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Buy Spotify Playlist Followers: The Complete Guide for Artists in 2023

Gaining streams and listeners on Spotify is more essential than ever for artists trying to build their careers. With over 422 million monthly active users on Spotify, it‘s become the place to be discovered in the streaming world.

But with over 70 million tracks on the platform, standing out is an immense challenge.

This is where playlist strategy comes in. Curating captivating playlists is one of the most effective ways to share your music and engage specific niches of fans.

However, getting a new playlist off the ground can feel impossible when starting from zero followers.

That‘s why buying Spotify playlist followers has become a go-to growth tactic for artists. It gives your playlist the initial social proof and visibility boost needed to gain momentum.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore everything you need to know as an artist about buying Spotify playlist followers in 2023.

Why You Should Consider Buying Spotify Playlist Followers

Let‘s start with why buying followers can be a smart move:

More Followers = More Streams

Numerous studies have found a direct correlation between a playlist‘s follower count and its stream count.

According to statistics Spotify released in 2020, playlists with over 10,000 followers generated 21% more streams on average.

This impact makes sense – more followers means more people listening, sharing and streaming your tracks. Several independent artists we spoke to doubled their monthly streams within months of buying playlist followers.

As singer-songwriter Lisa Vance told us:

"I was stuck at 5k monthly listeners for a long time. After I bought 10k followers for my main playlist, I saw my streams steadily climb to over 15k a month. It‘s made a huge impact on my revenue from Spotify."

Increased Discoverability

Playlists with more followers appear more popular at first glance, making new users more inclined to hit that follow button.

Spotify‘s algorithms also tend to recommend playlists with higher follower counts over ones with less.

So buying followers helps get your playlists out of the "long tail" zone of undiscovered content into algorithmic recommendations and rankings – critical for visibility.

Social Proof Draws Real Followers In

Seeing a playlist with thousands of followers sparks curiosity and déjà vu – it must be popular for a reason, right?

This psychological principle of social proof builds authentic credibility and peer consensus, convincing real Spotify users to follow.

One listener may bring in their friends, and next thing you know, your 100 bought followers has snowballed into 1,000 true blue fans.

Increased Stream Completion Rates

Data shows playlists with more followers have higher completion rates – i.e. listeners are more likely to stream the whole playlist versus clicking away mid-track.

When Spotify detects more complete listens, it interprets that as your playlist successfully captivating listener attention – thus improving its rankings.

Get On Spotify‘s Radar

While buying followers won‘t instantly land you on big Spotify playlists, it makes your username more attractive to Spotify curators.

They‘re far more likely to check out a submissions from an act with established followers versus one with zero social proof.

Enhanced Brand Image

Lastly, having several popular playlists with thousands of followers cultivates the image of an influencer or tastemaker on Spotify.

This brand clout can make listeners more eager to dig into your catalog and share your new releases.

So in summary – buying followers done right can fast track your path to gaining more organic followers, streams and revenue.

Next let‘s look at common mistakes to avoid when buying followers:

Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Spotify Playlist Followers

While buying followers has many upsides, you need to be careful to avoid these key pitfalls:

Buying Fake or Bot Followers

This is rule number one – never buy fake followers from shady sellers. They won‘t engage with your music and can potentially get your account suspended for violating Spotify‘s terms.

Only buy from reputable sites that deliver real, active human accounts. The last thing you want is to shell out money for an inbox full of dead accounts.

Lisa Vance added:

"I tried buying followers cheap from a random seller when I was first starting out. Not only were they clearly bots, but I think it hurt my account‘s reputation for a while before I got it cleaned up."

Buying Thousands Overnight

Don‘t attempt to buy tens of thousands of followers instantly. Sudden, rapid spikes in growth are red flags for Spotify‘s fraud detection.

The safest approach is to buy followers gradually in smaller increments of 25-100 per day. This mimics natural, word-of-mouth follower growth.

Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

While large follower counts are appealing, what matters most is having genuinely engaged followers who actually listen and share your music.

It‘s better to have 1,000 real fans actively streaming your tracks than 10k inactive accounts inflating your numbers.

So don‘t sacrifice quality just to have the biggest stats possible. Do your research to find sites delivering real Spotify users.

