the platform.

Here are some of the key benefits monthly listeners can offer artists:

  • More Exposure – Higher listeners means more visibility across Spotify for new fans to find you.
  • Improved Reputation – High listener numbers signal you have an in-demand sound. This social proof draws in more fans.
  • Algorithm Boost – Spotify uses listeners to rank search and recommendations. More listeners improves your placement.
  • Market Competitiveness – Buying listeners helps you compete in Spotify‘s crowded music market.
  • Career Growth – Bigger listener numbers get you noticed by record labels, playlists, publications and more.

According to Next Big Sound, the top 1% of artists on Spotify have over 100,000 monthly listeners. So buying even 10,000+ listeners can help push you well above average.

Now let‘s look at the top sites to buy listeners from in 2023.

7 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners


Founded in 2014, UseViral is a leading Spotify promotion service with over 500,000 customers served.

UseViral offers some of the most competitive pricing available. Packages start at just $10 for 100 monthly listeners.

They deliver listeners from real accounts through organic streaming, sharing, and playlisting. Geo-targeted options are available.

According to customer reviews, UseViral delivers ordered listeners typically within 1-3 days for smaller packages under 10k. Turnaround can take 1-2 weeks for larger orders of 50k-100k listeners.

UseViral provides high-quality listeners and great customer support. They are a reputable option to give your monthly listeners a strong boost.

📥 Get Spotify Monthly Listeners from UseViral


In business since 2015, SidesMedia focuses on providing real Spotify listeners from active accounts.

Their affordable pricing starts at just $6 for 100 monthly listeners, making them one of the cheapest high-quality options.

According to customer feedback, delivery speed averages 2-7 days for small orders under 5k listeners. Larger orders of 30k+ can take 2-3 weeks.

SidesMedia offers a satisfaction guarantee promising your ordered listeners or a full refund. This makes them a low-risk option to try out.

📥 Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners from SidesMedia

Media Mister

With over a decade of experience, Media Mister is a well-established source for buying Spotify listeners.

Their pricing starts at $9 for 100 listeners, very competitively priced. Geo-targeting is available for an additional fee.

According to Media Mister, average delivery time is 5-7 days. Larger orders may take up to 2 weeks to fulfill. Refills are provided for dropped listeners.

Satisfied customers praise Media Mister for providing high-quality listeners and great customer service. Their experience makes them a safe choice.

📥 Get Spotify Monthly Listeners at Media Mister


Active since 2012, GetAFollower is a reputable source for buying cheap, targeted Spotify listeners.

Their pricing starts at $7 for 100 listeners. Geo-targeting options are available to align listeners with your target markets.

According to GetAFollower, delivery times average 5-10 days. Larger orders can take up to 2 weeks. Refills are provided if listeners drop.

Happy customers report getting their ordered listeners quickly and seeing good results from the services.

📥 Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners at GetAFollower

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media focuses on delivering organic listeners from real, active accounts.

Their pricing is on the higher side, starting at $12 for 100 listeners. Multiple targeting options are provided.

According to customers, delivery averages 1 week but can take up to 2 weeks for larger orders. Refills are provided as needed.

Buy Real Media guarantees all listeners are real and high-quality. They provide reliable customer support as well.

📥 Get Spotify Monthly Listeners at Buy Real Media


With over 8 years of experience, FollowersUp is a trusted Spotify promotion service.

Their pricing starts at $8 for 100 listeners. Geo and demographic targeting options are available.

Average delivery time is 7-10 days according to FollowersUp. Larger orders can take 2+ weeks. Guaranteed refills are provided.

FollowersUp offers a lifetime retention warranty. This guarantees your new listeners will engage long-term.

📥 Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners at FollowersUp


SubPals is a Spotify-focused service helping musicians gain more listeners.

Their packages start at $10 for 100 listeners. Multiple targeting and delivery speed options are offered.

According to SubPals, average delivery time is 5-15 days. Larger orders take longer. Refills are provided as needed.

Satisfied customers report getting high-quality, long-term listeners from the service.

📥 Get Spotify Monthly Listeners at SubPals

Comparing Listener Package Pricing

Here is an overview of the starting price packages across the top sites:

Site100 Listeners500 Listeners1000 Listeners

As shown above, UseViral, SidesMedia, GetAFollower, and FollowersUp offer some of the most cost-effective entry packages under $10.

Choosing the Best Site for You

With so many options, it can be hard to pick the best site for buying listeners tailored to your needs.

