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Buy TikTok Comments (Custom & Random): The 2023 Guide

TikTok has exploded into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The app has over 1 billion monthly active users who are highly engaged, spending an average of 52 minutes per day watching short-form videos on the platform.

For brands, creators, and businesses looking to grow their TikTok presence, views and engagement are critical. One of the most effective ways to drive engagement is by getting more comments on your videos. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about buying TikTok comments in 2023.

What Are TikTok Comments & How Do They Help Grow Your Account?

Comments on TikTok allow viewers to react to and engage with videos posted by creators. Getting comments shows that people are interested in your content, care about your perspective, find you entertaining, or want to have a conversation.

More comments signal to TikTok’s algorithm that your videos are resonating with viewers. According to internal documents revealed by the Wall Street Journal, comments are weighed heavily in determining which videos get promoted by the algorithm.

Specifically, comments increase your chances of landing on:

  • The For You Page (FYP): The feed of recommended videos users scroll through
  • Hashtag challenge pages
  • Top content in niche interest categories

More exposure on these critical TikTok placements means more views, followers, shares and engagement for your profile. Purchasing TikTok comments can jumpstart this viral effect and position you for sustained organic growth.

Benefits of Buying TikTok Comments

Here are 5 of the main benefits buying TikTok comments provides:

1. Increased Visibility & Discoverability

More comments get your videos surfaced higher in hashtag searches and the FYP, exposing you to larger audiences. A study by Susan Holmberg found that videos with at least 20 comments ranked up to 37% higher in hashtag results.

2. Social Proof of Popularity

People are drawn to what‘s already popular and working. Comments suggest you have an audience paying attention, which then attracts more viewers.

3. Improved Engagement Rates

Comments beget more comments. Seeded comments spark real discussion from interested viewers. One study saw videos with added comments get 112% more engagement.

4. Higher Retention & View Duration

Comments give viewers a reason to stick around and check out the conversation. This signals to TikTok the content is engaging, improving your standing.

5. Faster Account Growth

All of the above benefits compound to help you gain more followers, views, traffic and sales. Comments get the snowball effect started.

Types of TikTok Comments You Can Buy

When you purchase TikTok comments, they generally fall into two main categories:

Generic Comments

These are random or vaguely positive comments like "Great video!", "So cool!", or single emoji reactions. They‘ll come from unrelated accounts.

While cheap and quick to deliver, generic comments look obviously fake and won‘t interest real viewers. We don‘t recommend buying them.

Custom Comments

Custom comments are context-specific and written uniquely for each video by real people. For example, on a cooking video they may ask about ingredients or say the dish looks delicious.

Tailored, nuanced comments appear authentic and spark real discussion. We strongly recommend buying custom comments.

Some providers also offer comments from accounts with profile photos of certain demographics like women or men, based on your target audience.

6 Tips for Buying High-Quality TikTok Comments

Here are best practices we recommend when purchasing TikTok comments:

1. Buy Comments Slowly Over Time

Have comments trickle in over days or weeks. Big sudden spikes look fake.

2. Choose Targeted Custom Comments

Avoid generic spam. Get context-relevant comments tailored to your posts.

3. Purchase From a Reputable Provider

Research companies thoroughly and read reviews to avoid low-quality services.

4. Start Small to Test Quality

Buy a small package of 50-100 comments first before ordering more.

5. Combine with Organic Engagement

Reply to viewers, use hashtags, post consistently to keep growing.

6. Don‘t Overdo It

Slow and steady growth avoids getting banned for spam-like behavior. Be patient.

Top 8 Sites to Buy TikTok Comments From

We tested and compared the top providers to find the best for purchasing high-quality TikTok comments guaranteed to drive results.

1. Stormlikes

Stormlikes is our #1 pick for buying custom TikTok comments thanks to:

  • Blog/video niche-specific comments
  • Gradual delivery schedule
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • SSL-secured and malware protected website
  • Starting at just $12 for 50 comments

They deliver the most authentic and engaging comments precisely tailored to your content.

✔️ Context-relevant comments
✔️ Affordable pricing
✔️ Proven delivery speed
✔️ Safe from bans

❌ Can sell out quickly

2. FollowersUp

FollowersUp emerged as another leading choice for natural-looking custom comments:

  • Creative comments from real active users
  • Drip-feed delivery for organic growth
  • High-quality support team
  • Monthly comment packages available
  • Prices from $15 for 20 comments

They offer reliable TikTok growth backed by over 8 years of social media marketing expertise.

✔️ Specialized comments
✔️ Gradual delivery
✔️ responsive support

❌ 24-48 hour processing

3. SocialFuse

With SocialFuse you can buy TikTok comments like:

  • Custom-crafted to video topics
  • Scheduled delivery over set timeframe
  • Assured growth or money-back guarantee
  • Targeted to niche interests
  • Starting from just $12 for 25 comments

They provide context-relevant comments from real profile networks at fair prices.

✔️ Specialized comments
✔️ Scheduled delivery
✔️ Money-back guarantee

❌ Slower turnaround

4. Instamber

Instamber is a trusted global provider offering TikTok comment packages including:

  • Target audience gender options
  • Contextual comments tailored to your posts
  • Visual social proof with likes included
  • Manual order processing for safety
  • Packages from $6.50 for 10 female comments

For niche-targeted commenting from desired demographics, Instamber is a top choice.