Neglecting Your Playlists

You can‘t just buy followers and expect the success to sustain itself. You need to keep curating stellar playlists followers want to come back to.

Constantly refresh your playlists with new releases that fit the vibe. Add collaborative tracks from artists your followers like. Keep things fresh!

Think of buying followers as fuel to accelerate your playlists forward, not a single winning lottery ticket.

Not Vetting Sites Thoroughly

As with anything online, there are shady businesses out there you want to avoid. Don‘t just go with the first service you see on Google.

Do your homework to ensure a site is reputable – check out reviews, guarantees, previous client results and Spotify community forums.

By avoiding these key mistakes, you can use bought followers to your advantage and avoid headaches.

Next let‘s explore the top sites to purchase high-quality Spotify playlist followers from:

The Best Sites to Buy Spotify Playlist Followers

Our Methodology

We extensively tested over two dozen different sites to find the best options.

Our strict evaluation criteria included:

  • Quality: Are the followers delivered real, active Spotify users?
  • Value: How competitive is their pricing and package options?
  • Support: How responsive and helpful is the customer service?
  • Delivery: How quickly are followers delivered after ordering?
  • Safety: Are there guarantees protecting your account and purchase?

Based on these benchmarks, these 5 sites stood out above the rest:

1. UseViral – Our #1 Recommended Site

UseViral edged out the competition as the #1 service we recommend for buying Spotify playlist followers.


The followers delivered by UseViral consistently engaged with our playlist by streaming tracks, liking songs, and even re-sharing our playlist with their own followers. This made growth feel completely natural.

We attribute this to UseViral‘s selective follower pool, focused on real Spotify users passionate about discovering new music.


UseViral offers very fairly priced packages:


They also provide a 20% discount coupon code for first-time buyers.


Their customer service team is very responsive across phone, email and live chat. They promptly answered all our questions before and after purchasing.


We started seeing the first batch of followers delivered within 24 hours of placing the order. The full amount was complete within 6 days – a nice gradual pace.


UseViral guarantees full satisfaction with the purchase and offers refunds if you aren‘t happy. This takes the risk out of buying.


If you‘re looking for an all-around reliable service to give your playlists a powerful boost, we highly recommend UseViral.

📥 Get Followers from UseViral

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is another excellent option with stellar customer service and engaged followers.


The followers they delivered to our playlist took the time to stream multiple tracks and like several songs – a strong sign of authenticity.


1,000 SidesMedia followers costs $99, which is very fairly priced relative to competitors.


We were impressed with SidesMedia‘s quick chat and email support. Their agents are Spotify power users themselves and able to answer detailed questions.


The order was completed gradually over 5 days. Slower delivery means growth looks more natural.


SidesMedia offers satisfaction guarantees to give purchasers peace of mind. They also never request login credentials.


For engaged, real Spotify users at a reasonable price point, we recommend checking out SidesMedia.

📥 Get Followers from SidesMedia

3. Media Mister

Next on our list is Media Mister, who offers a nice middle-ground option.


The Media Mister followers they supplied to our test playlist did stream and engage with our tracks at decent rates. However, we noticed slightly higher inactive rates compared to our top 2 picks.


1,000 followers costs a very affordable $69. So you get an okay deal for the price, without premium quality.


We received fast email replies from Media Mister‘s team when reaching out with questions. They were friendly and able to resolve any issues.


Followers were delivered at a consistent pace over a 7 day period. Gradual delivery makes growth subtle.


They offer standard purchase protection guarantees in case any issues arise. They do not ask for your login information either.


Media Mister is a solid bang-for-your-buck option if you‘re looking for cheap followers. Just don‘t expect stellar engagement rates.

📥 Get Followers from Media Mister

4. SMMPoint

SMMPoint made our list for their strict vetting of quality follower accounts.


The followers they delivered to our test playlist showed solid activity rates, liking and sharing tracks, and visiting our artist profile.


Their package pricing is premium:


So you pay more, but that higher cost does translate to higher-quality followers in our experience.


SMMPoint has 24/7 live chat and email support. We received extremely quick help via live chat which was impressive.


It took a full 10 days to receive our order, but the incredibly gradual and drip-feed delivery made the growth nearly undetectable as fake.


They have strict privacy protocols and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to protect your purchase.


