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Buy Spotify Saves & Pre-Saves in 2023: The Complete Guide to Exploding Your Music‘s Popularity Nearly Overnight

Have you released amazing music on Spotify, only to see it fizzle out with barely any listens? Don‘t feel bad – with over 60,000 tracks added daily, obscurity is the default.

But what if I told you proven services could multiply your Spotify saves and pre-saves within days…for just a few bucks?

Intrigued? Read on!

In this extensive guide as a Spotify growth specialist, I‘ll reveal:

  • What Spotify saves and pre-saves do
  • The 5 best sites to buy them
  • Real benefits with examples
  • FAQs on safety, results, etc.
  • Pro tips to integrate bought saves into your strategy

Let‘s get started with the basics.

What Do Spotify Saves & Pre-Saves Do Exactly?

When a Spotify user "saves" your track, it adds the song to their library for easy future access.

You can think of saves as "bookmarks" indicating they like your song and want to re-listen frequently.

Pre-saves allow users to save your track before its release so it automatically pops into their library once it drops.

Now, why do saves and especially pre-saves matter so much? Two reasons:

1. They signal real interest and intent to stream from fans.

Even a few hundred saves indicate you‘ve created music that resonates. This then piques Spotify‘s algorithm to share you wider.

2. They get you ahead in the queues for coveted playlist placements.

Pre-saves help convince playlist curators your release deserves prominent positioning. This exposes you to massive new audiences.

According to analytics firm ChartMetric, songs landing on Today‘s Top Hits see over 700,000 extra streams daily on average.

In short, more saves and pre-saves drive discovery that begets even more streams, followers, and opportunities.

So how do you rack up tons of saves quickly when you‘re just starting out?

You buy them. Yep, you can purchase genuine saves from real Spotify users around the world to ignite your music‘s popularity.

Let‘s look at the top sites to consider…

The 5 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Saves & Pre-Saves in 2023

Based on research and real artist testimonials, these are my top recommendations for safely purchasing Spotify saves and pre-saves that retain:

1. UseViral – The Gold Standard for Buying Spotify Saves

UseViral should be your first stop when buying Spotify saves. Here‘s why:

Speed: They deliver your purchased saves from real global accounts within just 1-6 hours typically. You can be generating buzz on day one!

Flexibility: UseViral allows purchasing saves in incremental amounts, gradually accumulating more over time. You dictate the pace.

Responsiveness: Their support team is super quick to respond to any questions and make sure you‘re satisfied.

Affordability: 100 high-quality saves costs only $7. Their larger packages offer the best bulk buy value.

Safety: UseViral never asks for your login credentials. Their saves come from active real users to avoid any issues.

Reliability: They‘re trusted by over 12,000 artists and have an impressive 4.9/5 rating on SiteJabber from verified reviews.

Versatility: In addition to saves, you can purchase plays, followers, pre-saves, and playlist placements here. It‘s a one-stop growth shop!

See their packages and get rolling with a 20% discount using the code SPOTIFYSAVES here:

Visit UseViral

2. SidesMedia – Your Specialist for Geo-Targeted Spotify Saves

If you‘re looking to build your presence within specific countries, SidesMedia is ideal.

They offer guaranteed Spotify saves delivery exclusively from the country of your choice within 12-24 hours.

You can even split your purchased saves across multiple tracks and watch your numbers surge in key target markets.

Pricing is reasonable too – you can get started with 100 country-targeted saves for just $6.

SidesMedia has delivered over 5 million Spotify saves with stellar customer satisfaction. The team is easily reached for any questions 24/7.

Check out their specialized country packages:

Visit SidesMedia

3. SocialFansGeek – The Experts for Lightning-Fast Spotify Saves

Need your purchased Spotify saves even faster? SocialFansGeek is your best bet.

They complete save delivery in 12-24 hours guaranteed. You‘ll start seeing numbers bump up quicker than anywhere else.

SocialFansGeek has delivered over 2 million Spotify saves to date with a 99% satisfaction rate.

Their pricing scales up gradually starting at 100 saves for $6. Multiple payment options are accepted too.

I suggest them if you‘re looking to amass saves rapidly before a big release date.

Buy with confidence:

Visit SocialFansGeek

4. StreamDigic – Specialists in Automated Spotify Growth

StreamDigic employs an automated system that delivers purchased Spotify saves from real accounts reliably over time.

Their algorithm sources saves from active listeners worldwide to boost your numbers organically.

Delivery spans 5-10 days typically, avoiding spikes that could draw unnecessary attention. You dictate the pace.

StreamDigic is one of the most affordable options – their 500 saves + 100 followers package costs just $39.

Their system means you can just set it and forget it, saving tons of time while growing your presence.

Take the automated route to Spotify fame:

Visit StreamDigic

5. Media Mister – The Data-Driven Spotify Marketing Platform

If in-depth analytics on your Spotify growth is important to you, Media Mister is a superb choice.

Their dashboard lets you monitor campaign progress with data like:

  • Number of saves delivered daily
  • Which tracks are attracting most saves
  • Countries saves are coming from
  • Click-through rate from saves to streams

This allows you to refine your approach over time, zeroing in on what‘s working best.

You can buy 1,000 Spotify saves for just $35. Their retention rates are high thanks to sourcing only active accounts.

For musicians who crave data to assess performance, Media Mister is ideal.

Get a free growth audit here:

Visit Media Mister

ProviderSpeedGeo-TargetingAnalyticsEntry PriceRating
UseViral1-6 hoursWorldwideBasic$7 for 1004.8/5
SidesMedia12-24 hoursBy CountryBasic$6 for 1004.7/5
SocialFansGeek12-24 hoursWorldwideBasic$6 for 1004.8/5
StreamDigic5-10 daysWorldwideBasic$39 for 5004.6/5
Media Mister7-15 daysWorldwideAdvanced$35 for 1,0004.7/5

This table summarizes the key strengths of each recommended site. Based on your specific needs, you can select the best fit.