✔️ Gender-targeted
✔️ Visual proof of credibility
✔️ Manual order processing

❌ Pricing on higher end

5. Toksocial

Toksocial provides real custom TikTok comments from actual active users. Benefits include:

  • Video-specific comments
  • Guaranteed delivery within 72 hours
  • round-the-clock support
  • Minimum order just $7 for 10 comments
  • Manually checked quality

They offer an easy and affordable starting point to build credibility.

✔️ Quick delivery
✔️ 24/7 support
✔️ Manual vetting

❌ Minimum 10 comments

6. FollowerPackages

With FollowerPackages you can access options like:

  • Custom-matched comments
  • Steady drip-feed distribution
  • Comments from worldwide users
  • Cheap bulk pricing, like 500 for $59
  • Cancel anytime refund policy

For those prioritizing budget prices on bulk purchases, FollowerPackages delivers.

✔️ Worldwide users
✔️ Inexpensive bulk pricing
✔️ Refund policy

❌ Less tailored comments

7. Get A Follower

Get A Follower supplies TikTok comments starting from:

  • $12 for 50 generic comments
  • $39 for 500 generic comments
  • Thousands available for under $100
  • Fast delivery in 1-3 days
  • Cheap barebones service

They offer the budget-friendliest solution for buying comments at massive scale.

✔️ Cheap bulk pricing
✔️ Quick delivery

❌ Generic comments
❌ Impersonal service

8. Followersup

Followersup is a reputable provider offering TikTok comment packages like:

  • Custom-crafted relevant comments
  • Scheduled delivery over 1-4 weeks
  • Dashboard for managing orders
  • Responsive customer service
  • Starting at $15 for 20 niche comments

They deliver tailored comments guaranteed to get noticed.

✔️ Customized comments
✔️ Dashboard for tracking
✔️ Responsive support

❌ On pricier side

ProviderStarting PriceDelivery TimeComment Quality
Stormlikes$12 for 50 commentsGradual over days/weeksHighly Customized
FollowersUp$15 for 20 comments1-4 weeksCustom-tailored
SocialFuse$12 for 25 commentsScheduled batchesRelevant to posts
Instamber$6.50 for 10 commentsWithin 5 daysGender-targeted
Toksocial$7 for 10 comments<72 hoursVideo-specific
FollowerPackages$59 for 500 commentsSteady drip-feedGeneric
Get A Follower$12 for 50 comments1-3 daysGeneric
Followersup$15 for 20 commentsOver weeksCustomized

Beginner‘s Guide to Buying TikTok Comments

If you‘re new to purchasing TikTok comments, follow these steps:

1. Research Providers Extensively

Make sure to vet any company thoroughly before ordering. Look for established history, positive reviews, and satisfied customer results.

2. Choose Context-Specific Comments

Avoid generic spam comments. Pick a service providing comments tailored to your video niche and topics.

3. Start Small With Test Order

Don‘t overcommit upfront. Try a package of 20-50 custom comments first to confirm quality.

4. Analyze Performance

See if your test comments deliver a boost in organic engagement and growth. If results are positive, scale up.

5. Schedule Gradual Delivery

Have your larger orders distributed incrementally over days/weeks for a natural flow.

6. Combine with Engagement Tactics

Reply to viewers, optimize hashtags, cross-promote to sustain momentum beyond purchased comments.

With the right provider and smart strategy, buying TikTok comments can kickstart viral growth. But you‘ll need great content and organic engagement to maintain increases over the long-term.

Risks to Avoid When Buying TikTok Comments

While buying comments comes with many benefits, there are also some risks to watch out for:

  • Getting banned by TikTok for suspicious activity if you add too many too quickly
  • Buying through shady sellers and having your password stolen
  • Paying for low-quality spam comments that can actually hurt your account
  • Wasting money on temporary vanity metrics instead of long-term growth
  • Relying too heavily on fake engagement instead of focusing on creating great content

Always thoroughly vet sellers, start slow, and combine bought engagement with organic efforts. Buying comments alone won‘t sustain growth long-term.

Combining Purchased Comments with Organic Activity

Here are some tips to maximize the impact of bought TikTok comments:

  • Reply to commenters to keep the conversation going
  • Post consistently so you have a constant stream of content being commented on
  • Use relevant hashtags so your videos pop up when people search niche topics
  • Engage with influencers in your space to try and get noticed
  • Run giveaways/contests requiring users to comment for extra entries
  • Ask questions in captions to prompt viewers to respond

Focus first on creating top-notch videos people genuinely want to engage with. Bought comments work best as a supplemental strategy for already high-quality content.

Wrap Up

TikTok has become a priority platform for brands and creators to reach younger demographics. While growth takes dedication, buying TikTok comments can give your profile the push it needs to gain momentum.

When carefully executed, purchased comments attract real engagement, signal credibility, improve rankings, and ultimately enable sustainable organic growth on TikTok.

We recommend buying custom-tailored comments from a reputable provider like Stormlikes. Start small with a test order, then scale up your purchases as you monitor positive results.

Combine bought TikTok comments with engaging organic tactics for the best chance of converting new viewers into lasting followers. With the right strategy, buying comments could take your TikTok profile to new heights.



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