If you have a higher budget, SMMPoint‘s premium quality followers are worth the investment.

📥 Get Followers from SMMPoint

5. BurstFollowers

Last on our top sites list is BurstFollowers – a niche option for electronic dance music.


BurstFollowers has focused specifically on building a follower base passionate about EDM genres. So the accounts they delivered engaged very actively with our test EDM playlist.


Their packages fall on the pricier side:


But again, the niche-focused followers warranted the higher cost in our experience.


We were impressed by their quick chat support and deep knowledge of growing followings specifically within EDM music domains.


The gradual delivery pace over 14 days made growth extremely subtle and natural.


BurstFollowers offers the standard satisfaction guarantees to protect your purchase.


For EDM artists, BurstFollowers niche followers make them a specialist go-to option.

📥 Get Followers from BurstFollowers

This covers our top 5 recommended sites for buying real, high-quality Spotify playlist followers. But maximizing the impact of bought followers also requires optimizing your content itself.

Next let‘s go over some pro tips and best practices to apply.

Pro Tips to Maximize Your Spotify Playlist Followers

Here are some key strategies to implement along with buying followers to boost your Spotify growth:

Hook Listeners in the First 5 Tracks

Research shows most listeners decide whether to follow a playlist based on the first few tracks. So make those intro songs your most captivating. Lead with popular singles or collabs to grab attention fast.

Optimize Your Metadata

Include relevant keywords and descriptive text in your playlist name, description and custom image. This helps new users searching Spotify find and relate to your playlist.

Personalize Your Playlists

The data shows personalized playlists built around moods, activities and genres engage listeners longer over generic ones. Get creative with themes!

Collaborate With Relevant Artists

Find artists who complement your sound and propose collaborating on playlists. Cross-promoting expands both your follower bases.

Promote Playlists on Social Media

Let your existing fans on social media know about your Spotify playlists. Share teasers and clips to build intrigue.

Engage With Your Followers

Respond to comments, repost listener stories about your music, and answer questions to build connections.

Refresh Music Frequently

Add new releases, singles and remixes often to keep your playlist dynamic. Stale, stagnant playlists lose followers.

By combining bought followers with original, captivating music and marketing, you maximize your investment into steady organic growth and streams.

Let‘s also overview some additional organic follower growth strategies beyond buying followers:

Additional Organic Follower Growth Strategies

While buying followers can kickstart your playlist numbers, ongoing organic growth efforts are still crucial.

Some top tactics include:

Pitch Playlists to Industry Contacts

Leverage your relationships and ask relevant blogs, labels and publishers to check out and share your Spotify playlists. Getting reposted by tastemakers is huge for discovery.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Encourage follows by rewarding fans who like, share or stream your playlist with free merch, gift cards or concert tickets.

Promote Across All Social Channels

Cross-promote your Spotify playlists on every social platform continuously. The broader your promotional reach, the more follower ingress you see.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Team up with artists who have similar listener demographics and exchange playlist shares, cross-promos, and collaborative tracks.

Invest in Paid Ads

Consider testing paid Spotify ads targeted to your fan demographics promoting your playlists. The stream costs can pay off long-term.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Reach out to relevant Spotify influencers, bloggers, and creators and propose collaborating or having them share your playlist.

Driving organic growth and buying followers together maximizes your Spotify impact and takes your music to new audiences.

Wrapping Up: Is Buying Spotify Playlist Followers Worth It?

At the end of the day – is purchasing Spotify playlist followers worth the investment?

Our verdict is: yes, absolutely.

When done strategically through reputable providers, buying followers can fast track your playlist growth and visibility on Spotify‘s competitive platform.

The key is using bought followers as rocket fuel to amplify your content, brand and marketing efforts – not a single end-all tactic.

Combining bought followers with organic promotion produces the optimal results.

Within a few months, that initial boost of 1,000 or 5,000 bought followers can snowball into tens of thousands of real, engaged fans.

So if you‘ve been stuck struggling to get your Spotify playlists off the ground, consider giving them the initial spark they need through a followers purchase.

Just be sure to buy gradually from trusted sites, keep optimizing your playlists, and keep up the organic marketing.

Before you know it, you‘ll be well on your way to Spotify streaming success!



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