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Looking to Buy TikTok Likes and Grow Your Account? Read This 2023 Guide on the 5 Best Sites!

Hey there! So you want to elevate your TikTok game in 2023, huh? Gaining more TikTok likes can definitely help boost your profile – but where are the best and most affordable places to get high-quality likes these days?

I‘ve got you covered! I‘ve been an active TikTok user for years now, and I‘ve tested my fair share of sites for buying likes. In this up-to-date guide, I‘ll be breaking down the 5 best sites I recommend for buying legit TikTok likes at affordable prices this year.

But first – why buy TikTok likes at all?

Here‘s Why Buying Likes Can Be a Smart Growth Strategy for Your TikTok

  • More likes make your content seem more popular and credible. This can encourage real viewers to give your videos a chance!
  • It jumpstarts the growth of a new account. The initial boost gets the ball rolling.
  • The TikTok algorithm favors content with high engagement. More likes can help get your videos featured.
  • YouTuber MrBeast said in an interview he buys millions of TikTok likes to go viral. If it works for top creators, it can work for you too!

Of course, I‘ll also be sharing tips later for balancing bought likes with organic growth. But using this strategy the right way can really accelerate your results!

Now – what should you look for when picking a site for buying TikTok likes? Here are the criteria I used for evaluating the options:

Key Factors for Choosing the Best Site to Buy Likes

Price – What‘s the average cost for 100, 500 or 1000 likes? The lower the better, but make sure it‘s within your budget!

Quality – Are the likes from real, active users? Or fake bot accounts? High-quality likes have better retention.

Reliability – How long has the site been around? Do they have a track record of delivering likes consistently?

Safety – Does the site require your TikTok password or ask for personal info? This is a red flag.

Customer Service – Do they offer ways to get assistance if needed, like email, chat, phone support?

Delivery Speed – How fast do the likes get delivered to your TikTok account? Faster is usually better!

Reviews – What do actual customers say about their experience purchasing likes from the site?

After extensive research, I identified the top 5 sites that check all those boxes – offering affordable pricing for high-quality, reliable TikTok likes.

So without further ado, here are my picks for the 5 best sites to buy TikTok likes in 2023!

#1: – Best for Organic-Looking Likes


  • Prices as low as $2.97 for 50 likes
  • Likes are high-retention from real TikTok users
  • Gradual delivery looks natural
  • No password/info needed for purchase
  • Reliable support via chat, email, phone


  • Takes 1-2 days to deliver likes
  • 50 like minimum order

SocialPros is my #1 choice for buying affordable, legit TikTok likes that actually stick around! The likes come from real users with active TikTok accounts, instead of fake bot accounts.

The gradual delivery makes the growth seem organic. And with likes starting at just $2.97 for 50, it‘s perfect for new accounts wanting their first boost.

The only con is you have to order a minimum of 50 likes. But for just a few bucks, it‘s worth it for long-term, natural-looking growth.

Verdict: Ideal for safe, organic likes on a budget. The retention is impressive given the low prices.

#2: SocialFansGeek – Best for Fast Delivery


  • Instant delivery, often within hours
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • Affordable pricing starts around $10 for 100 likes
  • Ability to buy views and followers too


  • Instant likes seem less organic
  • Have to order 100 likes minimum

If you want to see results fast, SocialFansGeek is a great option. While instant delivery makes the likes seem less organic at first, they still come from real accounts.

And the 24/7 live chat makes this site stand out – they resolve any issues right away! It‘s affordable too, with prices starting around $10 for 100 likes.

Just keep in mind you have to order a minimum of 100 likes. But for fast delivery, SocialFansGeek is tough to beat!

Verdict: The instant delivery makes them stand out. And their great customer service is a big plus!

#3: Media Mister – Most Popular TikTok Marketing Marketplace


  • Used by many top influencers
  • Huge selection beyond just likes
  • "Drip-feed" delivery looks natural
  • Starting at ~$12 for 250 likes


  • Delivery takes 3-30 days
  • Customer service could be more responsive

As a popular social media marketing hub used by influencers, Media Mister is trusted for buying TikTok likes.

They take a "drip-feed" approach, delivering likes gradually over days or weeks. This makes the growth seem organic. No instant spikes here!

They also offer a ton beyond just likes – followers, plays, shares, comments, and more. It‘s a true one-stop shop!

The delivery takes time, and the support could be faster. But for the most natural growth, Media Mister is a great choice.

Verdict: The slow drip-feed makes it the most natural. And they offer just about any service you need!