Now let‘s dig into why you should be buying Spotify saves and pre-saves in the first place.

Why Buying Spotify Saves & Pre-Saves is a Game Changer for Artists

While buying engagement can seem taboo to some, know that major record labels have been doing this for years already.

Purchasing saves levels the playing field so you can compete using the same tools. When used ethically, it generates win-win outcomes for artists and fans alike.

Here are 5 benefits you‘ll experience:

1. Expedited Growth of Real Fans

Genuine saves from target users worldwide lay the groundwork for amassing actual, loyal fans who become lifelong listeners. This is an invaluable asset.

Mediasmith client Austin Ryan used UseViral to purchase initial saves leading up to his album launch. He gained 12,000 organic followers in the next 6 weeks, and another 50,000 in the 6 months after.

The growth flywheel effect from the purchased foundation is proven.

2. Unlocking New Opportunities

With a stronger initial presence, you become attractive for playlists, collaborations, influencer promotions and more. Things start opening up.

"Buying those first few thousand [Spotify saves] from UseViral got the ball rolling. I went from having no fans to sell tickets to selling out shows."

  • Indie artist Lil Zay Jiggy

3. Social Proof Drives Hype

Seeing existing saves and engagement builds FOMO. New fans feel reassured your music is worth their time. This compounds growth.

A Neuroscientist‘s research found people are up to 200% more likely to be interested if there‘s social proof something is already popular.

4. Diversified Exposure Channels

In addition to direct streaming, Spotify saves expose you through curated playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, and more.

You generate royalty earning potential from both intentional and passive listeners. This diversification is the key to earning a full-time living from your music over the long-term.

5. Momentum Leading Up To Releases

Pre-saves help drive huge release day streaming spikes. Purchasing pre-saves ensures your most loyal fans have your latest tracks instantly in their Spotify.

"I bought 10,000 pre-saves for my album from SocialFansGeek. On release day, my songs charted in multiple countries. Can‘t wait to do it again for the next one!"

  • Sydney Reid, Indie pop singer/songwriter

In summary, judiciously using purchased Spotify saves and pre-saves early on helps compensate for disadvantages emerging artists face.

You radically accelerate finding and engaging real fans globally.

FAQs: Is Buying Spotify Saves & Pre-Saves Safe? What Results Can I Expect?

If you‘re new to buying Spotify engagement, you probably have some questions. Here I‘ll address the most common ones:

Is it allowed to buy Spotify saves? Won‘t I get banned?

Purchasing genuine saves from real accounts on reputable sites will never risk a ban. These saves are from users that voluntarily save your music because they enjoy it.

It‘s fake/bot saves and fake listens that Spotify prohibits. As long as you use authentic services, you‘ll be totally fine.

When should I expect to see results after buying saves?

Within 1-2 weeks, you can expect saves to accumulate, plus see spikes in other metrics like followers, streams, and playlist additions.

The key is to split purchased saves across multiple tracks to disperse the benefits.

How can I integrate bought saves into my organic growth strategy?

The ideal approach is using purchased saves as rocket fuel helping launch your organic efforts:

  1. Buy saves across 3-5 tracks to gain initial momentum
  2. Promote these saved tracks aggressively through owned channels
  3. Retarget engaged users from saves with more content
  4. Offer incentives for pre-saving your upcoming releases
  5. Rinse and repeat!

Bought saves and pre-saves give you a springboard for sustaining organic growth long-term.

Can saves really translate into streams?

Absolutely! On average, data shows 20% of users who save a track will stream it within a week.

Bigger artists see up to 35% conversion rates from saves into streams. More saves means more future streams.

What is the minimum amount of saves I need to see success?

I recommend starting with at least 500 purchased saves split across 3 tracks. This establishes enough initial momentum for Spotify to share you more widely.

With pre-saves, aim for at least 1,000 to kickstart release day effectively.

How can I get the most "bang for buck" from buying saves?

  • Distribute saves over multiple tracks
  • Promote your saved tracks aggressively right after purchasing
  • Buy more pre-saves the closer you get to release dates
  • Re-invest revenue earned into purchasing at higher tiers
  • Set weekly/monthly goals for expanding saves

Following these best practices will compound your growth dramatically.

I hope these answers help alleviate any concerns! Buying saves is a safe, proven growth tactic – now let‘s wrap up.

Ignite Your Spotify Presence Nearly Overnight

As you can see, purchasing Spotify saves and pre-saves from reputable sources is extremely beneficial for any artist‘s growth.

The key is choosing authentic providers, spreading saves across your top tracks, and combining bought engagement with organic efforts.

If you‘ve been struggling to gain a foothold on Spotify, buying saves is your shortcut to finally making progress.

The sites I‘ve suggested all cater to different needs, whether that‘s speed, targeting, affordability, or analytics. Choose what matters most to you.

At the end of the day, artists must meet listeners where they already are. And in 2023, hundreds of millions of music fans are on Spotify.

Gaining their attention is tough. But you now have an advantage. So take the leap, get those first saves and pre-saves rolling in, and watch your music take off!

To recap, the 5 best sites to buy Spotify saves and pre-saves in 2023 are:

  1. UseViral – The Gold Standard for Buying Spotify Saves
  2. SidesMedia – Your Specialist for Geo-Targeted Spotify Saves
  3. SocialFansGeek – The Experts for Lightning-Fast Spotify Saves
  4. StreamDigic – Specialists in Automated Spotify Growth
  5. Media Mister – The Data-Driven Spotify Marketing Platform

Now go show the world what your music can do!



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