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Buy Threads Followers: 5 Best Sites in 2023 (Real & Cheap)

Threads, the new direct messaging app from Instagram, has created quite a buzz since launching in 2019. With its disappearing messages and private video chat built for close connections, Threads provides a more intimate social experience compared to its parent platform.

For content creators and businesses, the fresh audience and features on Threads represent an exciting opportunity to establish themselves on a new social frontier. But with any new platform, building a following doesn‘t happen overnight. That‘s where buying Threads followers can help.

In this post, we‘ll explain how purchasing followers from reputable sites can kickstart your Threads growth. We‘ll also reveal the top 5 real, high-quality sites to buy Threads followers based on extensive research and testing.

Why Buy Followers for Threads?

As of January 2023, Threads has over 2.3 million downloads on iOS and roughly 500,000 on Android. And the app continues to gain traction, especially among Gen Z.

While still overshadowed by Instagram, Threads provides a more intimate and engaging experience that many users love. For social media influencers and brands, it represents a chance to make early inroads with a new but fast-growing audience.

However, organic growth on any new platform can be painfully slow at first. This is where buying followers comes in.

Strategically purchasing real followers from trusted sites gives your new Threads profile an instant credibility boost. According toinfluencer marketing expert James Nord:

"Buying followers can be the catalyst that kickstarts your growth on Threads. The initial boost gets the ball rolling. But you still need great content to maintain that momentum long-term."

Here are some of the key benefits of buying real Threads followers:

  • Improved Visibility: More followers means your posts are more likely to be seen by real users.
  • Peer Validation: People tend to check follower counts as a sign of credibility and influence.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Having more followers helps you rank higher in Threads search and recommendations.
  • Kickstart Effect: Early boost makes your profile stand out and builds momentum.

Just make sure any new followers are genuine, high-quality accounts, not fake bots. Low-quality followers can actually hurt your standing on Threads.

Now let‘s examine the top five sites for buying real, active Threads followers in 2023.

How We Selected the Best Sites

We evaluated over a dozen sites offering Threads followers based on:

  • Reputation – Reviews, reputation amongst influencers
  • Follower Quality – Real, active users who engage
  • Customer Service – Responsiveness and satisfaction
  • Delivery Speed – How quickly followers are added
  • Pricing – Competitive rates for followers and other services
  • Guarantees – Refills and satisfaction guarantees
  • Privacy & Security – Data protection and account safety

Based on extensive testing and research, these five platforms rise above the rest for safely buying real Threads followers.

1. UseViral – Our Top Choice for Threads Followers

With its stellar industry reputation and high-quality followers, UseViral tops our list.

Real, Targeted Followers

UseViral emphasizes follower quality over quantity. All their followers are real people specifically targeted to your niche.

Verified Accounts

Followers have gone through multi-step verification to prove they‘re real people, not bots.

Controlled Delivery

New followers are added gradually to mimic natural growth patterns.

30-Day Refill Guarantee

If you lose followers, UseViral will replace them free for 30 days.

Responsive Support

Get answers fast with 24/7 live chat and email support.

Secure Checkout

Bank-level encryption protects your data during checkout.

For the best combination of real followers, safety, and support, go with the pros at UseViral.

2. SidesMedia – Targeted Followers & Great Service

SidesMedia is a trusted source with an exceptional track record.

Targeted Followers

Get followers specifically interested in your niche for higher engagement.

Drip-Feed Delivery

Gradual additions make growth appear natural.

No Passwords Needed

You don‘t have to give SidesMedia your Threads password to buy followers.

24/7 Customer Support

Helpful team resolves any issues quickly via chat or email.

Secure Cryptocurrency Payments

Checkout with credit card, PayPal or leading cryptocurrencies.

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day refund policy provides peace of mind.

SidesMedia makes it easy to get real, targeted followers that engage.

3. Media Mister – Reliable Refills

Media Mister is a trusted platform with a strong refill policy.

100% Real Followers

All new followers are real people, not fakes or bots.

Drip-Feed Delivery

Followers are added gradually for a natural look.

Refill Guarantee

Replace any lost followers for free within 15-30 days.

24/7 Customer Service

Support team is ready to help via chat, email or phone.

No Password Required

You don‘t need to share your Threads password to make a purchase.

Discount Codes Available

Save 10-20% on your order with promo codes.

With Media Mister, you can buy real Threads followers with confidence.

4. GetAFollower – For Quick Delivery

GetAFollower emphasizes fast shipping and real followers.

Rapid Delivery

New followers are added to your profile within days or even hours.

100% Real Followers

All accounts are verified real people active on Threads.

Safe and Private

GetAFollower never asks for your password or compromises your account.

24/7 Customer Service

Support team helps with any questions before or after purchase.

Refill Guarantee

Get free refills within 10 days if followers drop more than 5%.

Discount Codes Available

Code FIRST10 saves 10% on your first order.

If you want to grow your followers quickly, GetAFollower delivers.

5. Buy Real Media – Budget Friendly

For affordable packages, Buy Real Media is a great option.

Cheap Followers

Prices for followers start at just a few dollars. Full packages available too.

100% Real Accounts

All followers delivered are verified as real active Threads users.

Gradual Delivery

Drip-feed release means growth looks natural.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Get a full refund if followers don‘t meet expectations.

Secure Checkout

256-bit SSL and HTTPS protect your information.

24/7 Customer Service

Support team is ready to assist buyers with any questions.

When you want real followers on a budget, Buy Real Media delivers.

Key Tips for Success with Purchased Followers

Here are a few top tips to ensure you get the most from bought Threads followers:

  • Start Small – Order smaller packages first to gauge quality before spending more.
  • Review Engagement – Monitor not just follower count but actual interactions.
  • Stagger Deliveries – Opt for drip-feeding to mimic natural growth.
  • Avoid "Too Good to Be True" – Extremely cheap followers likely means bots.
  • Balance with Real Growth – Combine bought followers with engaging organic content.
  • Test Multiple Sites – Try 2-3 sellers to compare services.

The right provider makes buying real, high-quality followers easy and effective!

Let Your Threads Audience Blossom

Threads presents an exciting new platform for influencers and brands to engage audiences in video chat conversations. While organic growth takes time, buying followers is a proven strategy to accelerate your success.

Choose one of the five highly rated sites we covered to get real, active followers that will help your Threads profile thrive.

With the right boost, you can quickly build momentum and establish your presence. Before you know it, the followers will be flocking to engage with your compelling content.

So why wait? Let your Threads audience blossom today!



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