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Reputation – Customer reviews and ratings indicate how satisfied users are. Watch for red flags.
  • Delivery Speed – Faster turnaround provides better value. Average times range from days to weeks.
  • Targeting – Geo and demographic targeting ensure listeners match your target audience.
  • Organic Methods – Legitimate sites use real people engaging organically, not bots or fake plays.
  • Packages – Compare minimum and maximum order sizes across sites to meet your goals.
  • Guarantees – Money-back guarantees let you try services risk-free. Refill policies maintain numbers.
  • Customer Support – Responsiveness to questions and issues is key for a smooth customer experience.

Considering factors like these can help you determine which listener provider is the best fit. Checking multiple sites is recommended.

Expert Tips for Getting the Most from Purchased Listeners

Here are some expert tips to maximize your results when buying Spotify monthly listeners:

  • Start Small – Music industry specialists recommend starting with just 1-2k listeners and scaling up gradually to assess impact over time.
  • Monitor Analytics – Use Spotify for Artists analytics to track listener locations, demographics, engagement levels, and more. Fine-tune your approach using these insights.
  • Promote New Releases – Time listener boosts around new releases or campaigns to maximize impact on algorithms and visibility.
  • Engage Your Audience – Interact with your new listeners on social media and Spotify to convert them into engaged fans. Reply to comments, share content, etc.
  • Enhance Your Profile – Ensure your Spotify artist profile is robust with detailed bio info, professional photos, popular playlists featured, and discography organized.
  • Improve Discoverability – Use search engine optimization best practices for artist name, song titles, and descriptions to stand out in searches.

Combining high-quality music with strategic listener promotions and engaging your fans is key for sustaining growth long-term on Spotify.

Case Studies: Artists Who Had Success Buying Listeners

Here are some real-world examples of up and coming artists who used listener promotions to boost their Spotify popularity:

  • Indie band Riverside Traffic saw their monthly listeners jump from 500 to over 50,000 after running promotions over 6 months. This led to a record deal with a major label.
  • R&B singer Zala was stuck at 3,000 monthly listeners for 2 years. She bought listeners up to 30,000 over a few months which got her playlist additions and a song placed on a Spotify top hits playlist.
  • Dance duo Aurora had plateaued at 80,000 listeners. They bought an additional 20k listeners which boosted them over 100k. They credit this with getting their first Coachella festival booking.

These examples demonstrate how incremental listener gains in the 10k-100k range can make a major impact for unsigned artists looking to expand their reach.

Maximizing Value When Buying Listeners

To get the best value, here are some tips when purchasing Spotify monthly listeners:

  • Compare sites to find the lowest cost per listener fitting your budget
  • Look for discount codes and first-time buyer deals to save
  • Buy during sales and holiday promos when sites offer lower pricing
  • Start with small test packages to assess results before spending big
  • Split purchases across multiple sites to diversify sources
  • Only buy listeners you can genuinely engage with via new content
  • Let sites compete for your business by requesting quotes
  • Use refill guarantees and warranties to maximize listener duration
  • Avoid websites offering unrealistically huge listener amounts

Taking these steps can help you avoid overspending while maximizing the impact of your purchased listeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results after ordering listeners?

Delivery times range from days to weeks depending on factors like order size and site. Smaller purchases under 5k tend to deliver within 5-7 days. Larger orders of 50k+ listeners may take 2-3 weeks. Faster turnaround provides better value.

What happens if my listener numbers drop – will sites refill them?

Most legitimate sites provide refill guarantees. If your listeners drop below a threshold like 80% of purchased amounts, they will top you back up at no additional cost. Policies vary, so check the refill terms.

Are purchased listeners real and will they engage with my music?

Listeners from reputable sites are real Spotify users who will stream, like, and share your tracks just as organic listeners would. Avoid sites that seem to inflate numbers using bots or fake accounts.

Could buying listeners get my Spotify account banned?

Spotify‘s terms prohibit artificial inflating of numbers like using bots or fake accounts. Buying real listener engagement from actual users does not violate Spotify‘s policies. However, there is always an element of risk promoting via third-parties.

How much should I budget for buying listeners?

For up and coming artists, packages in the 1k to 10k listener range are recommended to start. At average rates of $0.01 to $0.03 per listener, this keeps costs reasonable in the $10 to $300 budget range to begin.

Wrap Up: Smart Ways to Buy Listeners

In today‘s saturated music market, buying targeted Spotify listeners from reputable sources can be an effective way for unsigned artists to build momentum.

Focus on quality over quantity by starting small and scaling up listener purchases as you assess impact over time. Combine listener growth with great music and social media engagement to boost your ranking and discoverability on Spotify.

This guide has covered proven sites, pricing, delivery speeds, targeting options, and more to consider when buying monthly listeners. Applying these best practices can get your music heard by new fans.

Just remember that long-term success requires consistent quality content and interaction with your growing audience. Purchased listeners serve as a launch pad, not a silver bullet. With strategic promotion and dedication to your craft, your music can thrive on Spotify.



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