#4: – Best for Targeted Likes


  • Active, real likes from targeted users
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Starts at ~$3 for 25 likes
  • Gradual delivery prevents blocks


  • Slower delivery time
  • Pricing is slightly higher

For the highest quality, most targeted likes, SocialPackages is a strong pick. Their likes come from active accounts interested in your niche – not random users.

This makes the likes really valuable! The pricing is a little higher than competitors. But the quality and great customer service make up for it.

Plus, the gradual delivery means you get a steady stream of likes over time. No huge spikes that could get you blocked!

Verdict: It‘s worth the extra cost if you want the most targeted, high-retention likes for your account.

#5: Followersup – Best Value Overall


  • Good quality likes from active profiles
  • As low as ~$12 for 250 likes
  • Known for great customer service
  • Natural gradual delivery


  • Delivery takes 5-15 days
  • 100 like minimum order

For the best overall value, Followersup is my recommendation. The pricing is affordable, yet the likes are still high-quality.

I also love that their delivery is gradual, happening over 5-15 days. This ensures fully authentic, organic-looking growth for your profile. No red flags here!

Some users report delivery took longer than expected. But Followersup‘s helpful customer service offsets any delays.

Verdict: For affordable prices and quality service, Followersup offers great value. The slow delivery makes growth look natural too!

Avoiding Dangers of Buying TikTok Likes

While buying likes has clear upsides, there are a few risks to avoid:

Don‘t sacrifice quality for quantity. Stay away from sites promising tens of thousands of likes instantly. These are likely fake or bot accounts. Focus on the quality and retention of the likes.

Don‘t rely solely on bought likes. Continue optimizing your content and organically engaging your audience. Bought likes should supplement your growth strategy, not replace it.

Start small and increase gradually. Sudden spikes in likes can get you shadowbanned or blocked by TikTok. Build up slowly over several weeks or months.

Review site policies. Ensure they comply with TikTok‘s terms of service. Some sites blindly like any and all videos, which can backfire.

The sites I covered above are proven to deliver quality likes safely. But it‘s always smart to do your due diligence when buying likes.

Balancing Bought Likes with Organic Growth Strategies

Beyond buying likes, here are some tips to keep growing your TikTok organically:

  • Post at optimal times. Check your TikTok analytics to see when your followers are most active, then post consistently at those high-traffic times.
  • Use viral sounds and hashtags. This helps get your content seen by people interested in those topics. Look up trending sounds and hashtags relevant to your niche.
  • Go live often. TikTok lives get your account and current video more visibility. The algorithm favors live broadcasters!
  • Engage with your audience. Reply to comments, do reaction videos to viewer requests, and ask questions to increase engagement.
  • Optimize your profile. Fill out your bio with relevant keywords. Update your profile and banner images. Add links to your other social accounts.
  • Do collaborations. Collaborate with complementary creators to tap into each other‘s audiences. Cross-promote each other‘s content.

The more value you provide, the more your account will grow. Combine bought likes with great content and audience interaction for the best results!

FAQs About Buying TikTok Likes

Here are answers to some common questions about buying likes:

Are bought TikTok likes safe to use?

Likes from the reputable sites recommended here are perfectly safe to use. Just avoid sites asking for your login info or making suspicious promises.

Can my account get banned for buying likes?

You won‘t get banned just for buying likes. But if you buy fake likes or excessive amounts, your account is more at risk of getting flagged.

Is buying likes worth it for growing on TikTok?

Absolutely! When used properly, high-quality bought likes from trusted sites provide tremendous value. The initial boost really jumpstarts your organic growth.

How many bought likes should I start with?

It‘s smart to start very small, like 50-100 likes. See how your profile responds, then slowly scale up your orders over several weeks/months. Taking it slow avoids red flags.

How fast are the likes usually delivered?

Delivery times vary based on the site volume and likes source. Instant delivery tends to mean lower quality. Ideal times range from 12 hours up to one week. Slower delivery looks more natural.

The Takeaway: Buy TikTok Likes from Reputable Sites to Growth Hack Your Account!

So there you have it – an up-to-date guide on the best sites to buy high-quality yet affordable TikTok likes in 2023!

Used strategically, buying likes from reputable providers like SocialPros or SocialFansGeek is a smart way to accelerate your TikTok growth. It can give you that initial momentum that then snowballs into viral success!

Just remember to start off slowly, continue focusing on organic growth, and avoid any sites that seem sketchy or fake. Do your research to ensure you purchase the highest quality likes.

Wishing you the best of luck blowing up on TikTok this year! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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